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How Much To Add Heater To Pool

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Type Of Heater And Cost Ranges

How to make a pool heater under $100

You get the choice of different types of swimming pool heaters, and the most common picks are gas, electric resistance, solar, and heat pumps. Almost any pool heater works well for all types of pools, but certain heaters are preferred in some circumstances. The unit the manufacturers use to measure a gas or electric pool heater size is a BTU.

BTU stands for British Thermal Unit, and this is the industry standard measurement for heat capacity. You can heat a pound of water 1°F using 1 BTU. The amount of BTUs you need to heat your pool will depend on the type of heater you pick out. So, a gas heater will need more BTUs than a heat pump. The most popular types of heaters include:

Gas And Propane Pool Heater

These models will burn either natural gas or propane in a combustion chamber. Copper coils, are heated so water is warmed as it circulates and is returned to the pool. These options require neither a minimum air temperature nor exposure to the sun to function, so they tend to be more appealing to people who live in colder climates and like to be able to use their pools for more of the year.

Gas and propane heaters are more expensive to operate, costing between $300 and $500-plus each month to operate. Theyre less expensive to install, however, averaging between $1,500 and $6,000, depending on pool size.

Swimming Pool Heater Costs

Would you like to make sure that your swimming pool is a comfortable temperature when you and your family take a swim? Using a swimming pool heater is the best option. There are many different types of heater available for pools today. These include heaters for inground pools, as well as for pools that are above the ground.

Having a heated pool can make swimming a much more pleasant experience. The heater will help you to extend the swimming season in your area, which means more time spent enjoying the outdoors.

When choosing the swimming pool heater, you will have to make sure that you are choosing the right heater for your particular pool. You will want to think about the location of your pool and where the heater will be going. Those who have above ground pools and who want to use solar panels for heating, for example, will need to be sure they have the space available for them.


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What Causes Heat Loss In Pool Water

According to the National Swimming Pool Foundation, the main reasons pool water loses heat are: evaporation, convection, thermal radiation, and conduction.

Water at the surface is continually converted to water vapor by the sun and the heat of the environment — evaporation is one of the primary causes of heat and energy loss. This is why we often recommend pool covers, to help prevent evaporation and maintain warmer water.

Convection losses happen when heat from the surface of the water dissipates into the surrounding air. Thermal radiation happens when the warmer pool water radiates heat to the cooler surrounding air.

Conduction losses happen when movement of heat through an inground pool’s structural components cool down the pool water — this is why pools with water features like pool waterfalls or pool fountains are often used in hotter climates, as their water-circulating functions can lower the temperature of an overly-warm pool.

Plumb For The Installation

How Much Does it Cost to Run My Pool Heater?  INYOPools ...

To plumb for the installation, youll need to attach the heater to the exit pipe on the filter. The output from the heater will be attached to the return line going back to the pool. Use schedule 40 PVC pipe for this. For more information, take a look at the online schematics found here.

The gas line to the pool heater will have to be laid as well. Take a look at Lou Depots helpful series of videos about laying in-ground gas lines from your gas meter to the pool heater:

Lou mentions a couple very important points in his videos. First, youre going to need to size the pipe properly. This natural gas pipe sizing chart will help you pick the right pipe for the pool heater. He also mentions that your gas meter may not be the right size, depending on the size of the pool heater. If its necessary, your gas company will do the installation. Contact your gas company for more information.

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Cost To Run Electric Pool Heater

The average monthly price to run an electric option ranges from $50 to $150, depending on the size of the unit and how often it is running throughout the year. Expect the monthly price to be between $400 and $600 per month for electric resistance heating systems, many times the price of other electric heating. The average price for electricity in the United States is 13.31 cents per kWh. An electric heat pump uses about 5 kilowatts per 100,000 BTUs per hour. Therefore, it has a price of about 66.5 cents per hour to run an electric heat pump, on average.

Cost To Run A Pool Heater

The average price to run a heating unit ranges from $0 to $6,000 per year, depending on the type of unit that you choose. After the unit is installed, unless it is solar, it will take fuel for the system to run. Keep the price of fuel in mind when making the decision on which option to install. The price will vary depending on local rates, how often the water is used if a cover is used, and how warm the climate is. Here is a comparison chart with the type of options available and estimated monthly and annual expenses. For the purposes of this chart, it will be assumed that the water is used for six months out of the year. Keep in mind that pricing will vary based on local utility rates, the amount of energy the heating unit uses, and how many degrees the water needs to be heated.

$3,600 – $6,000

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Solar Pool Heater Vs Heat Pump

are another popular way to heat a pool using the suns energy. As the sun warms the air, the pump draws in heat from the air and warms the pool. Both systems use some electricity to run their and circulate the water. The cost of electricity is negligible compared to the cost of heating a pool using gas or propane.

In most cases, heat pumps extend the time you use the pool by about 2 to 3 months a year. The main difference is that the solar heater runs almost constantly during the day to heat the water, while heat pumps are only used as needed. Therefore, they may take longer to warm a pool, but they can raise the temperature slightly more than a solar heater. Heat pumps cost around $2,250 – $7,000 on average and may be a more economical option for very large pools, while solar heaters may work better for moderately sized pools.

Do You Have Natural Gas

Can I add a Hot Tub to an Existing Swimming Pool?

Were not trying to be too personal. Were talking about gas lines running to your home.

Before you buy a gas heater, its good to know the distance from the gas meter to where the heater will be installed. Even if youve sized the heater correctly, depending on the distance from the meter, the gas line size may not support the heater.

Important factors to consider:

  • How far is the run from the gas meter to the heater?
  • What is the gas line size?
  • New installdo you have power at the heater location?

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How To Find The Right Size Solar Pool Heater

The surface area of your solar collector should equal around 75% of your yard, more if you keep your pool open year-roundup to 100%. You can preserve yard space if your homes roof is large enough to accommodate the appropriate number of collectors.

For example, if you have a 16 x 32 inground swimming pool in the southern United States, you would need a 100% equal surface area. So multiply 16 by 32 to get the square footage of 512. This means youll need 512 square feet of solar collectors.

But if the same size pool is located in the northern United States, which only has the pool open for 6 months out of the year , then youd only need about 75% of the surface area, equaling 384 square feet of solar collectors.

Youll also need the right size pool pump for a solar heating system. If youre replacing your current heater with a solar system, you may need a larger pump or a separate pump to help push the water through the solar collectors.

Should I Get A Heater In My Pool

You SHOULD use a pool heater if you: Weather is still nice, but the water is too cold. Use the pool for hydro exercise and its an important part of your workout routine. Use the pool for therapy and it needs to be accessible all year round. Have a set time when family visits and you need the pool available then.

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Cost To Operate A Heat Pump

The U.S. Department of Energy estimates it costs $740 a year to heat an outdoor pool in New York at a temperature of 78 degrees with a heat pump. The cost jumps to $975 to heat it to 80 degrees and to $1,220 for 82 degrees.

Again, this is based on a 1,000 square foot pool, heated from May 1 to September 30.

But add a pool cover, and youll notice significant savings. Those annual costs zoom down to $105, $150 and $200, respectively.

Pool Covers For Above Ground Pools

Hayward H100ID Propane Pool Heater

When heating your above ground pool, it is essential that you cover the pool water with a pool cover

We recommend using a solar cover for an above ground pool

A solar pool cover will heat the pool water when the sun shines. It will also help to retain the pool heat at night and when the pool is not in use

We sell a range of pre-made solar covers for above ground pools

These suit oval and round pools

to see our range of solar covers

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What Are The Benefits Of Pool Heating With A Heat Pump

Pool heating with a pool pump can get your swimming pool heated for a longer time period. Most pools need maintenance checks before the winter or season ends. It will be beneficial to not add any cost to your end of season and repair your pool before the start of the season.

For each 10 degrees warmer water, the water heating costs go down 35%. Heat pumps bring the room temperature down to about 70-75 degrees giving you about 20 degrees colder water. This will prevent frost formation on your pool.

Not only will you have a longer swim season, but a longer swim season with a higher quality of water. You may also want to consider adding a solar blanket. The solar blanket will allow you to make your pool more comfortable by providing a constant temperature during the winter.

How Much Chlorine To Add To Pool Per Gallon

Pool cleaning and maintenance is the language of pool owners anywhere. Whether you are hands on with your pool or you outsource the tasks to someone else, you have a fairly good idea about this subject. If you have done your research on pool cleaning and maintenance, you would know by now that Chlorine is a very important element in that process.

If you want to look at all the other importance of pool cleaning , I would recommend reading âbenefits of pool maintenanceâ. I listed out what you would need to keep your pool in pristine condition year-round.

Some of it runs automatically and requires minimal input from you. Just install it, put the device on the right setting and you can rest easy knowing that your pool will be clean.

Chlorine does its job of sanitizing your pool without any help from you. But , you need to get it right with chlorine or else, your pool could quickly turn into a chemical death trap.

In very small doses, Chlorine barely affects the bacteria life in your pool. In massive doses, you pool will definitely be free of bacteriaâ¦and any other life form for that matter, including humans. With the right dose, you get the best of both worlds.

A pool where you and your family can enjoy without worrying about the presence of bacteria. Of course, you might want to take certain precautions to prevent problems like skin irritations which can be caused by chlorine even in small doses. Want to know more about what chlorine does to the body? .

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Cost To Run Solar Pool Heater

The price to run a solar unit is nothing. Just keep in mind that the system needs the sun to run. For this reason, many owners consider using a solar heating unit in combination with another heating system, such as a heat pump. It is a bigger investment upfront for a solar heating unit but requires no monthly operating price, which means you actually save money in the long run.

Cost To Repair A Pool Heater

Wood Burning Pool Heater – Heat Your Pool For Free!

If your pool heater stops heating as it should, the controls stop working correctly, you spot corrosion or rust in the system, or the heater starts to make noises, you want to have an inspection. In some cases, this inspection may result in small repairs that restore your heater. In other cases, you may need to replace the unit. For a repair, your pool heater cost can fluctuate from $175 to $750. If the repair helps the heater last a few more years, its usually worth it over buying a whole new unit.

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The Best Propane Pool Heater

Providing 400,000 BTUs of heating power, this Hayward pool heater can heat just about any pool of any size. The system is designed for very low emissions and energy-efficient running so while your gas bills may go up, theyll still be lower compared to other heating systems.

This gas heater has a standard cupronickel heat exchanger for superior efficiency. Its patented polymer header and bypass valve are designed for hydraulic reliability. Its environmentally responsible low NOx emissions meet or exceed air quality emission standards in all Low NOx regions.

Leave Your Pool Heating To Neave

Neave Pools carries a wide range of different pool heating systems. Your Neave Pools contractor can explain all the differences between each heating system and help you decide which unit is best suited for your pool.

Beyond that, we can establish manual or automated computer controls for your pool heating system. This is a great way to manage your energy consumption so that you arent heating the pool when it wont be in use for long periods of the season, such as when you go on vacation.

If youre in Hudson Valley, call . Westchester, call . Cold Spring, call , and in Connecticut, call . Or fill out the handy web form on this page, and well get in touch with you to schedule a complimentary swimming pool consultation.

Whether youre building a brand new pool, have an existing pool heating system that needs replacing or are interested in more energy-efficient units, Neave Pools can guide you in the right direction.

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What Does It Cost To Run A Pool Heater

A solar blanket can add anywhere from $70-$150 to your pool heater install. This can be one of the most popular pool heater options. A solar blanket requires special batteries which can be $30 to $50 depending on which brand you select. Usually solar blanket heaters can last up to 5 years before needing to be replaced.

You can use a monitor if the battery does drain. When To Pick A Pool Heater? If you have a deep pool it is a good idea to get an additional solar blanket heaters for more efficient heat. Most solar blanket heaters do not require heat pump water heater operation. For shallow pools a single solar blanket heater is enough.

What Size Pool Heater Do I Need

Everything 4 Pools and Solar

Pool heaters are usually rated by BTUs, or British Thermal Units.

The more BTUs your heater is rated for, the quicker you can expect it to heat your pool. Conversely, larger pools will need higher-BTU heaters, since you may otherwise wind up waiting too long for your pool water to come up to the proper temperature.

Keep in mind your ideal pool temperature, and try to figure out how long a given heater with a given BTU rating might take to achieve it.

As a general rule, your pool heaters output should at least 50,000 BTUs for every 10,000 gallons of water in your pool. For example, a swimming pool with 20,000 gallons should have a total heater output of at least 100,000 BTUs.

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How Much Does A Pool Heater Cost To Buy And Maintain

An aboveground or inground swimming pool is a great addition to your yard because it gives you an area to go sit and relax. Finding out the average pool heater cost and installing it with your pool can help to make it more comfortable and pleasant to use well into the late afternoon hours. The heater can also help you extend your season each year, and this will allow you to get the most use possible out of your investment. Some companies include the pool heater cost with the original installation, but some dont offer it.

The climate will be your biggest cost factor. Its going to take a much bigger heater that burns more fuel in Wisconsin than it does in Arizona to keep your pool at a warmer temperature. So, this will help dictate your pool heater cost. Additionally, there are other factors that play into your costs, including the type of pool, the size of the pool, and the type of fuel the heater uses. Its important to know how all of these pieces fit together to help you come up with your total pool heater cost.

Get a pool heater from a reputable brand to ensure that it lasts and that its powerful enough to heat the water quickly and effectively. A reputable brand is more likely to use more durable parts, and this can make it last longer. Hayward H400 Pool HeaterBill Jacobus / CC BY 2.0


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