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Where To Buy Pool Sand

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Role Of Substrate In Aquariums

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Before we delve into the pros and cons of using pool filter sand, lets take a second to talk about the function of substrate and the role it plays in your aquariums health.

While its obviously a key component in your tanks appearance, your choice of substrate also has a direct impact on the water chemistry, potential plant growth and even the wellbeing of the animals in your tank:

  • Substrates support the growth of the good aquatic bacterial colonies that help regulate your tanks Nitrogen Cycle and break toxic ammonia and nitrites into safer nitrates
  • Your substrate also provides anchorage for live plants and supports root growth and their uptake of vital nutrients and minerals
  • Bottom dwellers often enjoy digging and hiding in it, so its important that your substrate is safe for these delicate fish and invertebrates if youre planning on keeping them

Evoclear S Series Media Filter

The Evoclear S Series Media Filter features the latest fibreglass technology utilising multiple layers of continuous stranded fibreglass filaments. This premium sand filter has an efficient internal hydraulic design for better pool efficiency and significant savings in your energy & water costs.

  • Up to 30% water savings.
  • Hydraulically Balanced Flow.
  • Filter vessel made with the latest fibreglass winding technology
  • High quality commercial design and construction.
  • 350kPa pressure rating.
  • Fish tail laterals for hydraulically balanced flow distribution, optimal filtration and backwashing efficiency.
  • Suitable for low-powered and energy efficient variable speed pumps.
  • Filter tank and multi-port valve made of durable UV and corrosion resistant materials.
  • Six position multi-port valve with ergonomic handle.
  • Multi-port valve designed for maximum performance.
  • Operating pressure of up to 400kPa .
  • Easy to view sight glass for easier backwash inspection.
  • Oil-filled pressure gauge to accurately assess kPa levels.
  • Inflow diffuser to evenly distribute water flow over sand filter bed.
  • Suits sand, glass and other media filtration materials.

What Sand Should I Use To Level Underneath My Pool

When undertaking the project of installing a swimming pool many homeowners dont realize how large the project truly is.

There are a ton of factors that will impact the project, however one of the most frequent questions we get about installing a swimming pool is which sand should be used underneath it.

Before your pool can actually be installed a level surface must be created that will allow for support of the pool shell. This surface is created with sand.

Whether a pool professional or yourself will be installing your swimming pool, youll need to be aware of the different types of sand that are available, and which is the right choice for creating a level base for your pool.

Weve decided to explore the different options that are available to you and which sand you should use for your pool.

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How To Maintain & Backwash A Pool Sand Filter

A typical pool sand filter has 6 settings including filter, backwash, rinse, circulate, closed, and waste. Once you are familiar with these control settings, and how to switch and lock them in, you can backwash your sand filter by following these steps:

  • Switch off your pool pump
  • Set and lock in filter multiport valve handle to Backwash
  • Switch on pool pump and allow backwash for a few minutes or until the water visible through the sight glass runs clear
  • Switch off the pool pump
  • Set and lock in filter multiport valve handle to Rinse
  • Switch on pool pump and allow the rinse cycle runs for a minute or until the water visible through the sight glass runs clear
  • Switch off the pool pump
  • Set and lock in filter multiport valve handle to Filter
  • Switch pump back on and youre done
  • What Is Pool Filtration Sand

    SAND MASONRY PLAY/BAR/POOL Sales Reading PA, Where to Buy SAND MASONRY ...

    If your swimming pool has a filter, then the likelihood is that its a sand filter. This type of filter uses sand to remove dirt and debris from the water. Sand filters are highly effective because, unlike other filter types, they remove larger debris such as insects and leaves as well as invisible dirt particles such as algae and phosphates that are the real pool polluters.

    To be effective, you cant just use any sand in your filter. It must be refined silica pool sand with a mesh size of 12×20 or 16×30. That means the smallest grain will be 12 or 16 thousands of an inch, while the largest will be 20 or 30 thousands of an inch. There should be no grains that are bigger or smaller than that. If the grains are too small, they will pass through the filter and end up back in your pool. If the grains are too big, they will not remove the finer solids in your pool.

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    How Do Pool Sand Filters Work

    Sand filters capture a range of debris and particulates. This occurs when pool water is circulated via pump through a multiport valve into the sand filter canister. From there it is sprayed or diffused over the sand inside the filter. The pool water then flows through the sand filter medium to the bottom of the canister and is expelled back into your pool via a return outlet.

    All sand pumps come equipped with an internal pressure gauge. When this pressure gauge indicates a 10 kPa increase from normal operating pressure , you will need to clean out the dirt and debris caught in the filter. This is achieved by a process called backwashing which is a simple semi-automated procedure that takes about 10 minutes. You should backwash your sand filter every fortnight right after vacuuming your pool. If your pool gets contaminated by leaf debris regularly, you may have to backwash more frequently unless you utilise your pool cover. Dispose waste water into your storm drain.

    Silica Sand Filter Media For Pool And Spa Filtration


    Silica Sand Filter Media for Pool and Spa Filtration

    Products4Pools have a great range of swimming pool products, We stock all types of filter media including silica sand. The sand in your swimming pool filter needs to be changed every 4-5 years for best performance.

    The Silica Sand Filter Media for Pool and Spa Filtration is available from your UK Swimming Pool Dealers, your one stop swimming pool shop for the Best Pool Pumps, Spa Pumps, Swimming Pool Filters, Swimming Pools Supplies and Swimming Pool Construction Materials available, all from top industry manufacturers such as Calorex, Hayward, Great Barrier, Badu, Sta Rite and Waterco.

    The Silica Sand Filter Media for Pool and Spa Filtration is specifically made to the highest standard. We at Products for Pools know exactly what kind of products you need for your home pool and as a result only provide the industry best equipment available. Whatever kind of swimming pools supplies you need, pool filter systems, pool filter cartridges, cheap pool pumps and efficient pool pumps, youre sure to find it here on the Products4Pools website. We also offer free UK delivery for all orders over £60, delivered straight to your door.

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    Benefits Of Sand As Aquarium Substrate

    While sand can have its challenges as a substrate, it also provides a few benefits that make it the best choice for some aquariums. Freshwater invertebrates like Cherry and Ghost shrimp prefer fine substrates like sand, and bottom-feeding fish like Cory Cats and loaches may be injured by digging through harsh aquarium gravels.

    A layer of sand may also help keep your tank tidier, because debris is less likely to sink through the fine particles. Theyll collect on top of the sand instead. Itll be easier for your filtration system to grab the debris and remove them before they begin to decay.

    Let Your Filter Sand Do All Of The Cleaning

    Aquarium Sand Substrate Pool Filter Sand – Adding with No Cloudiness

    Keep your water clean and free of debris by using Residential Filter Sand from Unimin. This product is designed to work with all standard pool sand filters. Simply fill your sand filter up with the Residential Filter Sand, attach your filter head, and let the filtering begin! This product is very durable and will last season after season to continue providing crystal clean water for you and your family to enjoy.


    • An inert, odourless, ecologically safe filter sand that filters out dirt, dust, debris, algae, and oils
    • Graded specifically to filter and trap particle in the range of 20 to 80 microns
    • Works with all standard residential pool sand filters

    Available Sizes:

    • #20 Grade High Purity Silica Sand

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    How Does Silica Sand For Pool Filters Work

    To be effective, you must have a swimming pool pump to push the water from the pool to your filter. The water then flows through the silica pool sand in the filter. As the water seeps through the filter, the large and small dirt particles stick to the sand, with crystal clear water trickling out through the bottom of the filter and back into your pool.

    For Sparkling Clean Pool Water

    What are pool sand filters? They are the most reliable, low maintenance, environmentally friendly and efficient pool water filter on the market. Read more >

    Slow sand filtration has been around for hundreds of years and proven to be a reliable method to purify water with no chemicals.

    Pool sand filters operate in a similar way by using natural sand as a filtering agent to trap debris and tiny particulates. Since sand filters dont require paper or fibre filter components that need regular replacement, they can go on for ages with minimal maintenance.

    However, sand filters do not sanitise pool water. That job is for your pool chemicals. But a sand filter plays a big role in keeping your pool water crystal clear!

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    Which Type Of Sand Is Best

    When it comes to choosing the right type of sand for your pools base, youll likely realize that you have many options to choose from. Although everyone has their own opinion about which material is best, its most common to employ either mason sand or white sand for the project.

    Its true that concrete sand is an excellent choice for creating a level surface beneath an above-ground pool, but the particle size of the sand may be bigger, resulting in the chance for voids.

    If youre still unsure of which sand you want to use for your swimming pool project we recommend speaking with a local expert, such as Braen Supply.

    About Toronto Pool Supplies

    Where can I find swimming pool sand filter suppliers?

    Toronto Pool Supplies is Canadas best and most trusted pool supply store. We are your number one source for any discount pool supplies, equipment, and accessories needed to service and maintain your swimming pool and keep it running in great working order from coast to coast right across Canada.

    We sell industry leading manufacturers equipment from major pool supplies companies Hayward, Jandy, Pentair, Jacuzzi, Sta-Rite and many more, bringing you the best and most energy efficient pool equipment on the market. From variable speed pumps to gas heaters, salt chlorination systems to pool noodles and underwater masks – we carry thousands of genuine replacement parts and are able to deliver the right pool supplies youll need for both in ground and above ground pools and spas.

    We offer a Discount Rewards Program, the more you shop the more you save! Earn up to 10% on every purchase you make with us.

    Most replacement pool parts can be easily installed with a few simple tools, while access to the parts manuals are readily available to view directly on our website helping ensure your parts are installed correctly. Some pool parts will require professional installation, you can also access estimate quotes directly on our website. Need help with your pool equipment? Let us help you find the right professional services for all of your pool and hvac needs. Check out our listings of trusted pool and hvac professionals in your area on our website.

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    Silica Sand For Your Sand Filter

    Filter sand, or silica sand, is specially graded to trap very small particles. This is the type of sand your filter needs in order to properly clean your above ground pool. It is usually sold in 50lb bags and can be found in any pool store. One should always consult with their pool filters owners manual for exact sand requirements.

    Why Buy Silica Pool Sand From Pfs

    This is not the type of sand you can buy in your local hardware store. The quality of the silica sand required and the specific mesh sizes mean that youre better served going straight to the specialists thats us. We supply high-quality and consistent pool filtration sand in the exact sizes you need.

    Not only is our silica pool sand an excellent alternative to the more expensive Northern white silica, but we also process and ship your order quickly for delivery straight to your door.

    The properties of our silica sand for pool filters include:

    • 99%+ silica quartz sand

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    The Importance Of Sand In Pool Installations

    Although many homeowners take the time to determine the actual size, depth, installation and pricing requirements for a swimming pool, many fail to consider the fact that the pools shell will need to have a stable base beneath it. The last thing that you want is for the floor of your swimming pool to be uneven. This creates safety issues and inconsistencies in depth.

    Being required to repair these problems in the future can result in the need to excavate, which can quickly become very expensive. Its important to understand that an extra 2-4 of depth should be excavated to account for a layer of quality sand. Because of the small particle size, sand will not feature any voids which could cause the material to settle and result in an uneven surface after the shell is set into place.

    As such, sand is the most popular option for establishing a solid base for underground swimming pools.

    Should You Use Pool Sand In Your Aquarium

    Hayward Pro Series S180T Review

    Pool filter sand is really no more challenging to use than any other plain aquarium sand and is a lot less expensive, so theres no reason to spend more on a branded product marketed for fish tanks unless you need a specialty substrate for your plants or coral reef. For novice or casual fish keepers, pool sand is a reasonable and budget friendly option for most freshwater tanks!

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    How Often Should You Replace Your Pool Filtration Sand

    Our high-grade silica sand for pool filters has a general life cycle of between 2-5 years. At this point, the gaps between the sand become filled with dirt, and it can no longer remove the debris from your pool effectively. Changing your silica pool sand after 3 years will increase the quality and clarity of your pool water and reduce the number of chemicals you use. Changing your pool filtration sand will typically take 1-3 hours, depending on the ease of access around the filter and the condition of your old sand.

    Challenges Of Using Sand Substrates In Aquariums

    Sand can be a bit trickier to manage as a substrate than using aquarium gravels for a few reasons. Gravel has long been considered the ideal for most freshwater tanks, and especially planted aquariums, because it doesnt compact down as much as sand, which has a few implications for your tank:

    • Ittakes more sand than gravel to fill your tank to the desired depth, which may increase the costs of starting up your tank unless you opt for a less-expensive pool filter sand
    • Gravel allows more water movement through the substrate than sand, since the particles are larger
    • Sandy tanks often have problems with hypoxic dead zones, which can lead to algae blooms and eventually dead plants and animals
    • Gravel usually provides better support for live plants, since the water flowing through the substrate delivers nutrients and carries away toxins that could stunt their growth
    • Unlike gravel, fine sand particles may be easily sucked up by your aquarium filters intake tube or when vacuuming your gravel during routine maintenance
    • You might invest in the bestfilter for a 10 gallon tank, only to discover a few weeks later that sand has infiltrated the impeller and caused damage to the motor
    • If you opt for a sandy substrate, youll need to protect your filtration system with a pre-filter sponge tip and use a gravel vacuum with a finer screen so you dont lose too much substrate during water changes

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    The Best Pool Filter Sand For A Sparkling Swimming Pool

    Eventually, the sand will lose its rough edges and will need to be replaced. Most professionals recommend replacing the sand in your filter every five years. Thats a pretty long time. But what that also means is that you really want to make sure you get high-quality sand. That way, your pool will stay cleaner for longer. This is especially true for above-ground pools. Heres our top picks for the best pool filter sand.

    Sand particles have rough edges, so when debris passes through the filter, some of it will be caught in the sand. Most sand filters can handle particle that measure 20 microns or larger, which is plenty of coverage if you otherwise keep your pool clean. After a while, though, the filter can become full. Thats when you want to backwash.

    Sand & Glass For Filters : Buy DEETONE12M*1M High Quality PVC Round Sand Pool ...

    The filter system is a very important part of the swimming pool and sand filters are generally the most compact and convenient way to filter an inground or above ground swimming pool.

    Swimming pool sand filters use specially designed rough filter media such as sand, gravel or glass.

    They trap dirt and debris that pass through the filtration system.

    The filter unit contains this material through which water passes.

    Sand filters use an entrapment process that captures particles up to 20 microns, this entrapment of debris causes pressure build-up.

    Regular monitoring is required to reduce this pressure and maintain filter focus.

    Read the product descriptions to find out which type is right for you.

    There are 6 products.

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