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Why Is My Hot Tub Green

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Insufficient Filtration / Circulation

How To Fix GREEN HOT TUB Water And KILL ALGAE | Swim University

Another possible cause of green water in your spa is insufficient filtration. By default, your spa should arrive with the daily filtration cycle set, but it may need adjusting depending on your bather load or other factors.

Also, sometimes kids can play with your settings and you may need to check that something hasnt been fiddled with!

Why Does My Hot Tub Water Turn Yellow When I Add Bromine

If you see your hot tub water turning yellow, dont panic. It could be for any number of reasons. However, out of all of them, copper and ferric ions in your water are the most responsible. These ions react with either the chlorine or bromine you have added to give that yellow coloration.

Another reason could be where you fill your spa. If you source water from the well, it could contain some iron oxides. These iron oxides could give your water a yellowish tint. This tint or shade is even more pronounced when you shock your pool.

Additionally, your hot tub water could turn yellow as a result of excess pollen grains in the springtime. This is likely to occur if you are the one who frequently forgets to close the hot tub cover. Pollen grains are very light and wind can carry them over large distances.

If you have a garden close to the flowers, they could be releasing these pollen grains. They could settle on your tub water and cause it to have a yellow coloration.

Lastly, an extremely high level of bromine can give your water a yellow-red color. You should not be swimming in that kind of water anyway. The effects can be harmful to you.

Spa And Hot Tub Water Color Problems

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We’ve all been there before you lift the spa cover, only to discover a water color other than clear blue. Hot tub water green? It can turn all colors of the rainbow when conditions aren’t right: yellow, brown, white, pink, and shades in between.

After you’ve spent several months taking care of your spa, your trained eye can tell right away when something’s not right. Maybe it’s a bit less sparkly and translucent, and a bit more dull and dirty looking. Or perhaps the water has turned one of these strange spa water colors. One thing is for certain, getting your hot tub back to its pristine state will take some hot tub maintenance, hot tub chemicals, and a thorough check on your hot tub filter.

Today, we’ll discuss how to identify and troubleshoot spa water issues so you can get back to clear, sparkling water. It doesn’t matter what type or size of hot tub you have, either even if your tub is as big as a pool. You can still use these tips to fix colored hot tub water.

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How Do I Keep My Hot Tub Crystal Clear

Getting rid of algae is one thing, but it can always come back. So it’s a great idea to take preventative measures to keep this annoying plant away.

Below are ways to stop algae from growing in your spa:

  • Sanitize regularly: Optimally, aim to put sanitizer into your spa at least weekly, and after every use. Doing so will help eliminate any organic matter that tries to grow.
  • Rinse your filter: You should remove and wash your spa’s filter every couple weeks. That way, built-up debris won’t clog it.
  • Refill your tub regularly: Algae is more likely to grow in old, dirty water. So aim to drain and refill your hot tub every 3-4 months.
  • Keep the cover on: Try to keep your hot tub covered whenever you’re not using it. Otherwise, contact with sunlight can help algae grow faster.
  • Test weekly: It’s easier for algae to grow in water with a chemical or pH imbalance. As a result, you should test your water weekly to detect problems sooner.

Why Might Your Hot Tub Have Algae

Why Is My Hot Tub Water Green? And What to Do About It.

The main reason why your hot tub may be suffering from an algae infestation is that your chemical sanitizer levels are too low. This would be the case for both chlorine and bromine sanitized hot tubs.

You may be adding too little of it when you do or perhaps not adding sufficient. When the sanitizer levels are correct algae may enter the hot tub but will be killed quickly. Also if you have a problem with your filtration system or even a dirty filter that can help algae to get a hold.

Sunlight is a big factor too in the development of algae so if your hot tub is outside, and gets the sun on it, then make sure you keep the cover on when not in use. That will also reduce the likelihood of airborne algae from entering.

Once it takes hold algae can grow at an alarming rate turning a hot tub green almost overnight.

But how does algae get there? Well it is surprisingly easy actually as it can be carried on the wind. Even if your hot tub is indoors, out of the wind it can still get in there, even on someones swimwear if they had previously been swimming somewhere that had algae such as a river or lake.

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How Do I Stop Algae In My Spa

To stop and remove algae in your spa, use a spa shock treatment in your water to help kill off the algae growth. If the algae persist, use a dedicated algaecide to treat the algae growth.

In the worst-case scenario, you may need to run a pipe cleaner/degreaser through your spa plumbing, empty your spa completely and start again with fresh water.

Read our separate article for more detail on how to remove and prevent algae in your spa.

How To Get Rid Of Hot Tub Algae

After an algae attack in a hot tub there are two ways of dealing with it. One is to shock the hot tub water to kill the algae and the other is to drain the hot tub, clean it and refill. Read: How to drain a hot tub.

If you have a severe algae attack then personally I would do both. First shock to kill the algae and then drain, clean and refill. Trying to remove all of the dead algae , once the shock has killed it, can be quite difficult so you may find it is quicker, in the long run, to just drain it.

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This Can Leave You Vulnerable To A Dangerous Bacterial Infection

If your pool chemicals are off-balance enough for your hot tub to grow algae, they’re also likely leaving you vulnerable to bacteria growing in your hot tub, too. The CDC warns that in some cases, bacteria from spas has been known to cause serious skin rashes, bacterial ear infections, or even Legionnaires’ disease, a type of pneumonia caused by Legionella bacteria.ae0fcc31ae342fd3a1346ebb1f342fcb

Drain & Scrub The Shell

What to do if your hot tub water goes green

First things first. Theres no hope for the water in your hot tub so its got to go. Drain the water from the hot tub completely and then set to work scrubbing the interior. Make sure to use some kind of disinfectant, such as a hot tub cleaner or a bleach solution to remove all algae contamination.

For bonus points, soak all spa items such as pillows, floaties, etc. in a strong bleach solution to prevent recontamination.

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How To Prevent Hot Tub Foam

The easiest way to stop the hot tub water from becoming foamy is to shower before getting in. This will rinse off all cosmetics, perfumes, moisturisers, and tanning products.

Tie up long hair to prevent it from entering the water, and rinse swimwear under warm water to wash away any unwanted detergent residue. To prevent drink spillages in your hot tub, try a Spa Caddy Table. Theyre designed to keep your drinks upright however powerful your jets are.

We recommend that you read the guidelines provided for chemical usage with your hot tub make and model, and always check the grade of chemicals before purchasing from a trusted source. We sell chemicals that are formulated to an exceedingly high standard, you can browse through our range here.

Is It Safe To Get In A Spa With Green Water

A very light tint of green is usually still safe to get into, but its an early indication that there is a problem in your spa water.

If you act quickly as soon as you notice the change in colour, you may be able to treat the problem and restore your water to its former clear state without the need to drain your water and start again. Read on to find out what steps you can take to clear up green spa water.

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How Do I Fix The Ph In My Spa

To determine if your pH levels are within the correct range, use test strips or a digital tester to check your water pH is within the range of 7.2 to 7.8.

Add an alkalinity increaser to bring your pH level up to the correct level.

Read our article for a detailed explanation on what is spa water alkalinity and pH.

Test And Balance The Water Regularly

Is your hot tub water green or yellow? Hereâs why!

Test the sanitation levels and ensure the pH balance of the water is maintained regularly. Take a few hours out in a week. If you do this, you will prevent green water easily. Suppose you dont test and balance your water regularly youll find your water unbalanced and a welcoming ground for bacteria, fungi, algae, and more. So testing and balancing your tub water is key!

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Tips To Prevent Green Water In A Hot Tub

  • Ensure your levels are always within range – Chlorine/Bromine 3-5ppm. PH 7.2-7.6. Alklainity 80-120ppm.
  • Use a pre-filter when filling if concerned with metal content in the water.
  • Keep you filter clean and degreased using a filter cleaner. Filtration assists with sanitisation.
  • Drain your hot tub every 3-4 months and use a pipe flush to remove biofilm.


Reasons Why Your Hot Tub Is Turning Green

The most common culprit behind a green hot tub is algae. And unfortunately, this yucky plant can come from several different sources.

Here are the most common causes of hot tub algae:

  • Dirty filter: If your filter is old or not recently rinsed, it will be much less effective at preventing algae. Built-up debris in your filter may even start to grow the plant.
  • pH imbalance: Algae can thrive in your hot tub if the pH is out of balanceespecially if your water lacks total alkalinity which acts as a pH buffer.
  • Plant fertilizer: Have you treated the plants near your tub with fertilizer recently? If so, you may have inadvertently supercharged any algae in the water.
  • Sunlight: Algae uses sunlight to grow and spread effectively. As a result, hot tubs exposed to the sun tend to turn green faster.
  • Lack of maintenance: Regularly sanitizing and draining your tub is crucial for keeping algae away.

Another reason your hot tub may turn green is the presence of minerals, such as copper and iron. This is especially likely if you use a well water system since they often carry more heavy metals.

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Is Your Hot Tub Water Green

If your hot tub water is green and youve tried the usual to try and get rid of the green water, were here to help. Were here to share some helpful advice on how to keep your hot tub clean. So, with that said, lets look at the causes of green hot tub water and how you can avoid this from happening.

If You’re Worried Check Your Hot Tub’s Chemical Balance

How to fix cloudy hot tub water in three easy steps!

If you’re unsure of your water quality, you can test your chemicals to determine whether or not your hot tub is safe. “Test for adequate free chlorine or bromine and pH levels using hot tub test strips,” the CDC instructs.

Experts additionally recommend scrubbing down the sides of your spa, treating the water with a non-foaming algaecide, cleaning or replacing the filter if need be, and testing your water more regularly moving forward. Once all that hard work is done, you’ve definitely earned that relaxing spa soak.

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Presence Of Algae In The Water

It is most likely that your hot tub water is green because of algae growth. Algae growth makes the hot tub water green and slimy. The slimy factor is evidenced when you touch the sides of the tub.

Several factors make the hot tub a conducive environment for algae growth. They include:

  • Inadequate level of water sanitizer .

  • Exposure of the hot tub to the sun when not in use.

  • Poor filtration system.

Deep Clean Or Replace The Filter

Next, give your filter the deep clean it needs. If there is algae in your hot tub water, theres a very good chance that it has made its way to your filter too. Using a filter cleaner is a great idea but for extra peace of mind, remove the filter and soak it overnight in a chemical rinse to be sure that all of the algae is dead.

If youre not convinced this did the job, now might be a great time to go ahead and replace your filter. That way there is no possibility of an algae recurrence.

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Give Your Water A Shock Treatment

New hot tub owners will almost always experience green water from chemical imbalances. Getting the right mixture is difficult, especially if your use is sporadic. But a little extra chlorine or bromine will do the trick every time.

A water shock treatment should help filter out dead algae and clear up the greenish tint of the water.

Note: If the water proves too acidic, then the greenish tint may indicate oxidized metals in the tub.

In such cases, shocking the water will only worsen the problem. To eliminate metals, you will need to replace the source of corrosion. In older tubs, copper elements like heaters cause the greatest risk.

Draining And Refilling The Hot Tub

Hot Tub Water is Green (Here

There are numerous ways you can drain a hot tub. I cover them fully in my post How often should you change hot tub water? but basically you can either use a hose , using a submersible pump or using the hot tubs drain.

Once empty you should thoroughly clean the hot tub before refilling and then balancing the chemicals.

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Algae: The Nemesis Of Hot Tubbers Everywhere

How did algae get in your hot tub? An excellent question. There are lots of ways this greenish pest can make its way into your life and add one more thing to your ever-growing to-do list.

Before we can fix the problem, however, we have to know what caused it to begin with. So lets take a look at the main causes of algae and see if we can solve the riddle.

  • Busted Filter If your filter isnt functioning properly or youre not running it enough, your water isnt being cleaned. All of the water in your hot tub needs to be filtered at least once per day to do its job right. If your filter is on the fritz, you may have found your answer.
  • No Cover Not using a hot tub cover is a big no-no and can lead to your sanitizer breaking down too quickly and causing inevitable algae growth. If your hot tub sits in direct sunlight, it is essential that you use a cover.
  • Not Enough Sanitizer Algae loves warm water and a lack of chlorine. If youre not adding enough chlorine to your hot tub, theres a good chance you just made the algae right at home.
  • Someone Brought It In Stowaway algae? This isnt too likely unless your friends and family swim in ponds and lakes right before they jump into your spa, but it is a possibility. Algae can be transferred via clothing and swimsuits from its natural habitat or from another algae-infested pool or hot tub.

Check Filter And Replace As Needed

The filter ensures the circulation of warm water in your hot tub. It also has a filtration system that sucks dirty water and filters it to kill bacteria and get rid of dirt, leaving you with warm spa water for the perfect hydrotherapy.

However, if your tub water is green, you might need to check your filter cartridge and clean or replace it. Depending on the damage, you can merely deep clean your filter. Alternatively, you can swap it or replace it with a spare filter.

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If Your Hot Tub Has Slippery Sides Don’t Go In

According to the CDC, a safe spa unit will have smooth sides, but the lining or tiles “should not be sticky or slippery.” According to spa distributor Hot Spring, this is because slippery, sticky, or slimy sides typically indicate the growth of algae.

“Your water could appear greenish or cloudy, or the sides of your hot tub shell could feel slippery and slimy to the touch. Algae will generally form in a hot tub when the pH levels in the water are imbalanced or when not enough sanitization chemicals, such as bromine or chlorine, have been added,” representatives from the company explain on their website.

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