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How To Dispose Of An Above Ground Pool

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How to Drain the Water from Your Above Ground Pool
  • Swimming Pool Demolition
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From Installation To Removal: Everything You Want To Know About Above Ground Pools

It is possible to install an above ground pool yourself. If you are reasonably handy and have the patience to take your time and do it right, you can avoid the cost of a professional installation. Before you make the decision, watch the YouTube videos on how to install an above ground backyard pool. Watch several of them and then decide if you still think you can tackle this project.

When your pool is delivered, it will include specific instructions for your pool. Read them and if there is something you donât understand, go back to YouTube or call the company you purchased the pool from. They should have technicians available to answer any questions you may have.

There are two other things you should do before you start. First, and have them verify there are no gas lines or electric cables where you want to install your pool. Second, get a copy of the rules governing installing a backyard pool, You may need a building permit, there may be rules about the distance from your neighborâs property and the distance from overhead lines, and there will certainly be rules on fencing.

Youâve done your homework, and you feel confident that this is a project you can handle. You will need a certain number of tools. It also is a good idea to sort all the pieces that come in your pool kit. The job will be a lot easier if you take the time to do this now.

You did it! Your pool is ready to go, and you will enjoy many years of fun from your pool!

Removing An Above Ground Pool

What if you are faced with removing an above ground pool? Can you do that on your own? The answer is yes, but it is labor intensive. Here is a list of tools you will need:

  • Work gloves

  • Phillips and straight edge screw bits

  • Rope

  • Large boxes

  • Sump pump and long hose

1. Empty the pool. The first thing you will need to do is empty the pool. If you have a large property or a way to drain the water away from the pool, your house, and the neighborâs yard, a sump pump will remove the water. Attach the hose to the sump pump to direct the water where you want.

If you donât have a good place to drain this volume of water, you will have to hire a company that will suck the water into their tanker and haul it away. If you are going to use the sump pump method, allow plenty of timeâas in days. Depending on the size of your pool and how much water is still in the pool, allow plenty of time before you plan to dismantle the pool.

2. Remove the pool equipment. Disconnect and remove all the hoses, filter, pump, etc. move them out of the way.

3. Remove the liner. Cut the liner off at the top of the wall with a scissors or knife and fold or roll it into a manageable bundle. Tie with the rope.

5. Remove the connecting strips. The metal strips that connect your pool wall are bolted or screwed with heavier bolts. Remove them and open the wall. Cut the wall with the metal cutter to make the pieces easier to manage and remove. You can roll them and tie with the rope.

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How Do You Dispose Of A Kiddie Pool

To dispose of a hard walled or hardened plastic kiddie pool, check the recycle code on the kiddie pool, and call your local recycling facility to find out which types of plastic they accept for recycling. Recycling code 5 is most common for hardened kiddie pools, and are accepted at most recycling facilities.

Before getting rid of the kiddie pool, consider giving it another use instead. Heres a helpful video that will give you some good ideas on how you can re-purpose your kiddie pool for other uses.

If youve finally decided you cant fix the pool and keep using it, gift it to a friend, or reuse it in some way, then your best bet is to recycle or dispose of it. Most recycle collection companies will allow you to leave the pool right next to or in your recycle bin. But check with them first, they may need you to drive it to their facility depending on the size of the pool.

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How To Drain & Store An Intex Pool

Pool Removal, Pool Disposal, Pool Recycling

Intex makes a few types of portable pools, namely its Easy-Set pool and Frame-Set pools. Neither of these is particularly well suited to weather a winter, and most Intex pool owners dismantle their pool at the end of the season.

If the thought of dismantling your pool seems like an awful task, relax and review our six-step method for draining and storing your Intex pool for the winter.

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How Can I Take Down An Above Ground Swimming Pool

If youre looking to get rid of your above ground pool, it can take a lot of time and a lot of work and is definitely not something you can do without an extra set of hands. Its often a job thats best left to the professionals, like 1800-GOT-JUNK?. Well come to your home to take a look at your pool and give you a price for all-inclusive removal. When you hire us to take care of your above ground pool removal for you, youll save yourself a ton of time and hassle. We know how to quickly and efficiently take your pool apart, load it up into our truck, and ensure everything gets properly recycled and disposed of. Its pool removal made easy.

Whether you decide to hire a professional junk removal company or attempt to take down the pool on your own, the first step is to drain the pool completely. This makes the job easier and safer for everyone involved. If youre getting rid of it on your own, youll have to tear it down and take it apart. This part can take a long time if youre doing by yourself, and involves unscrewing bolts, taking a sledgehammer to the walls, and ripping them apart.

Once the structure is down, youll need to figure out how to haul it away on your own, and where to take all the individual parts to be recycled or disposed of. This could mean you need to rent a truck or a dumpster, and may need to go to separate facilities. It can be a lot of work, which is why its best to let a professional junk removal company like 1800-GOT-JUNK? handle it for you.

How To Drain An Above Ground Pool

First off, let me just say: you should very rarely have to drain your pool at all.

In fact, draining it for the winter is not really advised because it can cause your liner to dry and crack from the wind and cold.

But…there are a few reasons you might have to drain your above ground pool.

And if you do have to, there is usually no need to call a pro.

You can very easily do it yourself if you know how.

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Where Can I Recycle Large Plastic Toys

Many types of plastic toys can be recycled, including large items such as kids electric cars, toy horses, kids outdoor climb boards, and more. If you have any larger toys or a large number of smaller plastic toys, consider hiring a professional rubbish removal company like 1800-GOT-JUNK? to take care of it for you. We always make sure your items are donated or recycled where possible, so you can rest easy knowing that everything has been properly disposed of.

If you want to try recycling your plastic toys on your own, we recommend contacting your local recycling facility to make sure theyre able to accept your items before you drop them off. Keep in mind that many of these items cant simply be left out for kerbside pickup, so youll likely need to drop them off at the facility yourself.

Reasons To Drain An Above Ground Pool


Some of the reasons you might have to drain your pool include:

  • 1To replace the pool liner. This is usually due to a tear or leak. There is no getting around draining the pool in this situation!.
  • 2To start the season fresh with new water. If you close your pool properly, you shouldnt need to do this, but hey, stuff happens and sometimes, despite our best intentions, we dont get it done…or it doesnt get done properly.
  • 3To remove the pool from your yard or replace it. ‘Nuff said.
  • 4To fix your pool chemistry due to chlorine lock. Chlorine lock is one of those water conditions that chemicals just cant fix. In fact, the more chemicals you add, the worse it gets. It’s caused when there is too much pool stabilizer in the pool or when the pH levels are unbalanced. It basically renders the chlorine useless and the only way to fix it is to get rid of some of the over-treated water and replace it with fresh water.

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Massachusetts Junk Removal

How To: Above Ground Pool Removal

HomeTrash Pickup 0

Valet Trash Professionals can meet all your needs for above ground pool removal in Northwest Arkansas. Above ground pools have become all the rage in recent years, but they arent meant to last forever. According to, above ground pools will normally last between 5-15 yrs. It depends on the quality of the pool and the type of dirt the pool is sitting on.

Summer is drawing to a close, swimming season is nearly over, and now you must decide what to do with your pool. If your pool is in great condition and you intend to use it again next year, now is the time to prepare it for the off-season. Off-season storage depends on if your above ground pool is steel sided, aluminum sided, or soft sided. You should always follow the manufacturers directions for winterizing and proper storage.

If your above ground pool has fallen into disrepair or reached the end of its life, you may be asking yourself, How can I get rid of this pool?

Disposing of an above ground pool is a messy job and it wont fit into your trash cart. So, what do you do with an old above ground pool? You have two options for getting rid of your old pool.

Are you ready to get rid of your old pool and start the fall season with a clean backyard? For your free estimate and to schedule an appointment for above ground pool removal in Northwest Arkansas contact VTP at 236-4981

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Pool Removal Cost Depends On Several Factors Like

  • Type of pool
  • Size of the pool
  • Accessibility of the pool area
  • Method of pool removal
  • The contractor you choose

The average cost to remove an inground pool ranges from $3,500 to $15,000 for a medium size pool with relatively easy access.

Costs can rise to well over $10,000 for a large pool with a large deck and difficult pool access.

The cost to remove an above ground pool varies considerablyâjust like inground pool removalâranging from a few hundred dollars to as much as $5,000 or more in some cases.

Learn more about the cost to remove a pool:

Pool Spa And/or Hot Tub Water Drainage

Pool Removal, Pool Disposal, Pool Recycling

Please note that you cannot drain a swimming pool, hot tub, or spa from your property onto the road and eventually into a storm drain. Our storm sewers lead to our local waterways. The additives and chemicals in the water are harmful to the natural environment and our drinking water. Contact us to request our Drainage Guidelines.

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Were Simplifying Above Ground Pool And Junk Removal Nationwide

At LoadUp, we do our part to keep unwanted bulky items like above ground pools, exercise equipment and other outdoor gear out of landfills whenever we can, as often as possible. Were committed to finding greener disposal methods for all your unwanted junk while keeping our prices fair, honest and affordable. Learn more information in the video below how were revolutionizing the junk removal industry.

Things To Consider When Buying An Above Ground Swimming Pool

Note:This article is for advice on buying and selling used metal-walled above ground pools only. Most of this will not apply to the less expensive soft-sided Intex/Colman type

You absolutely need a new liner

I easily have to mention this a hundred times a season. Liners in above ground pools cannot be reused. This doesnt change no matter how new the existing liner is. It can only be a week old and I still say you cant take it down and then put it back up.

In addition to breaking this bad news every year, I always get someone telling me that you can reuse a liner, that they did and it worked out well. And to that, I always say good for you. But that doesnt change the fact that you need a new liner whenever moving a pool.

AN UNRELATED STORY Many years ago when the doughnut spare tire first came out, my dad got a flat and used one.

I remember when these little spares started showing up with new cars. They seemed ridiculous to me since all spare tires prior to this were the same as a normal tire. These new spares were designed for emergency use only. They were rated to run a maximum of 50 miles before needing to be replaced.

Now, my dad wasnt the most successful guy in the world. When he got a flat tire and used his doughnut spare, he didnt go right out and get a new tire. He instead kept that little doughnut tire on his car and ran it for over 400 miles before replacing it. Afterward, he bragged about how many miles he got out of that 50-mile max spare tire.

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Professional Above Ground Pool Removal In Nj

If youre looking for on-time, professional above ground pool removal in NJ, you dont need to look any further. Maximum Junk Removal is the leading clean out services company in NJ. Thats right, we offer on-time services from friendly professional for your above ground swimming pool removal needs in NJ.

Wondering about above ground pool removal cost in NJ? Our prices are the best you will find and they are all-inclusive. That means what you see is what you get. Well come to you for a start to finish job. That includes above ground swimming pool removal for your NJ home, total clean up, and debris removal! Thats right our clean out services mean you dont have any unsightly pipes or pool attachments when were done.

You wont need to call another company for junk removal in NJ well do it all for you!Removing your above ground pool in NJ is no easy task. Imagine the time it would take you to break down your old structure, saw through old PVC pipe thats stuck together and hard plastic siding that needs a sledgehammer to break up. No one has time for that kind of work in their busy schedules.

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