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Where To Buy Glass Sand For Pool Filter

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Looking for the right product for your application? Use our Search Database to find everything you need.

Sand Master Soft Above Ground Pool Filter


If you are looking out for an economical filtering system for your above ground pool that is below 10,000 gallons in capacity then this would be what you should be buying. The Sand Master Soft Sided Above Ground Pool Sand Filter System is designed and manufactured for pools with a capacity of 9,600 gallons or less. This best sand filter for above ground pools would run at optimum efficiency with low cost operation when provided the right credentials to operate in. The 20 Gallons per minute flow rate is enhanced with the 110~120 Volt pump which has built in safety features to operate in any harsh environment.

Review Summary- Sand Master Soft Sided Above Ground Pool Sand Filter System

The multi-port, 4-way function control valve is the core of all operations in this best sand filter for above ground pools ensuring superlative performance at its best. The system operates very efficiently providing the most conducive operational environment to exude optimum efficiency. The 42 pounds of filtering sand held inside the corrosion resistant 12 inches tank ensures that every drop of water kisses the sand whilst passing through. This superlative passing through of water in the sand leaves all dust, dirt and debris behind whilst bring out crystal water into the pool.

Hayward S166t92s Proseries Above Ground Pool Sand Filter


The filter tank is corrosion free which has been designed and manufactured to withstand the vagaries of Nature and for long lasting high performance with tough color fast material. Built from a single mold it would stand the test of time as it is durable in use and operation. The 7-function patented multiport valve with its VariFlo technology an innovation by Hayward allows for easy operation between the various functions with a flip of the switch. Positioned conveniently on the top of the filter it could be changed between, filter, waste, winter, back wash, recirculation, rinse, and even left closed very easily.

Review Summary- Hayward S166T92S ProSeries Sand Filter System

Installation of the Hayward S166T92S ProSeries Sand Filter System is very easy and it could be up and running in double quick time without any professional help being needed. The system would ensure optimum flow even when the pressure drops ensuring every grain of sand in the filter is used to bring out clean, clear and healthy water into the pool. This is one of the best above ground pool filters and coming from the House of Hayward it stand by its promises and delivers quality at its best.

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Recycled Glass Swimming Pool Media How It Works

Silica sand is generally spherical in shape, if you think of a grain of sand as a ball. Due to the crushing process, recycled glass is generally angular or cube in shape. If you can now imagine a ball of sand of 1mm and a cube of glass of 1mm, they will both effectively occupy the same volume, but the six sides of the glass cube will have a greater surface area than the ball of the same diameter.

Filtration is dependent on the amount of surface area you have recycled glass filter media gives you a much greater level of filtration for the same volume kg per kg of silica sand. In addition to a high filtration level, the higher surface area also means in certain circumstances you can use up to 15% less media than traditional silica sand.

Best Choice Products Pro Above Ground Pool Filter Sand

Fibreglass Sand Swimming Pool Filter 25in


Combining a 1HP pump and 175 pounds of sand the Best Choice Products Pro Above Ground Swimming Pool Pump Sand Filteris the best sand filter for above ground pools. The complete system revolves around the filter tank which is designed and manufactured to the highest international standards using high grade thermoplastic. It is made to last a very long time providing exceptional service all through its lifetime. It would stand the tough elements of Nature and is corrosion free. Operated on 110~120 Voltage, 60 Hz, at 8.8 amps, it would pump through 4,500 Gallons per hour ensuring quick turnaround filtration in double quick time. It is designed for low cost operation but ensuring clean, clear and healthy water in the pool at all times.

Review Summary Best Choice Products Pro Above Ground Swimming Pool Pump Sand Filter

The water flowing through would be exposed to the optimum sand surface thereby increasing filtration efficiency and when back washing is needed it would perform on par ensuring the cleanup is fast. The required hose and clamps are delivered with the best above ground pool sand filter hence it is a very simple DIY once you receive the unit. The strong and sturdy mounting tray would ensure that both the filter and pump are closely held together for efficient performance.

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Reasons Why Activate Glass Filter Media Is More Effective Than Sand

  • Better filtration with up to 300 times more surface area than sand for clearer water.
  • Attracts and captures harmful bacteria with a negatively charged filter media for cleaner water.
  • Prevents the growth of bacteria and algae with a self-sterilizing surface that for healthier water.

What is Activate? Activate is made from recycled glass that goes through a patented process of decontamination, sterilization, shaping and activation. It is made at a state-of-the-art manufacturing plant located in Scotland. Activate attracts and captures bacteria and algae to prevent the formation of biofilm. Biofilm occurs when bacteria gather in groups and form a shield that will protect them from the highest levels of chlorine . Over 90% of biofilm forms inside of your filter. This dramatically decreases the effectiveness of your filter and therefore adversely effects the health of your pool water. Activate lowers chemical consumption, reduces pool maintenance and provides you with the peace of mind your family expects and deserves.

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Best Choice Products Pro 2400gph Above Ground Pool Filter


Designed and manufactured especially for above ground pools with a capacity of up to 10,000 gallons with an ETL listing which authenticates that this best sand filter for above ground pools has been independently tested. It ensures that the sand filter meets all statutory safety standards and also carries the CSA certification. This ensures that the Best Choice Products Pro 2400GPH 13 Sand Filter Above Ground is product that meets high standards in design and manufacture. The heavy duty pump operates at optimum efficiency and it is thermal protected with a strainer basket to trap any debris flowing through it.

Review Summary- Best Choice Products Pro 2400GPH 13 Sand Filter Above Ground

This would ensure it would operate for years without causing much of a concern and breakdowns are completely eliminated. The valve is 4-way multiport and includes a system tray a built in gauge with the electric cable and three pin plug top which is protected by GFCI. The overall dimensions of the unit are 23.5 x 13 inches enabling it to operate from any convenient location near the pool.

The filter tank is a single piece of thermoplastic has been blow molded to create a strong, sturdy, corrosion free unit which sits on a universal base that is also with no chance of being corroded as it is made of high grade plastics. The versatile 4-function control valve sits atop the filter tank enabling easy operation, whether it is filtration, back washing or just shutting it down.

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What Size Filter Do I Need For My Pool

Selecting the right size filter for the pool is not an entirely easy task, yet you need to make sure that your pool is clean, open and safe. So at first step of choosing the right size filter of the pool is to find the right size of the pool pump.

Most of the people end up with purchasing a pool pump which is bigger than the one they want. Most of the time this can be an expensive mistake. The more significant pool pumps are costly and might increase the energy consumption rather than a usual pump. The worse part of this is that a too large pump can even overpower the filter system. On the other hand, a pump which is very small might lack power which it wants to pump efficiently and to filter the swimming pool. Eventually, it might lead to the growth of algae or bacteria.

Sand Filter Media Filtering Ability

Glass vs sand swimming pool filter media: which is better?

Filter media sand can catch anything thats big enough to be stuck on the medias jagged edges. This can be particles all the way down to 20 microns in size. Filter Media Glass on the other hand is negatively charged, attracting particles all the way down to 5 to 10 microns, which puts it right up there in cartridge filter territory when it comes to water clarity.

Winner: Filter Media Glass

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Sand Filter Backwashing And Water Usage

In many tests, backwashing sand filters that use filter media glass took much less time that those using traditional filter media sand. The average time to backwash a filter using glass media was around 2:34 while a filter using quartz sand averaged around 3:21 which means that that quartz sand uses 23% more water when it comes to backwashing when compared with filter media glass. The reason for this may be is that filter media glass has less density than sand, which means theres less media to go through on a weight-by-weight basis. Another reason for this is that since glass only holds on to particles with a static charge, the debris is easily released when backwashed, unlike sand where particles are physically stuck to the jagged edges of the media.

Winner: Filter Media Glass

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Gph 19 Sand Filter Above Ground Pool Filter


The pump and filter are designed and manufactured to high quality standards thus marrying perfectly together delivering superlative performance in filtering above ground pools to leave the water clean, clear and healthy. Sand is one of the most economical mediums in pool filtration and the 4500GPH 19 Sand Filter w/ 1HP Above Ground Swimming Pool Pump does a great job with it. It is the best sand filter for above ground pools ensuring optimum flow rates with a low noise design also incorporated into it. Whilst being energy efficient it operates at the lowest decibels ensuring optimum filtration utilizing every cubic inch of sand to bring out crystal clear water. This is possible by ensuring the sand height level exposed to water is at optimum hence providing efficient filtration.

Review Summary 4500GPH 19 Sand Filter w/ 1HP Above Ground Swimming Pool Pump

The performance of this best sand filter pump for above ground pool is further enhanced by the multi-port 5-way valve to ensure every operational aspect is controlled to optimum efficiency. It would also enhance quick back washing when debris and dust collected would need to be promptly flushed out. The pumps use a capacitor start system to provide uninterrupted operation for optimum performance.

How The Filter Works

Top Mount Fibre Glass Sand Filter Buy top mount fibre ...

Pool water comes from the circulation pump into the filter where small debris particles are removed through depth or surface filtration, and then goes on to the heater or back to the pool.

A filter works through mechanical separation of water and debris through surface or depth filtration. Sand filters use special filter sand, cartridge filters pass water through a fibrous element, and DE filters pass water through a thin layer of diatomaceous earth that is coated onto a grid.

A gauge located on the filter or valve can be used to measure the back pressure or resistance in your filter system. When the pressure increases by 10 psi, the filter should be cleaned to reduce resistance and improve water flow.

Cartridge filters require disassembly and cleaning of the cartridge periodically to remove debris from the filter.

DE and Sand filters require periodic backwashing to remove debris from the filter. To accomplish this water is directed through the pool filter by a valve . Once the water runs through the filter, it flows to the pool heater or back into the pool. To backwash, the valve is manipulated to reverse flow and direct debris-filled water to waste.

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Hayward Sm1906t 19 Sand Master Above Ground Pool Filter


Hayward has been a name to reckon with in the swimming pool equipment industry and has been innovating and introducing cutting edge technological products over the last 80 years. That is the reputation that they have built for themselves and is today in the forefront in this industry. The Hayward SM1906T 19 Sand Master Above Ground Sand Filter is just one of the many hundreds of products they have introduced. The epitome in filtration is what this best sand filter for above ground pools has to offer and it is without doubt a superlative product. The highly efficient filtration coupled with the balanced back washing offer discerning pool owners just what they would need. Superbly cleaned and crystal clear water in their pools which would be safe for the family is all that they would want.

Review Summary- Hayward SM1906T 19 Sand Master Above Ground Sand Filter

The corrosion resistant reinforced specially designed and molded tank is manufactured from heavy duty strong single mold thermoplastic to withstand the tough conditions which would be thrown at it by unrelenting Nature. Trouble free operation with minimal maintenance is what this best above ground pool filters from Hayward has to offer. The Hayward warranty which backs all their products would be made available to the Hayward SM1906T 19 Sand Master Above Ground Sand Filter too.

Filtration Sand Or Glass: Which One To Choose

Youve been using sand in your pool filter for years, but youre wondering about filtration glass? More and more people are turning to glass as a replacement for sand, but does it meet your needs? Choosing between these two filtration media may seem difficult, but our experts have looked into the subject to help you make an informed decision!

Please note that it is perfectly possible to use filtration glass in a sand filter. You wont have to change your equipment if you switch from sand to glass.

Find out which filtration medium gets the edge based on the main selection criteria.

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The Definite Sand Filter Media Guide

Over the years there has been one king of sand filter media, and that is well sand! Now weve been getting a lot of questions about different sand filter media types so we decided to highlight the key differences between sand and glass filter media so when it comes time to replacing your sand filter media, you can make the right decision. Were going to go through the two most used sand filter media which is sand and glass, the other media types like zeolite/zelbrite and D.E. are pretty niche in their application so we wont be covering them here.

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The Amount Of Water Your Pool Holds

Before you choose a pool filter, you need to find out how much of water your pool can contain. It is quite simple if you got a nice rectangular shape pool, but it would be difficult when your layout of the pool is complex. There are four types of designs as rectangular, oval, round and kidney.

Pool depth- no matter what is the shape of your swimming pool, you want to calculate the average depth of your pool. If youre going to do it, you need to find the most in-depth section of your pool and the shallowest section to identify the average among them.

Hayward S210t93s Proseries Above Ground Pool Sand Filter


Hayward a name synonymous with pool equipment with an 80 year indelible history behind them offers the Hayward S210T93S ProSeries 21-Inch 1.5 HP Sand Filter Pump which is undoubtedly the best sand filter for above ground pools. It is bestowed with the efficiently operated patented multi-port, 7- position specially designed and manufactured VariFlo system. Set the required operation selecting from rinse, back wash, recirculate, filter, waste, winter and closed for fast action filtration. This ensures optimum flow even at lower pressures for superlative and fast filtration.

Review Summary Hayward S210T93S ProSeries 21-Inch 1.5 HP Sand Filter Pump

The 1 ½ HP PowerFlo Matrix pump, along with the highly efficient Pro-Series best above ground sand filter systems combine to ensure the water is constantly clear, clean and healthy. The tank is designed and manufactured from Polymeric materials which are color fast and all weather proof. In an 8 hour continuous turnover filtration at a flow rate of 44 Gallons per minute , 21,120 gallons of water would be cleaned, cleared of debris and pumped back to the pool. The quantum water filtered would be enhanced to 31,680 in a 12 hour period.

It is the efficient flow rate which ensures that the power consumption is kept at the minimum possible. The filter and the pump are mounted on an injection molded thermoplastic base which is corrosion free and ensures it withstands the vagaries of Nature.

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