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How To Program Pentair Pool Pump

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Need Advice To Program New Pentair Variable Speed Pool Pump

Programming a Pentair Variable Speed Pool Pump – 011028

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How To Reset Pentair Intelliflo Variable Speed Pump

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Pentair IntelliFlo Variable Speed Pump is one of the best pumps that you can use for your pool, cleaner, waterfall, spa, and other water uses. Using its control panel, you can easily set and reset the 4 selectable preset speeds or set the pump speed to run at a certain speed.

That you can use for your pool, cleaner, waterfall, spa, and other water uses. Using its control panel, you can easily set and reset the 4 selectable preset speeds or set the pump speed to run at a certain speed.

The unit comes with variable speed that you can use to enjoy up to 8 speeds which you can adjust to run at specific time intervals. Hence, the IntelliFlo Variable Speed Pump is a great pump that cannot be matched by rivals in its class.

This article looks at how you can set and reset the Pentair IntelliFlo Variable Speed Pump.

Your Complete Guide To Variable Speed Pool Pumps

Geoff McKenzie

Single speed and dual speed pool pumps are officially a thing of the past. More and more pool owners are ditching the noisy, inefficient pumps that were once the norm and upgrading to far superior variable speed pool pumps.

Since your pool pump can be the largest electricity consumer in your home, trading your old single speed pump for a more efficient variable speed pool pump can make a huge difference in your energy bill. But without the proper knowledge of how to set your pool pump correctly, some pool owners may be missing out on some of the biggest benefits that come from upgrading.

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To Set Speeds 1 2 3 And Quick Clean:

  • To start with speed 1, press speed 1. It will have a starting time. Select your desired starting time with the up and down arrows. Speed 1 will be the only speed with a start time as the others run immediately after the duration is up, if you choose to do so. Press speed 1 again to save it.
  • Now the RPM speed will be flashing. Select your desired RPM range with the up and down arrows. Again, if you have a large gap to cover hold down the arrow to get the desired result quicker. Press speed 1 again to save the RPM choice.
  • Lastly the duration will be flashing. Choose your desired duration for speed one.
  • Once you are done, go ahead and press speed 2 and repeat the process all the way through the quick setting!
  • How To Program The Pentair Superflo


    Hello everyone, welcome to another Fact Friday from ePoolSupply! Occasionally we like to educate our customers about certain products in the industry. Today we will be discussing the Pentair SuperFlo VS Pump and the steps required to program the pump efficiently. Let’s dive in!

    We can all remember a time when setting the timer on a pool pump or pool system was just like setting a dial timer on the stove. It is easy to see those days are a thing of the past now. Introducing the Pentair SuperFlo VS Pump the SuperFlo Variable Speed Pump supports programming that allows the user to set speed, time and usage parameters. This adds additional savings on energy consumption when done correctly and lets the user control everything from start to finish. Speed, Start Time, and Duration are all addressable when programming the SuperFlo.

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    They Can Help You Avoid Fines

    Several states have energy efficiency laws regarding pool pumps. These laws are typically created as part of larger energy-efficiency laws, but theyre also part of the building codes that can be enforced and result in fines if violated.

    Some states let you choose between a variable-speed or dual-speed pump, but if you currently having a single-speed pump, you may be able to keep using it if its less than one horsepower.

    If that single-speed pump fails, you may be able to get away with having it repaired rather than replacing it, but its really to your benefit to go ahead and upgrade to a variable-speed or at least a dual-speed pump at that time.

    Check your states energy efficiency laws to make sure your pool pump is in compliance, and to find out whether you need to upgrade. If wading through pages of state legislation isnt your idea of fun, you can also consult a pool professional.

    A Pump That Knows A Pools Flow

    A pool that is crystal clear and inviting is key to the perfect backyard oasis. The IntelliFlo3 VSF Pool Pump leverages built-in sensorless flow control for optimum water flow and adjusts to pool conditions, keeping pools performing at their best. Set up, monitor and operate the pump from anywhere with wireless technology control through the Pentair Pro app.

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    How To Set The Clock On A Pentair Superflo Vs

    When you first install your Pentair SuperFlo pump, or when you experience an extended power outage, you will need to program the clock. The instructions for this are printed right on the underside of the lid of the pump control, but if you are missing this for whatever reason then the instructions to program the clock are very simple. First you hold down the the display button for about three to five seconds and then the display will start to flash either “12 hr” or “24 hour”. You can choose to have your clock display read in either 12 hour format or 24 hour format by pressing the up or down buttons. Hit the display button again to save this setting and the display will proceed to start flashing the current time of day programming. Simply hold the up or down buttons to achieve the desired time of day and then press the display button again to lock in that time.Next the display will be flashing “scrn” and then a number from 1 to 100. This is the setting for your screen brightness and unless you have a unique situation you will probably want to just leave this set at the full 100 value. Press display again to lock in your screen brightness setting. Now you have successfully programmed the clock on your Pentair SuperFlo VS pump.

    Programming Options For Variable Speed Pool Pumps

    How to Program a Pentair Superflo-VS (342001) Pump

    Some variable-speed pumps have built-in programming features that make them super energy efficient. These pumps allow you to program them so they use just enough power to perform a particular task, such as operating a waterfall.

    With these automation options, you dont have to remember to switch speeds yourself. The pump does it for you automatically. Its pretty simple to program, too. If you can set your pool timer, you can automate your pool pump.

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    Programming The Quickclean On A Pentair Superflo Vs

    Welcome to another ePoolSchool from ePoolSupply! The purpose of this blog section is to help inform our customers on how to use their pool equipment smarter and safer. Today we will be discussing the Pentair SuperFlo VS Pump and the steps required to program the QuickClean feature and run the pump efficiently. Well walk you through step by step on how to put your Pentair SuperFlo Variable Speed Pool Pump into QuickClean mode. The SuperFlo is a very efficient unit and as such doesn’t need to run as much, as hard, or as often as other pumps on the market. At the end of the day, your savings will come from the pump running at a lower speed for longer periods of time. Having a proper schedule to clean, maintain and enjoy the pool is key and increases the energy savings. Let’s dive in!

    How To Save Money Using A Variable Speed Pump

    If you are a pool owner and looking to save money on your energy bill, a variable speed pump is the way to go. A variable speed pump allows you to lower the motors RPMs to the minimum speed needed to turn the water over or to maintain your pool equipment. Using a variable speed pump can cut associated energy costs up to 90%. When you run the pump at lower speeds, that means youre using less kW, or energy, from your power company. This translates to a lower energy bill.

    Once you have a variable speed pump on your pool, the goal is to find the lowest RPMs at which you can run the pump yet sustain a clean pool.

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    How To Wire/program A Pentair Vsf To A Pl4/psl4

    I brought 240V from service to PL4/PSL4I brought load wires from VSF to PL4/PSL4The PL4/ PSL4 has a transformer and pump relay inside it.I believe you wire togetherService 240VYellow and black of transformerAm I missing a com. Wire from VSF to pump relay in PL4/PSL4?

    I brought 240V from service to PL4/PSL4I brought load wires from VSF to PL4/PSL4The PL4/ PSL4 has a transformer and pump relay inside it.I believe you wire togetherService 240VYellow and black of transformerAm I missing a com. Wire from VSF to pump relay in PL4/PSL4?

    They May Help You Get Money Back

    Pentair SuperFlo 1.5 HP Pool Spa Pump

    Buying a variable-speed pump may also qualify you for incentives such as utility rebates. Power companies sometimes offer rebates to entice you to reduce your power consumption by using energy-efficient appliances and making smart choices. This enables the utilities to meet their legal obligations to reduce energy use.

    Tip: Check your local power companys website for rebate information before you buy a pool pump. You can also find incentive information for your state on the U.S. Department of Energy website.

    Wanna save even MORE money on your pool? Invest in the pool care video course. Well show you all the inside secrets to saving big money while taking care of your swimming pool all season long.

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    How To Set The Variable Pump Preset Speed

    This model operates using any of the preset speeds that are set in the factory. You can easily use its control panel button to preset or even reset your preferred speed.

    Follow these steps:

  • Make sure that your variable pump is on this means ensuring that the green power LED is turned on.
  • Press your desired speed button for about 3 seconds to choose the preset pump speed to reset the speed.
  • You will be choosing amongst these four speeds:

    • Speed 1 LED/button will select the first speed which is 750 RPM.
    • Speed 2 LED/button will select the second speed which is 1500 RPM.
    • Speed 3 LED/button will select the third speed which is 2350 RPM.
    • Speed 4 LED/button will select the fourth speed which is 3110 RPM.
  • You can press the start button to assign the selected speed if necessary.
  • Setting Up The Quick Clean

    The Pentair Superflo Variable Speed Pump has a quick clean feature that allows you to temporarily run higher or lower speeds, typically between 300 to 3450 RPM. After the quick clean, the program of your speed pump will go back to its programmed schedule.

    Here are the steps on how to set up your quick clean feature quickly:

  • Make sure that your pump is stopped before doing anything else.
  • Press the quick clean button, and you should see the indicator light above the button starts to blink.
  • Use the plus and minus buttons to choose the RPM of the quick clean according to what you need.
  • Press the Quick Clean button again, and the duration indicator light will start to blink.
  • Use the plus and minus buttons to adjust the duration of the quick clean in hours and minutes.
  • Note:

    • You should not set the duration of the quick clean to 0 hours as this will prevent any edits to the duration of the program while the motor is running.
    • The 24-hour schedule programmed on your Pentair Superflo will not be affected by the quick clean duration. So, if the quick clean overlaps the middle part of speed one to the first part of speed two, your speed three will still run as scheduled.

    Programming Pentair Superflo Variable Speed Pump is pretty straightforward, which makes it an excellent option for you. However, if you are planning to install this product into your pool, you should look for the best pool service company in Arizona to do the installation for you.

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    How To Calculate The Proper Flow Rate For Your Pool

    In order to optimize your variable speed pool pump for your pool, you must determine the flow rate your pool needs for adequate circulation. It is important to remember that variable speed pool pumps are not really about varying the speeds, but rather about finding the optimum speed for the pool.

    First, find out the number of gallons of water your pool can hold. Then, divide this number by the desired turnover rate, ideally 6 to 8 hours. Then, divide that answer by 60 to find the minimum flow rate in GPM, or gallons per minute. For example, if your pool has a capacity of 24,000 gallons, and you want a turnover rate of 8 hours or three turnovers per day, then you will need a minimum flow rate of about 50 GPM.

    The maximum flow rate for your pool depends on the size of your plumbing. For 2 inch pipes, the maximum flow into the pool pump will be 73 GPM. For 1.5 inch pipes, the maximum flow into the pump will be 42 GPM. Make sure to consult with a pool professional when determining the proper flow rate for your pool.

    Why You Need A Variable Speed Pool Pump

    How To Program A Pentair Superflo Pump

    More Efficient Motor

    Variable speed pool pumps are essential to operating a healthy pool for a variety of reasons. They are powered by a different motor than single and dual speed pumps, known as a permanent magnetic motor. The same type of motor used in electric cars, it is much more efficient than the induction motors used in traditional single and dual speed pool pumps.

    These motors use permanent magnets to create a magnetic field between the rotor and the windings. The improved efficiency is due to the magnets working to spin the rotor, as opposed to standard induction motors that require additional electricity to induce the magnetic field into the rotor.

    Permanent magnetic motors have efficiency ratings of 90 percent while the average single speed pool pump will only achieve efficiency ratings between 30 percent and 70 percent. This means that running a variable speed pool pump will consume a significantly less amount of energy with the same flow rate as a single speed pump.

    Less Power Consumption

    Although variable speed pool pumps have a higher upfront cost, they will end up recovering all of that cost and saving you even more money over time. This is because variable speed pool pumps allow you to run your pool at a lower speed for a longer period of time, as opposed to single speed pumps that run at higher speeds for a shorter period of time.

    Better Pool Circulation

    Less Pool Pump Noise

    Better Pool Filtration


    Avoid Fines

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    The Best Variable Speed Pump For Inground Pools

    Hayward is one of the biggest and most-trusted pool brands on the market. And while ost variable-speed pumps are oversized, The Max-Flo VS is the perfect size for any pool, particularly with 1.5 or 2 plumbing. After reviewing several pumps, we choose this one as our top pick because we liked the built-in programmable timer and freeze protection.

    Variable Speed Pool Pump Presets

    Wouldnt it be great to replace that older swimming pool pumpthat was installed back in the nineties when your pool went it? That pump that,when it runs, just increases the energy bill all summer. Pool pumps have come along way and todays variable speed varieties help save you money while alsofunctioning at the top of their performance game.

    Many rebates including brand specific as well as state sponsoredexist to help get everyone on board with the EnergyStar compliant pumps. Thiswill be a new product requirement in the very near future so taking advantageof the rebate programs will be very beneficial.

    Gone are the days of just plugging the pump in, letting it go,and forgetting about it. The technology and the operation of a variablespeed pool pump can seem very complex with lots to understand. This will geteasier along the way in both your understanding and on your wallet. The most efficientway to program it for most applications as well as your needs will definitelystart to emerge.

    Preset Example:

    Preset 1: Cleaning Cycle 4HRS 3000RPM

    Preset 2: Daytime 10HRS 2300 RPM

    Preset 3: Nighttime 10HRS 1800 RPM

    Quick Clean – 3000 – 3500 RPM

    Be sure to read our additional blogs on Variable Speed Pool Pumps at:

    Local State Rebate Pages. Check out your state for additional programs as well!

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