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New Hot Tubs For Sale

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Are Hot Tubs Safe

$5995 Hot Tub Sale – Hot Tubs Albuquerque

Purchasing a hot tub will be sure to inject fun into your home, and given that they are maintained properly, they shouldnt be a cause for concern when it comes to health. Keeping a routine of cleaning will prevent hot tubs from becoming a prime place for bacteria to grow.

That includes checking the disinfectant level and adding chlorine at regular intervals, as well as keeping checks on the pH of the water. Your hot tub manufacturer should provide you with all the necessary information when it comes to cleaning, but if youre ever in doubt when it comes to the cleanliness of your water, take precautions and dont use it until the problem is remedied.

Aside from cleaning, there are practical things, such as showering before each use, that you can do to limit the bacteria entering the tubs water. You should also never enter your tub if you have symptoms of infection or illness, and wait until youve been symptom-free for at least 48 hours until you do so.

Master Spas: Best Hot Tubs For Value

Made in the U.S., Master Spas hot tubs offer a good mix of unique standard features and desirable upgrades, especially in the entry-level and mid-level price ranges. The brand has 21 hot tub models, 13 of which fall into the entry-level and mid-level price ranges, and all of which are made in the US.

These hot tubs span all sizes and represent four product lines: Clarity, Healthy living, Twilight, and the Michael Phelps Legend series. Master Spas offers several premium features standard in all models, including waterfalls and a unique bio-magnetic therapy system to relieve aches and pains.

Master Spas also has the best hot tub upgrade options, including both UV-C and ozone sanitation options, a Wi-Fi module and Bluetooth audio.

Where Can I Get Exact Pricing On A Hot Tub

The best place to get information about models, features, upgrades and costs for a hot tub of your own is your local hot tub dealer. If you live in the U.S., you can enter your zip code on our website to find the authorized Hot Spring® dealer nearest you.

We encourage you to visit your dealer in person or shop virtually here. Bring a swimsuit and enjoy a test soak! Your dealer can answer all of your questions even the ones you havent thought of yet about models, features, options and, of course, pricing.

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Spa Pool And Swim Spa Insulation

Energy efficiency is controlled by insulation. Aside from the consideration of a spa’s heat pump, the insulation within a spa pool determines how much output energy is required to maintain it.Perimeter/cabinet insulation is the most efficient choice with minor disadvantages, but full foam provides the best insulation. If you do opt for a full foam insulation system it is worth noting that repairing plumbing leaks in full foam spas can be difficult and costly. Ensure you check the leaks coverage section of the spa’s warranty.

$13000 And Up Starting Range

Brand New Crescentbaydeluxe Ii Hot Tub With Bluetooth &  American Balboa ...

Spas in this range offer the very best ownership experience. At this level, the advantage of investing more in the upfront price is exceptional long-term enjoyment. Expect the very lowest energy costs, minimal maintenance, simple operation and quality components in a spa that can last up to 20 years or more! Salt water systems are also available on these high-end spas.

Models in this range are the very best hot tubs. In addition to robust features, high-quality components and durable construction, you can also expect some very special features. One-of-a-kind jet systems for the very best hydrotherapy massage, leading-edge design that makes the hot tub a beautiful backyard focal point, top-of-the line filtration systems for the cleanest spa water possible, and other innovations that help separate spas in this range from other models.

High-end hot tubs like those in the Highlife® Collection from Hot Spring Spas are salt system ready. The FreshWater® Salt System is a revolution in worry-free water that is the simplest way to keep your water clean, clear and feeling natural.

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Rest Easy In A Reliable Spa

Look forward to years of enjoyment with the most reliable, longest-lasting hot tub brand.

Built without wood or metal, your Bullfrog Spa will never rot or corrode. Unnecessary holes and plumbing used in conventional spas were eliminated to prevent leaks and failures.

Rest easy knowing youre investing in a trouble-free spa.

Built without wood or metal, your Bullfrog Spa will never rot or corrode. Unnecessary holes and plumbing used in conventional spas were eliminated to prevent leaks and failures. Rest easy knowing youre investing in a reliable spa.

Made For The Ukhot Tubs Without The Fuss

Just because you see “cheap hot tubs” that does not necessarily mean a reduction in quality… our spas are built by our dedicated factory for the UK market – we’ve worked with them for over 10 years! Everything is rigorously quality tested to our strict standards… that’s why we’re able to offer a comprehensive warranty, guaranteeing peace of mind from a company that’s been in the industry for over a decade with fantastic reviews from happy customers across the web. No messing about, just hot tubs that make people happy!

Want to see for yourself? Our hot tub showroom is in Nottingham, in the heart of the East Midlands. We appreciate that when searching for hot tubs UK based companies are important and it can be a scary process… you’re parting with a lot of cash for something you’ve not seen. So our bespoke showroom, just off the M1, allows you to come and see our range of hot tubs for sale for yourself and have a face to face chat over a coffee. We deliver our showrooms across the country, from Scotland to Cornwall.

From then, the process is simple… place a deposit, pay your balance, take delivery and enjoy!

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Hot Tub Build Quality

When shopping, look into the materials used in the hot tubs construction. Most hot tubs use an acrylic interior shell supported by a frame made of either treated wood or metal and surrounded by a wood or synthetic cabinet. As long as it isnt exposed to elements, the frame should last the lifetime of your hot tub, no matter what its made of.

Pay more attention to the hot tubs insulation, as this directly affects operating costs. A poorly insulated spa costs more to heat because the heater has to run more to keep water at a set temperature, and overworking the components can lead to early malfunction.

Getting a well-insulated hot tub is particularly important in locations that reach low temperatures. To this end, look for a full-foam insulated hot tub rather than a model with partial foam insulation or one that just uses a thermal wrap.

Catalina Spas: Best Hot Tubs For Customization

Liquidating high end brand name new hot tubs

Catalina Spas was established in 1978, and has a lucrative history of providing hot tubs and swim spas across the nation. They have two ranges of tubs available, with their more affordable Classic line containing six different hot tub models, alongside eight more Luxury tubs.

This is quite a sparse selection compared to other leading hot tub brands, but there is an added bonus with Catalina Spas: each of these hot tubs have a standard set of features, even in the Classic collection, including stainless waterfalls, LED lighting and Bluetooth speakers.

All of Catalina Spas hot tubs are made within the US, and they have plenty of cabinet color and tile options to choose from too, if you have a specific color palette or style in mind. For all the customization options you could ever want, Catalina Spas is worth checking out.

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Some Of The Important Factors That Can Drive The Price Of A Hot Tub Up Or Down Include:

  • Size
  • Quality
  • Design

These model-specific variables probably make some sense to you already. Its obvious that better quality, or a larger hot tub, will cost more. But there are additional price factors, and its important that we cover those too.

Dont be caught off guard by unexpected fees. Some spa pricing variables are not only based on the hot tub model you select. They are also based on considerations like locale. Its actually not uncommon for the same hot tub model to cost more in one place than another, and that is typically due to factors like:

  • Dealer location and freight costs from the manufacturer
  • Dealer overhead and other store costs
  • Dealer-provided services included with the sale

Marquis Spas: Best Hot Tubs With Built

Founded in 1980, Marquis Spas has come a long way since its launch. The brand is known for creating beautifully-looking hot tubs that create a luxurious experience, have a focus on hydrotherapy, and come with an extensive range of customization options available. Whether its an amped-up audio system you want fitted, LED lighting or aromatherapy options, no upgrade is out of bounds with Marquis Spas.

The brand has five collections with more than 20 models available within its range, each of which come with a free cover. The price range for these tubs begin at around $7,000 and can go past $20,000 all depending on if you customize your tub and what model you choose from the different collections. This puts Marquis Spas hot tubs in the mid-range price tag category.

When it comes to Marquis Spas USPs, wed have to say its the brand’s take on hydrotherapy, self-cleaning and skin therapy. Marquis Spas has built a high flow therapy system that is built into all its collections. This system delivers as much water as possible at a low pressure so users can enjoy a relaxing experience whilst soothing muscle discomfort.

A handful of Marquis Spas come with ConstantClean technology, that automatically runs cleaning cycles for a super fresh soak every time. While its MicroSilk program helps to gently exfoliate your skin with each dip.

  • Read our

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Spa And Swim Spa Plumbing

Two factors are most important when it comes to spa pool plumbing the type of materials used in the plumbing system and which plumbing system system is used – and more specifically, how it maximises jet pressure.

Flexible PVC piping is used in all quality spas. Flexible PVC, which is often cream or bright blue, is constructed using a rigid PVC helix integrated into the hose wall to prevent kinking. By preventing kinking, we can minimise the potential for the reduced jet pressure. Hoses should be fixed to jets using a Weldon PVC cement glue or similar , or a clamping technique using stainless steel hose clips. This attachment process is recommended any other method is unlikely to withstand the pressures of the spa environment.

Sundance Spa: Best Hot Tubs Overall


Sundance Spas offers the best hot tub features, from standard built-in smart capabilities to its adjustable Fluidix jets. Though most of Sundances models fall in the premium and luxury price ranges, the brand does offer a good variety of spasacross the entry- and mid-level price ranges in small, medium and large tubs.

Even the less expensive models come with multiple shell, cabinet and cover color options, as well as premium features such as UV-C water sanitation and waterfalls that many other companies charge as upgrades.

All Sundance hot tubs are compatible with the SmartTub mobile app, though this requires a paid subscription after the first year – a bit of a bummer.

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$11000 And Up Starting Range

As you move further up in price, spas in the premium range offer a better and more satisfying long-term ownership experience, and some include the option of using salt water as the water care system.

In addition to offering more jets, water features and colorful lighting, these spas have more advanced features. As a result, they are usually more energy-efficient than value-priced spas, which reduces the ongoing cost of ownership. They often feature more advanced controls, more effective filtration systems and water care options that can reduce your maintenance time requirements. Components such as pumps and heaters may also be of higher quality, and warranty coverage is often longer than spas at lower price ranges.

The opportunity to use salt water in your hot tub also comes into play with premium hot tub models like those in the Limelight® Collection from Hot Spring Spas. The FreshWater® Salt System is the simplest way to keep water clean and clear for up to a full year.* Youll enjoy soft, natural-feeling water without harsh odors. Spend less time maintaining your spa and more time enjoying it.

*Many factors affect the life of spa water, such as bather load and water chemistry. When spa water is properly maintained considering these factors, a three-pack of FreshWater Salt System cartridges will keep water clean and clear for up to a full year.

Spa And Swim Spa Shell Construction

Because the shell is so essential, Spa World constructs them from quality, durable materials to avoid any weaknesses that could lead to damage.

When you choose a spa pool, ensure its shell is created from either ABS backed acrylic, or uses vinyl resin and is oven cured. A quality spa pool will always use one of these two processes.

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Hot Tub Filtration And Sanitation

The filtration and water sanitation systems in your hot tub keep the water sparking and clean. Spa models use different combinations of chemicals, filters, ozone and UV-C light to make sure your water stays clean.

Most of the models we evaluated use multiple filters to remove dirt and small debris from the water. Many also offer ozone or UV-C sanitation options as standard installation or upgrades. These systems eliminate or neutralize bacteria as well.

Hot Tub Therapy Options

Cheap Hot Tubs For Sale

The number of jets in the tub, in addition to the placement and type of hydrotherapy the jets deliver are important features to think about when purchasing a hot tub. Hot tub manufacturers use different techniques to imitate a variety of massage types from deep tissue to light caress.

Some use a combination of water and air, some use high-pressure and others use high-flow jets. If you want a full-body massage, look for a hot tub with lounge seats and leg or feet jets. Some spa models combine hydrotherapy and aromatherapy for a more relaxing experience.

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Bullfrog Spa: Best Hot Tubs For Massage

Bullfrog Spas unique JetPak Therapy System lets you customize your massage with 18 options that each target a different type of massage therapy. Though most hot tubs offer some degree of customization when it comes to color options and even upgradeable features, Bullfrog Spas lets you pick exactly what kind of jets and massage therapy to put in each seat in your new hot tub.

The interchangeable JetPaks, available for most models of Bullfrog Spas hot tubs, give you 16 seat back options for each seat in your spa that require less tubing and are more energy efficient than many spas on the market.

Though Bullfrog does sell hot tub models without the JetPak system, the interchangeable jets and customization options are really the big selling point of this brand. Aside from the pre-set models, Bullfrog also enables you to design your own completely custom spa. If you’re feeling tense, stiff and sorely in need of a full body massage in water, these are the best hot tubs for you.

The Best Hot Tub Upgrades And Extras To Consider

When it comes to getting the hot tub of your dreams, upgrades and extras can make a real difference. So whilst jets and pumps are essential, theres also a bunch of add-ons available to take your comfort to the next level. Unsurprisingly, one favorite among hot tub users is Bluetooth-connected speakers, because everyone wants to blast out their favorite tunes as they soak.

That, plus LED mood lighting that you can change to create different types of ambience. These aesthetic features will definitely get your hot tub party off to a great start, and get your guests into the spirit of fun and relaxation.

If you like the convenience of controlling your appliances from your phone, then naturally the best hot tub for you is one with smart features. For example, luxury hot tubs often have touch screen controls so you can get your temperature and cleaning settings just right, as well as compatibility with your smartphone, so you can control your hot tub from wherever you are. If you dont want to lift a finger when it comes to your tub, also look out for models with self-cleaning programs to make maintenance a breeze.

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Jacuzzi: Best Luxury Hot Tub Company

Considered by many to be the most iconic hot tub brand, Jacuzzi has a range of 26 hot tubs to choose from. Despite its transparent pricing tiers, it is undeniable that youll find buying a Jacuzzi tub a lot easier if you have a larger budget. The brand has only two hot tubs in its most budget range, but five in the luxury range. The brand offers hot tubs in two seater models, but it goes up to nine seaters, which is the best option for those hoping to entertain friends and family in their new hot tub.

Jacuzzi was founded to offer hydrotherapy for those suffering with arthritis, but these tubs also come with an attractive exterior and numerous color options. Although theres no explicitly energy-saving hot tubs, Jacuzzi designs its tubs to preserve the heat from the motor and use this to warm the water. The jet system uses a mix of air and water to provide high-pressure massages, and the jet placement targets key muscles from your neck to your legs.

The Jacuzzi warranty depends on the tub you buy, but they go up to ten years on the shell structure, and five years on the electrical system. Its not the best weve seen, but this is a pretty standard industry coverage.

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