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Solar In Ground Pool Covers

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Does A Pool Warm Up Faster With The Cover On Or Off

Do Solar Pool Covers Work? The Good And The Bad of Solar Pool Covers

On a hot, windless day it may be that the pool water will heat up quicker with the pool cover off as more of the suns energy will reach the water.

However, the pool cover also helps stop heat loss and evaporation, and this loss happens quicker in windy conditions, so it may heat up quicker with the cover on.

In my experience it makes very little difference so leaving it on is rather easier than having to keep putting the cover on and taking it off.

How Do You Install A Solar Pool Cover

Installing a new solar pool cover is not incredibly difficult, but there are a couple of steps you want to make sure you dont miss. First, simply remove the cover from the box it came in and lay it next to your swimming pool. Carefully unfold it, as to not create any rips or tears, and then gently spread it over your pools surface with the bubble side down . Our team suggests leaving it out in the sun for a couple of hours if possible to give the cover time to decompress.

If you have a solar reel, this can usually be done with one person, otherwise, we suggest having a family member or friend help with this process. The next step is to cut the solar pool cover to fit your pool size & shape if needed, you want it to be a fairly tight fit, with a tiny bit of excess so no coverage gaps exist that would allow heat to escape. Check out our Full Guide on How To Install Solar Pool Covers for more details.

Intex Solar Cover For 15ft Diameter Easy Set And Frame Pools

Intex Solar Cover is one of the best choices for heating an above ground pool of 15ft diameter. This pool solar blanket comes with an accurate size that fits the pool easily. Once placed in the water, it floats on top without needing anything to keep it grounded.

The lightweight solar pool cover weighs only 7.06 lbs. and is extremely easy to handle. It comes with a reusable carry bag that further ensures its long life.


  • Lacks durability

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Reduce Evaporation & Chemical Use

A solar cover blanket not only retains the heat, but it also protects against harmful UV rays, slowing the growth of algae in your pool water. The tiny air bubbles on the cover that trap heat in also work to block the sun from reaching your water, slowing down the rate that water evaporates, saving you money by needing to top up your pool water level less often.

Q: What Type Of Solar Pool Cover Is Best

400B  Blue Solar Pool Cover

A: The best type of solar cover is the light blue ones made from thick durable material. The thicker and more robust the material is the longer your solar cover is likely to last. The durable thick material will also be able to withstand rough weather conditions keeping your pool water warm and safe from debris. The best materials also help prolong the negative effects of pool chemicals wear and tear.

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Q: How To Cut A Solar Pool Cover

A: Prior to cutting, place your solar pool cover on the pool and let it float for a few hours so that it softens and straightens up. Make sure that the solar blanket not only covers your entire pool but also spreads 3 to 5 cm over the edge of the pool and up the tiles. Take a pair of house scissors and start trimming the extra material.

In The Swim Premium 12 Mil


Reasons to buy

The In The Swim Premium 12 Mil Solar Blanket is made of polyethylene and its thick material can raise the temperature of your pool by up to 15 degrees Fahrenheit. This can really help cut heating costs.

Raised air pockets on the surface of this thick blanket prevent your pool water from evaporating and protect it from things like falling tree branches or garbage – not to mention small, unwanted insect visitors. The air bubbles also trap heat and keep your pool warm. The thickness of this solar blanket means itâs pretty durable but the real winner is the impressive seven-year warranty to give you added peace of mind.

This solar pool cover also has UV-stabilized resin to prevent excess damage from the sun. If your pool isnât round, thatâs not an issue either as you can cut this pool cover to size.

While there arenât many reviews for the In The Swim 12 Mil Solar Pool Blanket, it scores an average of 4.5 out of five stars on the companyâs website. Users state that it effectively warms the water.

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Keep Bugs And Debris Out

Although its not one of their primary purposes, solar blankets do shield your pool from bugs and debris such as leaves and twigs. If your blanket does trap debris, use a hand skimmer to scoop it out before removing the cover.

The more debris you can keep out of your pool water, the less you have to run your pump on high to vacuum, and the more you can save in energy costs.

How Does A Solar Pool Cover Work

How to Install A Solar Cover Reel for Above Ground Swimming Pool – GLI Whirlwind

A pool cover works in three ways:

  • It floats on the surface of the pool and allows the suns rays to enter the pool to heat up the water.
  • It acts as a giant blanket and insulates the pool which greatly reduces heat loss, particularly at night and during windy weather.
  • As no water is exposed to the air, evaporation is greatly reduced. The process of evaporation is one of the largest ways heat is lost from the pool.
  • Obviously using the sun to heat a pool is very eco-friendly and can save you money if you use a pool heater.

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    Solar Inground Pool Covers

    Solar pool covers have the ability to convert solar energy into heat for your pool water and also keep water cool in hot southern climates. A properly sized solar cover blanket can increase and maintain warm water temperatures with adequate sunlight hours in some climates. In addition to heating the water, solar covers prevent evaporation, reduce chemical usage and lower energy costs when used regularly.

    Solar Inground Pool Blanket Cover

    The Blue Wave Solar Pool Blanket comes in a variety of sizes that can even be customized by cutting to fit any size or shape of pool. Conserve energy with this 14-mil blanket that can increase pool water by up to 15. The insulating thermal bubbles will minimize heat loss and provide effective heating all summer long so you can enjoy warmer water temperatures in the evening or when the sun isn’t shining. The superior durability is built into the fabric and is designed withstand deterioration caused by ultraviolet rays and pool chemicals. This inground pool cover is backed by a 6 year manufacturers warranty for added peace of mind.

    How A Solar Pool Cover Works

    Are solar pool covers worth it and do they work? The answer is yes. A solar cover is a very affordable way to save every pool owner money and time in a few different ways that some pool owners might not even know.

    Solar Pool Cover Bubbles Up or Down?

    Blue vs Clear Solar Pool Cover?

    Solar Pool Cover Installation

    Solar Pool Cover Maintenance

    How To Properly Store Solar Rings

    For temporary storage, such as when youre swimming but youll be putting the rings back on the pool later, you can simply stack them near the pool. Keep them out of the wind, though, or they may end up all over the pool deck and yard.

    Some rings and squares have loops on the outer portion so you can hang them up while you swim.

    When the swimming season is over, long-term storage is easy, too. Once you have the rings out of the water, spray them off and, if necessary, use a soft push broom or brush to clear any debris from them. Do this before you deflate them to make sure nothing gets trapped in any folds or wrinkles.

    Next, dry them completely. It will be easiest to do this by hand. Taking a leaf blower to solar rings may just blow them right back into the pool, or into the neighbors yard. While that might be entertaining, it wont be efficient.

    Once theyre dry, deflate them, flatten them, and store them in their storage bag , or in a container with a lid. Keep the bag or container in a cool, dry place.

    Regardless of how and where you store them, just be sure to keep them out of direct sunlight, and away from abrasive surfaces.

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    Do Solar Pool Covers Actually Work

    We know, many solar pool covers look like a cheap joke.

    A thin plastic layer that looks a lot like bubble wrap, floats on the water of your pool and heats the water.

    Is it too good to be true?

    Nope, its not! A solar pool cover is the real deal. It is a simple product that actually works!

    For the right environment, a solar cover is a really great alternative to a traditional pool heater.

    Especially if you have an above ground pool and might not want to have a bunch of mechanical equipment in your yard, a solar pool cover is a great option.

    Solar pool covers may look a lot like bubble wrap but in fact they are made of a heavy duty, clear but colored plastic with little air pockets built into the material.

    The colored plastic absorbs heat from the sun, while the little air bubbles work to keep the cover afloat and also to magnify the heat.

    These two features make solar pool covers a super-efficient way to warm your pool without using electricity.

    Besides heating your pool, your solar pool cover also works to save you money in a couple of other ways.

    First, your solar pool cover is a lightweight alternative to safety pool covers.

    Like pool covers, they keep out debris like dust, leaves and bugs that can all clog filters, damage water quality and make pool maintenance a pain.

    You save time each week with a solar cover on basic maintenance.

    Saving time is cool, but saving money on your water bill and chemical costs is another bonus of using a solar pool cover.

    How Much Does A Solar Pool Cover Cost

    525B Blue Solar Pool Cover

    Solar pool covers for inground pools usually cost around $800 to $1,000 with a reel. Above ground round and oval solar pool covers typically cost much less at $30 to $100 or more. Keep in mind that the price for your solar pool cover can increase depending on the thickness, size, shape, and manufacturer.

    If you shop for inground solar pool covers at an average pool supply store, youll likely find prices starting at a few hundred dollars to over $500 and reel prices starting at around $250 to $500 and up.

    With the reel, cover, and installation costs combined, youll likely pay closer to $1,000 for your solar cover.

    Note: Many solar covers come with a warranty of around 3 to 7 years.

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    How To Use Liquid Solar Cover

    In addition to bottles, you can also find liquid solar cover in special dispersal packets, sometimes shaped like a cute little fish. Usually, youll just make a small cut in the dispersal packet, and set it free in the pool. Follow the instructions to be sure you add enough packets for your pool.

    For bottled liquid solar cover, simply measure out the appropriate amount according to the volume of your pool, and pour it in. Thats it. Really.

    We like to add enough liquid solar cover to last for a month, but always follow the manufacturers instructions for optimal performance. If you have a lot of splashout, heavy rain, or extremely dry conditions you may need to add liquid solar cover more often.

    Tip: You can run your pump as usual with liquid solar cover in the pool.

    How Many Competitors Does It Have

    Many different factors go into answering this question. The number of competitors can vary greatly depending on the best color solar pool cover you are dealing with and the scope of your business model. Knowing how these factors can affect your market share is important when deciding whether or not you should enter a new market.

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    Do Solar Pool Covers Really Work

    Yes! Every time you lose water, through splashing or evaporation, you have to replace it. And new water takes energy to heat. Solar pool covers help retain the heat already in the water by reducing water evaporation. And they act as a magnifying glass to amplify the suns warming effect on your pool water.

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    Solar Pool Cover Above Ground

    DIY Solar Cover Reel System for Above Ground Pool

    Please choose a store to view pricing and availability.

    Extend your swimming season with a solar pool cover for above ground pools. This heavy-duty solar pool cover is made with a polyethylene material that works with the sun to catch and retain heat. It helps raise the water temperature by absorbing sunlight during the day and retaining the heat at night, extending the pool season. The material of this solar blanket is highly resistant to ultraviolet rays which inhibit deterioration and prevent fading.

    3 Year Limited Warranty.

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    You Can Remove Liquid Solar Cover But Why

    Although we cant think of any reason why youd want to, the only way to remove liquid solar cover from your pool water would be to drain the pool and refill it, and no one wants to do that if it can be avoided.

    The thing is, if you decided to stop using liquid solar cover for any reason, all you have to do is wait a while. The chemical naturally dissipates over a certain period of time, depending on how large your pool is and how much liquid solar cover you have to use.

    For this reason, for as long as you want to use it, liquid solar cover must be added to your pool on a regular basis, so be sure to add it to your swimming pool maintenance schedule.

    What Type Of Solar Cover Do You Need

    Solar pool covers are on hand in extraordinary forms, and these include:

    Liquid Solar Covers: These best solar pool covers come in the shape of chemical drinks poured into the pool. They are eco-friendly and inexpensive. They keep warmth and preserve your pool hotter for a lengthy time. However, you cant use them with chlorine-based pools, or in chlorine.

    Bubble Pool Covers: These best solar pool covers are additionally acknowledged as Solar Blankets. They are the most frequent kind of best solar pool cover and are very efficient. They are convenient to install, shop power and water. Also, theyre less expensive and decrease dust or dirt in your pool.

    Solar Rings: This works like a solar blanket, they are smaller and extra expensive. They are handy to install, however, grant a small insurance area, making it handy for particles to fall into your pool.

    Finally, bubble pool covers or solar blankets are high-quality and most efficient. They are handy to install, affordable, and supply an exquisite value for your money. In this review, we will be searching at solar blankets only.

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    Round Oval & Rectangular Solar Covers

    Solar covers are basically a summer must-have as a cost-effective way to heat your pool and keep it warm while preventing water loss from evaporation. It even helps maintain the chemical balance of your pool water and keep out debris.To help you get the right solar cover for you and your pool, we offer a variety of different quality tiers at different price points. We also have covers available in different colors including the classic blue solar cover and clear. Youâll be able to find the right solar cover for you in the size you need in no time! To get the best solar cover for you and your pool, we recommend covers from Sun2Solar®. They create products to heat your pool without relying on fossil fuels and specialize in solar covers. Youâll be able to find a solar cover that fits your budget. All Sun2Solar® covers also include a warranty.For more help finding the right solar cover for you, check out our check out our Solar Cover Buyerâs Guide and FAQ.

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    Intex Solar Cover For 18ft X 9ft Rectangular Frame Pools

    400B  Blue Solar Pool Cover

    Intex Solar Cover presents a trusty heat retainer for an 18ft by 9 ft frame pools. The lightweight pool cover weighs only 6.78 lbs. and is easily manageable. The cover fits the frame of the pool and floats in place, keeping all the dirt out.

    Made with an extremely durable 160-micron material, this pool cover is an economical and effective way to keep your pool warm and extend your annual swimming season. It also saves you the time when it comes to cleaning your pool by keeping debris out and having to constantly refill it as it prevents water loss from evaporation by up to 95%.


    • May not arrive in the exact size specified

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    How To Properly Store Your Solar Cover

    At the end of pool season, itll be time to break out the safety cover, and store the solar blanket. But before you do that, you must make sure the solar blanket is clean and completely dry so you dont get a nasty, moldy surprise when you open it up next season.

    To clean your solar blanket, remove it from the pool, and lay it on a soft surface like grass. Concrete can damage the bubbles, making the blanket less able to float and do its job.

    Once you have it spread out flat, use a soft push broom or soft scrub brush and clean water to scrub away dirt, algae or buildup, then rinse. Dry the blanket well by hand, using a leaf blower, or hanging it up to dry.

    Tip: Dont ever leave your solar cover out to dry on your lawn. It can burn your grass.

    After you wash and dry your solar blanket, reel it up. Some pool cover reels come with a weather- and UV-resistant storage cover so you can store it outside if you dont have any indoor space for it. If your reel didnt come with a cover, you can always pick one up.

    If youre folding your blanket up, place it in a container with a sturdy lid to keep pests out. Then store the container somewhere cool and out of direct sunlight to prevent the cover from shrinking, and the plastic container from deteriorating.

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