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What’s The Best Solar Cover For Pool

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Question: What Is The Best Pool Solar Cover Thickness

Quick demo of rolling and returning cover to the pool

Answer: With solar pool covers, there is no doubt that thicker is better. Thicker also tends to cost more, though. If you want to guarantee the most effective results possible, you will definitely want to spring for the thickest of solar pool covers like one of our 16 mil recommendations above.

Slightly thinner options can also work well, though, if you are looking to save more money.

Pool Basics 2706pb Liquid Solar Cover

Youll be able to extend your swimming season if you live in a cooler climate with Pool Basics liquid solar cover. This product works effectively with all filtration systems, including saltwater pools. Its safe to use to prevent your pool from losing heat by minimizing evaporation.

We found that this product works reasonably well to conserve water, which in turn, keeps your pool at a comfortable swimming temperature. Youll use fewer pool chemicals, as the protective layer provided by this liquid solar cover keeps chemicals from breaking down and being lost to evaporation.

Compared to other products on this list, we found that this product is a bit higher in price. Also, you may need to add to use this liquid solar cover more frequently than other products to maintain its productivity.

We could not determine if its non-toxic, biodegradable, or environmentally friendly. Safety precautions should be taken with proper storage to keep out of reach of children and pets.

  • May not be non-toxic, biodegradable, or environmentally friendly
  • Higher in price than similar products
  • May need to add product more frequently than similar products

How Do You Clean A Solar Pool Cover

An effective method of cleaning your solar pool cover starts by removing loose debris with a garden hose and sprayer. Then, mix gentle soap and water and lightly scrub any stubborn areas with the solution and a soft brush. Rinse the entire cover with the garden hose. Allow it to dry thoroughly before storing. Always avoid the use of harsh chemicals to clean the cover.

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Alternatives To Solar Pool Covers

If you arent quite ready to purchase a solar cover, consider one of the alternatives.

Liquid Pool Covers

You wouldnt think that you could reap the same benefits with a liquid solar cover as you could with a physical cover. But surprisingly enough, liquid pool covers are nearly as effective as traditional solar covers when it comes to heat retention. And in case you were wondering, yes theyre non-toxic and perfectly safe for swimmers.

That said, the main drawback of using a liquid cover is that it cant shield your water from unwanted debris. Also, consider that liquid pool covers need to be reapplied, or in other words, repurchased.

Solar Rings

Solar rings are pretty much solar pool covers but broken up into smaller rings, or circles, that connect magnetically. They wont cover your water as snug as a traditional cover, but you only need as many as it takes to cover the surface. So in the end, they may end up being a little bit less, or more than the cost of a regular cover.

Protect The Pool From Debris & Bugs

The Best Solar Pool Covers 2021 (Ultimate Buyer

If you dont cover your pool, you risk leaving it exposed to a number of elements. Leaves, debris, and even bugs can fall into the water. This can risk damaging your filter. Also, as a solar cover maintains a steady temperature, it can reduce the chance of mildew developing inside the pool as a result of uneven temperatures.

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The Different Solar Pool Cover Options

There are four solar pool cover options that are relatively popular on the market these days.

  • 1. Straight line vinyl cover: This is a sheet of vinyl that you allow to float on your swimming pools surface. As it disallows evaporation, your pool stays heated for a longer period.
  • 2. Insulated vinyl cover: Here several layers of vinyl are attached to each other with air pockets between them. This helps to prevent heat transfer from your pool into the air.
  • 3. Pool bubble cover: These are the pool covers we have covered in the review section. This design largely resembles bubble wrap, allowing heat to become trapped within the bubbles, thereby both transferring heat to your water while ensuring very little escapes. It is an extremely popular option.
  • 4. Liquid solar pool cover: This pool heating solution is relatively new on the market and the verdict is still out there. How it works, is that you have a floating dispenser that floats in your pool. It contains a non-toxic liquid chemical that floats on top of your pools water. It is said to trap solar energy. Due to the non-toxicity of the liquid chemicals, it is still perfectly safe to swim in your pool.

Pros Of Using A Liquid Solar Cover

Here are some nice benefits of using a liquid pool cover.

  • Conserves water. The average pool loses about ¼ inch of water every single day due to evaporation . That can amount to up to 20,000 gallons per year! Liquid solar covers reduce evaporation by about 30-50%, which means that you wont have to refill your pool as often or use as much water.
  • Retains heat. Because most of the heat of your pool is lost through evaporation, anything that prevents evaporation will help to keep your pool warmer longer.
  • Reduces energy costs. Since a liquid pool cover helps to retain heat, you wont have to run your pool heater quite as often, which can save you tons of money on electricity or gas.
  • You can swim with it. Unlike vinyl or plastic covers, you dont have to remove a liquid cover while you swim. It is perfectly safe and non-toxic for pets and humans.
  • Convenient. Lots of people dont use their pool covers like they should because, quite frankly, they’re a pain to unroll and place on the pool surface every time it is not in use. A liquid pool cover is simply poured on and it is working around the clock.

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Blue Wave Ns480 Solar Blanket

Just like when buying solar lily pads for pool, you also need to carefully inspect the features of the available options when getting a solar blanket for your pool. This item is one of the chart-topping solar covers sold nowadays. It is recommended for swimming pools that come with a 15ft size, and is crafted using sturdy polymer material.

Of course, we all want a solar blanket that can guarantee effectiveness, durability, and quality. This product can meet all those requirements, but expect to get it a higher price range than other options. In my opinion, I dont mind buying a more expensive solar blanket if it can exceed my expectations.

Such a solar blanket works effectively in heating pool water faster. I personally witnessed that when we got one for our above-ground pool. I like its heavy-duty and chemical-resistant design. We have been using it for a couple of years now, and so far, it hasnt caused any issues yet. Best of all, it does not turn yellow when exposed to sunlight.

  • Price is slightly high
  • A little tricky to position underwater

Intex Solar Pool Covers Brand

6 Best Pool Cover Reels 2019

Intex Brand makes various pool covers and other related pool equipment. The tradition pool covers are to be had in various sizes and forms, covering the pool and keeping it free of any dirt and leaves while ensuring no water is lost due to evaporation. The brand also has a set of pool cleaning equipment that is ideal for above ground pools, not to mention a surface skimmer and special pool heating mat. Their solar pool covers, however, are what we wish to review in a little more detail.

Best Features:

  • These pool covers come in various sizes, although it would seem the brand seems to concentrate on round, above ground pools.
  • These covers not only retain heat but reduce evaporation from your pool by up to 95%.
  • The pool cover, when fitted, fits inside your pools edge, directly on the water, and floats in place.
  • The tough PVC plastic used in the manufacture of the pool cover collects the suns energy, heats your pools water, and prevents excessive heat loss.
  • Their pool covers usually come with a handy carry bag for storage when not in use.

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What Are The Advantages Of Using A Solar Pool Cover

  • An estimated 75% of a pools heat loss is as a result of evaporation. A solar pool cover keeps the heat in, extending the period during which you can use your pool.
  • Because you do not need to heat your pool as frequently as before, you can save up to 70% of your normal pool heating costs.
  • These covers are easily trimmed to fit any shape of pool.
  • Solar covers are value for money as they are relatively cheap while saving you on heating costs in the long run.
  • Although these covers may slowly deteriorate over time, they do last for quite a long period, making them well worth the effort due to your savings on water, power, and chemicals.

How Long Does A Solar Pool Cover Last

Because a solar cover is made of plastic material, it will begin to deteriorate after a while. Also, because of the outside elements and chemicals in your pool, the pool cover will begin to dry around the corners and the bubbles will start to deflate as well. High-quality solar pool covers can remain in good quality condition for about 4-5 years on average.

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Solar Sun Rings Water Anchor

These solar sun rings 10 pack are smart options if you go for dependable heating devices that are solar activated. Since their main source of power is the energy of the sun, these are economical alternatives as they do not require the use of electricity. Hence, if you use them in heating up your pools, the process does not need to be costly.

What is more, these solar rings for inground pools are built with six sturdy magnets that connect the rings. Such devices have been tested and proven to provide the necessary heat to swimming pools no matter the current weather condition. Even first time users wont have issues with these devices placement and removal process.

More importantly, these swimming pool heating devices are specifically manufactured to allow continuous use without growing mustard algae. These units are built with refined vinyl for the top layer, as well as a 50% density slightly frosted lower layer.

Since the time we introduced these solar rings for in-ground pools, they have done an awesome job in keeping the heat in and collecting the suns energy to warm our pool regardless of the season. These units are definitely recommended to pool owners who prefer having warm pool water.

  • Do not utilize as a flotation device
  • Dont over inflate

Best Overall Option Sun2solar Blue 800 Series

Clear vs Blue Solar Pool Covers

First up is Sun2Solars Blue 800 Series Solar Pool Cover. This solar blanket has all the hallmarks of a worthy contender. We included this example due to its well-crafted design and solid effectiveness. Its blue color helps to reduce evaporation while blocking harmful UV rays.

This feature goes a long way in prolonging the life of your pool chemicals. It is also quite helpful in keeping heat trapped in your pool. Solar energy is harnessed much better when youre dealing with a blue pool cover. Solar covers like this typically take a bit longer to warm up your pool water, but the 8 mil thickness helps to balance things out.

As always, the thinner the material, the faster the solar covers heating properties. Sun2Solar delivers a nicely performing solar cover that provides excellent heating and retentio

  • Less evaporation Sun2Solars Blue 800 Series cover is designed to limit pool water evaporation by as much as 95%. Thats a huge advantage for any pool owner. With less water loss, you wont have to add water nearly as often.
  • Excellent retention The 800 Series cover shines in its ability to keep heat trapped in your pool. Thanks to its blue color, you can look forward to warmer water over a longer period of time. Your pool will even retain its heat overnight and on cloudy days.
  • 18 x 40 With so much material to work with, youll be able to apply this cover to pools of all shapes and sizes. This makes it easy to fit the cover on both traditional and freeform pools.

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How Do You Use Solar Sun Rings For Pool

When using solar rings, see to it that you inflate them first this is for them to become buoyant before they are positioned on the surface of the swimming pool. All you need to do is to inflate the exterior surface until it becomes firm.

Afterward, slightly inflate the interior section. Be sure to position the solar rings on the pools surface, so they wont have issues heating your pool water.

Some models are equipped with magnets on their edges. This makes it smooth sailing for them to remain connected and be able to cover more areas in your pool. Such magnets are also meant to keep the pool water clear. They also help prevent the rings from overlapping.

Squares or rings wont cover every section of the pool, so you could still operate your pump. This is helpful because it enables the sunlight to permeate as a result, this effectively minimizes the accumulation of algae.

Meanwhile, this could also be a disadvantage because leaves and other specks still find their way into the swimming pool. Luckily, these devices are a breeze to remove, all you have to do is to disconnect the magnets and take them out of the water.

When you are looking for solar rings for pool, maybe you also will be interested in the list of the top solar pool ionizer. Also if youre planning a picnic, dont forget to check out the list of solar ovens and outdoor solar showers.

When To Use A Solar Pool Cover

Any time youre not swimming is an excellent time to use your solar cover. Especially if its nighttime when outside temperatures are lowest. This is when your pool will cool off the fastest, so always use the cover to hold onto that heat.

So overall, use it always, because who doesnt want to save as much heat, water, and energy as possible?

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Noair Heat Squares Ns792

Are you mulling over solar rings vs solar blanket? If you prefer the latter, this product is a great catch in that you can use it for above-ground and in-ground pools of any size and shape. It features a lightweight, easy-to-set-up-and-store design, so this is a perfect alternative if you prefer specifications like these.

This solar blanket is famous for working excellently in trapping and retaining the powerful thermal energy of the sun. Plus, it is dependable in lessening instances of pool chemical loss and water evaporation. It looks built to last, all thanks to its super durable vinyl covers.

It is worth noting that this solar blanket is designed with a no-lift-lip feature that helps keep the squares from being easily carried away in windy spots. The closed cell foam is meant to guarantee unwavering buoyancy. You see, if stability is your top priority, this product can give you that.

What I like best about this item is that similar to conventional bubble solar blankets, it enables solar heat to pass through and warm our pool. I am at peace because it offers me a more economical means of warming the pool. So, I can finally say goodbye to expensive electric bills.

  • Needs a lot of sunlight for optimal performance

Do Solar Pool Covers Work

How to make a valve that heats your above ground pool with solar heat and original pump

How well do solar pool covers work? If solar blankets didnt work they would have died a long time ago. A 2016 study by Cal Poly found that solar blankets can reduce heat loss and evaporation of pool water by as much as 95%. Solar Pool Covers can also heat water to an average of at least 10 degrees.

A 2014 research by collage found that pool covers can cut energy costs by as much as 30%. Meanwhile a 2012 study by the Michigan Energy Office found that pool covers cut energy costs by about 50%. The effectiveness of a solar pool cover depends on how much pool coverage the blanket has and how much direct sunlight the swimming pool is exposed to.

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Blue Wave Ns1: Best Solar Pool Cover For Removal

Reasons to avoid

The Blue Wave NS120 is a solar pool blanket that is made up of small bubbles that insulate your swimming pool and can improve the temperature of your pool by up to 15 degrees Fahrenheit.

Since this solar pool cover is going to be directly in the sunlight, its made to be resistant to the wear and tear from UV radiation, along with the chemicals that you treat your pool water with. The Blue Wave solar pool cover is one of the pricier options in our round up, however, for what you pay, you do get a three-year warranty.

This solar pool cover is round so obviously wont be suitable for square pools, and it has been designed for above-ground swimming pools. It does, however, claim to prevent up to 95% of pool water and chemical evaporation. This means you wont have to spend as much money or time replenishing your pool.

The Blue Wave NS120 scores an average of 3.7 out of five stars on Amazon. Users that loved this solar pool cover state it raised the water temp over 20 degrees in a week. Others suggested it was easy to take off the pool, and it was very durable. Criticisms come in the form of stating this solar pool cover is thin and some users had issues with the bubbles popping and disintegrating.

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