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Where To Buy Bestway Pools

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Intex Prism Frame Or Bestway Power Steel

Bestway intex pool sand filter demonstration

If you have a bigger budget then perhaps one of these models will work in your garden. If you want to choose a Bestway swimming pool, this is their largest model. Below you will find the differences to make the right choice:

Sets including ladder, groundsheet & pool cover 427 cm or higher 427 cm or higher

The construction of both pools is similar to the models mentioned previously. A pool liner formed by a steel frame with a surrounding band that provides extra stability. Both models are supplied with a pool filter pump. A ladder, groundsheet and pool cover are also included with larger sizes. A disadvantage of the Intex Prism Frame is that the included ladder does not always meet expectations. On the other hand, the included pump is not strong enough according to some users of the Bestway Power Steel. Both pools have a good price-quality ratio, are sturdy and easy to set up.

Bestway Power Steel Frame Pools

Bestway Power Steel Frame Pool is the right pool for big families.

It is considered the best among Bestway pools. Its constructed of a strong, tough 3 ply liner that is puncture and tear-resistant supported by a durable steel frame.

Each set also includes a ladder, cover, ground cloth, and a filter pump system.

Similar to other Bestway pools, no tools are required for assembly. Assembly takes about 60 minutes.

The Bestway Power Steel Frame Pool sizes range from 10.8 ft up to 18 ft. And has a depth of 40 inches to 52 inches depending on its size.

What Customers Love

Bestway Power Steel Frame Pool also comes in rectangular and oval shapes. It is constructed with the same strong, tough 3 ply liner that is puncture and tear-resistant supported by a steel frame. Each set also includes a ladder, cover, ground cloth, and filter pump system.

The pool set does not require special tools for assembly.

What Customers Love

  • It provides good value for its size.
  • The kids enjoy using the pool the whole day.
  • The interior walls look nice.

Main Customer Complaints

  • Pump that came with the pool set is not adequate to keep the pool clean. Some customers have to upgrade their filter pump system.

Bestway : Swimming Pools

Summers coming and whats a better way to cool down than in a swimming pool. If you dont have one, install your own above ground pools in your yard. At Target, you get a wide range of options for you to choose from. The first thing you need to consider is the frame of the pool. Steel frames are durable and sturdy, resin frames are resistant to rust, corrosion and oxidation. Also, it resists dents and wraps on the wall. Or you can go for the all-time favorites inflatable or kiddie pools. Next up is the size, it usually depends on the size of your backyard but there might be restrictions by some local municipalities. Along with the size, decide the depth and the shape depending on whos using it. Now that you have a pool, you need liners to keep the bottoms and the walls safe and keep the water in place. Whether you want a pool above ground to play or use it as a spa and relax, browse our store to find the right outdoor pool for you. Add some games and make this summer a happening one. Cool down and chill on.

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How Long Do Bestway Pools Last

Above ground pools are expected to last several years but its lifespan can depend on other factors like how you maintain and clean it, how often youll be using it, and what kind of pool are you getting.

It should not be a surprise if a Bestway Power Steel pool set outlasts an inflatable Fast Set pool.

Intex Easy Set Vs Bestway Fast Set

Bestway Steel Pro Frame Above Ground Swimming Pool 18ft ...
Tri-tech material: 2 Layers of PVC surrounding a center layer of polyester mesh
Price Range
Sets Including Ladder, Ground Cover, Pool Cover 15 ft, 18 ft
90 Day Limited Manufacturer

For both companies, this is the simplest inflatable pool option. These pools are easy to assemble and ready for water quickly. As the pool fills, the water completes the assembly for you.

Both pool sets include a 110-120 V filter cartridge pump, and the larger sizes include a pool ladder, ground cover, and pool cover. The pools are also fitted with a built-in drain control valve that attaches to a hose to control the flow of water as you drain the pool at the end of the season.

Customers say these pools are easy to assemble, good value for the money, and durable.

What Intex Customers Love

  • Easy assembly and great value.
  • Some 5-star reviews even provide solutions for customer complaints in 1 and 2-star reviews.

Intex CustomersMain Complaints

  • The inflatable ring gets holes easily which leaks water from the pool.
  • The walls struggle to rise to the appropriate height.
  • Sturdy and good value for the price paid.

Bestway CustomersMain Complaints

  • Inflatable ring does not hold air allowing water to leak out.
  • Some people reported receiving a product with holes in it.

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Best Bestway Pools In 2021

Bestway is a well-renowned company for making high-quality pools. They offer a wide palette of options you can choose from, including many different sizes, shapes, and colors.

But besides the fact that each option offered is made with high criteria for quality, choosing the best Bestway pool for your garden should feature some individual preferences. Before the purchase, there are a few crucial aspects that should be considered, such as size and the ease of set-up, according to the space available and your personal needs.

Furthermore, you can read a detailed manual over those key features, explained in our buying guide. And in addition, we have completed Bestway pool reviews to show you the best products on the market. Once you have finished reading our guide, you will know how to choose the best Bestway above ground pool for you.


If you are looking for a large swimming surface, the Bestway Round Steel Frame Pool is the option that is designed to serve greatness. Heat and water can cause serious harm to the pool, but luckily, with the rust and corrosion-resistant coating over the frame, you shouldn’t worry about UV and abrasion damage at all. A secure joint connection resistant to bending or leaking is provided thanks to the seal & lock system, ensuring that the pool is safe and durable. In addition, the durability is maximized with a full PVC construction, and on top – it is easy to install too.


Can You Heat A Bestway Pool

Yes. If you live in a climate where you need to heat the pool, then you can do it. Keep in mind though, that the pool heater will likely cost almost as much as the pool itself!

A more affordable option is simply adding a solar cover to your Bestway Pool. These covers lay on top of the water when the pool is not in use and helps to transfer the suns heat into the water.

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How To Disassemble And Winterize An Above

We know people who leave their steel-frame pools assembled all winter, but as I mentioned above, we have always chosen to take ours down.

Heres how we winterize our pool:

1. Let the Chlorine Evaporate

When were finished with the pool for the year , we let the water sit for 7-10 days so the chlorine evaporates. Yes, it will turn green!

2. Drain as much water as you can with a hose.

Simply connect a garden hose to the drain to get most of the water out into the street .

3. Use a SubPump to get all the water out.

Once the water was below the drain hole, we used a mini sub-pump to get the rest of the water out.

4. Clean the inside of the liner.

We clean our pool liner it with vinegar spray and our deck scrub brush .

5. Suck up any last bits of water or debris.

We used our shop vac to get any last little bits of water out and then let it sit in the sunshine for a few hours to TOTALLY DRY.

6. Disassemble the pool frame:

Once the liner was completely clean and dry, we disassembled the pool.

In full disclosure, we had a really hard time getting the steel frame apart specifically removing the steel poles from the pool perimeter .

After a lengthy struggle with this, we decided to keep the long sides of the pool liner connected to the frame, and just took the curved ends and the legs off.

If we were to assemble a pool like this again, we probably would rub Vaseline or another type of lubricant over the poles before attaching the liner.

7. Bring the pump inside.

Bestway Steel Pro Pool Sets

How to find the Serial Numberonly for Pool & Spa

The Bestway Steel Pro Frame Pool Set is best for families with children of at least 6 years of age.

It has a 3-ply PVC support band and a durable PVC wall supported by strong, rust, and corrosion-resistant steel frames. The support band surrounds the entire pool to keep the steel frame stable and in place.

Pool assembly does not require any specialized tools for easy setup. A flow-controlled drain valve provides a solution for emptying the excess water.

Pool sets include a filter pump, ladder, cover, and ground cloth.

The Bestway Steel Pro Frame Pool set comes in 8 ft up to 18 ft diameter sizes.

What Customers Love

  • The pool is easy to set up.
  • The frame is sturdy enough to support all the water in the pool.

Main Customer Complaints

  • Customers dont think the pump that came with the pool is enough to keep it clean.

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Bestway Lil Champ Play Centre

Bestway Lil Champ Play Centre features a fun slide six bowling pins one basketball stand four play balls and two inflatable rings. The pool … 15cm x 39.3cm Package Content:1 x Play pool 1 x Slide 6 x Bowling Pin 1 x …


… Lava Lagoon Play Centre The Bestway Lava Lagoon Play Centre features a fun slide an inflatable and detachable water blob an inflatable ball ramp as well as an inflatable ring toss game. The pool is made with sturdy pre …


… inspected once every four years. If a Victorian residential pool or spa has a depth of 30cm or more (300mm … required: Yes Number of packages: one Package Content Bestway Inflatable Sports Board X1 Blower X1 Carry bag x …


… Sea Life Play Centre The Bestway Sea Life Play Centre features a fun slide an inflatable ball ramp and an inflatable ring toss game The pool is made child-safe with the sturdy pre-tested vinyl safety valves cushioned …


… , 0.45-0.85mm, approximately 8.5kg For use with 300-4,200gallons pools Specifications: Brand: Bestway Rating: 220-240V, 85W Pump’s water flow rate : 530 gal./h( 2,006 L/h …


… fun back with minimum fuss. So get yourself pumped up for a sizzling cool summer with the Bestway Rapid Rider. Order yours today! Features 4-person pool 18.0 / 16.0ga. sturdy pre-tested vinyl Screw valve …


















Intex Frame Pool Or Bestway Steel Pro Max

If you want a more solid pool, than these above ground pools may work for you. These pools also differ in several ways:

Sets, including ladder, groundsheet and pool cover 457 cm, 549 cm 457 cm

Both pools have a similar construction. The steel frame forms the pool liner, while a strap made of the same material as the liner provides extra stability. Both the Intex Frame pool and the Bestway Steel Pro Max are easy and quick to set up, so you can quickly enjoy the pool in your garden. A pool filter pump is not always included, but sets including a pump are often available. Both models have a double connection to improve water circulation. To drain the pool easily at the end of the season, a drain valve is included in all pools. The larger sizes include a ladder, groundsheet and pool cover. Although the models have many positive similarities, there are also some differences in terms of disadvantages. The pump included with an Intex Frame pool is often not strong enough. To compensate, you may need to purchase a separate swimming pool filter pump. The quality of the pump with the Bestway Steel Pro Max can also be disappointing. Both pools are easy to set up, robust and have a good price-quality ratio.

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How Many Years Do Intex Or Bestway Pool Lasts

Both Intex and Bestway pools can last many years if youre able to maintain your pool properly. The number of years may vary depending on several factors like your usage, maintenance routine, and what you put under the pool.

Most pool owners report that theyre able to use their above ground pools for at least 8 years before they have to change its liners.

Select Your Preferred Purchase Method

Bestway 13.5FT Above Ground Swimming Pool
  • Water Capacity : 15,232 L
  • 4.27×1.22m
  • The pool walls are constructed with DuraPlus, a material reinforced with a polyester mesh core and two layers of high gauge PVC for superior strength and durability
  • Realistic Prismatic Stone printing provides the pool with a beautiful print that adds texture and a rich blue color to the inner liner
  • Contents: One pool, filter pump , ladder , pool cover , compatible with Type Il cartridge

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Intex Vs Bestway Pools Review: Which Pool Set Is Best For You

So, youve decided an above-ground pool is right for you. Now you are deciding on Intex vs Bestway pools for your backyard this summer. They seem very similar, but what are the differences? Which one is better?

Spoiler Alert: Intex and Bestway Pools are actually both very good brands that consumers love! Rather than finding out which one is better, find out which one is best for you.

Bestway Pool Reviews & Best Buying Guide 2021

If you and your family are looking to add a bit of fun and excitement to your backyard, then you might consider adding a swimming pool. Unfortunately, adding a pool can be quite expensive.

Weve put together a great Bestway pool review here. Bestway pools have made pool ownership within reach for those without an unlimited budget.

If you are considering giving the gift of a backyard pool for your family this year, then read our review and recommendations on which Bestway pool to get. You and your family can be poolside with fun & games in no time!

Lets start with the basics

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Bestway Swimming Pool Above Ground Kids Pools Lifeguard Slide Inflatable

… out for jaws! Let your kids and friends have a splashing great time with our Bestway Lifeguard Slide Play Pool. Featuring a wonderful play area with a jaws theme, the pool has fun removable slide that can be fixed to the …


… your kids have a splashing great time with our Bestway Rainbow Slide Play Pool. Featuring a wonderful play area with colourful rainbow and sunglass-wearing sun decorations, the pool has a fun removable slide that can be …


Enjoy spectacular light and water shows on your own backyard pool with our 2-in-1 Bestway LED Floating Pool Fountain. The fountain sprays water up to 1m high and has two patterns – pulse and high beam. The LED light …


… science and the handy installation guide will assist you in getting the Bestway Power Steel Pro Above-ground Pool up and running fast for a great summer pool bash. Don’t wait till the mercury hits high noon. Features …


Just like the wild wild west, the Bestway® Wild West Play Pool lets your kids enjoy the thrill of being a real cowboy out on the frontier. First up, they will certainly love the horseplay while riding on the included …


… . heat capability: 40°C Assembly required: YesNumber of packages: one Package Content Bestway SPA pool x1Pool liner x1Pool cover x1SPA pump x1ChemConnect dispenser x1Filter cartridge x1User Manual x1 Excluded …





Intex Prism Frame Vs Bestway Power Steel

How To Keep Your Bestway Pool Clean | 3 Simple Steps | for Bestway Pool & Intex Pool
Intex Prism Frame
3 Ply Liner and Powder Coated Steel Frame Tri-tech material and Steel Frame with rust-resistant coating
Price Range
Sets Including Ladder, Ground Cover, Pool Cover 14 ft and above
90 Day Limited Manufacturer

One unique feature of both pools is that they are offered in round, rectangle, and oval shapes. The basic construction is similar to the Intex Metal Frame and Bestway Steel Pro: a liner set on a steel frame supported by an all-around band. However, these are offered in larger sizes with varying shapes.

All pools come with a 110-120 V pool pump and the larger sets also come with the ladder, ground cloth, and pool cover. A special feature you will only find on the Bestway Swim Vista series is the reinforced, fortified windows built into the sides of the pool. This allows for supervision from the outside and fun interaction between spectators and swimmers.

However, there have been complaints of the windows leaking within months of purchase. Most customers feel that these pools are sturdy, good value, and easy to assemble.

What Intex Customers Love

  • Customer service is difficult to work with.
  • Some reports of leaking liners.

What about accessories?

Bestway offers a robotic cleaner, replacement filters, upgraded pumps, and more. Intex also offers these maintenance items. They also offer other accessories such as a pool bench and hydro flow swim trainer.

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