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What Is The Best Pool Automation System

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Maintenance Tips: How To Maintain A Pool Salt Water Chlorinator Systems

Should I Get an Automation System for My Pool?

It is critical to maintain your salt water chlorinator system adequately. In this way, you will significantly prolong its lifespan, making your financial investment worthwhile. Here are some key tips worth mentioning:

  • Make sure you keep the salt levels between 2700 3900 parts per million.
  • Depending on the recommendations of the manufacturer, you should clean the cells of the unit annually, at the very least. But make sure you check the instructions manual for more specific advice that applies to your unit.
  • When the weather is stormy, you should switch off the chlorinator. This will reduce the risk of a power surge that will imminently affect the unit.
  • Its also important to maintain the calcium levels inside the pool as low as possible.
  • If you want to diminish the likelihood of calcium buildup in the cell, you shouldnt invest in a standard chlorinator.
  • If you want to decrease scale buildup on the cell, you should utilize a salt chlorinator equipped with a reverse polarity feature.

Whats So Great About A Smart Pool

There are many reasons someone might choose to automate their pool. One of the biggest reasons is because of the time saved on pool maintenance. As the saying goes, time is money! Pool automation systems can help you spend less time managing your pool and more time enjoying it. There’s also the added peace of mind, which is priceless for busy pool owners.

Another reason why pool automation systems are so popular is because they help increase the energy efficiency of your pool. By syncing up all your pool equipment, each component can work together to produce the best results with the least energy consumption. Despite the high upfront cost, pool automation can actually save you money over the long term.

Zodiac 7348 Aqualink All Button Control Panel For Pool And Spa Combo System

Do you need the best pool automation controller? The Zodiac 7348 pool and spa controller is a comprehensive home controller and an equipment electrical sub-panel for many types of pool equipment. This equipment is compatible with variable speed pumps from various manufacturers.

In this instance, the system is also compatible with the Internet- and smartphone-based PDA controllers or wireless PDAs via additional modules.

You get entire control over your pool and spas automation system with the Aqualink. With your home automation system, Aqualink may fully integrate. You dont have to leave your house to use Aqualinks intuitive, streamlined system.

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Pool Cleaning Accessories: What Else Do I Need To Buy

Leaf canister: This one is necessary for suction-side pool cleaners. The canister catches large debris like leaves before they reach the pool filter.

Fine filter: Some robotic pool cleaners only come with a filter for medium and large debris. To get rid of silt and sand, youll need a fine or ultra-fine filter basket or bag.

Caddy: Useful for heavy robotic pool cleaners. The caddy makes it easy to move the cleaner to and from storage and provides a safe place to put the power unit during cleaning.

Pentair 520555 Intellichlor Ic40 Salt Chlorine Generator Cell

Best Pool Automation System

Many users claim that this is one of the very best chlorine generators. The reason you might want to invest in a chlorine generator is that it is a safe solution to keeping your pool sanitized. It is really cost-efficient, which might be its most important selling point.

In essence, it aims at recycling salt on a daily basis. This is important for increasing the longevity of the products. There is also an included button control panel that makes it easy for you to monitor and regulate the chlorine levels inside the water. The self-cleaning function comes in handy as well, as it does an excellent job at prolonging the lifespan of the generator.

There are also three individual sensors namely a flow, a temperature sensor, and a salt sensor. Whenever the salt sensor functions, youll get to see this thanks to the LED light indicator. Youll also get an analysis report outlining the salt level inside the water. The automatic shut-off function comes in handy as well.

But perhaps what really makes this unit shine is the diagnostic report. This has to do with the cell life tracking technology of the device. You can observe and compare important daily performance data such as chlorine output, cleaning cycle, operation time, and so on.


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Buying Guide For Best Automatic Pool Cleaners

Few things in life are better than a day by the pool. However, for the owner of said pool, all of that refreshing cool water and relaxation comes with some challenges. Outdoor pools are exposed to falling debris and bacterial contaminants, which means they require significant maintenance and upkeep. Thankfully, an automatic pool cleaner can do most of the heavy lifting for you, allowing you to sit back, chill out, and soak up the rays.

Automatic pool cleaners wheel, scoot, and slide themselves over the various surfaces in your pool, using brushes, scrubbers, and filters to remove unwanted objects. There are three main types: Inexpensive suction-side cleaners, which skim around the walls of your swimming area, using the pools existing suction line and filtration system to work mid-range pressure-side cleaners, which have their own filters and use a dedicated booster pump to propel themselves and robotic cleaners, which are all-in-one programmable devices that effectively act like aquatic Roombas.

No matter which design you choose, the convenience is simply unbeatable.

Pentair Intelliconnect Pool Automation System

Another offering from pool legends Pentair, the IntelliConnect, is slightly more technological than the EasyTouch but just as straightforward.

The IntelliConnect model controls up to 5 pool systems at once. It also monitors chlorine and chlorine salt levels and alerts you if anything goes awry.

IntelliConnect relies heavily on the Pentair Home app and works best with Pentair pumps, heaters, lights, and operating systems. IntelliConnect is the quickest way to get your pool ready for fun in the sun if you already use a Pentair system.

If you run into an issue with your IntelliConnect, the app allows you to find professional pool technicians in your area getting your pool back to tip-top shape often takes no more than a few hours .

While the IntelliConnect is a tech-savvy pool automation system and operates smoothly, it has its ups and downs.


  • Ideal for uncomplicated pool systems
  • Scheduling ensures your pool is ready when you need it


  • Apps can glitch or malfunction
  • The system only works with 5 pool components

The IntelliConnect is a practical choice if you have a minimal pool setup and do not need a system that controls over 10 devices. However, applications can be unreliable, and without an internet connection, you may temporarily lose control over your pool.

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What Makes Jandys Aqualink Systems The Best

offers three advanced Aqualink Pool Control Systems for a top of the line customizable pool experience.

Aqualink RS

The Aqualink RS gives you total control over your pool and spas automation system. Aqualink RS can also fully integrate with your home automation system as well. The Aqualink RS provides a user-friendly experience from the comfort of your home. With the Aqualink RS system, you have the power to control all of your pool/spa lightings, and water features at the touch of a button. Pretty easy right?

Aqualink PDA

Aqualink PDA is the perfect system for those feature-rich pools and spas. If your swimming pool/spa has some pretty elaborate features, chances are you need some pretty elaborate controls as well. Aqualink PDA is the system for the job! With this advanced system, nearly every pool feature you have can be easily controlled.

This may include

  • Pumps
  • Heaters, and so much more!

With the Aqualink PDA wireless remote, you can even schedule the times for your pools pump systems to operate. That kind of upgrade could save you some costs in energy bills every year. The best part? You can easily control your pool features at any time and place from any web-accessible device, such as smartphones, tablets, and more. Now That is smart technology!


Custom Pool Remodeling,

Aqualink Z4

Aqualink Z4 perks?

What Is Spa Automation

What is Swimming Pool Automation?

For those who think one step ahead, SPA is the new big thing. Smart Process Automation – SPA or Intelligent Process Automation – IPA is a natural evolution of RPA. The robots are expected to integrate Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to perform a more advanced form of tasks – cognitive tasks.Jun 19, 2020


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Pool Heating And Cooling

Just like how you set the thermostat inside your home to maintain a consistent, comfortable temperature, you can set a temperature for your pool water to keep it at a steady temperature throughout the pool season. Connect your pool heater, heat pump, or pool chiller to your pool automation controller, and never swim in uncomfortable water again. You can also set up freeze detection to automatically turn on the pump and heater when temperatures drop below a certain point.

As we briefly mentioned earlier, some pool heaters come with their own wireless controls, which can operate independently of your pool automation controller. For some heaters, it’s a simple remote. For others, it’s Wi-Fi connectivity and a smartphone app. A few options we like to recommend are the Jacuzzi® line of pool heaters and heat pumps. These include the Jacuzzi JXN264 and JXN404 natural gas heaters and the JHX85 heat pump, among others.

Types Of Pool Salt Water Chlorinator Systems

It is interesting to point out that salt water chlorine systems have been introduced in the second half of the 20th century. As you might expect, the very first units were big, bulky and noisy. Nowadays, the salt water chlorination systems we can choose from are entirely different, also in terms of efficiency and size.

The system comprises of two key parts. One of them is the control panel, which features the user interface functionality of the system and the electronics. This is basically what differentiates distinct types of salt water chlorination systems: the way in which the control panel is designed and organized.

Some of the simpler types of units will come with an on/off button, a shock/turbo button and output up/down button. On the other hand, the types of systems that could be characterized as high end allow you to control the pump. You might also choose to set up a timer, and the list could go on.

The second part of the system would be the cell. Basically, the cell comprises of three to seven blades of titanium. These blades of titanium feature a thin layer of iridium or ruthenium.

As an alternative to a salt water chlorination system, you might also consider investing in a top-notch pool water test kit. Another alternative might be getting chlorine tablets for pools. Evidently, each option might appear to be more convenient for some people, but theres no such thing as a one-size-fits-all for every user.

  • Standard vs. Self-Cleaning Systems

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How Much Is Swimming Pool Automation System

swimming pool automation system come in a variety of designs and pricing ranges. Its difficult to predict product costs nowadays. You dont know how much something costs because the pricing range is so vast. For example, a pair of pants can range from $20 to $200 depending on where you buy them. Similarly, additional goods like as swimming pool automation system.

Different Configurations To Fit Different Needs

A Comprehensive Buying Guide of The Best Pool Automation System!

Hayward OmniLogic Smart Pool and Spa Control screen

Pool automation systems have TONS of different configurations to choose from.

  • Do you have a pool, or do you have a pool/spa combination?
  • Do you want a salt system, or are you sticking with chlorine?
  • Do you have 8 pieces of equipment to control, or do you have 4 pieces?

Questions like these will help to narrow down what you need for your desired setup.

Because there are so many different configurations from the factory, distributors choose to carry a few different packages that will cover almost all install needs. In some cases you may be getting more features than you need, but the cost will generally be less than building an ala carte package , paying freight to ship it in, and waiting several weeks for it to arrive.

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What Our Customers Are Saying

Very pleased with the quality of the pool designed and build by Sahara. We started this process in the middle of the covid shut down but Chris still came out to meet us in person and responded quickly. We have a small yard and they were able to design something thats perfect for us. We are very happy with all the features and we are glad we went with the automated feature upgrades. It really takes the guess work out of pool ownership. We only regret waiting this long to get a pool!

Pool Customer,Google Review

Sahara Construction Pools team did an outstanding job on my pool and outdoor kitchen that I couldnt be more happy with. I loved the amazing results! From design to construction everything was a smooth process. The Sahara team was very friendly and professional to work with. Chris did a fabulous job managing the project. I highly recommend Sahara Construction Pools for any pool projects.

Pool & Outdoor Kitchen Customer,Google Review

Sahara completed construction of our pool recently and we are very pleased. The pool turned out beautiful! The builders were very professional, experienced, and easy to communicate with. Even with additions to original plans, they still came in under budget. Many things could have gone horribly wrong as they dug it prior to the two hurricanes we had this summer but they seemed to have a plan for each possible pit falls. Very impressed.

The Type Of Debris You Struggle With

If, like most pool owners, you struggle with the debris of all sizes from leaves and acorns to sand, dust, and algae, we recommend a robotic pool cleaner.

It picks up all kinds of debris. But make sure you are using the right filter. With some robotic cleaners, you have to buy an ultra-fine filter separately.

If your main problem is large debris like acorns, leaves, and twigs, a pressure-side pool cleaner is the best. It easily picks up large and medium-size debris without getting stuck or wearing down.

It especially works great with a leaf canister installed along with the hose.

If your pool usually fills with smaller debris like pebbles, insects, and small leaves, get a suction-side pool cleaner. It does a great job picking up finer debris.

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How Long Does An Automatic Pool Cleaner Last

With proper maintenance, a suction side pool cleaner can last well over 10 years though youll need to replace some parts.

A pressure-side pool cleaner has more moving parts and lasts about 8 years.

Robotic pool cleaners have an intricate design and a larger number of moving parts. Depending on quality and maintenance, they last between 3 and 5 years.

Do I Still Need To Clean The Pool If I Have An Automatic Pool Cleaner

Learn About OmniLogic | Hayward Pool Automation

Depending on which automatic pool cleaner you have, you may still need to do an occasional deep cleaning.

If you have a robotic cleaner, this is not necessary since the cleaner does a pretty good job scrubbing and vacuuming the pool.

But even then, you may still need to manually clean the steps and other areas the cleaner might miss.

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Suction And Pressure Pool Cleaners

  • Your suction or pressure pool cleaner comes with a hose.
  • For suction cleaners, connect the hose to a dedicated suction line. Youll need to remove the skimmer basket to install the valve cuffs and flow keeper valve.
  • For pressure cleaners, connect the hose to a dedicated return line using a universal wall fitting that allows quick connect and disconnect.
  • Youll need to make sure the returning water has enough pressure. If it doesnt, get a booster pump.
  • Pressure cleaners also need some assembling, mainly to attach the filter bag to the cleaner.
  • Check your manual for more detailed setup instructions for your particular automatic pool cleaner.

Building A Pool Considering Automation Talk To Your Pool Builder

If youre currently building a swimming pool , now is a a great opportunity to work with your builder to add pool and spa automation options during the design phase.

Here are some things to discuss with a pool builder about pool and spa automation:

  • Your budget. Pool and spa automation systems are available at a variety of price points. The cost will depend on things like the brand of the automation system, the features included, and the size of your pool and spa.
  • Installation costs. Swimming pool automation systems can be complicated to install, so make sure you know what your pool builder will charge for getting it set up. Its also a good idea to ask about any warranties offered on the installation.
  • Your must haves. Maybe you dream of putting on colorful pool light shows from your smartphone? Or perhaps youre simply looking for a quick and easy way to control basic pool equipment like your filter and heater. Work with your builder to figure out which automation features are essential and which ones are nice, but not necessary.
  • Plans for expansion. Do you want the option to add to your swimming pool or spa automation system in the future? Your pool builder can help ensure that your pool automation system is scalable, so you can add features and automation options in the future.

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