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Hayward Pool Pump Replacement Motor

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Hayward Pool Pump Parts Features

5 Minute Hayward Super Pump Pool Pump Motor Replacement

Hayward covers most bases in the pool components space. But their pumps, in particular, are what most professionals and home pool aficionados alike are looking for. Their engineering is angled towards easy installation, easy operation, and long-term usability. That’s why their parts are so often rebranded and used in competing lines. Why make your own, when you can order the best? And that goes for new pool builders as well. Why dig through a dozen brands, when you can simply stick to Hayward and maintain a high level of functionality and warranty support?

Hayward pool pump parts are numerous because of the company’s engineering philosophy. Their pool pumps are meant for easy self-maintenance. Despite the power many of these single- and variable-speed pumps, many of the required repairs are simple consumer-level affairs. Whether you want energy efficiency or a straightforward consistently powerful pump, you can’t go wrong with Hayward. And if unforeseen circumstances lead to your pump flagging, don’t worry. You won’t need a new one. You can get your upgraded parts here, and at a fantastic price to boot.

Hayward SP-2600-E Seal Plate is the last line of defense between the sensitive, powerful internals of your Hayward pool pump and the outer world of your pool. If your pool pump isn’t in operation, don’t let outer debris make their way into the pump. This seal place handles that task for you with a simple snap in/pull out design.

Aosmith Pool Motor Wiring Diagram

Motor C48K2NB1, Hayward Pool Pumps, Hayward Super Pump Wiring Diagram, Hayward Pool Pumps HP, Ao Smith Pool Pump.

How to Replace a Pool Pump Motor -The Ultimate Video Guide

Motor C48K2NB1, Hayward Pool Pumps, Hayward Super Pump Wiring Diagram, Hayward Pool Pumps HP, Ao Smith Pool Pump. When you do, remember that A.O.

Smith manufacture s replacement pool and spa motors for practically every brand youll ever encounter in . Wiring Diagrams. maintain, troubleshoot and service A.O.

Smith pool Century ® motors first at any A.O. Smith distribu- . Wiring Diagram: On or near the nameplate is a.

Pool pumps are wired to run on either V or V. Most are run on V See How To Use a Multimeter to Test a Pool Pump Motor Voltage.

. The model UST A.O.

Smith Round Flange 3/4 HP Up Rate Motor. Measured ..

I have looked for a wiring diagram on the internet, but have not found anything. Reply.Ao Smith 2 Speed Motor Wiring Diagram Me And Century 1 3 HP er Motor DL The Home At Ao Smith Motors Wiring Diagram ao smith 2 speed motor wiring diagram Collection-Wiring Diagram Pool Pump Motor Valid Pentair.

Emerson ESQ Square Flange Pool and Spa Motor 1 HP is the wiring correct on this? years ago I bought a motor and had to change because it was going the wrong way. I best recommend viewing our Water Ace Pump Parts diagram for the replacement motor, by identifying using the horsepower.

The A.O. Smith 1 H.P Square Flange Up Rate Motor /5. printed on the motor nameplate.

Can We Help You Find Anything

Got the SKU number? You can type it into the search field and if we have that item, you’ll get an exact match!

Looking for a Pool Heater Part? We have PDFs and interactive schematics of all major heater models to help you find what you need.

Not sure which heater or pump is right for your pool? We have step-by-step equipment finders to help you narrow down your choices. Additionally, our pool equipment can be filtered by all relevant parameters.

General questions about pool equipment?Check the FAQ – answers to all the common pool owner’s questions, compiled by our experts.

Still lost?Email or give us a call and our knowledgeable staff will answer any questions you have!

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Do I Need To Keep Grass Shrubs And Vegetation Away From My Motor

  • Always keep the pool equipment clear and ensure that there is nothing growing over the motor. If insects are a large problem in your area, treat for insects. The air circulation around the motor is crucial for proper operation. Failure to ensure proper air circulation will reduce the life of the equipment.

Hayward Above Ground Pump Motor Installation

Hayward Super Pump 1 HP SP2607X10 Pool Motor Replacement Kit UST1102 w ...

Replacing a Hayward aboveground motor is essentially the same, but there are some unique differences when installing a new Hayward PowerFlo motor.

  • Shut off power at the circuit breaker, or just unplug the pump from the outlet.
  • Remove the rear cover plate to expose the power wires. Disconnect the incoming ground wire and two power wires from the terminal board.
  • Using a screwdriver, loosen the cable clamp, pull on the power cord to gently remove the wires and cord out of the old motor.
  • Remove the C-clip to separate the pump pot from the pump volute or impeller housing. The clip for PowerFlo Matrix is internal, inside the strainer housing, remove the basket to access. PowerFlo, LX and II have an external clip, between the strainer and volute.
  • Remove the drain plug or lid to empty the PowerFlo of water. Remove the housing bolts to separate the pump housing from the housing cover to expose the impeller. Rotate the strainer housing or pump as needed for bolt access.
  • Hold a large flathead screwdriver on the slotted end of the motor shaft at the rear of the motor to hold the shaft stationary, while you spin-off the impeller by hand. Sticky impellers may require channel pliers or a strap wrench to remove.
  • Using a 1/4 socket or nut driver, loosen the 4 thru-bolts at the rear of the motor and remove the pump housing from the old motor.
  • Clean, inspect and lube the housing o-ring, strainer o-ring and strainer cover o-ring, replace if needed.
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    The Pool Pump Is Making A Loud Screeching Noise Or Sounds Like Its Full Of Rocks

    Screeching or gargling noise can be frustrating for pool owners and surrounding neighbors. If your pool pump sounds like its running with rocks inside the pump basket, it might be starved for water. This can be attributed to a couple of different things. First, check your suction lines. If too many of them are closed off, the pump will struggle to get water and become noisy. Next, check your skimmers. If they are clogged, remove any debris and re-assemble. If all else fails, your pump could be too powerful for your pool. If this is the case, youll want to downgrade to a pump with less power to avoid future problems.

    If your pool pump is causing a screeching noise, it could be caused by worn bearings. You can change the bearings out, but many pool owners opt to switch out the oldermotor for a new one.

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    Pump Flow Rate Is Low

    When the filter pressure is high, the filter is dirty ~ and when the filter pressure is low, the basket are dirty. Lower than normal pressure on the filter corresponds with lower than normal flow rates.

    Check the pump impeller by removing the pump basket and reaching through the hole to feel for any debris or rocks stuck inside the impeller. If you feel anything unusual, remove the bolts to pull the motor out for a good cleaning of the impeller.

    An air leak will also reduce water flow rates, as air is drawn in to the pump, and a dirty pool filter or baskets can clog up the works, and reduce the flow rate. In some cases, it can be a clog in the skimmer line, or even a partially collapsed suction line that is to blame.

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    How Long Do Pool Pumps Last

    How to Replace a Hayward Pool Pump Motor – Complete Video

    Your pool pump should be replaced anywhere between 8 to 15 years depending on the quality, and a full replacement may cost over $800.

    Your pool pump is the heart of your swimming pool as it circulates water throughout, bringing water through the filtration and heating systems. Its made up of a motor, impeller, and a hair and lint trap with a basket. Often when theres a problem, you can simply replace one of the mechanisms, such as the motor, without replacing your whole pool pump.

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    Should I Repair Or Replace My Pool Pump Motor Or The Whole Pump

    This ultimate question depends on how the damage occurred and if you caught the issue in time.

    Mechanical wear and tear can be complicated, especially for swimming pool pumps that operate outdoors and have very essential moving parts. It takes a qualified technician to check your pool pump for issues and to properly diagnose the problem.

    Thats why Select Home Warranty offers home warranties on swimming pools and spas, including the pumping system, filtration system and heating system. When you experience a mechanical breakdown, you can place a claim which covers repairs and replacements covered under your terms of service.

    Dont spend your summer wishing your pool was operating and get ahead of pool pump breakdowns with a home warranty instead.

    Sign up today for your free quote on optional pool coverage to keep your pool open all season long! Select is here to shield your home and your wallet from costly breakdowns.

    Hayward Pool Pump Motors

    A pool pump is extremely important to the overall function of a swimming pool as it is the main part responsible for circulating the water. It draws water out of the pool, allowing it to become filtered, and then returns it back into the pool. The size of the pool will determine the size of the pump needed. A Hayward pump motor is made to deliver with efficiency and reliability. The Hayward name brand is a top-draw in the pool industry because of their dependable products and years of industry experience. Every Hayward pool pump motor is meant to run cool and quiet, so it will last for years to come.

    At The Pool Guy Store, we offer a variety of Hayward swimming pool pump motors that range in strength from 1/2 to 1 1/2 horsepower. If you dont need a full replacement motor, we also carry many Hayward pool pump motor parts so you can fix just the part that is broken or worn out. Please contact us at 1-800-517-5384 with any questions or for more information. We offer free shipping on orders of $79 or more!

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    Hayward Pool Pump Parts

    Hayward has set out to enhance your pool experience. Picture the perfect summer day. Its hot out, the sun is beaming bright, and there isnt a cloud in the sky. You are staring down the clock waiting to drive home where the crystal clear water couldnt be more still and blue. You can see your reflection looking back at you where you see a huge grin filled with excitement. You jump on in, enjoy the water, and look forward to the next day where you can do it all over again. But think of how much worse and disappointing your day would have been if you had come home to low water levels, or maybe some green algae had formed or maybe some debris was sitting at the bottom of your pool. The process before and after every good swim is where the magic happens.

      Browse subcategories:

    Replacing Your Pool Pump

    InGround Swimming Pool Pump Motor w/ Strainer Generic Hayward ...

    When replacing your existing pool pump, it is important to carefully evaluate your pool and spas needs before deciding on a replacement pump. In fact, Hayward recommends you always work with a Pool Pro before buying a replacement pool pump. The Pros will help you determine the right pool pump for your particular pool application and lifestyle. Theyll take many factors into consideration when sizing your pool pump: such as filter size, plumbing size, spa jet and water feature requirements, along with the water turnover rate needed to keep your water properly filtered. Incorrectly sizing a pool pump could render it ineffective and inefficient, and could possibly cause damage to your filtering system. What you really need to know is whats available, and what theyll do for your pool, spa, water features and wallet.

    Hayward offers a replacement pump comparison on our web site called Replacing a Pump? This series of product cross reference charts is intended to help you find the closest suggested Hayward replacement for other manufacturers equipment. Note: Recommended replacement pumps may not be an exact feature match they may include enhancements. Please review the models pump literature, manual or consult with your local pool pro.

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    Hayward Shaft Seal Selection

    The mechanical shaft seal prevents water from leaking along the shaft, a simple 2-piece device that seals tight around a steel shaft rotating at 3450 RPM.

    Hayward uses different shaft seals depending on the motor that is used, but also to match different pump seal plates. Be sure to use the correct seal, and take care to install the new seal halves in the same orientation as removed, facing each other correctly, as shown in this picture.

    Or you could just use the Go-Kit made for your particular Hayward pump. Pump rebuild kits that contain all of the o-rings, gaskets, seals used on your specific Hayward pump, plus Teflon lubricant.

    Hayward pump o-ring kits are available for MaxFlo, PowerFlo, Super Pump, Super II and NorthStar pumps.

    Common Pool Pump Issues

    When theres a problem with your pool pump, youll notice many immediate issues. Once your pool pump is down for a few days, youll quickly notice algae scum building up.

    Take care of these problems right away before your pool requires serious maintenance to re-open. The difference could amount to hundreds of dollars when deciding to replace the whole pool pump or just the motor mechanism.

    Call us today to learn more about optional pool and spa coverage and recieve a free quote to begin comparing your options: 860-288-4791

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    Replacing A Hayward Pump Motor

    Sure, you could just replace your entire Hayward pump, but replacing only the motor is just as easy, and you dont have to touch any of the plumbing. Plus, you can save $100 or more.

    In case you need to know, a pool pump motor is the rear-half of the pump, the black metal cylinder, or for original Hayward pumps, a motor painted in a bright gold color.

    The plastic front-half of the pump, known as the wet end of a pool or spa pump, can last for decades with a few new pump parts mainly gaskets, baskets and lids.

    Hayward pump motors last 8-10 years, if youre lucky but when they begin to overheat and shut down, or when the bearings begin to squeal, or if your motor trips the circuit breaker, it may be time for a new motor.

    Hayward Inground Pump Motor Installation

    How to Replace a Hayward Super II Pool Pump Motor

    1. Obtain your materials: You will need a pool pump motor of course. It must be the same horsepower as your previous one, to match up correctly to the hp-rated impeller. You will also want to replace the mechanical shaft seal. You can buy the seal separately, or you can purchase a GO-KIT which contains all of the gaskets, seal and o-rings for a particular pool pump. You need not replace all the gaskets or o-rings when you replace a motor, unless they are suffering from dry-rot. If the rubber o-rings look good, just use some magic lube or other silicone based lubricant.

    2. Pull the Motor: Shut the power off at the circuit breaker. If your system is below water level, close incoming valves. Usually there is a clamp band that connects the seal plate to the volute, or impeller housing. Sometimes, the seal plate is connected to the volute with 4 or 6 bolts, as is the case for the Superpump shown above. When pulling a motor out of the housing or volute, the motor will remove with a seal plate attached. You may need to pry gently with a flat head screwdriver to separate the two halves, after removing the clamp or the bolts. Grab the motor firmly and pull it straight back.

    4. Remove the Diffuser: Also known as an impeller shroud, or # 18 in the picture above. Sometimes these simply pull off, and sometimes screw removal is required. Remove and set aside, keeping tabs on the diffuser gasket, #3 in the picture above.

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