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How To Measure Inground Pool For Safety Cover

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Types Of Pool Covers #

Measuring for your Safety Cover
  • Mesh Safety Pool CoversLight weight, easy to store. Easy to install and remove. Snow and ice will melt into the pool. Debris and leaves will not get in the pool.
  • Heavy Duty Mesh CoversExactly the same as mesh covers, however only 1% of sunlight can get in. Thicker, more durable, more expensive.
  • Solid Safety Pool CoversPrevents 100% of light from reaching the pool, less evaporation. Most expensive and most durable option.
  • How Do You Measure An Above Ground Pool For A Cover

    4.9/5measuremeasuremeasurementaboveground pools

    Similarly, you may ask, what size pool cover should I get?

    When choosing a cover, you look for them by your pool’s ACTUAL SIZE. The cover that you get will be bigger than your pool by 3 or 4 feet . For example if your pool is 24ft round you would choose that size and choose one of the covers listed on that page.

    Additionally, what is the best above ground pool cover? Top 5 Best Above Ground Pool Covers Reviews In 2020

    • Blue Wave Silver Above Ground Pool Winter Cover.
    • Blue Wave Bronze Above Ground Pool Winter Cover.
    • Robelle Supreme Winter Cover for Oval Above-Ground Pools.
    • DELUXE PLUS Round Above Ground Swimming Pool Winter Cover.
    • Intex 15-Foot Round Metal Frame Pool Cover.

    Furthermore, how do I figure out the size of my pool?

    Length x width x average depth x 7.5 = volume Multiplying that by the average depth gives the volume in cubic feet. Since there are 7.5 gallons in each cubic foot, multiply the cubic feet of the pool by 7.5 to arrive at the volume of the pool .

    What is the best pool cover for winter?

    Best safety covers

    • Water Warden Mesh Safety Cover.
    • GLI Rectangle Safety Cover.
    • Blue Wave Leaf Net Cover.
    • Blue Wave Pool Winter Cover.
    • Pool Mate Winter Cover.

    There are a few simple things you can do to protect your above ground pool cover from winter weather damage.

  • Make sure your winter cover is secure using a cable and a winch.
  • Use cover clips.
  • Add about 1 3 of water to the top of the cover.
  • Protecting Against Ice.
  • Standard Vs Custom Pool Covers

    If you have a standard geometrical pool, such as a rectangle with no bells or whistles, then a standard pool coverof the right size will do the trick. However, if you have a particularly shaped pool or additional pool features like a waterfall or slide, then you may need a custom cover instead. Getting a custom cover is all about taking accurate measurements to ensure the cut-out of the cover’s shape is correct in order to completely protect the surface of your pool.

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    Safety Covers In Bucks County And Montgomery County

    Sparklean Pools is Bucks and Montgomery Counties leading Pool Safety Cover Dealer! We feel that a properly secure and safe cover is the most important product you will purchase for your pool. Whether you own a Vinyl Liner, Concrete, or Fiberglass inground pool you and your family will benefit greatly from a properly fitting and secure safety cover. Safety covers are easy to put on and take off, they are the safest, and are the most attractive way to cover your pool. Safety covers are available in different material variations within the two main categories of Solid and Mesh Covers. Type, Size, and shape of pool as well as trees and surroundings will dictate which cover is best for your pool. Mesh covers last longer and are lighter weight making removal and setup easier. Solid covers keep pool cleaner and keep your pool water more balanced although requiring an automatic cover pump. Allow Sparklean Pools to help you pick the appropriate type of cover fitting both your lifestyle and your inground pool type. Inground pool owners chose to cover their pool with a safety covers for a variety of reasons. While contemplating a new safety cover system or a replacement cover please keep in mind the following 6 advantages to a professionally installed safety cover by Sparklean Pools.

    Where To Buy A Pool Cover

    WaterWarden Inground Pool Safety Cover, Fits 15 x 30 ...

    When the fall finally rolls around, its not uncommon for people to ask us, Where can I buy a pool cover?

    Most pool covers can be purchased from pool supply shops or major retailers like Amazon. You might need to locate a dealer if you want to get an automatic pool cover, but you should be able to buy a winter or safety cover without going through a dealer or salesman.

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    Solid & Mesh Winter Safety Pool Covers

    Latham, The Pool Company offers a range of winter pool covers including mesh pool covers for maximum drainage and inground solid safety pool covers that block 100% of sunlight in a variety of material weights and colors. All solid and mesh pool covers can be custom designed to fit any size or shape pool precisely, including any special features such as raised walls, diving boards, stairs and rails.

    If You Own Or Just Purchased A Pool Safety Cover Congratulations

    How to install pool cover anchors. Attach springs to cover straps, then install springs on anchors, using installation rod . The overlap can vary from 10 to 15 inches. With first 8 anchors secured, snap a chalk line along the perimeter of the pool using installed anchors as a guide.

    After installation, pool safety cover must be inspected for debris accumulating on top of cover. They screw down flush to the ground for the the pool season and screw out to provide anchor points for springs attached to the cover straps. How to install pool safety cover anchors.

    Pool takes a 22 x 42 cover. Some older anchors are pop up type. Remember to alternate sides and to attach and secure each spring as each anchor is installed.

    Pool dealer pool size cover size overlap anchors date installed meyco products relies on the experience and knowledge of pool professionals to properly install our products. Install remaining anchors down the length of pool, being sure to locate the anchor on Failure to keep top of cover clear may cause water to puddle and failure of pool cover.

    Adjust for correct overlap on all sides. The pavers are roughly 4 inches thick The cause can be pressure around the top few threads, when an anchor is pounded into a hole that is just millimeters too small.

    The brass anchors are ¾ and the hole needs to be 2 deep. Works with all major pool cover manufacturer/brands. Pool cover anchors are used to fasten the straps of winter pool covers to the ground or deck.

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    Mesh Vs Solid Safety Covers: Which Type Is Right For My Pool

    Choosing the inground swimming pool safety cover that’s best for your pool doesn’t have to be a complicated process. The safety cover you choose will greatly depend on when you want to do the maintenance work. Would you prefer to do a little maintenance throughout the Winter or a lot of maintenance early Spring ?

    Swimming pool safety covers come in two main types: mesh and solid. Both types of inground safety cover material protect your pool, guests, and family members .

    Winter Safety Pool Covers Protect Your Family And Your Investment

    How to Measure For an Inground Pool Safety Cover

    Latham solid & mesh safety pool covers are the strongest, most reliable way to prevent loved ones, children and pets from getting into your pool unattended. Custom-built to fit your pool and made from best-in-class materials, Latham winter pool safety covers protect both your family and your investment. While safety pool covers add an additional layer of protection around your swimming pool, they are not a substitute for proper pool safety or adult supervision.

    Solid & mesh pool covers are designed to protect your pool for safety and lower your maintenance costs throughout the winter. Latham pool covers are made from a patented design to deliver winter safety covers that are strong, easy to install, and durable. Besides protecting your loved ones, our pool safety covers keep debris out of your pool and block sunlight so you can save money on pool chemicals and extend the life of your pool by keeping unwanted materials out.

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    Doheny’s Lowest Price Guarantee

    Shop with confidence at Doheny’s.

    Our volume discounts guarantee the absolute lowest prices on all of our products: swimming pool supplies, chemicals, equipment and more. To prove it, if you find a lower total delivered price by a licensed and authorized pool supply catalog or website , we will refund you the difference. We will even guarantee our Low Price for 30 days after your purchase. Simply contact our Customer Care Team at: or call us at 1-800-574-7665 to report the lower price. After verification, the difference will be promptly refunded. Doheny’s is not responsible for inadvertent price or text misprints or errors. Some restrictions apply – call for details.

    How Hybrid Safety Covers Work

    With all the safety features of their cousins, hybrid covers also block most UV rays while keeping out all debris but the finest silt. They look just like solid safety covers, except for a mesh panel in the center.

    The mesh is very tightly woven, so water drains into your pool, but debris stays out. Theyre also quite light and easy to manage. Basically, with hybrid safety covers, you get the best features of mesh and solid covers wrapped into one.

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    How To Install A Mesh Safety Cover

    Solar pool covers float on the waters surface. Vinyl pool covers drape over it, sometimes held in place by large water bags. But pool safety covers are stretched taut, then strapped into place.

    CAUTION: While a pool safety covers primary purpose is, well, safety, its ability to prevent accidents has a lot to do with environmental conditions. For example, if the pools water level is high after a heavy rain, it may be possible to sink into the pool from atop the safety cover. Always exercise caution around your cover.

    We cant stress enough how important it is to ensure your cover fits your pool. To do this, measure your pool at its widest and longest parts. Then, select a cover in the correct size and shape.

    If you have built-in water features or other special considerations, youll need to check what the manufacturer recommends. Some covers include panels that help prevent gaps created by such obstacles.

    The only way to be sure people are safe around your pool during winter is to properly install your safety cover. The straps that hold it in place wont help much if the hardware that anchors them down isnt installed the right way. Installation varies a bit between inground and above ground pools.

    If your inground pool doesnt have a deck, you can pour concrete footings where anchors will be placed.

    Cantar Premium Sunshade Mesh 99

    15 Year Inground Safety Mesh Pool Covers

    Key Features:

    • Made from a super strong and unique weave of polypropylene mesh that blocks sun like a solid cover
    • Nearly 50% lighter than solid covers, while providing nearly 75% more tensile strength than the competition’s standard mesh
    • Increased weave count provides added strength and shading, greater tear resistance and better Winter durability
    • Weight: 7 oz, Tensile: 300/300, Burst: 670
    • 20 Year Limited / 3 Year Full Warranty

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    How To Buy In

    • Written by Chris Kish on Aug 12, 2009To ensure our content is always up-to-date with current information, best practices, and professional advice, articles are routinely reviewed by industry experts with years of hands-on experience.Reviewed by Hannah Madans on Jan 04, 2021

    An in-ground swimming pool is a major investment that involves constant maintenance and consistent costs, definitely benefiting from an in-ground pool cover. By using a swimming pool cover, however, you can avoid many of those costs and save some time as well. Keep reading for tips on how to buy your new pool cover.

    Why You Need a Pool Cover

    There are basically two main reasons to have a pool cover. The first is to reduce maintenance. By covering up your pool, you will be protecting it from leaves, dirt, bugs, and many other things that cause more work for you and your pool system. They can also protect your pool from extremely cold weather and retain heat from the sun. The other main reason to have a pool cover is for safety. Many pool covers are designed specifically to hold the weight of a child or small animal. These covers also keep maintenance to a minimum.

    Choosing a Style

    Buying Your Pool Cover

    Leaf Nets

    You can also purchase a leaf net for your pool cover. This is a net that will rest over your pool cover in order to catch most of the debris. Then, you can simply lift off and clean the net instead of needing to clean the cover. This will prolong the lifetime of your pool cover.

    What Grade Of Pool Cover To Buy

    As with most product categories, we have Good-Better-Best grades of pool cover quality. We believe in having a cover for every wallet, and whether you want the cheapest pool cover made, or if you want the best pool cover made, weve got you covered!

    5 grades of winter covers, from the Economy pool cover, sometimes used as a disposable pool cover, with an 8-Yr warranty. On the other end of the line, is our Polar Protector cover with a 20-Yr warranty. In-between we have 3 other covers, each one a step-up in strength and durability.

    For in-ground pool safety covers, there are also grades of cover material from our basic In The Swim safety cover with a 10-Yr warranty, to the Commercial Mesh safety cover with a 30-Yr warranty!

    Our most popular covers are not the cheapest or the most expensive but the upper-middle range of price range and cover quality. The lowest-priced pool cover may fail when you need it the most in the middle of winter. The highest priced cover may be too good?

    Buy the pool cover that meets both your quality and budget requirements.

    In short buy the best pool cover you can afford at the moment to avoid a mid-winter cover disaster.

    Protect your pool with a better quality pool cover and cover accessories to keep out dirt and algae, and youll enjoy easier winters and faster spring openings, with less mess and less stress!

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    The Shape Of Your Pool Cover

    Pool designs that have symmetrical shapes and straight lines such as rectangular, Kidney or Grecian are typically found at many retailers. Meanwhile, pools with rounded edges or asymmetrical sides require more effort. If your pool has a unique shape, you will most likely need to purchase a custom pool cover.

    Hybrid Safety Cover Maintenance

    How to Measure and Install your Pool Safety Cover from Hinspergers.

    Installed the same way as their predecessorshooked securely into permanent anchors in your pool deckhybrid covers are just as safe and sturdy.

    Measuring and fitting remains the same. Some manufacturers offer computer-aided custom fit for more complex pool shapes and features.

    Because hybrid covers drain through mesh panels, you wont need a pool cover pump at all. Removal, cleaning, and storage is the same as with a mesh safety covers, so just pop it off, wash it down, and once its dry, fold and store securely.

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    Anchors For Concrete Pool Decks #

    For homeowners with a concrete pool deck, the anchoring method for installing a pool safety cover is fairly straight forward. The most common type of safety cover pin is the brass concrete anchor. The standard cover anchor is threaded, but Meyco offers a pop-up anchor that only requires 1/2 turn to raise or lower.

    Brass anchors are 1/16 wider at the top and press-fit into the hole, holding the anchor body stationary as you turn the threaded insert up or down. A rotary hammer drill with a 3/4 masonry bit is required to install a brass cover anchor. A sharp, new bit will cut a clean hole dull drill bits will cause more chipping of the concrete around the hole and may take twice as long to drill.

    Wrap a piece of strong tape around the bit at 2-1/4 to indicate when to stop drilling. Make sure to keep a tight grip on the drill, which may jump if you come into contact with some steel mesh or a large piece of aggregate in the deck. To create a vertical hole, keep the drill perpendicular while drilling into the deck.

    After you have successfully drilled the hole, blow or wash away the dust left over from drilling. At this stage youre almost done. All that remains is to tamp the anchor into the hole so that you dont damage the hex key hole or bend the top rim of the anchor.

    Bonus: Lightweight Vs Hyperlight Vs Heavyweight

    While shopping for an inground safety cover, you may be asked about your weight preference. The types of covers being referred to are LightWeight, HyperLight, or HeavyWeight covers.

    • LightWeight
    • Lightest material makes for easiest installation and removal
    • HyperLight
    • Higher quality than Lightweight covers but lighter than Heavyweight covers
    • Most popular choice for consumers nation-wide
  • HeavyWeight
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    Installing The Pool Cover

    1. Remove all swimming pool ladders and handrails2. Measure the pool and the pool cover. This will determine the overlap of the cover. Take the difference in width and length and divide by two. The overlap can vary from 10 to 15 inches.3. Place cover over the pool carefully so you do not snag or damage the pool cover. The cautionary label should be facing up. Adjust to the overlap determined in step 2. Use something on the straps to hold the cover in place .4. Mark the anchor points at the center of each wall. They are located 18 inches from the edge of the swimming pool cover. Install the anchors.5. Attach straps to the springs, then place the springs on the anchors.6. Continue with the anchor points for the rest of the pool cover. With all anchors and springs installed, recheck all the Anchors and straps to make sure they are secured and adjusted with equal tension.

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