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Where To Buy Ez Pool Chemicals

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Our New Elkhorn Location Has Your Favorites

E-Z Pool All In One Pool Care Solution

Our new Elkhorn location, at Pacific Pointe Shopping Center, will be opening this month! Thats right, next time youre looking for an Omaha pool company you can trust youll find it in two locations. Our second store will offer all of your favorite pool and spa products including Bullfrog Spas, in-ground self cleaning pools, and our best selling E-Z Pool care program.

Ready For A Consistently Clean Pool

E-Z Pool eliminatesall the headaches of traditional water maintenance programs that require amultitude of chemicals. The problem with those programs is they are based on areactive rather than preventive model. They rely on waiting until theres aproblem then treating it. E-Z Pool is proactive, meaning it prevents waterproblems from ever occurring and the dangers associated with them.

Stop by either of our store locations and pick up your E-Z Pool water care products today. Find us at either our G Street or Elkhorn locations every day of the week!

Always The Right Pool

We have every size imaginable. Hard to believe? Well, consider this, every portable pool from EZ Pools is Made-to-Order. Unlike everybody else, we do not stock a limited number of sizes. Instead we always have the size you want.

Sadly, backyards are getting smaller. Making owning your own cool and refreshing swimming pool, in the privacy of your own backyard, harder to enjoy. But because we do not make your portable pool until you order it, we can help maximize the available space with as big of an EZ Pool as you can fit. You can also change the color of the pool too. All kinds of wonderful swimming opportunities await you with EZ Pool.

Enjoy avacation at home. Stay active and stay healthy and swim everyday.

The Most Eco-Friendly Portable Pool

Our Eco-Safe mentality helped make an EZ Pool a Kind-to-Earth Pool as well as being kind to the environment. There are many choices for families in search of a lap swimming pool, but our Eco-Kind Pools offer more Organic Pool Heating choices, more Organic Pool Maintenance choices and even allow you the opportunity to create an All-Natural Pool.

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More Gentle On Vinyl Liners Than Shock

Adding shock directly to pools with vinyl liners may permanently damage the liners when granules sink to the bottom and bleach out the liner. For those consumers looking to replace their existing system, we recommend E-Z POOL. It is compatible with all pool surfaces and won’t damage your liner.

In the event there is an algae outbreak, dose with the appropriate amount of chlorinated shock per the product directions.

Vinyl Shock Replacement

Daily: Follow the local guidelines fir your chosen sanitization system.

  • Weekly: Oxidize pool with one scoop of E-Z POOL per 10,000 gallons of pool water.
  • Monthly: Test and balance pool as needed.

Frequently Asked Pool Chemical Questions

Other Pool Chemicals and Testing 181060: * E

What is pool pH?

Pool pH refers to the measure of acidity in your pool water. The pH scale is measured from 0 14. A pH of 7 is considered neutral. Above 7 and your pool water is basic and below 7 and your pool water is acidic.

What is the ideal pH for your pool?

The ideal pH for your pool water is 7.2- 7.8 because 7.4 most closely matches the alkalinity of your body.

How do you check the pH of your pool?

You can use chemical test strips to test your pools pH.

How do you adjust your pools pH?

To adjust your pools pH, first test the water and then add more chemicals accordingly. Be careful not to add too many chemicals – its much easier to add more than to compensate for too many. Click here for a guide to see the ideal ranges for each type of chemical in your pool.

How often should you check your pools pH?

You should check your pools pH on a weekly basis.

What is a pool oxidizer?

A pool oxidizer chemically destroys organic elements in your pool. Using an oxidizer is also called shocking your pool water, which is necessary to properly maintain your pool. Oxidizers can help you quickly restore your pools water clarity.

How often should you use an oxidizer?

You should use an oxidizer in your pool every couple of weeks. Add it to your pool by broadcasting it over the surface.

What is the difference between stabilized and unstabilized pool chlorine?

How often should you add unstabilized pool chlorine to your pool?

What are chlorine tablets used for?


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Some Trichloroisocyanuric Acid Packaging

  • Payment term: T/T 30% in advance and T/T 70% against copy of B/L. or 100% L/C at sight.
  • Shipment time: Within 3 weeks after confirming order.
  • Delivery: Ships as 5.1 grade material per UN NO.2468.
  • We take photos of every stage of the process and can send them to you. Before we ship the container, you will have photos and lab test results.

Provide quality after-sale service once the container is received.& nbsp& nbsp In case the product is damaged, we will refund you or resend a new packaging. & nbsp& nbsp Also, if the goods are not as per your specification, we will callback the container at our cost, or compensate you as per our agreement.

The No Algae Guarantee

For this product to be attractive and create a desire to move our clients away from more traditional treatments, there needs to be some kind of hook. Therefore, E-Z Pool has created a No-Algae Guarantee. Located towards the bottom of their product page, they make the following statement:

*E-Z POOL offers a No Algae Guaranteed!

The Program is simple: In the unlikely event a pool using E-Z POOL and Revive! gets algae, we will cover the cost to eliminate it!

*Limited to reimbursement to dealer for cost of chlorine shock only to eliminate algae in a residential swimming pool. Requires verification of the E-Z POOL Startup program and proper application/dosage of E-Z POOL with a documented water test from an authorized dealer .

By purchasing this chemical product from Antees Pools you receive this chemical guarantee. As you may already know, Antees Pools has been in business since 1995. Weve come along way since our inception, and its through our alignment with superior brands such as E-Z Pool that we stay ahead of industry trends.

We are proud to provide this superior level of support to our new clients and existing customers. By shopping with Antees Pools, purchasing E-Z Pool & completing regular chemistry checks with our office you can receive this same Algae-Free Guarantee!

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Guangdong Laswim Water Environment Equipment Co Ltd

Sand Filter, Pool Pump, Pool Underwater Light manufacturer / supplier in China, offering Swimming Pool Water Treatment System Top-Mount Sand Filter with Pump, Swimming Pool Top Mount Sand Filter with Pump and Chemical Feeder, Sand Filter with Pump System, Swimming Pool Sand Filter, Pump and Chemical Feeder Combo and so on.

Suppliers with verified business licenses

No Algae Guaranteed With The E

All About Speck Pumps | Swimming Pool Pumps | E-Z Test Pool Supplies

The program is simple, in the unlikely event a pool using E-Z POOL and REVIVE gets algae, APi will cover 100% of the cost of chemicals necessary to eliminate it!*

Simply start each season with a dosage of Revive and follow the usage instructions for E-Z POOL. In the low probability that your pool has an algae outbreak and the calcium level is above 350ppm, Royal Swimming Pools will provide the necessary chlorine-based shock products, at no charge to you, in order to quickly kill the algae. Once the algae is eliminated, you’re clear to re-treat your pool with Revive and E-Z POOL and your No Algae Guarantee* starts again!

*The No Algae Guarantee is only applicable to residential swimming pools, requires verification of the E-Z POOL startup program and proper application/dosage of E-Z POOL with a documented water test from an authorized dealer .

E-Z POOL’s formula allows you to enjoy clear, soft, odorless, algae free pool water without leaving residue on your hair and skin. E-Z POOL also eliminates confusion about pool chemistry and the need to purchase and use multiple products. Go ahead, make it EZ and use E-Z POOL as your primary water care program.

Additional resources for your pool maintaining journey:

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A Well Balanced Product

Now that weve covered the basics, what exactly is E-Z Pool and how does it work? Well for starters, for E-Z Pool to work correctly, the engineers that designed the product based on problems commonly faced by pool owners.

From algae growth to cloudy water, improper chlorine levels and hard water the issues were endless. Therefore, the designers of E-Z Pool decided to be proactive and create a pro-active chemical that attacks these issues before they can take root.

As you can see from the puzzle image one scoop of E-Z Pool contains various amounts of the following chemical treatments:

  • Algaecide
  • Total Alkalinity Balance
  • Clarifier

The dosages for these chemicals are already mixed in the E-Z Pool bucket which means all you need to do is apply it once a week. If you ever have any questions along the way or want to retest your water, we are here to help!

Offering Ups Shipments To Your Home

One amazing aspect of E-Z Pool is the fact that it is non-hazardous. What this means for us is that we can ship this product directly to you via UPS. Therefore, if you live a good distance away from Antees Pools but are still interested in purchasing E-Z Pool, no problem! We can just box up a bucket and ship it out via UPS to your home. Youll receive this product within one or two business days and see for yourself how easy pool ownership can be!

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Why Water Care Systems Are Essential For Pools

Undoubtedly, having a pool in your backyard can be a blessing during the hot summer months. However, maintaining a pool can require some effort on your part. If you neglect to do so, the water can quickly turn hazy or even green, making it unsuitable for human use. Below are some reasons why water care systems are essential for pools:

  • Maintain proper chemical levels to ensure a clean and clear pool. The two important factors to monitor are chlorine and pH level. Poorly balanced pool water can result in undesirable effects in humans such as dry skin, red eyes, itching, and more. in addition, cloudy water makes it hard to navigate around the pool besides posing as a health hazard.
  • Reduce maintenance costs in the long run. If you do not introduce a quality water care system in your pool, you may end up having to spend more on maintenance when dirt and debris have accumulated, for instance.
  • Get rid of bacteria which can cause diseases. You do not want to swim in a dirty, unhealthy pool, and neither do your guests.
  • Keep your pool functioning all year round. Do not neglect pool maintenance during the colder months when it is not used regularly. When the weather starts to warm up again, you will have a big problem on your hands getting your pool ready to receive visitors.

The Better Portable Pool

Where to Buy E

EZ Pools® are unlike traditional swimming pools, as they are considerably easier to assemble and can typically be up and ready for water in a matter of a couple of hours, compared to days, weeks or months with traditional swimming pools. This “portability” affords an EZ Pool so much more flexibility in creating opportunities where none existed before.

From Carton to Completion EZ Pools are the Perfect DIY Pool. The simplistic yet incredibly durable design of an EZ portable Pool allow customers to be able to achieve many more uses and applications that a traditional in-ground or above ground pool just can not offer. Here are just a few examples or where an easy and affordable EZ Pool was able to work where others could not.

An EZ Pool offers you so much more than just portablity. Because every EZ Pool is made-to-order, we offer more choices in sizes, colors and depths. EZ Pools can help turn your Backyard Oasis into an Affordable Reality.

An EZ Pool is not a kiddy pool. If you are looking for a throw-away pool for the kiddies, then you are better off going to the grocery store for that. We offer you all the features and benefits of traditional swimming pools without the cost and hassle. Gallon for gallon, an EZ Pool costs 1/10th the cost of a traditional swimming pool – but still provides a durable and attractive backyard solution.

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Stains On Your Pool Liner Or Pool Floor

Stains can sometimes occur on your pool liner, floor or other areas of your pool. These stains could be caused by algae and bacteria, but also from the overuse of pool chemicals or from a misused pool ionizer which may be releasing an incorrect or inconsistent amount of copper and silver ions. Stain and scale control is an effective pool chemical that helps pool owners prevent and treat scale and stains on their pool’s lining.

Application Of Pool Chlorine Tablets

  • The chlorine tablets for pool can be widely used for swimming pool and drinking water treatment, cleaning the industrial circulating water.
  • It is also widely used as a disinfectant in many fields such as sericulture, animal husbandry, aquaculture, and epidemic prevention.
  • In industry, it can be used as a treatment agent for circulating industrial water, wool shrink-proofing agent or chlorinating agent, etc.
  • In agriculture, it can prevent plant diseases and insect pests, keep fruits and vegetables fresh, and be used as an insecticide for seeds and soil.

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Ladders And Steps Provide Safety And Ease For Your Pool

A ladder, steps and rails are an important and often overlooked safety feature to any pool. Ladders and steps offer assistance to young, tired or inexperienced swimmers, helping them get in and out of the pool safely.

Steps are an important feature for anyone with limited mobility. Water is a great way to rehabilitate a serious injury. Don’t let a lack of steps stop you from enjoying your pool after recovering from a knee injury or other serious surgery. With steps in place you can safely get back into your pool as soon as your doctor says it is okay.

Ez Pool Water Care System

Advice & easy guide on swimming pool chemicals for above ground Intex & Bestway splasher pools

Are you looking for a reliable and effective water care system for your pool? Whether they are for public or private use, the water in swimming pools needs to be treated regularly to keep it clear of harmful substances. During this process, algae, bacteria, and other pathogens are removed, keeping the water visually clear as well as safe for human use.

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Ez Pool Concentrated Pool Blend Water Care

& Return this item for free

  • Free returns are available for the shipping address you chose. You can return the item for any reason in new and unused condition: no shipping charges
  • Go to your orders and start the return
  • Select the return method
    • Make sure this fitsby entering your model number.
    • E-Z Pool 10# Bucket
    • Combines simplicity with incredible water quality in a once a week application
    • Convenient and easy to use
    • Less chemicals, less testing and less hassle
    • E-Z Pool provides the easiest, cleanest and most convenient solution to swimming pool water care

    About The Ez Pool Water Care System

    There are many ways to treat the water in your home pool and keep it in optimal condition to be enjoyed by friends and family. Having a good water care system can make a big difference. At AquaVision Pool & Spa, we have developed the EZ pool water care system to this purpose. As an all-in-one treatment, the EZ pool keeps your water balanced by using copper sulfate to get rid of more than 20,000 strains of algae.

    In addition, bacteria and other substances such as lotions, oils and cosmetics are burned up by the powerful oxidants in our water care system. Built-in water softeners ensure the most comfortable swimming experience, eliminating worries about dry or irritated skin after a swim.

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    Too Much Algae In Your Pool

    If you notice algae growing in your pool then you may not be using enough chemicals to control the growth of algae and other harmful bacteria. If you see the green or brown tinge of algae along your pool liner or floor then you may want to consider an algaecide which comes in liquid and solid block/tablet form.

    Protect Your Pool With A Safety Cover

    Caribbean Blue CHLOR

    Keep your family, friends, and pets safe this winter with a Safety Cover. A Safety Cover is the easiest, safest, and most economical choice over time. It makes closing your pool a breeze. Our covers are made in Canada with safety first in mind. Manufactured with lightweight, BioShade MeshTM material, our Covers offer a user-friendly design thats easy to handle, use, and store. The simple anchoring system lets you take your cover on or off with ease using the included installation bar.

    Whats Included With Your Safety Cover?

    Your new Safety Cover comes with a box of hardware that will be used during installation. The items included in these boxes are specific to each pool owners unique shape and specs and include:

    • Custom measurement to provide the best possible fit for your pool
    • Spring loaded anchors
    • Installation bar
    • Allan key with handle
    • Ability to cover pools with jump rocks, stone waterfalls, sheer descent waterfalls, and almost any other feature
    • Available in four great colours – Tan, Grey, Green & Blue

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