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What Is The Best Pool Pump And Filter System

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Intex 28633eg Krystal Clear Cartridge Filter Pump

What Is The Best Pool Equipment? (Pump & Filter)

If youre an Intex owner looking for a cartridge filter, this is for you. Unlike other options, this filter uses disposable cartridges. Maintenance is as convenient as turning the handy flush valve and popping in a new cartridge.

At the end of the season, dismantle and store it with your pool. If your weather is mild, its double-walled construction means you can just leave it up with no worries.

Pooline Inground 15 Hp High

The Pooline Inground 1.5 HP Pool Pump possesses features that are usually found in expensive pumps. But, this equipment cost less than others. This pool pump makes use of copper windings for better performance and durability while other brands use aluminum winding to reduce their costing.

This high-performance pool pump also features a considerable start capacitor to boost the starting torque and helps the motor turn over and increase its speed. Pooline Inground pump operates quietly, self-priming, and efficiently. It is known for its durability because of its corrosion-proof polymer structure. You are assured that you will be using this pump for many years.

Its large comfortable handle and transparent cover enable you to check the filter easily. The strainer is a large, easy-to-clean container. Pooline Pool Pump has suction and discharge ports that are threaded for one and a half inches fittings and offers the best water flow to make sure your pool water is clean and clear.

When it comes to maintenance, the pump has an easy-to-drain plug. Also, included in the package is the six-foot three-prong power cord that meets the ETL standards.

The Six Settings Of Sand Filters

Sand filters always have a six-port valve with different settings. They are as follows:

Filter: This is what your sand filter does 99% of the time, it filters the swimming pool water.

Waste: In this position, the water runs directly out of the filter, bypassing the sand. This is used when the pool is excessively full or needs debris to be vacuumed completely out of the pool. Please note that this setting empties your pool.

Backwash: This is a short cleaning cycle of the sand to improve filtration. It is recommended that you do this once a fortnight in summer and monthly in winter.

Rinse: This setting is used directly after backwashing. Allow the water to run through the filter from top to bottom for 30 seconds. This ensures all the sand is put back in place and that any remaining dirt is drained away and not blown back into the pool.

Circulation: The water runs from the pump directly back to the swimming pool without going through the pool filter. This means the water isn’t filtered.

Closed: All ports are closed. If your pump is still on, make sure to switch it off within seconds as the pressure builds up incredibly fast! This setting is generally used if the pool is below water level and you need to ensure the water is closed to service equipment.

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Is It Better To Run My Pool Pump At Night Or During The Day

The time of day you should run your pool pump is during daylight hours. Its when the sun is hitting your pool which is one of the requirements for algae to survive in your pool.

Some may argue that electricity costs more during the day, and thats a good reason why you should pick the right time during the day to run your pool filter.

If you use your pool in the early morning and late afternoon, you may opt to run your pool pump during those times.

Having the best pool pump for your above ground pool can also save you a lot of money on energy costs.

Hayward S166t92s Pro Series 16

SandMaster Filter System

Although on the more expensive side, this top mount series offers everything.

A complete full flow power pump, filter and base system. The tank is a perfect all-weather tank with a multi-way valve. The combination of pump and filter reduces the cost of energy of the pump because it can work less frequently.

Suitable for all weather conditions. The drainage of sand and water is large, so you can condition or repair it quickly. The valve provides maximum flow with low pressure drop and seven positions. The included clamp allows a 360 degree rotation so installation is very simple.

The Bad
  • Only 120V without adaptation for 240V.
  • The pump is very noisy and has an unfavorable angle with the filter. This can cause backwash in the pool.
  • The connections are loose and can lead to leaks.
  • The 16-inch model may not be powerful enough for pools with more than a 10,000 gallon capacity.
The Good
  • It is equipped with a self-cleaning low drain.
  • Resistant to corrosion.
  • Has an upper diffuser and 360 degree slots for an even distribution of water through the sand filter. This lets it obtain clean water and a balanced flow.
  • The clamp allows a 360 degree turn and makes installation very easy.
  • Compatible with most pool types.
  • The multi-port valve has position to control the filters, backwash, re-circulation, rinse etc.

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Two Numbers You Need To Know

The length of time it takes for all the water in your pool system to pass through the filter is called the turnover rate. To maintain healthy swimming conditions, your turnover rate should be approximately eight hours. To find the perfect pump for your pool, you must find the pump that can accomplish this feat. This number is measured in gallons per minute or litres per minute and is called the flow rate.

  • Flow rate: Determine the total amount of gallons your pool holds and divide that by 8, then divide that answer by 60. That number is the gallons per minute that your pump needs to move in order to filter all the water in your pool in eight hours.Additionally, if you have an in-ground pool, you’ll need a pump that is strong enough to overcome the resistance that is created by trying to force water through all the pipes of your pool. That number is measured in feet of head.

  • Resistance: Measure the distance between each skimmer and drain to your pump. Add those numbers together. Divide that total by the number of skimmers and drains in your system. That number is your feet of head.

Use these two numbers to reference pool pump flow charts to determine how much horsepower you will need to achieve a proper turnover rate for your particular pool.

How Long Should You Run A Pool Pump

Generally speaking, every swimming pool should turn over its water at least once a day, so to help with this, pool pumps should run for approximately 8-10 hours a day. While our team believes its always best to run the pool pump during the hottest times of the day, you dont necessarily have to run your swimming pool pump consecutively. You can choose to run it for two separate 4-5 hour sessions, one in the morning and one in the evening, as an example. Also, there are programmable pool timers that can help make this process easier for you if you dont have one already.

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Closed Setting On Pool Filter

The closed setting shuts off all water flow. It can be used for the following two reasons:

  • If your pool will not be used for some time, perhaps if it is empty or during the winter.
  • When you want to empty the strainer basket that traps leaves etc before the water enters the pump.

To do this you close the valves from the skimmers and other inlets and then set the valve to closed. You can then remove the see-through lid from the basket housing and empty it without air running back through the system which could give an airlock, something you want to avoid. Once you have emptied the strainer basket and you have replaced it and screwed on the lid then the valves can be opened.

Waste Setting On Pool Filter

Best Solar Pool Pump | Savior Floating Solar Pool Pump and Filter System – by Natural Current

Many people seem to get confused about what is the waste setting on a pool filter used for.

The waste setting on pool filter is used, in the following three situations:

  • When you wish to reduce the amount of water in the pool, perhaps after heavy rain or even to empty the pool fully.
  • When your pool is very dirty you would vacuum on the waste setting so the dirt goes straight out of the system without passing through the filter. That way it doesnt clog up the filter.
  • If you have a heavy infestation of algae then often the tiny particles wont get trapped in the filter so will go straight back into the pool. Vacuuming on waste means they will be ejected out of the waste pipe and will not reenter the pool.
  • On the pool filter waste setting the water will be drawn into the system then pass through the debris filter basket on the inlet side of the pump. From there it is expelled from the system without passing through the filter via the waste pipe.

    Where the waste water goes depends on your system. It will either be sent straight into the sewer system or out into your yard/garden, often through a roll out waste hose so you can direct the water to an area of the garden you want.

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    The Best Filter Is The One Thats Best For You

    You can spend less money for less maintenance and less filtering. Or invest a little more up front for better filtering for the cost of more time and work. Its really up to you whats best for your schedule and your budget.

    No matter what pool filter you choose, remember that keeping your water chemistry balanced gets you more than halfway to a clean pool. Stay on top of cleaning and maintenance, and your filter can last you for many years to come.

    Happy Swimming!

    How To Select The Best Pool Filter

    Pool filters are as important to your pool as your kidneys are to your own body. We know that sounds kind of gross, but its true. Though chlorine and other sanitizers work to kill bacteria and other contaminants, the filter is what actually removes them from the water. Without it, your pool water would grow cloudy and fill with debris. Not exactly fun for swimming.

    So how do you choose the best one? Its not about which one is the least expensive, though cost is certainly a factor. You want a filter that will trap contaminants, be easy to clean and maintain, and last more than just a few seasons. In order to make the best selection for your pool, first get a handle on your options.

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    Recirculate Setting On Pool Pump

    Of all the pool filter valve positions, the recirculate pool pump setting is probably the one you will use the least. Actually what does recirculate mean on a pool pump is one of the most frequently asked questions I see on the various pool forums from new pool owners.

    In the recirculate setting the water is drawn in through the skimmers as normal and, after passing through the pump, goes straight back into the pool via the inlet jets, waterfall etc without passing through the filter.

    I dont think I have ever used the recirculate setting actually. When to use recirculate on pool filter is perhaps after you have shocked the pool and want to mix the shock around the pool without it being absorbed by the filter.

    Hayward Cc15093s Xstream Filter

    Best Sand Filters For Inground Pools 2019

    This cartridge filtering system from Hayward is great for a lot of larger above ground pools. Its well designed to stand up to the different elements that are to effect an outdoor, above ground pool filter.

    The Xstream filter is reinforced with glass, so its non-corrosive and sturdy enough to last for a long time before you will have to replace it.

    The 1.5 HP motor is strong enough to keep the pump running well for its entire lifetime. Hookups in and out of the filter allow for a large variety of pumps and other plumbing to be attached to it, making it easily compatible with other brands as well as devices from the same brand.

    According to the manufacturer, this pool filter work for above ground pools as large as 57,000 gallons because of its large filtering capacity. This larger size is a great feature if you want a faster water turnover time or if you own a large or extra-large above ground pool.

    Best features:

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    The Best Sand Pool Filters

    Virtually every pool owner will agree that pool sand filters are the most used elements for filtering water with chemicals. These filters retain fine particles, up to 20 microns of filtration fineness. The suspended particles contained in the water are blocked as they pass through the sand filter.

    This system, which is more expensive at the time of purchase, is an excellent long-term investment. It also requires less maintenance as once the sand has been inserted, the filter washing takes place entirely inside the pump, so we no longer have to open or empty the filter until the time of replacement.

    Some of the best sand pool filters are:

    Intex 12-inch 110-120V Krystal Clear Sand Filter with GFCI

    How easy it is to use this sand filter. The Intex 26645 swimming pool sand filter has 1600 GPH flow rates. It includes a 6-position valve. This sand filter filters and cleans the swimming pool .

    The Intex 26645 sand filter pump is suitable for all types of swimming pools and very quiet. The sand needs to be changed approximately every 5 years, the glass every 9 years. The efficiency of the pump has been improved to reduce power consumption. Buyers appreciate the automatic cycle every twelve hours.

    XtremepowerUS 13 2400GPH Sand Filter and Pool Pump for Above Ground Pool

    This is a 13-inch pool sand filter for above-ground pools. It has a pool pump and has a capacity that makes it ideal for pools with up to 10,000-gallon capacity. The filter tank can hold up to 42 pounds of sand.

    What Size Swimming Pool Pump Do I Need

    When trying to determine what size of swimming pool pump you need for your new pool, what youre looking for is a pool pump that will be able to fully pump all of the water from your pool through the filter in no longer than 8-10 hours. This generally ends up being a 40-50 GPM pool pump for smaller to medium pools around 24,000 gallons or less and an 80-100 GPM pool pump for larger pools over 30,000 gallons.

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    Intex Krystal Clear Cartridge Filter Pump Honorable Mention

    • Requires cartridge purchases every two weeks
    • Pump flow rate of 1,000 gph
    • May need an adapter for some pools

    The Intex Krystal Clear Cartridge Filter Pump is extremely easy to install. Just slip in a filtration cartridge and you are ready to go. The double insulated design helps achieve even and efficient filtration and the smaller-than-average size makes it a perfect choice for those with above ground pools that hold 6,000 gallons or less. We also found the model to be extremely quiet.

    Though this product excels with small pools, it is not suited for anything above 6,000 gallons, thanks to its relatively modest pump flow rate of 1,000 gallons per hour. Also, some above ground pools may need an adapter for initial installation. A dip in the pool after using the best electric lawn mower all day will feel great.

    How Does An Inground Pool Pump Work

    The Best Pool System for Your Backyard Pool

    Well, since we have talked so much about the importance and function of a pool pump within an inground pool system, lets take a brief look at how it functions. The pool pump is essentially a centrifugal self-priming hydraulic pump which is powered by an electric motor attached to the rear side. There is a strainer basket on the front which catches incoming debris such as leaves and twigs, preventing them from getting into the working parts of the pump. You can divide a pump into two segments the wet end, and the dry end.

    The wet end is where all the pump stuff happens, it is the actual hydraulic pump itself. The dry end consists of the motor and controlling circuits that regulate motor speed. The wet end is connected to the dry end via a watertight seal in order to prevent moisture from entering into the motor chamber. Single and Dual speed pumps use traditional vented induction motors with an open chassis. These motors use coil windings or electromagnets to generate the magnetic field in which the rotor spins.

    Total horsepower = horsepower x service factor

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    Pentairsuperflovariable Speed Pool Pump 1 1/2 Horsepower

    There are pool pumps that give pool owners huge expenses, and this is why variable speed pool pumps are preferred by many pool owners. It is because this kind of pumps is energy-saver and cost-efficient.

    This pump from Pentair is considered the best variable speed pool pump, as it gives its owner considerable savings. This is best for standard swimming pools that require up to 1.5 hp pump. This pump can work well with everyday pools by moving water more efficiently at lower speeds, so it can reduce energy costs.

    It can also work well with swimming pools of any size. Likewise, this is a kind of pool pump that can give huge savings to the pool owner but still be able to get the best benefits that a pump can offer. Pool owners will save a lot when this pool pump is used.


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