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How Much Does An Inground Pool Cost In Arizona

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Fiberglass Vs Concrete Pool

How Much Does A Pool Cost? | California Pools & Landscape

Fiberglass and concrete pools are popular for backyard use. They are very different from one another. Fiberglass pools are factory-made, delivered, and dropped into your yard, while concrete pools are built onsite. This makes fiberglass pools faster and easier to install and less expensive. Fiberglass pools also last longer with less maintenance.

However, concrete pools can be endlessly customized, while fiberglass cannot. Concrete pools are available in any shape, size, and depth, while fiberglass is limited in these areas.

Average Costs Of Building A Swimming Pool

Labor costs vary, depending primarily on the pool type. In-ground pools have higher labor costs than above-ground pools, while concrete and fiberglass have higher labor costs than vinyl. Labor costs are also impacted if blasting is needed with the excavation and whether the deck is installed at the same time.

On average, labor costs to build a pool range from $5,000 to $30,000 but can go higher for custom pools with specialty designs. The pool material cost ranges from $4,000 for a vinyl , $10,000 for a basic fiberglass shell, up to $27,000 for a premium shell, and between $55 and $70 a square foot for a concrete pool.

Not every project requires all levels of work. For example, not every installation requires blasting, and the finish work can range, depending on the pool material, with fiberglass requiring the least and concrete requiring the most.

$5,000 – $30,000

What Does It Cost To Convert A Liner Pool To Gunite

For an average-size pool, most homeowners will pay an average of $4,000 to convert a vinyl liner pool to a gunite pool because you are not paying to dig the hole for the pool to be installed. With some pool companies, you may still need to pay additional fees for draining the existing pool and removing the old pool liner.

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Fiberglass Vs Vinyl Pool

Another pool frequently compared with fiberglass is vinyl. Vinyl pools are less expensive than fiberglass initially, but they need their liner replaced frequently. This makes their lifetime cost higher than that of a fiberglass pool. Vinyl pools can be customized and come in any shape, size, and depth. Fiberglass pools are more limited in these areas, but they install slightly faster than vinyl.

Inground Pools For $50000 And More

How Much Does an Inground Pool Cost in Arizona?

The sky’s the limit if your budget is, too. Dedicating at least $50,000 to your swimming pool project will open up many options and opportunities, but you can spend more if you’re committed to getting the pool of your dreams.

Many people spend $100,000 or more on customized pool projects, which typically include premium upgrades such as water features, custom tiling, landscaping, spa add-ons, fencing, and so on. Past $50,000, most swimming pool shoppers choose either a concrete or fiberglass swimming pools, because these tend to offer the most value and flexibility over the long run.

There are pros and cons to both types, and you can get plenty of details about them here.

Want to know what to expect when getting add-ons and options? Check out these resources:

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Cost Of An Inground Shotcrete Pool

As we mentioned above, it is difficult to give an answer to the question how much does a pool cost? There are many different variables that can increase or decrease your pool pricing. You will want to read the rest of the article to find out exactly what those items are and what is specifically included in this price.

Here at California Pools & Landscape, our standard inground shotcrete play pool starts at $45,000-$50,000.

Buying A Swimming Pool In Arizona

Arizona is famous for being a desert state with dry hot summers and temperatures exceeding 100 degrees on most days from June through September and stay within swim range all year long. While in other states, the pool covers have long since come out and have been closed down for the season, but not Arizona! With an extraordinarily long swim season, its no wonder why many Arizona Pool Buyers see enormous value in owning an inground pool. Researching Arizona Pool Prices? Keep reading.

Construction Costs: AVERAGE

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Semi Inground Pool Cost

A semi-inground pool costs under $10,000 on average. Oasis semi-inground pools are constructed from extruded aluminum or steel and cost between $6,800 and $8,500. Semi inground pools are more expensive than an above-ground pool but about a third of the price of an inground pool of equal size. The installation is much faster than that for an inground pool and can often be constructed in 1 to 3 days.

How Much Does It Cost To Maintain A Pool In Scottsdale/phoenix

How Much Does A Pool Cost? $75 K – $150 K | California Pools & Landscape

Once you have a home with a pool in Arizona, there are still costs associated with keeping the pool clean and the chemicals balanced to avoid algae build-up and any other type of infestation.

Keeping a pool clean and running well can often be a time-consuming project however, Arizona has plenty of highly-qualified professional pool service companies that can provide maintenance on a weekly basis. Quality matters when it comes to pool service, so expect to pay $100 to $125 a month.

It’s important to remember that repairs and insurance claims for illness as a result of poor pool maintenance can be costly, so make sure to stay diligent with your pool maintenance.

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Diy Inground Pool Cost

A DIY inground pool project is a way to save money by taking on some of the tasks yourself. According to River Pools and Spas, a do-it-yourself inground pool project could save you $6,000 to $10,000 on an inground fiberglass pool project that would have cost $40,000 to $55,000 with a professional pool company.

Hiring someone to dig the pool hole for you costs between $400 and $1,500 in an area with optimal soil conditions or as much as $15,000 in hard to get to areas with rocky terrain. Additional expenses you might incur might include the following:

  • Fiberglass pool shell: $500 to $5,000
  • Equipment rental : $2,000
  • Crane: $400$800

Questions To Ask While Designing A Pool

A few questions to ask yourself before talking to your installation professional. Your answers will determine your budget and final project price.

  • Whats the main use? For example, if you want it for exercise, consider a lap pool. If youre entertaining, go for a lagoon style.
  • Are there other pools in the neighborhood? If they are common, that means its an expected feature when you go to sell your home. If its a standout, then it comes down to the type of buyer. Youre just as likely to find buyers who want it as a feature as you will ones who are turned away by the upkeep costs.
  • Whats the climate like? More hot weather means more time in the water. Plus, youll find more in southern states, so more buyers expect to see one in the backyard.
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    Very Long Swim Season

    With temperatures within swimming range from February through November, Arizona has the longest swim seasons in the entire country. For this reason, homeowners choose to take advantage by building elaborate natural freeform pool designs with over the top features. Its become so commonplace to see homes for sale with a pool in Arizona that many home buyers shy away from purchasing a new home that doesnt already come with a pool. Its such a solid investment with so many hot days in the calendar.

    Popular Arizona Inground Pool Features

    San Juan Fiberglass Pool Prices

    Swimming Pool Cost Phoenix Az

    San Juan fiberglass pools range from $35,000 to $90,000 installed. San Juan has been making and exporting fiberglass pools since 1958. They have a wide range of shapes to choose from. Some of their pools include unique features, such as tanning ledges and double sets of stairs. They also have unique shapes not found in other companies. Their total installation cost depends on the number of additional features you choose and the level of installation package you select.

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    Gunite Shotcrete Or Concrete Pool Cost

    A gunite pool costs between $29,000 and $60,000 with most paying around $50,960 on average for a 14 by 28 pool. The long-term 10-year cost of ownership to maintain a concrete pool averages $27,500 which is the highest of any pool material.

    • You have more options regarding creative shapes for your pool.
    • Typically require more chemicals and electricity to keep them swimmable.
    • It may need an acid wash every four years to remove any mold or algae.
    • The method used to remove the algae will also weaken the structural integrity of the concrete. This will also hasten the need for it to be resurfaced.
    • Gunite pools need to completely be replastered every 10 to 15 years, which costs around $10,000.
    • Gunite is the name of the process to apply concrete to a form that will create your pool shapeits created by spraying the concrete and sand mix over a metal shape made of rebar.

    X 36 Fiberglass Pool Cost

    An 18 x 36 fiberglass pool ranges from $50,000 to $70,000. This is a popular size pool for recreational purposes. It is large enough for different sections and features. It can have a zero entry, stairs, or separate spa areas. Pools of this size also come in different shapes, such as kidney or Roman. Due to this pools size, you need a larger-than-average yard.

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    Cost Of Inground Saltwater Pools

    The average cost of an inground saltwater pool is $35,000 for the pool and another $1,100 to $2,200 for the salt water generator, bringing the total cost to around $36,100 to $37,200. Saltwater pools do not need any chemicals added, are easier to maintain, and don’t have a chlorine smell.

    For homeowners who would prefer not to use traditional chemicals in their pool, a saltwater swimming pool uses a system that converts the salt in the water to chlorine, but the levels are much lower than in a chlorine pool, so it is kinder to clothes and your skin.

    Estimating Long-Term Salt Water Pool Costs

    • Replacing the cell in the generator every 36 years at the cost of $800 .
    • Adding salt to run your saltwater pool An average pool measuring 14 by 28 with a depth of 6.5 feet has a water volume of just under 20,000 gallons, and for that much water, you will need around 11 x 40-pound bags of salt, which should total just under $100.

    How Much Does A Standard Pool Cost In Arizona

    How Much Does A Pool Cost? $75 K & Under | California Pools & Landscape

    How much does a pool cost? Well, how much does a pig weigh?

    As one of the top pool builders in Arizona, we receive this question A LOT. In fact, in the 32 year history of California Pools & Landscape, this might be the most commonly asked question.

    If youre interested in buying a pool, this is one of the more loaded questions you can ask a pool company. Its also one of the most important questions for your search. And as such, itd be unfair to leave you with an answer like it depends.

    This article will explain the basic cost of a pool in Arizona, what would increase or decrease your cost, and tell you whats included in the cost. By the end of this article, you wont know the exact cost of your custom pool, but you will have a much clearer understanding of what you might expect to pay.

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    Other Factors To Consider When Buying A Pool

    Not all pool construction companies are the same. There are different types of pools, construction standards, product offerings and processes. Most bids are not comparable apples to apples because of this. When you receive a base number from a company, what is included? Size and options are important but warranty, experience, and quality of the product are priceless.

    Items like communication, service, how warranty items are handled, and overall experience with the builder are not bid items. You cant put a dollar amount on those but they may be the difference in price as youre reviewing different bids.

    What Will Affect The Price Of Your Pool

    As mentioned before, several things influence the price of your pools. The two most important factors to consider are listed below:The Type of Pool There are different kinds of pool options available to you. You can choose vinyl, which is customizable and can adapt to different styles you can try fiberglass, which is easy to install and is quite durable If you have some room in your budget, you can install a concrete pool. The latter are the most durable pool structures and deliver value for money in the long run. You can discuss the specifications with pool builders and determine which the best option for you is. All pool types have their advantage and disadvantages, so you need to consider the options carefully before you make a decision.Poolscaping The base structure of the swimming pool isnt the only expense you have to endure. You need to spend money on poolscaping as well. Your pool will need lights, tiles, edging, water features, etc, to look good and provide a comfortable environment.

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    Are Concrete Pools Good In Arizona

    Concrete pools are very common throughout the state of Arizona and seem to do well in the warm weather. The main issues with concrete pools and weather have to do with freezing temperatures. Repeated freezing and thawing can cause concrete to crack, which can lead to structural problems like leaks.

    Fiberglass Pool Installation Cost

    How Much Does an Inground Pool Cost in Arizona?

    Because a fiberglass pool shell is made off-site, most of the labor in building the pool is in the excavation, dirt hauling, and deck installation. For most pool projects, excavation is done first, then the pool is shipped and lowered into place. It is then backfilled, with dirt tightly encasing the walls on all sides. The deck and coping are installed, and then the equipment, including the pump, filter, heater, and other features. If you choose a high-end pool package, the pool can be finished with tiles and other options before it is filled with water.

    Every pool installation is different. Some require rocky terrain blasting, while others may not. Some need additional backfilling for things like an infinity edge. Depending on where you live, you may need to have water brought in by a truck to fill your pool, or you can fill it with a hose.

    A loose breakdown of costs for installing a pool may include:

    $300 – $400

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    Vinyl Underground Pool Prices

    The average vinyl inground pool costs between $25,000 and $45,000, and between fiberglass, and concrete, vinyl is the most affordable option. Although the initial price is lower, the long-term cost to maintain a vinyl liner pool is $13,250 over ten years.

    • Like fiberglass, vinyl pools are available in a range of predesigned shapes or as a custom solution to suit your vision.
    • Its easy to clean, resistant to algae, and have a smooth finish.
    • The vinyl is a liner shaped from thermoplastic or steel panels which is placed over the pool structure, and it will have either a concrete or sand floor.
    • Vinyl pool liner replacement costs$3,000 to $4,000 and needs to be replaced every 10 years.

    Fiberglass Pool With A Deck

    Nearly all fiberglass pool costs include a concrete deck in their total. Only the most basic installations do not include at least some type of decking. This is partly because the pool must have some concrete coping installed around the edge as part of its installation. However, you can upgrade your deck to another material if you do not want a concrete deck. Most use the same material as patios and have similar pricing.

    $3,500 – $10,000

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    Can You Build A Pool For $20000

    Inground pools under $20,000 However, some small inground pool can be had around $20,000. If you have experience building vinyl liner pools, you might be able to build your own for less than $20,000. Alternatively, you might be able to get a small but trendy above-ground pool, such as a shipping container pool.

    Common Mistakes To Avoid

    How Much Does A Pool Cost? $150 K – $200 K | California Pools & Landscape
    • Choosing the Wrong Size and Depth Decide what you want the pool for before you add on all the possible features available. You wont be happy with a family pool, deep end, and diving board if you only want to do laps.
    • Poor Pool Maintenance Choose your maintenance plan and expenses in advance.
    • Picking the Cheapest Options Uninsured or unbonded pool installers might save you thousands up front but cost you much more than that when the pool starts showing problems from a bad installation job. Check online ratings for contractors on any bids you get, and ask to see their insurance certificate.
    • Buying a Pool with No Warranty on Labor or Parts Youll have no way to get any repair or replacement costs covered if something wasnt installed properly.
    • Inexperienced DIY Work – You can avoid the angst of having an off-kilter pool if you level the ground properly to begin with, and keep it perfectly straight while adding backfill.

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