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How To Get On Pool Kings

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Is A Pool Worth The Money

How Much Does A Pool Cost? – Ask The Pool Kings – Episode 1

Resale Value A pool can increase not only your social worth but also the value of your home. However, the increase is probably not as much as you think. According to HouseLogic, theres no real guarantee that youll make your money back. In fact, adding a swimming pool may only increase your homes value by 7%.

Staycation Paradise Escobedo Family Season 11 Episode 1

After being introduced by mutual high school friends, it was love at first sight for this couple! Now these jetsetters need to bring the resort style fun to their back yard because once the pandemic hit, the high-flying Escobedos were grounded at home. The experience reinforced their decision to build a staycation paradise in their back yard and bring the resorts to them. This dream pool features a 16-jet, full body, 3-foot sports plunge in the spa, deck jets, a step-up outdoor living area, and a step-down fire pit area for the family to get their travel fix without having to hop on a plane!

What You Can Expect

With our experienced team on your side, you can have the backyard of your dreams. From waterfalls and interactive lighting to beach entries and an outdoor kitchen, virtually nothing is off-limits. We will partner with you to personally design and build a backyard you may never want to leave.

Speaking of “personally,” California Pools treats you like family. We want your experience to be better than good. We want it to be exceptional. You can be as involved in the process as you want to be. We make sure you know exactly what you can expect, including costs, timeline, materials, and potential problems we need to address. You can depend on us to be transparent, responsive and professional every step of the way.

Nicole K

Awesome customer service. They finished my pool in half the time my neighbor’s pool company took to finish theirs, and my pool is bigger and more complex!

andrea hennings

We interviewed 5 different swimming pool companies when we decided to get our first pool. California Pools was not the most inexpensive but they were there most professional. They really paid attention to what we wanted..

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Where Is Pool Kings Located

The King family seeks help building their new palace in the sunny hills of California. The Pool Kings find themselves between a rock ledge and hard design while bringing this build to life on a sloped property.

How much does a custom inground pool cost?

Inground Pool Prices Installed. Inground pool prices range from $20,000 to $115,000 installed depending on the type of material selected. For an average 14 x 28 underground pool, fiberglass costs $46,000, vinyl runs $36,000, and concrete costs $51,000 to install.

Why Did Sunshine Depart Insane Swimming Pools

pool kings Archives  Premier Pools &  Spas

Most followers have been asking, What occurred to sunshine on Insane swimming pools? and Was Matt Shuler Insane swimming pools fired? Higher generally known as Sunshine, the member is reported to have left the present to pursue actual property. Based on the American Property Group, the Insane swimming pools forged sunshine is a profitable realtor in Florida.

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King Of The Backyard: Q& a With Diynetworks Kyle Peek Of Pool Kings

Editors Note: Kyle & Justin Peek will be speaking at the Nashville Home Decorating + Remodeling Expo, scheduled March 9-11 at the Music City Center.

See Pool KIngs presentation at 2 p.m. Friday, February 9, and at 6 p.m. Saturday, February 10. For more information visit

Where Do The Pool Kings Live

Hiring two pool contractors from Spring Hill, Tennessee, seemed like the obvious next step. The production company making Pool Kings interviewed hundreds of people, but finally settled on the Peeks after making a pilot episode that aired in 2016.

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How Lengthy Does Inground Pool Final

Swimming pools with vinyl liners will final greater than 20 years, so long as you exchange your liner each 6-12 years. Concrete swimming pools have distinctive longevity, however its essential resurface the concrete each 10 years or so. Fiberglass swimming pools have the longest lifespans of any in-ground pool, typically simply surpassing 30 years.

How Much Do Lucas Insane Pools Cost

How Much Does A Pool Cost? – Ask The Pool Kings

Our custom permitted and engineered Lucas Lagoons pools start with a base cost of approximately $150,000 within 20 miles of Sarasota, FL. Lucas Lagoons projects beyond 50 miles but within the state of Florida require a minimum budget of $350,000. Pools outside the state of Florida require a minimum budget of $500,000.

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Keith Zars Pools Returns To Pool Kings On The Diy Network

Keith ZarsPools is returning to the DIY network for season three of Pool Kings! The nationally syndicated reality show takes familieson a journey through all the phases of building a residential swimming pool andenhancing the outdoor experience. The program is both educational and inspiringto families nationwide who are considering building a pool, as well as toanyone considering renovating an existing pool.

Each Pool Kings episode, featuring Keith ZarsPools, will showcase a residential pool construction project from start tofinish the design process, all the construction phases and the final poolproject reveal displaying all the steps and methods that go into creating acustomized pool and backyard oasis for every individual family. In ourepisodes, Keith Zars Pools will demonstrate how to create the ultimate outdoor experiencefor families in San Antonio, Texas and the surrounding area.

This seasonKeith Zars Pools has three Pool Kings co-hosting the show. Paul Zars and TonyAguasvivas return to the spotlight, and we welcome Charles Zars as our newest PoolKing. Charles brings a new dynamic to the show with his construction expertise.

This talentedand dynamic group from Keith Zars Pools is coming together on Pool Kings this season to providefamilies across the United States with important information and in-depthinsights into the pool construction process and help inspire exciting ideas tohelp bring peoples visions and dreams to fruition.

The Guys From Pool Kings 9 Things We Never Knew About Peek Pools

On November 6th, 2019 we kicked off the live podcast tourKyle and Justin Peek of Peek Pools. They are best known for being on the hit DIY TV Show Pool Kings. We learned quite a bit about them that we did not know and there is a lot more to these guys then you may think. Here are the 9 lessons we learned from our overall experience with Peek Pools on the live tour:

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Pool Kings Opportunity Came Out Of Thin Air

When we said that the show did not just come out of thin air right? Justin said well it kind of did and he compared it to receiving an email from your rich Nigerian uncle who wants to give you a million dollars. That got everyone in the crowd laughing as we have all received those spam type emails. Even with Kyle and Justin ignoring their emails and calls, the production company continued to pursue them and one day Kyle happened to be in his office when the phone rang. He told Justin that this might be something and they agreed to move forward.

Kyle and Justin watched the episode and of course were their own biggest critic just as we all are. They both said that they looked like idiots just as they thought. We have to disagree here as we think they do a great job and we love watching their episodes. Kyle and Justin both confirmed that they have filmed their last Pool Kings episode. We will be sad to see them go, but they had a good ride!

Things We Never Knew:

Pool Kings: Million Dollar View Pool
  • 42 Years in the Pool Industry Business for Kyle Peek

  • Father-Son Relationships Can be Complicated When you Work Together

  • Justins House Cannot Function Without Amazon Alexa

  • Peek Pools has a Pool Service Division

  • Pool Kings Opportunity Came out of Thin Air

  • Justin Broke Kyles Arm on Set

  • The Network Wanted a Pool to be Done in 30 Days

  • Only 1 Final Project Reveal Was a True Reveal

  • Homeowners do not Get Paid

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    How Much Does A Pool Cost From Lucas Lagoons

    Our custom permitted and engineered Lucas Lagoons pools start with a base cost of approximately $250,000 within 50 miles of Sarasota, FL. Lucas Lagoons projects beyond 50 miles but within the state of Florida require a minimum budget of $350,000. Pools outside the state of Florida require a minimum budget of $500,000.

    The Partygoers Pool Season 11 Episode 4

    The Chapas are an active San Antonio family who love to entertain with friends and family, and whats better than a pool party? Known for their incredible hospitality, outgoing personalities and, of course, their beloved boxersthe Chapas cant wait to take the fun outdoors! Pool Kings, Paul and Charles, have a very challenging space to transform with a yard that is better fit for sledding than swimming. But these two pool experts have ideas on designing a pool that turns the whole backyard into the ultimate party spot. A grotto, waterslide, and bar tops built right into the pool will make this outdoor space the perfect place to entertain.

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    Diy Show Features Palm Desert Pool Builder

    If you want an elaborate, over-the-top pool that will make peoples heads turn, go to pool builder Jim Bellamy.

    The general manager of California Pools in Palm Desert knows how to get it done and will showcase his swimming pool skills on a new show called Pool Kings.

    At 9 p.m. on May 30 on the DIY Network channel, Bellamy will appear in a pilot alongside Mike Baldasare, one of his longtime friends who is general manager of the California Pools in Irvine.

    If the show proves popular, and the duo worthy hosts, six additional episodes featuring pool construction in the Coachella Valley could be ordered.

    Its kind of cool, said Bellany of the experience. Im actually really proud of the pilot.

    Bellamy said he was approached about doing the outdoor living show for the DIY Network — something he says is different than other outdoor living construction shows.

    “This is more of a start to finish build show and it’s more depicting of what we do as an industry. I think this one will be more of a how it really happens,” he said of his pilot.

    Three other pool builders from across the country – Oklahoma, Arizona and Tennessee – were also approached to create pilots as well.

    The hosting duo grew up in the pool industry together and have a natural rapport and friendship that Bellamy thinks show producers picked up on and appreciated.

    “We’ve known each other for 30 years. They liked the banter and camaraderie,” he said.

    Pools With Water Features: Deck And Patio Called Back To Tennessee


    For a second year in a row, The Deck and Patio Company has been invited to Tennessee to assist Peek Pools and Spas in a spectacular pool project that will be the focus of an upcoming episode of HGTVs popular television show, Pool Kings.

    As water feature specialists, we have been installing the pools waterfall/stream and grotto area situated on a large shelf at the back of the pool.

    In addition to the waterfall/grotto amenities, two unique fire and water features will add drama to the left and right of the main waterfall.

    This past Tuesday, we worked on setting the rest of the boulders on the shelf and Wednesday we worked on the stream area that feeds the main waterfall, says Deck and Patios Bill Renter.

    Last years completed project

    Last years project was in Nashville and we installed the waterfall for a magnificent pool that aired on Pool Kings last season, says Bill.

    This year, we were called back to create a special water feature for a pool being built in Franklin, Tennessee. The following video shows the early stages of Deck and Patio fixing in place three key rocks that will form a grotto area. The rocks positioned on either side of the grotto each weigh 4,000 pounds and the connecting stone, or spill stone, is 6,000 pounds.

    Here we are on day two of this latest project:

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    Justins House Cannot Function Without Amazon Alexa

    Have you adapted to the changes of this world by adding a device such as in your home? Justin certainly has, he said that his home could not function if his wifi went down. This is the same thing for my family, we have an Alexa in every room of our house, our sons even use Alexa as their alarm in the morning when they wake up!

    Kyle credited Justin for being the person that brought the company into the digital age. He built the first website, set up the team in the field with iPhones and iPads, and does a lot of the programming when it comes to the equipment automation on their projects.

    Emerging Landscaping Trends For 2019

    As promised last week, todays blog is Part II of our focus on landscaping trends for 2019. To further inspire our outdoor living aficionados, were showcasing below a few more Deck and Patio projects that, according to trend spotters, are definitely in vogue.

    So lets complete our look at 2019 landscaping trends!

    Curb Appeal

    According to HGTV, a neatly trimmed and elegantly paved entryway never goes out of style. Of course, the design can also be stylish.

    Landscaping Outdoor Entryways

    For this entryway, Deck and Patio designed the shape of flower bed cutouts and chose the hues of the plants as complements to the overall tiered paver hardscapes. Even the outdoor light pillar was done in the same paving material for a beautiful and harmonious curb appeal.

    Party Spots

    Creating inviting outdoor spaces is key to entertaining, says HGTV.

    Outdoor Entertaining

    Constructing outdoor living spaces ideal for entertaining is at the core of Deck and Patios work, says our own Dave Stockwell. For the project shown here, we added a pergola over an outdoor bar equipped with two sheet-falling waterfalls. The pergola provides shade for the bar, ideal during the heat of summer. Plus the sounds of falling water encourages relaxed conversation.

    We also added large shade umbrellas over the clients new portable hot tub and lounge areas for great pool-side shade and ambience. Anywhere you go on this patio, says Dave, its inviting for guests.

    Fountains and Flowers

    Garden Fountains

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    Hill Country Caribbean Wich Family Season 9 Episode 3

    After years of vacationing on the island of Roatan, a couple has decided to build the Caribbean in their backyard. Tony and Paul go all out to bring the tropics to Texas by designing a curvilinear pool with a infinity edge, a sunken bar area, six water features and the beachiest beach entry theyve ever built. There are also jumping areas for the couples son and tropical plants for their pet chicken. With a few giant Sebastian palms topping it off, the guys fully turn the couples little corner of the hill country into their own private Caribbean oasis!

    Years In The Pool Industry Business For Kyle Peek

    Swimming Pool Builder Stars in Hit New Reality TV Show ...

    I dont know about you, but 42 years sounds like a lifetime to us! I mean, we are only 33 years old, so Kyle Peek has been in the industry longer than we have been alive!

    Kyle started mixing cement for $25 a day working for his brother in law when he was just a sophomore in high school. Do you remember what you were doing as a sophomore? Probably not mixing cement right?

    He progressed through the industry by doing clean-ups, tile, coping, decking, and plumbing as well as every other stage in the pool industry. He said he has worked in every stage for at least 2-3 years except for electrical, he didnt like getting shocked. We dont blame him for it though, I know we have had our fair share of shocks from those pesky time clocks! He basically grew up in the industry. Other than changing tires at Firestone for one summer it is the only job he has ever had.

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    Did Sunshine Leave Lucas Lagoons

    Most fans have been asking, What happened to sunshine on Insane pools? and Was Matt Shuler Insane pools fired? Better known as Sunshine, the member is reported to have left the show to pursue real estate. According to the American Property Group, the Insane pools cast sunshine is a successful realtor in Florida.

    How Much Does A Pool Cost

    Inground pool costs differ depending on the pools material as well as its shape and size. The total cost of an inground pool ranges from $28,000 to $55,000, or about $50 to $125 per square foot.Inground Pool Cost Estimator. Type of Cost Amount Average Cost $35,000 Highest Cost $55,000 Lowest Cost $28,000.

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    The Homeowners Do Not Get Paid

    Now I have to tell you that this one did surprise us a little. We always assumed that the homeowners got paid because they were on TV, but according to Kyle and Justin they do not. They said that the show does give them a meal the day of the reveal shoot, but nothing else. Kyle said that they always feel a little bad about that, so they will give them a discount on the pool and on almost every project they have given them something extra such as a sheer descent, waterfall, or ledge lounger just for their time. They do their best to keep that customer for life and they are always trying to keep their relationship with the homeowner in good standing. You got to love their drive to do things the right way. So, if your trying to get on the Pool Kings TV Show remember that your payment is being on TV in front of millions.

    We had an amazing time in New Orleans with everyone who came to the show and want to thank you all for attending. If you would like to hear the full episode with Kyle and Justin visit

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