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How Much Is An Endless Pool E2000

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The Benefits Of Owning An Endless Pool

Endless Pools E2000 Swim Spa Installation

There are many benefits on top of the cost-efficiency, only an endless pool or a swim spa can bring.

For example, endless pools provide unlimited swimming possibilities. You dont need to worry about the lap length because the simulated currents will hold you steady. You will feel like you are swimming in the lake.


  • Endless pools can be useful in aquatic therapy and physical rehab. When you are in the water, your joints receive less stress due to buoyancy. Therefore, a swim spa allows some people, such as seniors, to practice movements and keep their muscles active.
  • Endless pools are perfect for teaching children to swim. The simulation currents can be controlled by a parent easily. Thus endless pools provide a safe, hazardless training environment for your kids to learn swimming.
  • Overall, endless pools harmlessly strengthen your body. In other words, endless pools are workout machines in the shape of a private swimming pool.

How Much Does It Cost To Install An Endless Pool

Endless Pools are long-term investments that can be quite a bit of money to purchase upfront.

There are a few factors that go into the pricing of Endless Pools.

For starters, you need to look. at the product specifications.

There are many different features that you could add to your pool depending on what you are looking for.

At the base, you could end up spending around $17,000.

However, add a ton of features and you could be looking at spending upward of $40,000 or more.

You also need to consider the installation process. Endless pools installed flush in a deck or in the ground will be more expensive than those that sit above-ground. Installing in the ground is the same as installing a swimming pool, meaning you can expect a lot of the same costs.

For an overall price analysis, see our swim spa cost page.

Is A Swim Spa Worth It

Many people ask themselves if its worth it to invest in a swim spa. You might even be looking at installing a swim spa as a way to improve the value of your home. In many cases, an excellent swim spa installation can indeed boost the value and appeal of your property, making it a very solid investment for your home.

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What Are The Extra Costs

According to, the cost to widen or lengthened the pool can start at $750 per foot. To deepen the pool, it can also cost you over a thousand dollars for every foot. In addition, if you prefer the dual profusion system, which is intended for those who want the option of swimming alongside another person, expect to pay more as well.

If you want to add additional features such as a retractable security cover, hydrotherapy jets, underwater lights and/or a treadmill, it can all add to the price. A cover, for example, can cost $1,000 to $2,000, while a cover pump can vary from $100 to $250.

A nice coping border finish, such as aluminum or wood, can cost $200 to $2,500 depending on the type of coping you want.

Most of the quoted prices will be for the system only and will not include installation. Since the pool is rather easy to install, the installation prices usually are not that high when compared to a traditional pool. Installation prices can vary anywhere from $3,000 to $10,000 depending on the setup. This will include assembling the steel panels, vinyl liner and hooking up/installing the plumbing features.

Like a normal pool, maintenance and operating costs must be taken into consideration in the future. According to experts, the operating costs of an endless pool can be compared to a hot tub or jacuzzi. Usually, it will include adding some bleach and water when low.

The Wellness You Deserve Is Closer Than You Think

Swim Spa

What if you could achieve your wellness goals within your private space? Our homes are more than just a refuge theyre a sanctuary from the stresses of our busy lives. Introducing the all-new Endless Pools® Fitness Systems, where you can swim, run, exercise and relax all in one place, all within the privacy of your own home.

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Stay On Budget With These Proven Tips For The Most Affordable Pool Assembly

For Endless Pools® customers, what matters is quality. You can enjoy our smart design, crystal-clear water, and signature adjustable current as a fully in-ground penthouse pool with marble coping. Or you can benefit from the same pool aboveground in your garage, finished in simple, durable, water-proof skirting.

The cost of your Endless Pools installation will vary considerably depending on the type of installation and the construction around the pool. With decades of experience since our founding in 1988, we have taken much of the guesswork out of your installation budgeting. To minimize your overall project costs, please consider the following…

Select an Existing Site.

All of the pools in the Endless Pools Original Series are designed for easy installation in an existing room. All pool components fit easily through standard size doors and down stairs.

There’s no need for a separate equipment room: our state-of-the-art component system is located at the front of the pool, behind the skirting.

In most cases, you only need access to that one side of the pool, making corner installations feasible. That flexibility can greatly expand your pool site options.

Opt for an Above-ground Installation.

Our Original Series pools are freestanding, as are our Endless Pools Fitness Systems line of swim spas. That makes them perfect for an above-ground installation.

Choose Standard Finishes.

Then the only decision you need to make is what bathing suit to wear!

Endless Pools Vs Regular Pools

Endless pools bring endless possibilities. Unlike traditional pools, endless pools or swim spas allow more activities in a much smaller space. Its infinite current makes swimming and water fun possible for homes without enough space to build a full-sized pool.

In general, endless pools are much safer for children and seniors compared to traditional pools. They are also more affordable than conventional inground pools and saltwater pools.

We created a more detailed comparison table below for your reference:

Endless Pools vs. Regular Inground Pools

Endless Pools
High water waste.

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Endless Pools Shell Design

The shell design is revolutionary in the way its advanced look and feel will provide you with a fitness system that you can be proud to own and have as the centerpiece of your backyard. The bar top completes the beautiful and modern style, which flows gracefully from the spa seats to the swim current generator. Upon first glance, its immediately clear that the collaboration between our designers and engineers has resulted in a shell that stands above in both form and function. The shell is available in Alpine White or Ice Gray.

A Guide To Endless Pools: Faqs Tips And More

Introducing the Endless Pools Fitness Systems E2000

Have you ever fancied having an Olympic sized swimming pool in your garden but are restricted by money and space? Well, now theres a solution. An Endless Pool is a swimming pool thats compact in size but that allows you to swim mile after mile without ever reaching the end. It might sound like magic, but the Endless Pool is an affordable and practical piece of equipment you could soon own yourself.

Heres our guide to everything you could ever wish to know, from Endless Pool running costs to installation options.

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How Can I Save Money

If you want to keep costs low as much as possible, consider a standard size endless pool installation package instead of a custom design.

Look for a used endless pool system. While you will still have to pay for installation and possibly even for transporting the unit, you may be able to save more when purchasing new.

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Endless Pools E2000 Fitness System Dual Temperature Swimspa

Posted: So much more than just a swim spa, the flagship E2000 is an all round aquatic fitness-system. Swim against the signature Endless Pools Fastlane smooth, laminar current, walk, jog or run on the underwater treadmill or build muscle strength with resistance exercises – a complete full

Fitness View More

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The Industry Leading Swim Spa

Weve paired the industry leading Endless Pools Swim Machine with our optional underwater treadmill, low-impact exercise equipment plus relaxing warm water hydrotherapy.

Swim, run, exercise and then relax, all in the privacy of your backyard swim spa, any time you want.

In designing the E2000, we optimised the swim side area given the hydrotherapy seats now have their own section. Moving the entry steps and filter area to the back of the swim area provides even more space for rowing and resistance exercises.

How Much Is An E2000 Swim Spa

Swim Spas by Endless Pools, Luxury Swim Spas

4.6/5swim spapriceswim spaSwim spaspricepool

Similarly, it is asked, how much does it cost for a swim spa?

A swim spa purchase price can range from $8,000 on the lower end to well over $30,000 for a fully customized swim spa. Swim spas definitely are not cheap, but they are about half the price of a nice pool. You can use the swim spa year round. There are a lot more options with installation.

Also Know, how much is an endless pool e2000? Endless Pools offers a family of swimming machines and therapy pools starting as low as $7,400. Endless Pools Fitness Systems start at $19,999.

Thereof, are swim spas worth the money?

Many people ask themselves if it’s worth it to invest in a swim spa. You might even be looking at installing a swim spa as a way to improve the value of your home. In many cases, an excellent swim spa installation can indeed boost the value and appeal of your property, making it a very solid investment for your home.

How much does a Michael Phelps Swim Spa cost?

A very rough cost estimate for a Michael Phelps Signature swim spa is around $26,000.

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E2000 Florida Spa And Pool Warehouse

Posted: The E2000 delivers on that promise. The E2000 boasts the industrys best swim-in-place experience, now with a dedicated spa side, so you can regulate temperatures on both sides, independently. Weve paired the industry leading Endless Pools Swim Machine with our optional underwater treadmill, low-impact exercise equipment plus relaxing warm …

Equipment View More

Customise Your Endless Pools Fitness System

Every day we focus on making the best even better, which is what makes the original Endless Pools Swim Machine unmatched in the industry.

Paired with the revolutionary underwater treadmill and groundbreaking design, Endless Pools® Fitness Systems are stylistically better than the rest, with more aquatic fitness functionality than any other swim spa.

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Best Swim Spas 2021 Top Ten Review

China Swim SPA manufacturers – Select 2021 high quality Swim SPA products in best price from certified Chinese Swimwear, China Swimsuit suppliers, wholesalers and factory on PEI also manufactures and installs custom natatoriums, spa enclosures, solariums, skylights canopies and porte-cocheres. Pool Enclosures, Inc. Mills River, NC 28759 877-734-2006 Contact Us HOME Portfolio Custom Swimming Pool Enclosure Technical Information & Specs Dehumidification NC pool enclosures NC Sunrooms Solar Pool Heaters Retractable Awnings.

Carmel’s 12ft swimspa has everything you need for an enjoyable swimming and hot tub experience without taking up your entire backyard. It is also very budget-friendly which is always a plus. With 30 stainless steel jets and 3 Rushin River jets, you are sure to have the best of both the hot tub and swimspa experience However, the swim spa price range is between $20,000 and $50,000. Pool Design and Size Lap Pool : Often narrower and longer in design, a lap pool needs to be at least 4 feet wide for swimming The Hot Tub and Swim Spa Company are able to create a beautiful addition to your garden in which ever design your desire be it a gas fuelled fire, brick surround or wood burning – your wish is our command. Landscaping. We have over 30 years of landscaping and garden design experience at the Hot Tub and Swim Spa Company

E2000 Mainely Tubs 202

Why You Should Consider Getting an Endless Pool

Interested in getting a price for a swim spa. Great! We’d be happy to give you a free price quote. Whether you call it a swim spa, lap pool, exercise spa or aquatic fitness swimming pool, the results of using it are the same – improved health and well-being Swim Spa Sale Reno 775-852-3838 | Best Prices on Lap Pools, Exercise Spas, Aquatic Fitness in Sparks, Truckee, Incline Village, Carson City, Lake Taho Integrity Spas’ Grand Cayman Dual-Zone Swim Spa captures everything you love about a swimming pool and spa at a fraction of the cost. The Turbo Swim Jets can be adjusted to provide a gentle current, perfect for water jogging and resistance exercises, to a strong current that will challenge serious swimmers

It has more versatility for your swim and workout needs with an extra 3 ft. / 91.4 cm of length and 5 in. / 12.7 cm of depth than the 14 model. The ATV-17 Sport still includes 3 dual-speed pumps to create a flow rate of 480 GPM / 1,817 LPM to deliver swim workouts and strength and rehab conditioning exercises with low-impact on your body Oct 12, 2020 – The E2000 is the ultimate swim spa for fitness and fun. Enjoy a great workout while your family relaxes in the separated hot tub area. Learn more here Price and other details may vary based on size and color. hot tub Cover Cap Prevent Snow rain Swim spa Cover Bag 92 Lx92 Wx12 H. 4.1 out of 5 stars 36. $53.00 $ 53. 00. Get it as soon as Thu, Jun 10. FREE Shipping by Amazon. Only 1 left in stock – order soon

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Dual Temp Swim Spa Swim Spa Hot Tub Hot Tub Swim Sp

The Hot Tub Superstore are exclusive UK partners of Master Spas – the world’s no.1 swim spa manufacturer. All swim spas are designed and constructed in Master Spas’ 33-acre manufacturing campus. Master Spas collaborate extensively with world-class triathletes and swimmers to design, test and further develop their products Vortex Spas, spa pools and swim spas. Dollar for dollar, Vortex Spas give you more. Available throughout Australia and the world from spa worl

How Much Do Endless Pools Cost To Install

Endless PoolpoolEndless Poolspools arepool

A good swimmer could out-sprint this pool. Not quite so in an Endless Pool. But it’s calmer than swimming in the ocean on most days. The reason I’m using open-water metaphors is that swimming in an Endless Pool is more akin to swimming in open water than in a pool.

Also, how much space do you need for an endless pool? As a general rule, the room for an Endless Pool needs to be 2′ wider and 3′ longer than the size of the pool. This would mean that a minimum room size for an 8′ x 15′ Original Endless Pool would be 10′ x 18′.

Also question is, how much is the e2000 endless pool?

Endless Pools offers a family of swimming machines and therapy pools starting as low as $7,400. Endless Pools Fitness Systems start at $19,999.

How much does an endless pool cost UK?

The Original Endless Pool Standard System starts at £18,300 ex VAT.

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Operational Cost For Endless Pools

In general, endless pools can cost as low as $1 per day or $23 per month with regular use when it comes to energy. The water and heating costs will vary according to the model you have.

Many endless pool owners, however, have stated clearly that the heating and energy saving of an endless pool is significant compared to how much a regular pool would cost.

Plus, you can run an endless pool without any issues throughout the winter.

Endless Pools Fitness Systems E2000

Swim Spa Endless Pools

Posted: Built into the E2000 is the original Endless Pools current, unmatched exercise functionality, and a dedicated hydrotherapy area. Add in premium fitness options including the exclusive Endless Pools Underwater Treadmill or the Aquabike and the E2000 puts world-class fitness and training opportunities within constant reach from the convenience of …

Functional View More

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Can Endless Pools Use Salt Water

We use a mineral sanitizer, so you can keep the water crystal clear with less chlorine than is allowable in tap water, so its very gentle on your skin and hair. We dont recommend salt systems for the Endless Pool. The salt will corrode many of the components required to create our signature swim current.

Endless Pool Swim Spa E2000

Posted: E2000 The ultimate endless swim spa for wellness, fitness, and relaxation. Until now, your personal wellness to-do list looked more like a wish list. But what if you could achieve your fitness goals, then relax with warm water hydrotherapy, all in one place, right at home? The E2000 delivers on that promise. The E2000 boasts

Fitness View More

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What Our Customers Are Saying

“Big thanks to Jane and her team. Just completed my first ever DIY pool! Im quite surprised how straightforward it can be if you use the right people.”

“What a wonderful team and fantastic service from start to finish! All Swim have supplied me with a beautiful tub at a fantastic price.”

“Very helpful and provided a quick service without limiting quality. Much appreciated and highly recommend for any pool related purchases.”

“Helpful staff.”

“Get everything from here, good displays and very knowledgeable as been doing it for a long time.”

“All Swim have once again provided first rate customer service throughout a large pool project in Surrey. I would without hesitation recommend them.”

I have been a customer of All swim for over 8 years now, and have been back for for many different reasons. I would definitely recommend using them.”

Bought a fantastic hot tub from these just over three months ago now. The support and help they have offered along the way has been truly awesome.”

Fantastic show room with very helpful staff. We bought a hot tub from them, we had a great deal and very helpful after sales service.

“I just want to say what a fantastic service. Ordered late Tuesday, goods arrived beautifully packaged Thursday. Well done and thank you.”

“The service and advice from everyone at All Swim has been fantastic, highly recommend this company. Thank you for everything.”

“I would have no hesitation in recommending your company to anyone wishing to have a pool constructed.”

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