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Hot Tubs For Sale Costco

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Why You Should Buy A Spa From Costco

Costco Hot Tub | What to expect when buying a Costco hot tub

A lot of customers wonder if it waiting to buy a spa at Costco is worth it or not.

For starters, purchasing a spa from Costco instead of a traditional retailer is so much more convenient. Having the ability to visit one of their roadshows beforehand to test out different spa models doesnt hurt either.

Customers have the ability to take advantage of the UPC barcode that is found on Costco spa products so that they can make sure they are getting the best deal. Of course, if a customer decides their newly purchased spa isnt right for them, they can take advantage of Costcos prime return policy!

Disadvantages Of A Plug And Play Hot Tub

Heating Time

One disadvantage with plug and play spas is that they do take a bit longer to heat up. Because traditional spas utilize larger pumps and more power, the temperature ends up rising much faster. Plug and play spa models, on the other hand, can take nearly a day to heat up.

Pump Power

When using traditional 220/240v spas, you will commonly get a dual-motor with a 160gpm speed. With plug and play spa models, you typically get a 120gpm pump. While you can still enjoy all of the basic hydrotherapy benefits of both spas, do note that the jet speed will be a bit weaker with a plug and play spa model.

Costco Swim Spa Prices

It should first be understood that Costco does not sell swim spas, even though this big-box dealer is a prominent supplier of Costco hot tubs, such as Nordic Hot Tubs and Vita Spas. Swim spas are very large pieces of equipment and selling them would be a logistical nightmare among all of the other large items Costco sells, which is why we imagine they don’t choose to supply them.

When it comes to swim spa prices, however, the range can vary based on whether you choose to buy from traditional hot tub dealers around the country or through online dealers. On the low end, you can typically expect to spend around $8,000 on a swim spa. However, on the high end, you could easily spend up to $30,000, granting you access to some of the best features on the market.

Compared to traditional swimming pools, however, you can save thousands of dollars on the initial purchase price, which is why so many buyers are looking to swim spa units instead of pools these days.

Here at SwimCalc, we get local hot tub dealers to compete for YOUR business. Click the button below to get price quotes based on your personal hot tub preferences:

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Hot Tub Cover Lifters

Having an easy way to remove and replace your cover will help you use your hot tub more often and will increase the lifespan of your cover. These top-quality systems are designed specifically for Hot Spring hot tubs to provide improved aesthetics, functionality, and a better overall spa ownership experience.

Are Costco Hot Tubs Any Good


Update: Costcos hot tub offering has been slimmed back substantially over the course of 2020 and early 2021 as a result of an overwhelming surge in demand on the hot tub industry as a whole from the pandemic. The pool and spa industry is also facing a shortage of certain raw material used in manufacturing such as acrylic and delays at ports for certain products manufactured overseas. As of this update Costco has only a few Evolution Spas models and AquaTerra Spas models available.

Should I buy a Costco hot tub? Are Costco hot tubs good quality? These questions come up every day in online forums and retail hot tub showrooms around the country. In this article we will explain the benefits and drawbacks of purchasing from Costco which in our opinion is the most objective way to look at it.

First lets look at some of the benefits of buying a hot tub from Costco. In most cases Costco sells hot tubs only online, however, there are the occasional road show opportunities in which Costco allows a local hot tub dealer or manufacturer to bring hot tubs into one of their warehouse locations for a ten day period to sell to its members. Costco hot tub road shows are typically two weekends and the week in between and if you are fortunate enough to have one take place in your local warehouse then consider it a good opportunity to buy if youre in the market.

Benefits of Buying From Costco:

Drawbacks of Buying From Costco:

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Portable Spa For $58999


Nearby Costco locations:



ChachoR47284 wrote: Just to be fair, the Walmart one of the same brand is $698

AmirA55729 wrote: I see… the link you put is the same brand but different look. I like the Costco one’s look better personally. The one you put has good reviews too


Sebrondeau wrote: I have a same brand and identical design from Walmart I bought a year ago. Very happy with it.Only bad thing I have to say is that the heater is not strong enough to keep the tub hot when running the bubbles on cold days. I don’t personally use those anyway as they don’t do much .They also have very good support, my cover was losing air and they sent me a new one without any charge or issues.Let me know if you have any specific question.


AmirA55729 wrote: I see… Thanks for your comment. so you leave it outside all winter time? Do you remove the water and just fill it up when you want to use it? or you leave the the engine on to have hot water?


Spa Covers Made With Highest Quality Materials

MySpaCover uses 30oz marine grade vinyl, heavy-duty YKK style zippers, and double stitching at every seam to ensure that you have a long-lasting and high-quality spa cover. Using the best materials and craftsmanship means your hot tub cover will be able to protect your spa investment throughout the seasons and the years. Upgrading to a MySpaCover replacement spa cover can keep your hot tub safe from damage and also save you money in the long term. Dont wait for the repair bills to stack up or for your hot tub to be out of commission, order your replacement spa cover today! has worked with all the leading hot tub manufacturers in North America and beyond to compile a proprietary data base of replacement spa cover dimensions. We maintain the exact manufacturers dimensions for well-known names such as Jacuzzi® spa covers, Sundance® spa covers, Hot Spring® spa covers, Caldera spa covers, Cal Spas hot tub covers, Coleman spa covers, and many more. We have over 1000 spa cover models available to choose from. Browse our wide selection of custom spa covers to find the perfect fit for your hot tub.

With a Costco hot tub cover, your spa investment will be safe from wear and tear for years to come. Your satisfaction is even 100% guaranteed because our team is totally committed to providing you with an unmatched buying experience. Our Costco hot tub covers can save you time, energy, and money. Get started today!

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Events & Locations For Costcos Special Events Roadshow

While Costco does sell their spa models online, they also sell them at various roadshows throughout the country. You can visit one of their spa roadshows or special events by staying up to date with their special events calendar on their website.

Spa roadshows will typically last about a week and hot tub manufacturers will bring their hot tub lines into the warehouse so that customers may come in, browse through the different models, and have an opportunity to compare or ask questions.

Spa roadshows will usually start on Saturdays or Sundays and run throughout the course of the week. If you find out that there is a spa roadshow happening in your local area, youll have more than enough time to get out there and scope some brand new models!

A Used Hot Tub Can Save You $1000’s

Are Costco Hot Tubs Any Good?

Welcome to Jacuzzi Ontario! All our certified pre-owned hot tubs are inspected by a certified trained hot tub technician and all components get tested. We even offer a minimum 90-day warranty on parts and labour. Browse our used hot tubs from major manufacturers like Arctic, Jacuzzi® Hot Tubs, Costco, Coyote, Strong Spas, and more.

If you are looking for a used Arctic or Jacuzzi® Brand hot tub check back often as we add hot tubs regularly.

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Offer A Variety Of Benefits And Features

These hot tubs offer a variety of benefits and features that are sure to please. Some of the benefits and features are included:

  • Variety of models to choose from
  • Inflates quickly and easily
  • Relaxing and therapeutic
  • Fun for the whole family
  • With Costcos low prices and wide selection of models, youre sure to find the perfect spa for your needs. So, what are you waiting for? Start enjoying the benefits and features today.

    As a new Cal Spas hot tub owner, its important to test out different water temperatures from the get-go.

    Quick Spa Parts

    Costco Has Everything You Need For Your Experience, Including Models, Prices, And More

    Costco has everything you need for your spa experience, including models, prices, and more! they come in a variety of colors and offer a whole slew of benefits. Costco hot tubs are great for entertaining guests in the backyard, relaxing after a long day at work, and so much more.

    Costcos low prices make it an affordable luxury that everyone should indulge in. Costco is committed to providing an amazing experience without breaking your budget.

    If youre looking for quality without having to spend an arm and a leg, this is the place to go.

    They offer a whole array of amazing benefits and features.


    Costco inflatable hot tub Reddit

    With Costcos Low Prices And Wide Selection Of Models They Have Everything You Need To Enjoy An Amazing Experience

    Here are 10 amazing experiences:

  • Offers high-quality products that will last you many years without breaking the bank.
  • They are able to keep their prices low because they can buy in bulk from manufacturers which allows them to cut out expensive middlemen like retailers or distributors who would otherwise take their share of the profit.
  • They are a great value when compared to other retailers with similar features and quality.
  • Offers low prices for anyone who is looking to purchase. All of their products come with their famous return policy and member satisfaction guarantee.
  • They have a huge selection for sale at their stores around the country and online for your convenience! They are available in many different sizes, shapes, colors, models, warranties, etc so you can easily find a spa to fit your personal taste and specifications.
  • Allows you to bring them back within the return period if they do not live up to your expectations. Offers an inflatable hot tub comfort guarantee that allows you to get help whenever you need an issue resolved.
  • Their return policy is very lenient and allows members to easily exchange spas that dont meet their expectations for a new spa or get their price fully refunded.
  • They will not refund your membership fee if you return, however, so make sure they meet your expectations before purchasing.
  • It will install for free at locations near members.
  • Expect to spend about 3-7 days waiting for your order to arrive at dealer locations.


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    How To Get The Best Deal On A Costco Hot Tub

    Costco now only offers hot tubs online. I talked at length with Costco customer support and was unable to find a model that was offered in-store. This is not surprising given that hot tubs take up a lot of floor space, have specific installation requirements, and require additional training to sell.

    Unfortunately, this means you will be limited on the discounts that you can get. Usually, the best deals will be on in-stock and/or floor models. Without a store presence, these types of deals will be unavailable. You can check your local Costco to see if they keep any models in stock, but based on my research this is unlikely. I will keep tabs on this and update this post if this changes.

    Since you cannot purchase a hot tub from a Costco store location, how do you get the best deal?

    Going Out Of Business Sales

    Costco Hot Tubs For Sale

    A going-out-of-business sale is another option for finding a fantastic low price on a hot tub and related accessories. Of course, you will only get the styles and features that are in stock. The problem you may face is, again, that of ongoing support after the dealer closes.

    The manufacturer warranty will still most likely be valid, but will you be able to get service and maintenance for your hot tub. Be sure that you can arrange for ongoing care before your purchase from a going-out-of-business sale.

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    Will Costco Service My Hot Tub If It Breaks

    Costco will not service your hot tub. This is an unfortunate negative to purchasing a hot tub from a large box store. I spoke with Costco customer service about this topic. They stated that for repairs and warranty claims you will need to contact the manufacturer directly.

    Costco also does not cover hot tub purchases under their 90-day return policy. A return has to be requested and approved by the returns department on a case-by-case basis. What does this mean? It will be very difficult to return your hot tub without a compelling reason.

    Costco Hot Tub Review

    ” A Detailed Review Of Costco Hot Tubs “

    For years now mass merchants have been trying, unsuccessfully, to break into the Hot Tub market with promises of great prices on good quality Hot Tubs and Swim Spas. The reality is they have failed miserably to provide quality products at a competitive price, instead selling low end spas at prices that any budget online direct seller can meet or beat.

    So why is it that these retail giants fail again and again with this product? Why are Costco Hot Tubs such a problem? Why do they never get it right? And why, when they do finally get a good quality product like the Canadian Costco Hot Tub from Beachcomber, is their price so high?

    Well, lets talk about it…

    In our 2021 Costco Hot Tub review, we look at the multitude of reasons why you really want to do your homework before purchasing a Costco Hot Tub, and why tbe internet is awash with complaints, stories of abysmal service and nightmare stories about Costco Hot Tubs.

    The reality is that the mass merchants like Costco suck at complex products such as Hot Tubs for a myriad of reasons, including lack of knowledge, lack of available information to consumers, lack of volume of sales, and their insistence at being the cheapest without understanding what makes a good Hot Tub… leaving them in the unenviable position of selling utter rubbish at prices that any local dealer could meet or beat if they were willing to sell such a low level of quality.

    Shell Rating

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    Amazing Experiences Of A Costco Hot Tub

    They are can be a luxurious experience, and its one that you wont soon forget. These tubs are available in various colors and have whatever features you choose. The company offers many different sizes and types of tubs, so theres sure to be a tub thats perfect for your home. Here are 10 ways to make your hot-tub shopping experience even more impressive.

    First, They offer an excellent price for hot tubs. You can find a great model for your budget at a cost-effective price.

    Lastly, you can customize your by selecting colors, materials, and features. They allows you to customize your spa with water filtration, lighting, and water features, unlike many other retailers. Most of can be found in one color or style, so you can select the one thats right for your taste.

    Best impulse item from Costco. An inflatable hot tub! Excedrin, flowers & a hot tub sounds like a date.


    Roadshows Are Held Twice A Year

    Costco Hot Tubs Any Good | Costco Hot Tubs | Aquaterra Hot Tub

    Although they have an extensive online catalog, most of their inventory is sold through a roadshow. This event is a chance for you to get a great deal by negotiating with the product owner. While it is rare, you can score great deals by attending a roadshow in your area. Regardless of when the roadshow is, youll still save money on a new one.

    While the company sells from several manufacturers, it often hosts roadshows to sell to customers. These roadshows are held twice a year and feature vendors renting space in their warehouses for ten to fourteen days. Since these events are not that common, you should take advantage of these opportunities to save big. There are many benefits to purchasing there, and they can be a great way to make your dream a reality.

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    How Much Are Hot Tubs At Costco

    The price at Costco is very affordable. Its one of the lowest prices available anywhere. However, there are a few things to look for to ensure that you get the best deal. An excellent place to start your search is the there website. This website offers the best deals on all kinds of many. If you want to learn more, read on.

    They are known for offering value and low prices. Most of its products arent marked up like traditional retail stores. This means that they are priced below average, but they can be expensive at other places. You can find a value-packed for anywhere from $250 to $8000, compared to traditional retailers $4000 to $12000 range. Buying there can save you a lot of money in purchasing and installation.

    They are typically higher than at traditional retail stores, as they dont mark up products like traditional retailers. This means that theyre more affordable than many other retailers. Plus, the value-packed is often priced between two and eight thousand dollars versus $400-$12000 at traditional retailers. Youll have plenty of extra cash to spend, so youll be glad you shopped at him.

    As far as buying there, remember that Costco doesnt mark up its products like other traditional retailers. They blend profit margins across the board. This means that youll get a value-packed hot tub for a lower price. At the same time, youll find similar at other traditional retail outlets, which may cost you upwards of twelve thousand dollars.

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