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How To Pick Pool Tile

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Tips On Choosing The Best Type Of Swimming Pool Tile

How To Choose The Best Waterline Tile For Your Pool | California Pools & Landscape

by Katy-TX-Pool-Builder Katy-TX-Pool-Builder | Nov 27, 2019 | Pool Tips

Designing and building a basic swimming pool will cost you $25,700 $29,600 on average. Tiles are among the must-have features that give your pool that added artistic ambience. If you are keen on other additions such as decks, landscapes, and lighting, this valuation may be higher.

Choosing a suitable tile for your pool is an essential part of the design process. You may find this decision somewhat hard due to the many options available to you in the market. Your choice on the color and type of pool tile to incorporate must be on the premise of durability and attractiveness.

No pool is complete without the most beautiful tiles shining through the water. Learn what you should consider when picking the best kind of swimming pool tile. Here are 9 tips for choosing the best types of swimming pool tiles.

Things To Consider When Choosing Tile For Swimming Pool

We have access to one of the most diverse selections of pool tile Miami has to offer. But to make use of that selection, you need to know how each of these tiles fits different needs.

Now that you understand your choices, lets go over the factors that should go into your decision.

  • The size of the tile
  • If you have a geometric pool , the tile size you choose wont make much of a difference. In fact, you could end up saving money by selecting a larger tile. But if you have a rounded pool, youll need to look at how the tiles will conform to the shape and how small they need to be for that. And, always keep in mind that a larger tile is easier to fracture.

  • The color of the tile
  • Generally, youll want to pick a tile color that aligns with the rest of your backyards color scheme. But sometimes, using the pool tile to create an exciting contrast is also a good idea. Your best bet is to consult a pool installation professional for advice about the best color for your pool.

  • How much maintenance can you commit to
  • Every type of tile has different maintenance requirements. And while tile is generally easy to maintain, that doesnt mean you can neglect it altogether. Make sure you discuss maintenance options with your pool installer. Generally, the more you invest upfront on quality tiles, the less youll need to invest over the long term in maintaining them.

  • Pick a good warranty
  • Pro Tips: Choosing The Swimming Pool Tile Thats Right For You

    Not sure which tile is right for your pool? Here are a few things to consider:

    • If youve got a saltwater pool, opt for durable glass or porcelain.
    • If you want drama, size down. Smaller tile lends itself well to stunning, mosaic-style designs.
    • Add a splash of color. Theres nothing wrong with tried-and-true blue, but if you want a truly show-stopping design, consider shades of silver, bronze, green, gray, red, or black.
    • Mix things up. Consider mixing natural stone and glass mosaic tiles or break up a monochromatic look by adding an accent tile with a fun pattern or texture.

    Can I use regular kitchen or bathroom tile in my pool?

    Stick with tile made specifically for swimming pools. While regular kitchen and bathroom tile is designed to get wet, its not meant to be used outdoors, exposed to pool chemicals, or underwater 24/7. Tile that has not been designed for swimming pools is more likely to fade, corrode, and crack — and need repairs and replacement.

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    How To Choose The Right Pool Waterline Tile

    Waterline tile is one of the most important and often overlooked element of swimming pool installation, small things also can make big effect, and the waterline tile will give an extra wow factor and influence your pool style. You can use waterline tile to have popular color to your pool, keeping your pool in best condition and helps prevent pollens, sunscreen and other substances harming your pools waterline. And today we are finding the answer for how to choose right pool waterline tile. Read on and get some good tips for yourself.

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    1. Make A Budget

    Never go wrong to make a clear budget before you starting any home renovation, swimming pool decoration as well as even buying waterline pool tiles. You should decide the amount of money for your pool tiling project, or, it would be a sad story that you love one tile design that you can not afford it.

    2. Make Sure What Type of Waterline You Want

    Swimming pool waterline tiles come in wide range of materials, including popualr porcelain, glass, and stone mosaics. Glass is a prevailing option because of its beautiful transparent body and rich colors, it perfectly reflects sunlights and mirrors the movement of water. However, glass waterline tile will cost you more for its higher price and installation fee. While most people still choose it as this product is really unique and different from other tile types.

    Choosing Water Line Pool Tile To Boost Your Backyard

    How to Choose Tiles For Your Swimming Pool

    Go for Glass Mosaic

    Glass tiles add an air of luxury to any pool design and can help give your backyard a resort-like feel. Smaller, sparkling mosaics have become an increasingly popular choice for pool liners. The clarity of glass captures and reflects natural light, offering an iridescent quality that enhances the beauty of your pool.

    Due to their popularity and high demand, there are now a great amount of glass mosaics available that can be used as pool water line tile.

    Aim for a Natural Look

    Show off Your Contemporary Style

    Brighten the Space with Color

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    Swimming Pool Tiles: Materials

    There are myriad color values and shapes now available in architectural stone and tile, which allow you creative carte blanche when it comes to designing your new oasis.

    Before you dive into what patterns and color schemes you want to incorporate into your pool tile design, though, youll want to choose which material will serve as the base for your new pool area. The three most popular pool tile materials are:

    Here, well learn a bit more about each.

    Porcelain/CeramicBest if Youre on a Budget

    Clay-based ceramic or porcelain tile have long been used for pool tiles, as the material is typically affordable, readily available, and customizable.

    You can choose the distinctive finish of hand-painted or glazed porcelain to create a focal point in your pool or use textured porcelain to blend in with a pools surroundings. You can combine different colors and sizes to create a unique mosaic tile designon the pools walls and floors or around the exterior.

    If you want to customize your home pool with your family crest or favorite sports team logo, expert designers will be able to produce this for you at a lower cost than if you were to choose glass or natural stone as your tile base.

    GlassBest for Luxurious Looks and Eco-Friendly Options

    Glass draws homeowners with how the material captures light and enhances the natural movement of water. Surprisingly durable, glass tile can also be a great eco-friendly option as manufacturers use recycled materials even for high-end options.

    Do Not Overlook The Matter Of Safety

    Safety is a vital part of your pool tiles selection process. Check the slip ratings to identify slip-resistant tiles. The new Standards Australia HB 198-2014 specifications are based on a Wet Pendulum Skid Test with ratings ranging from P0 P5. The tiles you choose for your swimming pool should have a higher P rating.

    Many tile brands also follow the Oil Wet Ramp Tests or R Ratings to rate their products. In that case also, a higher R-rated tile should be your choice for a swimming pool.

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    Impact Of Water & Natural Light

    When people renovate or build, it is common to collect samples to see if the combination works well and creates the desired look and feel. In the case of a pool and it’s surrounds, it is important to consider the impact of water and natural light – samples can take on a completely different look and feel.

    Helpful Pool Design Tip

    Take your favourite pool coping tile sample to your pool builder’s display centre and place it alongside a pool with your chosen pool colour featured. This is the best way to get a feel for how your dream pool space will look!

    How Much Does Pool Tile Cost

    Ask the Pool Guy: How to Choose Tile and Coping Colors for the Pool

    The cost depends on your location, the tile material, your installer, and the size of the area youre tiling.

    On an average pool, tile will cost about $3000.

    Standard tile ranges about $2,100 to $2,800. Special-order tile can cost $400$800 more.

    Glass tile is more expensive. It usually ends up costing about $600 more for a pool. But its pretty. Very, very pretty. Only you know your priorities.

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    Can You Use Waterline Tile In Fiberglass Pools

    You can, but its optional. Unlike cement or gunite pools, fiberglass pools arent porous — and that means theyre less prone to issues like algae growth or mildew. This means that waterline tile isnt absolutely necessary. But if you like the look of decorative tile and wish for a more customized look, go for it!

    Waterline Tile How To Select The Best For Your Swimming Pool

    In Pool Features by Swimming Pool ExpertFebruary 14, 2019

    When the time comes to choose a tile for your swimming pool, it can be a bit crazy. From porcelain to glass, all are great. But, which one is the best tile for your pool? One of the most significant sections in a swimming pool is the waterline tile.

    A waterline tile gives your swimming pool a distinctive look that you want, making the water look shiny and luminous. Also, in an aesthetic point of view, it can add a dash of color to your pool.

    Another important factor is that waterline tile helps to keep your pool in excellent condition. Remember, if there is hard water in your area, chances are there will be some calcium build up around the border of your pool, which is not easy to remove. Waterline tile also prevents pollen, sunscreen, body oils and other elements that go into the water, from adding a permanent white ring which is difficult to remove and detracts from the pools overall appearance.

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    Glass Pool Tiles Add A Touch Of Class

    Glass tiles are a sure way to add that touch of luxury. Glass shimmers and dazzles in a way that adds opulence to your swimming pool. If you are keen on going all out with a spectacular swimming pool design, then this is your best bet.

    The only downside to a glass pool tile is the cost. As compared to stone and porcelain, glass is more expensive and may be susceptible to instances of slips. Your choices are limitless when considering the best option for a pool tile.

    Get Ready To Install Pool Tile Today

    How to Choose The Right Waterline Pool Tile

    As a professional, the only thing left for you to do now is practice. Thats the only way youll feel confident when you install pool tile.

    And of course, youre going to need the proper tools for the job. Thats why RUBIs catalog has a wide selection of high-quality tools for whatever tile jobs youre working on. Its everything you need for every tile job all in one place.

    today to get everything you need for your next tile job today.

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    Color Of The Pool Tile:

    You cannot buy a glass tile before evaluating its color. Glass tiles come in a wide array of colors and designs. Always choose a color or pattern that complements the pool and your outdoor space. For example, think about choosing glass tiles that have the same color as your outdoor furniture. Bright-colored glass tiles are also a good option for swimming pools. At the end of the day, it all depends on your preference. If you have no idea how to go about this process, consider contacting a professional.

    To Learn More Call Houstons Top Pool Tile Company Today

    If you are looking to add exceptional design and functionality elements to your swimming pool with high-quality tile or coping, weve got you covered!

    At the 99 Cent Floor store, we offer Houstons very best pool tile selections at an affordable price.

    Not sure what you need?

    Dont worry our professionals are more than happy to point you towards the pool design youve always dreamed of. Give us a call now!

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    Choose From Different Tile Materials

    There are various different materials to choose from when making your decision. Read up a bit about the different types of material to decide which one is best for you.

    • Porcelain tile is the most affordable and commonly used tile finish for pools. To enhance the look, you can even create designs with your tile, such as mosaic patterns, etc.
    • Stone tile is a wonderful option for creating a more natural and organic look. Stone tile often goes well with different types of backyard landscaping and is great for families with young children as the stone is resistant to becoming slippery when wet. When you are going with stone tile, you can choose from the various different types from sandstone, to limestone, or even granite.
    • Glass tile is used often to create a more luxurious look. Because glass tile has highly reflective characteristics, it creates for a beautiful and sparkling finish to your pool. As glass tile gives you the more luxurious look, you must also be prepared in that it also costs more than porcelain or stone tile.

    What Type Of Pool Tile Is Best For Swimming Pools

    Ask the Pool Guy: Tip for Swimming Pool Tile Selection

    Tiles are one of the most aesthetically appealing parts of a swimming pool. When youre looking to select thebest pool tile, the options are endless.

    You may either choose a discounted pool tile or regular ones in a variety of colors and designs.

    Though every type of tile looks has different properties, it comes down to individual preferences and overall aesthetics when designing your outdoor space.

    Here are your top options for choosing the best swimming pool tile:

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    Hire An Expert Installer

    Only an experienced installer knows the nitty-gritty of good tiling work and can help you get the desired look for your pool. A tiling expert can also guide you through the process of buying the right tiles for your pool. From choosing the right pool tile colour to deciding on the tile material and grout – polymer or thermo-polymer or silicon, the installer can help you through the complete process. Moreover, youll probably know whom to approach first when it is time to clean your pool tiles!

    What Is The Gross Grime On Your Pool Walls

    Most of the time, your waterline will get gummed up by one of two thingscalcium silicate or calcium carbonate. You’ll know these build ups by looking in sinks and tubs around your house. The whitish-grey lines, scum, and scaling on stainless steel faucets and around sink drains result from these minerals.

    No need to worry though, all water has minerals in it, so it’s completely normal to find deposits on your pool walls.

    If you start to notice algae or another kind of build-up, this guide isn’t for you. Call a professional immediately.

    Let’s explore what these deposits actually are in greater depth.

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    Ceramic And Porcelain Tile

    Ceramic and porcelain tiles have been staples of pool finishing for decades. Contrary to glass tiles, these are hand-painted with exciting designs, or they go into a mosaic mode. Nowadays, you can find them in a textured version that goes well with a surrounding landscape. Also, there is a texturized-glazed porcelain tile that is bolder and more exciting, giving a punch to a swimming pool waterline.

    Since ceramic and porcelain tiles are the most common for swimming pools, they are strong enough to withstand outdoor elements. It is a tile easy to clean, soft to the touch and easy to install.

    If you feel overwhelmed at the variety of options available, let one of your designers help you with the process. They can answer your questions and help you get a better perspective of how your pool will look once the tile is placed. Also, ask the designer which color and type of coping can combine with the waterline tile.

    Now that you the importance of having a waterline tile in your pool, get ready to call us. Our team of experts is ready to guide you through the swimming pool building process. Visit any of our offices in Houston, Beaumont or Victoria, or call us at .

    How To Pick Perfect Swimming Pool Tile

    How to Choose Swimming Pool Tiles

    Tiles are the Cadillac of pool finishes. While there are many good reasons to look into other options, you simply cant go wrong with tiles.

    Theyre durable, attractive, and easy to clean. But not all tiles are created equal.

    If youve chosen to use tile, youve won half the battle. Now, were going to help you win the other half. In this article, youll learn about the different kinds of swimming pool tile and how to pick the right one for your pool.

    Lets dive right into the deep end!

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