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How Much Does An Automatic Pool Cover Cost

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Automatic Cover Fabrics Don’t Last Replacement Myths Dispelled

Introduction to Automatic Pool Covers

Via Phone call: ‘How long will an auto cover last?‘ Asked a customer this week. ‘I have read that they can fail in a few years. Is that true?’

result of a cheap cover system, improper installation, or inadvertent abuse

We install A LOT of auto covers on our pool installations. Over the years we have also done quite a bit of service on behalf of the factories as well as general tune ups for other pool companies that don’t have cover techs on their team. During that time we have seen some poorly installed units. It’s not a surprise when we get there to service them that they need service. Most often they are installed “out of square” causing high tension on the ropes and a TON of resistance on the motor and linkage . That will destroy a cover in a couple to few years easy. The other problem I have seen is the cover being opened with several inches of water on them. One inch of water on a 16 x 40 pool is 485 gallons of water. At 8.3 pounds per gallon that’s 4,025 Pounds. Covers are not designed to move that kind of weight. I promise it will break or at the least cause some longer term damage. Solution? Use the automatic an automatic cover pump. We provide one with every system. Not a tough concept.

Remco Swimroll Automatic Pool Cover

Remco is Australias market leader in the supply and installation of pool covers , particularly motorised and automated pool covers. Prompted by a request for a motorised pool cover, the company discovered demand for a new type modern, aesthetically pleasing, motorised and multi-functional. This discovery lead to the establishment of the company in 1986 and the creation of the Swimroll which, to this day, is still one of their most popular products and has won major design awards.

The cover is the ultimate luxury, with high quality performance and functionality as well as a sleek and stylish design. It sets itself apart from other covers as it is made from durable polycarbonate, rather than a regular bubble blanket style cover. The Swimroll appear to create an impenetrable surface, providing the highest level of pool safety and sustaining the weight of up to 80 kilograms, the company claims. The Swimroll will also cut back on expenses by eliminating the evaporation of heating, chemicals and water. If your pool is heated, youll be saving majorly and if it isnt, say hello to some warmer water!

Infinity Pools With The Most Stunning Views Infinity

Additionally, the majority of states require all homeowners to purchase an automatic pool. An automatic cover is one of the most expensive optional features you can install with your pool.

A retractable pool enclosure keeps water in the pool when. #1 annual spring cover system maintenance regularly $310 / $240 if scheduled before may 31st (includes

Automatic pool cover by covers in play solar pool cover. 17 rows 12 x 20 pool kit with automatic pool cover:

Automatic pool covers you can walk on inspirational. A mesh cover costs between $1,200 and $3,000, depending on the shape and size of the pool.

Automatic safety pool covers pool cover pool prices. A solid cover costs between $1,800 and $3,600 for the same shape and size as a mesh cover, about $600 more on average.

Covana legend swim spa cover in 2020 hot tub cover. Additionally, the majority of states require all homeowners to purchase an automatic pool.

Coverstar automatic pool covers inground pools automatic. An automatic cover is one of the most expensive optional features you can install with your pool.

Floating deck pool automatic pool cover inground pool. An automatic safety cover can start as low as $10,000 for a small, aftermarket deck install or a basic under track setup.

Gallery evansville pool covers. An average automatic pool cover costs between $6,000 and $15,000, depending on the size and build of your pool.

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Sunbather Winter Mesh Cover

Pioneering the Solar Pool Heating industry in Melbourne in 1974, Sunbather is known more so for their solar panel pool heating. However, they also produce a range of high-quality pool covers. When it comes to winter covers, it is often hard to find a cover that is made specifically for the colder months that will be able to last for months on end without any care or attention. Sunbathers Winter Covers are the perfect solution and a great way to switch off and forget about your pool in the winter months, and have it ready to go in summer.

The cover lies flat across the entire pool and pins down on the ground surrounding the pool with simple attachment pieces that come with it. Sunbathers winter cover also doubles as a safety cover for families with children and pets although named two different covers, theyre almost identical in nature and design. Just Covers Winter Shutdown is another cover that advertises as a winter but is also a highly-recommended safety cover.

Con: They Will Heat Your Pool Too Much Sometimes

How Much Does An Automatic Pool Cover Cost?

When a customer calls and says that their pool is getting too warm, we advise them to leave their cover open to try and cool the pool off.

At this point the automatic cover is a huge expense that is not being used for the intended purpose.

If you have a heat pump with a chiller, you can cool the pool with the chiller. It does run the operational cost up, though.

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Size Of The Pool Enclosure

Size determines everything. Typically the larger the enclosure, the lower the cost per square foot, but the overall cost will be higher. That is why when considering the enclosure size consider the layout of the pool and deck. If the swimming pool and pool enclosure is new, consider looking into a seating area beside the pool for lawn chairs, lounges, tables, etc.. Some projects get into features such as fountains, diving board, rocks, slides, planters or other decorative items that may be placed around the pool and the walking area around these items. And dont forget at the end of the swimming pool a pool cover, either built in or on the deck, space is usually over looked for this piece of equipment.

The Standard Solar Cover

This solar cover option can be found for $75 to $225 and will last you about one to three swim seasons.

When it comes to how much pool covers cost, you definitely get what you pay for with the standard solar pool cover. It is the most affordable, and likewise, has the shortest lifespan. While these arent top-of-the-line covers, they do help protect your swimming pool from contamination and direct sunlight.

One of the biggest considerations when choosing this option is safety. This cover wont hold much weight, adding a water-safety risk factor.

However, if youre looking for a quick, temporary fix, this option may work for you in the short term.

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Try Not To Put Weight On It

Automatic pool covers can take a lot of weight. But that does not mean you have to put unnecessary weights on it. Often children are seen running around or jumping on the cover.

Do not allow it. If the cover excess weight repeatedly, the ropes and other things that its attached to shall be weakened in time.

Clean the cover top regularly and dont let anyone kids or adults get on top of it. The ropes will remain hardy and the cover will get maybe a few more years in its life.

Debris Or Leaf Covers Cost

Automatic Pool Covers – Saving More Than Lives

Also known as mesh covers, unlike thermal and solar covers, these covers are designed to only keep the leaves out. They dont warm the water or greatly reduce evaporation.

They are far more effective at keeping leaves out of a pool. Whilst they keep a lot of the dust, they wont keep it all out. Youll still need to run your filter pump, but you can reduce the running time.

The cost of a debris or leave pool cover is $1,500 to $3,900.

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Costs Of Owning An Automatic Pool Covers

Before we talk about whether or not they are worth it, lets look at how much an automatic pool cover will actually cost you. Automatic pool covers are extremely pricey, even if not compared to manual pool covers.

The minimum amount you will have to spend is around 8000 dollars. Note that thats the minimum price. The actual amount may go all the way up to 20000 dollars. So, its safe to say the price range is between 10000 to 20000 dollars, sometimes a little up.

The price is without installation charge or electrical expenses that you will have to bear to set up properly. As far as maintenance charge is concerned, that amount is also tremendously high.

You will have to spend 800 to 1000 dollars per year for proper maintenance. If you are confident enough and want to hire an expert, add 300 to 400 dollars to that.

First comes the cleaning. The main goal of the pool covers that it will keep all sorts of dirt out of the pool. But the cover itself has to be cleaned from time to time.

Otherwise, due to the load of the debris, the covers might get damaged. As it will keep absorbing UVA/UVB rays from the sunlight, a UV ray protective conditioner needs to be applied. The overall cost is 400-500 dollars.

Pool covers are mainly made from vinyl. In course of time due to heavy usage, they become worn out. It becomes fragile, many holes may appear and the cover itself is likely to be ripped apart.

Automatic Retractable Pool Covers For Inground Pools

Whether youre building a pool in your backyard or youre already the proud owner of an in-ground pool, its important to understand just how important it is to have a sliding safety cover to protect your investment. Automatic pool covers are safe, reliable, and easy to use. You can open or close your automatic safety cover with the push of a button. Automatic pool covers offer incredible peace of mind for homeowners who want to prevent accidents or keep loved ones and pets out of harms way.

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Rodents In The Auto Cover Housing Unit

Weather in the Midwest means that half of the year is cold! One of the most important areas of the auto cover is the housing unit which holds the motor and cage mechanism. Unfortunately, this is also a nice, warm, out-of-the-elements area for rodents and insects alike to stay warm and nest during winter months. While inside, there are also a ton of food options for them as they can chew through your ropes, chew holes in your cover, or chew through some of the wires.

Automatic Pool Covers: 5 Benefits They Offer Pool Owners

How Much Does an Automatic Pool Cover Cost?

Save money, gain peace of mind, and enjoy greater convenience

Investing in an automatic swimming pool cover delivers benefits on five important fronts: safety, convenience, pool cleanliness, water conservation, and energy efficiency. Collectively, these benefits can maximize the lifespan and the value of your backyard oasis and help you save money on pool ownership.

Automatic pool covers consist of the cover materialtypically vinylon a motor-driven device that works on a simple pulley principle, easily opening and closing without any manual labor.

The installation includes a large reel at one end of your pool. Two straight tracks along the pools long sides house the mechanisms rope and the pulleys. The cover opens when the rope winds up, and it closes when the rope unwinds.

What makes an auto cover such an attractive asset is how easy it is to use: With just the push of a button or the turn of a key, the cover retracts and simply rolls up into itselfappearing and disappearing at your wish. It provides a snug barrier between the pool surface and everything outside of it.

Adding one of these automated systems to your new or existing pool does require a major upfront purchase. Depending on your pool dimensions and the model variety, expect a standard auto cover to add upwards of $8,000 to $12,000 customized versions for special pool shapessuch as free-forms designswill run more.

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Cost Of The Automatic Pool Cover

Though there are several kinds of automated pool covers available in the market, I must warn you beforehand that you need to start saving from today, if you desire to shield your pool with these modern covers. As for me, I am in no mood to shell out $ 20,000 just to make my wife happy. But i have selected my personal favorite pool covers. Please check the above table.

Yes! You heard me right. The average expenditure that any person will have to tolerate will range between $10,000 and $20,000. The cost of covering the pool with these automated sheets will depend directly on the size and shape of your pool. In case you have a small regular pool, you will have to spend comparatively less.

If the pool is large, then you will need more material to cover it. Some people have custom designed pools. Showing off your circular or oval pool is fun. But having a custom-made pool cover is no fun at all. It will need you to loosen your purse strings.

Solid Security Cover Cost

A solid security cover might cost you between $650 and $1,200 or more on average, depending on the manufacturer and size. If you shop for a solid security cover at a typical pool supply store, you might be able to get one for less than $650, depending on the type and manufacturer. Like mesh security covers, you can expect to pay closer to $1,200 and up for a solid security cover if you have an inground pool. Solid security covers differ from mesh covers and offer a few important benefits, including:

  • Keeps leaves and debris out and does not allow water to pass through
  • Keeps water clearer than a mesh security cover
  • Effective at keeping unwanted guests out of the pool
  • Can last around 6-10 years

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What Kind Of Versatility Do Aquamatic Swimming Pools Cover

Aquamatic is a most versatile cover, enabling you to house the cover either above or below ground with a combination of three different types of track flush, surface and in-wall track. Combined with a cover pump it is the only cover to have a built-in rainwater removal system. An ingenious trouble free patent slider system combined with a compensator ensures that the cover closes square every time.

Pro: They Will Help Heat Your Pool

Automatic Pool Covers Pros and Cons

Automatic pool covers are made of a heavy vinyl and work much better than a solar cover. It is not uncommon for them to add 10 to 15 degrees to the temperature of the pool.

If you have a heat pump, the cover will help keep cost down by not letting a lot of the heat dissipate into the air, also reducing evaporation.

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Compare To Pool Safety Nets

When factoring in how much automatic pool covers cost, one of the biggest things to consider is that those covers fight environmental issues as well as potential dangers for your family. However, not everyone is on the market for that kind of cover. For those who are looking for something a little less expensive but just as safe for their loved ones, a pool safety net may be the best solution. These nets have had a perfect safety record for more than 25 years and can hold up to 485 pounds of weight, ensuring there are no accidental slips underwater.

These nets can be made for both your pool and your spa. Depending on the size of your water feature, it can cost between $1,500 and $2,500 for your pool, and $600 to $1,000 for your spa. Just like our other top safety features, an All-Safe professional will conduct an onsite consultation and estimate to determine the size and materials needed to make sure everyone in your family stays safe while enjoying time outdoors.

The Case For Automatic Pool Covers

Theres so much good to say about automatic covers, lets get the negatives out of the way first. The downsides really boil down to two things: First automatic covers are expensive, depending who you ask and the product being used, an automatic cover might add anywhere from $10,000 to $20,000 to a residential pool or more in some of the trickier applications.

Secondly, covers compromise aesthetics. In most cases, they limit the shape of the pool to a rectangle, which for many people isnt much of a problem because rectangular pools are often among the most beautiful across a range of settings. More intrusive still, even if the cover has an attractive color, its never going to be as eye pleasing as a shimmering body of water.

Both the cost and aesthetic issues are significant, yet the upsides so dramatically outweigh those issues, for many people such caveats are easily and quickly dismissed.

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Benefit #: Water Conservation

Automatic pool covers are a great way to stave off water loss from your pool. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, evaporation is responsible for up to 70 percent of water loss in pools and spas.

Its not uncommon to see anywhere from one-quarter of an inch to one-half an inch of loss per day on your pool water line. Over the course of a week, that adds up to a significant 2 to 4 inches.

If your pools water level is unexpectedly lower than you think it should be, a likely day-by-day cause is evaporation. There are three primary causes: high outdoor temperature, lack of humidity, and exposure to outdoor elements like sun and wind.

Its impossible to control exposure to the elements completely. However, a pool cover is a highly efficient means of taming the effects of Mother Nature.

This barrier greatly reduces evaporation by blocking the heat that comes from direct sunlight on the water. It physically blocks wind that would otherwise hit the pool surface and produce water loss. And even if the air outside is particularly dry, a cover helps alleviate the effects.

Using a well-fitted pool cover can make a huge difference. One university study suggests that by using one, you can cut water loss as much as 95 percent!

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