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How To Heat Intex Pool

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Tips For Warming Up Your Pool

How to heat an intex pool in the UK

Weather is unpredictable, one day it can be warm and sunny, the next cloudy, chilly and breezy. This can be difficult for you as a swimming pool enthusiast, since you probably prefer to be able to enjoy your swimming pool with warm water every day all summer long. Agreed?

So how can you ensure that you can continue to enjoy your swimming pool despite the changeable weather? After all, nobody wants to swim in cold water! We at SunnyTent have listed a number of tips here for you. From practical tips to a number of questions that you, as a swimming pool owner should actually be able to answer when it comes to heating up your swimming pool.

Is It Hard To Put Intex Pool Away For The Winter Season

Preventing Ice damage is the priority of every Intex pool owner. I understand that it takes some time to drain all the water from your Intex above ground pool to store it. Additionally, you may want to go through the struggles of setting up the pool over again. But you would love to know that It is not difficult to protect your pool in the winter season. Winterizing Intex above ground pool is much easier when you have the right guide to follow.

Pool Location In The Yard:

Siting the pool needs careful thought for free heating!For passive solar heat gain it needs ideally to be located to get maximum sun – this is optimized “Insolation”, not to be confused with “Insulation!” At the same time its also ideal to have a pool in an area shielded from the wind, as wind on the surface of a pool creates ripples or small waves. Heat loss through evaporation is an interaction of water temperature, air temperature, humidity, and surface area of the pool. A flat, tranquil swimming pool will have a water surface area equal to the physical dimensions of the pool. Ripples and waves on the pool increase the surface area of the water exposing more of the surface to the colder air on all but the hottest days, but also accelerate the losses from evaporation. Locating a swimming pool in an area that gets both sun and which is shielded from the wind is a huge win/win and will be a great help in increasing solar gain while reducing heating requirements and the losses associated leading to higher energy use and costs.

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Solar Ring Heaters For Pools

If you want to solar heat your pool but are not yet ready to buy a solar pool blanket, you could always use solar rings.

Solar rings are like a solar pool cover broken into smaller rings or circles. They make cost effective heating for pools. They are also very easy to use.

All you need to do is throw a couple of solar rings into your pool. The amount you will need will depend on the surface area of your water.

Your rings will absorb heat while they float. They will also connect to each other, locking together to heat your pool. This is because each of the solar rings have a magnet which attracts them to one another.

Solar rings create 21,000 BTUs of heat per day

Cost: $50 $250

How To Heat An Inflatable Or Above

Benefits of a Solar Pool Heater â Free Energy and Much ...

BackHow to Heat an Inflatable or Above-Ground Swimming Pool

  • How to Heat an Inflatable or Above-Ground Swimming Pool

How to Heat an Inflatable or Above-Ground Swimming Pool

If youre looking to make the most of summer, an above-ground pool is the perfect way to indulge in the sunshine!

Sadly, the summers sunny weather alone wont be enough to warm up the pool, especially in the UK! However, there are ways you can create a much more relaxing experience and warm-up that water!

Here at 1st Direct Pools, weve been working with pool owners for many years, helping them to find the perfect solutions for their pool. We stock a wide range of options, from the popular swimming pool heat pump to solar heat systems and electric/gas heaters.

Above-ground pool heaters are a fantastic way to get more use out of your pool! Heating your pool will not only make it more appealing during the summer, but it will also help you get more from your pool outside the summer season.

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Are Pool Heaters Worth It

If you want to extend the pool season and have elderly folks using the pool, then theyre worth it. Personally, I think pool heaters are too expensive. I would just invest in a solar cover and enjoy swimming in cooler water.

If you want to see our favorite gas heater and heat pump brands, check our Pool Heater Comparison Guide.

And regardless of how you heat your pool, we recommend getting some type of surface protection like a solar cover so you dont lose water and heat at night.

Get An Electric Pool Water Heater

We have the perfect option for you when it comes to pool water heating: electric pool heaters. Electric pool heaters are easy to use, reliable, and fast.

Since electric heat pumps use the ambient temperature to heat the water, they are more environmentally friendly than gas pool heaters.

In addition to being simpler to install than gas pool heaters, electric heaters do not require a gas line.

When you want to use your pool every day, electric heat pumps are more cost-effective than gas pool heaters, since they run for longer and cost less money.

The electric pool heater consumes less energy in the long run than the gas heater.

Electric heaters emit no CO2, making them eco-friendly, just like heat pumps and solar panels.

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Solar Mats Or Edpm Mats For Heating The Pool

These solar mats are commonly used to heat small swimming pools that are taken down in the winter. In a pool heating system based on EDPM or solar mats, the water is pumped through the mats. There it is heated by the sun. The sun causes the solar mats to become warm. The mats then transfer the heat to the pool water.

As indicated earlier, this solution is intended mainly for smaller pools. First of all, because a large-volume pool requires more time to pump the entire volume of water through the solar mats. As a result, it takes a very long time to completely heat up a large pool with these mats.

In addition, you need a large area to install the mats. The area of solar mats should preferably be as large as the area of the swimming pool. These heating mats are usually installed on a flat roof. This means, however, that the pump must have sufficient capacity to pump the water all the way up to the roof. If the pump is not powerful enough, the water will heat more slowly.

A serious disadvantage of these EPDM or solar mats is their weather dependence. Without sunlight, the mats will not transfer enough heat to the pool water.

The price of such mats amounts to around 50 per square metre . For an 8 m by 4 m pool, this yields a purchase cost of approximately 1,600.

Best Electric Pool Heater: Ecosmart Smart Pool Electric Tankless Pool Heater

Heat Your Above Ground or Intex Pool

This electric pool heater from EcoSmart is designed for above ground pools with 10,000 to 20,000 gallons of water. The EcoSmart Smart Pool Heater operates by utilizing the latest flow sensor technology instead of the traditional pressure switch activation. This helps reduce the risk of burned elements, which increases the overall functionality and reliability of this machine.

The Smart Pool heater comes with digital thermostat control so you can set the temperature exactly where you want it using the EcoSmart remote control.

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Speaking Of Cop Choose A High Efficiency Hpph & Size It Correctly:

The COP is the efficiency rating of the HPPH. Heat pump pool heaters are really energy efficient and the energy efficiency of a heat pump pool heater is measured by the coefficient of performance . The higher the COP for the pool heater, the more energy efficient it is. Typically, COP is measured by testing a heat pump pool heater with an outdoor temperature of 80 degrees. COPs usually range from 3.0 to 7.0, which equates to a multiplying factor of around 500%. This means that for every unit of electricity it takes to run a compressor, you get 3-7 units of heat from it. This is why fitting the right size of heat pump for your pool is of primary importance for optimum efficiency and to minimize energy costs. Sizing a heat pump pool heater involves many different factors so whenever youre sizing a heat pump, the surface area of the pool is taken into consideration. Basically, a heater is sized based on the surface area of the pool and the difference between the pool and the average air temperatures.The variables for pool heating:

  • Wind exposure factors
  • Humidity levels for the area
  • The Cooling factor in areas of lower night-time temperatures

Heat pump pool heaters are rated by Btu output and horsepower . Standard sizes include 3.5 hp/75,000 Btu, 5 hp/100,000 Btu, and 6 hp/125,000 Btu. To calculate heater size for an outdoor swimming pool, follow these steps to give an approximate required rating:

Use The Cheapest Source Of Heat:

Solar should always be the primary heat source for a pool which will be a combination of good location in the yard to maximize sun exposure on the pool itself, combined with the pool color and by installing some hydronic solar panels. Solar heating is essentially free The downside of solar, especially in more northern areas, is that it rarely meets the needs for a full season of heating demand or it fails, due to poor design, to provide heat fast enough or when the sun isnt shining due to time of day or cloud cover for successive days. But when solar is a possibility and you have the initial budget to purchase a decent solar system with a Heat Pump Pool Heater backup, the combination of the two systems will be the best, most economical system available.

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Now Which Color Solar Cover Is Best

Clear solar covers allow more of the suns heat to penetrate the water and increase water temperature by about 15 degrees and prevent up to 95% of pool water and chemical evaporation. Dark blue solar covers are great for heat retention. So if you have a gas heater or pool heat pump, your heater wont need to run as long with a dark blue cover.

If you have a large pool, or if you often swim, removing the solar blanket can be a little bit annoying. You can cut the solar blanket into smaller panels and remove the pieces one at a time.

Or it might be worth investing in a solar cover reel.

Can You Use A Hot Water Heater To Heat A Pool

Intex pool heater

This is the million-dollar question.

The short answer is yes, you probably could. Like most hot tub heaters, the average pool heater uses 2 plumbing connectors.

As Ive already discussed, though, youd likely wear out the heater element much faster, and it would take a lot longer to heat your pool. If youre drawn to using a hot tub heater for your pool due to the much lower cost, I get it!

A few hundred is a whole lot better than a few thousand!

But you may find, over time, that the wear and tear on your hot tub heater and the replacing of the heating element with some frequency arent worth it.

If you live somewhere as I do, where its warm a lot of the year , you might get away with it since youre actual need to heat the pool would be only a few months out of the year.

Without any heating, your pool water is not likely to get much above 75 on blazing hot days. And in spring and fall, it could easily not go above 68. For a lot of folks, thats pretty chilly.

Also know that by adding a pool cover, you can reduce heat loss by about 50%.

So its worth looking into! Solar slat covers even help heat your pool while covered. While theyre pricy, they generally pay for themselves within 2-3 in the energy youll save.

So, can you use a hot tub heater on a pool? Yes. Would I recommend it? Probably not.

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Uceder Pool Spa Part Hot Tub Lx H20

as of November 10, 2021 7:27 pm


  • Incoloy800 steel Thermostat element very safty and long life.very easty to install and replace, no need do inter adjustment.
  • Suitable bathtub & spa tub /hot tub 2KW /110V-120V,
  • Easy to set your desired termperature within 45 ° C, when temperature up to your setting temperature it will stop automatically. when temperature is dropped down, it will heat up water until your set temperature.
  • suitable for bathtub or hot tub with thermo cover, we suggest water capacity not more than 400 US gallon
  • with 1.5″ outlet , min 0.35MPA pressure,suggest work with at least 0.25HP

Heating Your Swimming Pool With A Heat Pump

Solar energy pool heating makes you reliant on the amount of sunlight. A heat pump is therefore a perfect alternative that does not rely on the sun for energy. That is also why it has for years been the most popular pool heating system in Belgium.

Using a heat pump for heating your pool water in fact provides numerous benefits. A heat pump is highly efficient, economical, easy to use, and durable. This type of heating is much more environmentally friendly than a gas or fuel pool heating system. In addition, heat pumps have a long service life. If you want efficient pool heating, you should choose a high-quality heat pump.

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Can You Put A Heater On An Above Ground Pool

Lots of new pool owners assume that having an above ground pool means theyll have to forego luxuries like heating. But thats just not true.

All the options we gave you here will work for above ground pools. In fact you have pretty much the same types of options for both above ground and inground pools.

How To Heat An Intex Pool: 7 Ways To Do It


It is currently winter the time of the year when you are likely to use your pool less often. But many may still want to enjoy their Intex pools as much as they can. If you are among them, it is excellent to know that even now you can heat your pool to enjoy a relaxing swim and keep your family and friends entertained even during the fall and winter months.

There are many questions we have to answer before we figure out how to heat an Intex pool. How much does it cost?, How long will it last? and probably the most important question What do I need to buy for it?

The good news is that heating an Intex pool is a relatively simple process, and there are several ways that you can accomplish it. Through this article, well guide you to the process of choosing the best option for your Intex Pool!


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Hayward W3h400fdn Universal H

This unit is a beast! A large above ground pool requires a significantly larger unit to heat it. Enter the Hayward W3H400FDN Universal H-Series 400,000 BTU Pool and Spa Heater.

This pool heater is perfect for large Intex pools and uses natural gas to heat your pool quickly. There is also a model that runs with propane, so be sure to choose the correct model.

Unlike solar or smaller electrically powered units,Hayward W3H400FDN Universal H-Series 400,000 BTU Pool and Spa Heater can keep your pool effectively heated year round.

Gas heaters are well known to heat large pools quickly.

Customer Feedback:

  • The unit heats my 13,000 gal above ground pool quickly and it is very quiet
  • Awesome unit at a great price!

Common Concerns:

  • A small number of units have arrived without the 1 ½ caps but the supplier delivered spares promptly
  • Unit does not come with the mounting kits which are supplied separately

How To Choose The Best Intex Pool Heater

All of the options above are excellent choices for heating your above ground pool, but the best choice will depend a lot on your priorities, pool size, budget, weather and temperature expectations.

If you want fast heating for your larger sized pool and want all year round warm water and can afford higher heating costs, gas is the way to go.

But if you only want to extend the swimming season by 1-3 months at the, a solar heating system or a heat pump will work well.

For a quick and portable system, try a solar pool heating mat or ground mounted solar heating.

For small pools like kiddie pools, try an electric immersion pool heater.

The best universal advice is to use a solar pool cover with any of your heating efforts to maximise the efficiency and heat retention.

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Types Of Intex Pool Heaters

Intex pool heaters are often measured in BTU or British Thermal Unit. If a higher BTU is indicated that means the quicker that machine can heat your swimming pool.

Gas Pool Heaters

Using gas heaters is one of the most common ways you can heat an Intex pool as its fairly easy to use. And can heat your index pool quickly.

Most gas heaters use either propane gas or natural gas to heat your swimming pool.

The BTU that you need will highly depend on your pool size. The larger it is the higher BTU your pool requires for your gas heater.

Like any typical machine that uses gas, these heaters emit air pollution and can be expensive to operate as they can cost you anywhere from $300 to $600 per month. Of course, you also have to pay for the upfront cost of acquiring a gas heater thats anywhere between $1,000 to $1,500.

Heat Pumps

Heat pumps work by either using both electricity and your surrounding air or by electricity and a water source.

Heat pumps are a more efficient way to heat an Intex pool and will only cost $50 to $150 to operate monthly.

The main drawback of using heat pumps is that theyre more expensive to acquire than a gas heater. Their price usually ranges from $2,000 up to $4,000.

Solar Heating System

It works by utilizing your installed solar panels to transfer heat from the sun to your pool by letting your pool water pass through them.

But what if its raining or during the night when theres no sun to heat my solar panels?

Solar Covers or Blankets

Quick Recap

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