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How Much Are Pool Cues

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Why Such Price Fluctuations:

Learn Billiards-Best Budget Pool Cue

As you can clearly see from the examples mentioned above, the price difference is visible. Many times, the same brand is offering cues at different prices. Why such fluctuations in the cost of these pool cues? What makes them different from each other?

Below are those factors which play a vital role in the tagging of the price. It is because of these factors that pool cues are divided into different categories and allotted with the wide price range.

Bring Your Hobby Home With These Trusted Products

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The Spruce / Chloe Jeong

A beloved indoor game requiring strategy and precision, people have been playing pool for centuries. Without a doubt, billiards tables take up ample space and sometimes cost a pretty penny. But whether you love hosting friends, need something to fill your basement bar, are looking for a screen-free wintertime activity, or just want to fine-tune your shot, it’s easy to see the draw of having one at home.

So, which pool table is right for your space? “The most important factor is making sure the room is large enough to accommodate the table size you choose,” says Dr. Dave Alciatore, Ph.D., PBIA advanced instructor and the dean of Billiard University. “A pool table is also a beautiful piece of furniture,” he adds, “so pick something that looks nice to you and best matches your home decor.”

Lastly, you’ll want to consider your budget, as pool tables come at a wide range of price points. With pointers from Dr. Alciatore in mind, we rounded up the choicest options.

Ahead, the best pool tables available today.

Size: 90 x 49.5 x 31 inches | Material: Wood, iron, polyester cloth | Accessories Included: 2 cues, 1 set of balls, 1 triangle, 1 brush and chalk | Warranty: 90 days

  • No ball return system

Best Pool Cue Brands Buying Checklist

In present days there are many out there and now it becomes so much hard to get the right one. There are many industries out there, manufacturing lots of pool cue stick every day, this is the reason behind getting confused while you are going to get a good quality one.

So if you dont want to get deceived by purchasing a bad poolcue with the high cost then you can see all the facts that you need to check before buying snooker pool cue stick. Below I have listed all the facts that will help you with your purchase.

Ferrule and Width of Tip

These two things are the most important thing that you need to check at the time of purchasing the best one. The ferrule and Tip Width are the things that will regularly be in use during playing your billiard game. Best pool sticks are consisting of three parts Ferrule, Shaft, and Tip. First 12-inches of a poolstick is called the shaft. The tip needs to be nearly attached to the shaft and the ferrule has to be close to the shaft as well.

All these parts are attached to the stick with glue and if glue can be seen any part of the poolcue when the cue is not good. In pool cue stick glue cant be seen and thats what makes an ordinary cue into an excellent one. You also check the shape of the tip, the tip of a perfect matchmust be in a dome shape.


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What Makes A Pool Cue Good

First things first. A good pool cue is like beauty. Its in the eye of the beholder. What may be a good pool cue for one person may not be good for someone else. When it comes to our pool cues, we all have our preferences, our likes and dislikes. Some of us like wood cues while others like fiberglass. I may prefer a leather wrap while you may prefer Irish Linen. These types of differences dont necessarily make one cue better than the other.

What makes a pool cue good is whether or not its the right cue for you in terms of whats comfortable for you and what youre preferences are. For example, if I like McDermott cues because of the way they feel, handle, look, and perform, then chances are McDermott cues are good for me. This isnt to say that Predator cues or any other cues arent good, they just may not be good for me.

With that being said, there are some universal characteristics of a good pool cue that you should be aware of, especially if youre considering making a purchase. Lets take a look at them now.

Cuetec Professional Series 1

7 Best Pool Cues Under $100
  • Not large enough for competition play
  • Weighs less than you might expect

Though it might look basic or even plain at first glance, this Cuetec Professional Series 1-Piece Canadian Maple Billiard/Pool House Cue is great for home use. As it uses just one single piece, you wont worry about putting the stick together or finding your carrying case before setting up the balls. Cuetec uses real North American maple in the construction of this cue to provide you with years of playing time.

On top of the maple is a composite coating that protects the maple and is resistant to scratches and moisture. This coating will also keep the cue from warping or bending. As a shorter cue stick, this Cuetec is great for new players as well as those who have limited space around their tables, and it comes in lighter weights of down to 10 ounces.

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Highly Durable + Good Spin

Its always encouraging when a product has a lifetime warranty you can expect this pool stick to last you many years, without warping. It has a 10-layer Japanese pigskin soft leather tip, which prevents oxidation and provides decent spin. It has an Irish Linen wrap which is not everyones preference, but you can always replace this.

Balabushka Cues Sle2 B $139900

The fifth most expensive pool cue that is available for sale today is the Balabushka brand SLE2B. This cue is a limited edition production that pays tribute to George Balabushka, one of the most influential cue makers who ever lived. This cue is made with cryptic indicators that allude to the years 1957 and 1975 with each die in an alternating pattern between the five and the seven. These were notable years in Georges career.

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Best Bumper: Hathaway Games Table With Pool Glide Hockey And Table Tennis

Size: 54 x 39 x 31.5 inches | Material: Engineered wood, wool/polyester felt, rubber bumpers | Accessories Included: 2 cues, 10 balls, table brush, chalk | Warranty: 180 days

  • Balls, cues, paddles, and pucks included

  • Small

  • Some assembly required

We’re also loving this three-in-one option from Hathaway Games. Measuring 54 x 39 x 31.5 inches, it’s relatively compact, but what it lacks in size, it makes up for in features. This game table converts from ping pong to glide hockey to pool.

It’s made of manufactured wood with a felt billiards surface and gum rubber bumpers on all sides for accurate, reliable bounce-backextra points for the included playing equipment.

Best Splurge: Pottery Barn Parsons Pool Table

Pool Cue Price Ranges (4 of 10)

Size: 98.5 x 54.5 x 32.5 inches | Material: Rubberwood, walnut, acacia wood, leather, polyurethane | Accessories Included: 4 cues, 1 bridge stick, 2 triangles, 1 table brush, 1 rail brush, 12 chalk pieces, 1 bridge head, 1 repair kit, 1 set of balls, 1 wall rack, table cover | Warranty: Lifetime

  • Expensive

If you came here to find the crème de la crème of at-home billiards, look no further than Pottery Barn. The Parsons measures 98.5 x 54.5 x 32.5 inches and boasts a generous playing surface. Crafted from kiln-dried rubberwood and acacia wood with square legs and a thick apron, this handsome pool table is sure to make a statement in your man cave, bonus room, or finished basement.

Size: 47.25 x 31.50 x 84.25 inches | Material: Metal, polyester | Accessories Included: 2 cues, 1 set of balls, 2 pieces of chalk, 1 triangle, table cover | Warranty: 2 years

  • Expensive

Whether you have limited square footage inside or want to take your outdoor living space up a notch, this outdoor pool table has your name on it. Boasting a durable metal frame and measuring 98 x 54 x 31.5 inches, it’s just about regulation size.

While this weather-resistant billiards table is on the spendier side, you can count on quality. Not only that, but Imperial backs this product with a two-year warranty.

Size: 40 x 20 x 9 inches | Material: Wood | Accessories Included: 1 set of balls, 2 cues, 1 ball rack, 2 pieces of chalk, 1 brush | Warranty: Not listed

  • Small

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Looking For A Pool Cue

From the above, you know the variables that affect how you should choose your cues. But what are the actual differences that these variables affect?


When it comes to tip type, the main choice is between a soft tip or a hard tip. Hard tips tend to be stronger and more durable, but a soft tip will allow you to feel the cue ball better which makes for more accuracy and spin. You also need to choose between cues with soft or screw-on tips.


Pool cues generally weigh between 17 and 21oz . Cues on the heavier side may be better for novice pool players, as these have more power and allow you to generate spin more easily. Lighter cues are better for precision shots as well as hitting soft shots.

As you gain experience, experiment with cues of different weights to see what works best for you.

Type Of Wood

Maple wood is still the most popular material in cue making, because it is durable and provides a good hit feel, but it is not too expensive. Some high end pool cues use more exotic woods to make a more unique and beautiful cue.

If you arent attached to the traditional wooden cue, you might choose a fiberglass cue for its durability, though some argue that these cues sacrifice on performance.

One-Piece Vs Two-Piece


A good thing to note: your pool cue should not have a shape longer than you!


Low deflection shafts require more advanced design, and so tend to be pricier than standard shaft cues.




Trademark Global Billiard Cue

Though you might think that inexpensive pool sticks arent worth the price, this Trademark Global Billiard Cue is an affordable option that really will keep up with your demands. This cue features two pieces that both have a funky design that shows billiard balls flying through space. Brass joints used inside these pieces ensure that you can screw and unscrew the cue with ease, and tip, which also uses brass, is removable for replacing too.

At 20-ounces, this cue is good for beginners and intermediate players, and it measures 58-inches long, which is a standard pool rules cue size. Trademark Global gives you a hard-sided carrying case that has snaps to keep the case closed. This case also has a soft lining inside to protect the parts.

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Factors That Affect The Cost Of A Pool Table

Essentially, all pool tables share the same function, letting you play pool, ha!. As you have read throughout the article, the prices can range from $500to more than $1000

But what are the factors that affect the cost of a pool table?

In this section, we will explore the following aspects thoroughly:

  • Material and construction
  • Brand
  • Hybrid Carom Or Obstacle Games

    Pin by Jesse Garcia on Pool cues

    Cowboy pool and bottle pool are games involving only a few balls which are placed at specific spots on the table. Elements of their games go back to the eighteenth century before balls needed to be racked. Bottle pool shares traits with pin billiards games such as Danish pin billiards. Cowboy pool is a descendant of English billiards. Kaisa is a similar game played with different equipment.

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    What Determines The Price Of A Pool Cue

    Cost is one of the biggest factors that most of us have to consider when buying a pool cue. While it may be tempting to drop $500 on a cue that our favorite pool player uses, is it really worth it? And what exactly makes that cue more expensive than the ones that are more budget friendly?

    There are lots of things that go into the making of a pool cue that affect its price. Things such as the material its made with, style, design, graphics that are inlaid or overlaid, the tip, shaft type, etc.

    One of the biggest contributors to the cost of high end pool cues is the shaft. Most high end pool cues come standard with low deflection shafts. Low deflection shafts or LD shafts for short, are known to help improve accuracy by reducing squirt.

    Squirt, or deflection, is the angle change of the cue ball that occurs any time you strike it off center. For instance, if you strike the cue ball to the left of center, the cue ball will travel somewhat to the right. How far to the right it travels is largely dependent upon the type of shaft youre playing with.

    LD shafts help reduce the amount of deflection you experience any time you strike the cue ball off center. This added performance comes with a jump in price as well. For more information on low deflection pool cues check out my article What You Need to Know About Low Deflection Pool Cues.

    Playing Pool What You Need To Know

    Professional pool players make it look easy, so the techniques of how to become a skillful player can seem like a mystery. But there are a few tips you can implement right now to master the basics.

    1.Developing A Good Stance

    A good stance is the foundation of a good pool shot, so this is something to master early on. First, make sure you are standing firm with good balance. Next, identify the shot line, or imaginary line you want your ball to travel. Place your dominant foot forward, towards that line. Place your non-dominant foot some distance behind, and bend your knees slightly. Lean over so your chin is a few inches above your cue stick so you can see the path your ball needs to go.

    2.Aiming Properly

    Once you have the stance down, the next thing is to get good aim. When figuring out the point to aim for, imagine a line going through the ball you want to hit and the place you want it to end up. Then, imagine a line from the center of your cue ball to the ball you want to hit. The point where these two lines intersect is your point of contact, ie. the spot you want to aim for.

    3.The Hand Bridge

    Find a position in which your hand feels stable and your cue can move along it without resistance.

    4.Mastering Your Stroke

    5.Cue Chalk On Your Cue Table

    If you spend a lot of time in your game room, you may begin to face the issue of pool cue chalk it can make a beautiful pool table look ratty very easily! Follow these instructions to learn how to clean chalk off your pool table.

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    Imperial Officially Licensed Nfl 57

    • Selecting the right size when you order is difficult
    • Doesnt last as long as other cues do

    Do you love watching National Football League games just as much as you love playing pool? With this Imperial Officially Licensed NFL 57-Inch 2-Piece Billiard/Pool Cue with Soft Case, you can now show others just how much you love your favorite team. This pool stick features a wrap in the center that uses the logo of the team that you chose.

    This pool cue is more than just nice to look at though because it also breaks down into two separate pieces and comes with its own carrying case that has a carrying strap on the top and the NFL logo on the side. The straight maple shaft on the stick lets you hit the ball without the stick deflecting off that ball. It also has a leather tip on the end and a simple wrap for your hands.

    Best Budget Pool Table

    How to Re-Tip a Pool Cue – Home Billiards

    These tables come with a price of $500 to $1200. These are the best pool tables for your friends and family and are available at an average rate. Before buying these tables, you need to care about its quality. These tables are the most reliable and durable for at least 10-years. If you do maintain the quality of this table pleasantly and protect it from all the odd factors, which may decrease its quality, then this pool table would last for more than 10-years.

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    Adjustable + Great Grip

    Another great feature of this cue stick is its adjustable weight system. This allows you to add or remove weight bolts to achieve your desired weight. The grip on this pool cue is made from Veltex, a nylon polyester composite material that provides great grip and has a moisture-wicking effect perfect for those who sweat a bit.

    Mcdermott Pool Cue M29b Bridgeport Mcdermott $187500

    The McDermott M29B Pool cue is manufactured in America. This premium pool cue is made with a birdseye maple handle and brass rings. It features 6 cocobolo/white urethane points, 5 sets of turquoise and white urethane sleeve inlays, turquoise, cocobolo and white urethane web with a no wrap handle and an i-2 shaft. The cue plays with a firm and solid hit and weight changes can be adjusted in increments of ounces.

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