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Where To Buy Pool Fence

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Pool Fence DIY Installation & Customer Review
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What Our Clients Say

I have 3 small kids and backyard pool safety was on top of my priority list. I was looking for some kind of inground pool fence or swimming pool enclosure to protect my pool from the kids getting to close. I heard about this removable pool fence product which is like a mesh pool fence. I called up Pool Guard who does the installation of this child safety barrier. Pool Guard did a great job installing my removable pool fence and it looks fantastic… now I feel so much better and less stressed out because of my new safety pool fence.

The day we moved into our new home with an inground pool, I knew our childs safety was in stake. A removable pool safety barrier and fence was the solution since we had a small backyard. Other types of pool enclosures would not be efficient and would take up too much space. Our removable swimming pool fence from Pool Guard was the perfect solution for our backyard safety issue and space concerns. Thanks Pool Guard for a great product and to be a perfect Child Guard!

What Is Boca Compliant Pool Fencing

Swimming pool fence restrictions differ all over the United States. In fact, they can differ even within the same city. Most BOCA codes usually call for at least 48-inch pool fences with bottom horizontal rails that wont exceed three inches from the ground. Additionally, there must be 45 inches of space between the two innermost aluminum rails. Ideal pool fence picket spacing is 3 13/16 in compliance with the maximum 4-inch requirement. Many jurisdictions follow the BOCA national codes in some form or other. Some jurisdictions strictly follow BOCA, other jurisdictions partially follow BOCA and yet, other jurisdictions, especially many rural areas of the US, dont follow it at all and have no restrictions. Contact your homeowners association, your insurance carrier and/or your local building codes to find out what, if any, restrictions are in your area before your purchase and install a swimming pool fence.

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Aluminum Fencing In A Variety Of Styles

We have a wide selection of heights and style options.

Need just the right color? You can pick a powder coating to match the surroundings or your home.

Need an extra-sturdy fence? We can get you panels with four rails for extra stability.

Have an odd area to fence? Our fences are made to be cut to fit any size area large or small.

Want to personalize your fence? We offer fences with pickets made for attaching toppers . We even have a selection of these decorations you can order directly from us to complete the look of your yard.

If you dont see the options you want in our selection, give us a call. We know how to track down exactly what you need, and wed be happy to help you find the perfect fence!

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Aluminum Fencing For Enhanced Security

Mesh Pool Fencing

While many people associate aluminum fences with form over function, its quite the contrary. Because aluminum fencing can be tailored to meet specific needs, it can create a more secure yard.

Unlike chain link fences, aluminum fences resist cutting, making them an excellent option for people who want to protect what they have.

In addition to being more resilient against intruders compared to chain link fencing, aluminum fencing is customizable. You can pick a style that offers more or less security based on your needs. For example, many aluminum fence styles offer varying height and rung density. If you want better protection, choose an aluminum fence that is taller with more rungs. Itll help keep the things and people that you dont want in your yard out, and itll help keep the things you love in!

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Contact Us For More Information

Are you interested in installing an aluminum fence in your yard or around your pool? We can help you!

Wed love to help you pick out the right fence for your yard. Well take you step by step through what youll need to do to have your very own beautiful, durable, safety-enhancing, aluminum fence. If you have any questions about pricing, styles, or other options, please give us a call! Well be happy to provide any information you need to make your decision.

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Removable Pool Safety Fence

Removable pool safety fence has proven, over the past thirty years, to be the most practical and effective barrier against pool drowning short of putting up a permanent rail fence.

The concept is simple. Isolate the pool from your home and eliminate all access to the water by a toddler. For the pool to be truly isolated and the barriers serve effectively, there must not be a reason to enter the swimming pool area other than to use or service the pool itself. That means not having to open the pool fencing to go out a screen enclosure door or into your backyard. These areas should be accessible to you without opening the safety fence. The more times a fence is opened, for a reason other than to use the pool, the greater the possibility that it will be left open for whatever reason.

Life Savers removable mesh pool fence is constructed of see through, polyester mesh mounted on aluminum support poles. The portable pool fence is placed into aluminum or plastic sleeves installed into your deck surface. The bottom border of the fence material should be flush to your deck so as to prevent a child from pushing under. The basic principal that keeps the temporary pool fence in place is bilateral tension and the fence should be checked periodically to ensure that you have the benefit of its full function.

Why install self-closing, self-locking gates?

How high should your pool safety fence be?

How far apart should the fence support poles be?

What mesh material is best?

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Colors Will Vary From Batch To Batch

Many of our products materials are not available through typical stores and vendors and therefore must be custom manufactured specifically for our use. In order to control costs and provide you with the best value possible, our raw materials are produced in large batches and can often take several months to receive. The colors of our materials can, and often do, vary slightly from batch to batch. Although we make every effort to minimize color variations, we cannot be responsible for these differences when they occur. If a precise color or specific shade is important, please inspect the actual color of your product prior to installation.

What Are The Pool Fence Styles

How to install a Used Safety Swimming Pool Fence

As long as the style you want meets all the legal requirements in your area, you have the freedom to choose what it should look like. There are a few main styles that many people choose from when it comes to metal, wooden, and PVC fences.

Flat Top

This is the basic style of most pool fences, where vertical bars are connected to each other by horizontal bars near the top and bottom of the fence.


A double-top fence is the same as a flat top, except that there is an extra horizontal bar close to the top bar. Usually, ornamental details are included between the two closest bars.


Instead of each vertical bar being a separate piece of metal, a loop-top fence uses long pieces of metal to create two bars. At the top, youll see the signature loop as the metal curves to fit the design requirements.


Most metal fences are made with hollow metal tube-style bars, but these types are made with thick metal wire bars instead. The result is a more durable and weather-resistant fence material.

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Gli Pool Products Above Ground Pool Fence

The GLI Pool Fence is substantially different from the previous models because it was specially designed for above ground pools. The fence stands a few feet above the pool, and it successfully prevents balls and floaties from flying out. It will prevent children from getting in or out, but keep in mind that the construction is slightly flimsy and very lightweight.

Thus, it is not advisable that you lean on it or push it or that you put a pool cover above it. Yet the product is durable and relatively easy to install. However, note that you would need to custom fit each section by cutting the horizontal pieces to length. Measure one part of your pool and make sure the fence section is long enough. Thanks to its versatility, the fence is compatible with different above ground pool shapes. It might be better if you used self-tapping metal sheet screws rather than the screws that come with it.


The Benefits Of Aluminum Fence Panels Canada

First and foremost, aluminum fencing is quite cheap when compared to hardwood or iron alternatives. Customers can normally expect at least a 20% price reduction to other metals like wrought iron or stainless steel. Best part is there are no compromises on the overall quality of the build!

Speaking of its quality, aluminum fencing is known for its anti-oxidation properties. Due to the chemical compounds making up the metal, aluminum fences will not rust regardless of how humid the weather conditions are. In fact, studies have shown that aluminum takes an excess of 10 millenia before disintegration sets in. In other words, aluminum fence panels are built to last for generations.

While durability to harsh weather conditions is definitely an advantage, we also ought to mention that aluminum is non-corrosive. And, its also very suitable for busy folks, since little to no maintenance is needed. High quality aluminum fence panels do not need to be painted yearly, as the manufacturing plant uses several coats of paint to ensure optimal colour durability.

Aluminum can easily blend in if coloured accordingly, thus granting it an aesthetic look. Most aluminum fences are sleek, so they can easily adjust to land shapes and sizes. Since its highly-malleable, aluminum can be shaped as desired, thereby creating lots of design possibilities for fences. From a visual standpoint, aluminum fencing is suitable for most properties in Canada and beyond.

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Youve Been Asking And We Delivered

Guardian Pool Fence Systems is proud to introduce to you the first No Holes pool fence system in the world.

After years of research, this ingeniously engineered No Holes fence is the first of its kind. Whether youre renting a house, only have children visit occasionally, or you simply dont want to drill holes in your deck, we have engineered a solution for you.

Our No Holes Pool Fence provides a sturdy base for our poles to stand from. These bases, when connected and filled with water, become extremely difficult to move, securing your fence in place, yet upon emptying, are easy to remove and store.

You can bet our No Holes Mesh Fence will provide the same quality and safety you have grown to expect from a product.

Best Pool Fence Reviews

Black Aluminium Pool Fencing Panel 2450mm X 1200mm High Flat Top ...

We shall start by listing reviews of some quality pool fences in case you want to have a look at chosen products. We aim to make you as informed as possible therefore, we will be honest and objective when describing the units. Note that they are not put in any particular order, which leaves the last say to you.

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Upsides And Downsides Of Owning A Pool Fence

A pool fence could be particularly useful to families with little children who still cannot protect themselves as well as for those who own small pets. However, they could be beneficial for other purposes as well. At the same time, there are some downsides to installing a pool fence about which even the nicest pool supply manufacturer might not warn you. And so we step in to inform you of the benefits and drawbacks of this type of product before your dog chews it.

Aluminum Swimming Pool Fences

Ultra Aluminum fencing is designed to meet all the stringent BOCA swimming pool safety codes. Several Ultra Residential picket fence styles are specifically designed to comply with BOCA code. The most important compliance factors for ornamental aluminum fence are:

  • Fence must be at least 48″ tall.
  • The mid-rail must be at least 45″ above the bottom rail.
  • The spacing between pickets must be less than 4″.
  • The space between the bottom rail and the ground must be less than 4″.
  • Gates must be self-closing, self-latching, and open outward .
  • The opening mechanism of the latch must be at least 54″ above ground.
  • Flush is when the bottom rail encloses the bottom of the pickets, so no pickets are exposed.Modified is when the bottom rail has been moved down to meet code, leaving the bottom of the pickets exposed.

    Always check local code before ordering and installing pool fencing. Ultra assumes no liability for improper installation. Code compliance is the sole responsibility of contractor.

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    Life Saver Pool Fence Kit

    Life Saver is the company that has designed the first product on our list. Their pool fence kit comes with the hardware necessary for installation. The other instruments you will need are a ½ inches minimum rotary hammer drill and a standard long shaft masonry bit. Unfortunately, the kit does not include the hardware you would use to attach the fence to a wall or another existing fence.

    The construction consists of 5 poles per 12 feet, which need to be drilled in a concrete surface. It is not advisable to drill it to the ground because the fence would need strong support that only a cemented surface could provide. The installation process itself is relatively easy and straightforward, thanks to the clear instructions. If you want to remove the fence, you could add a couple of drops of oil to help it out.

    This product does an excellent job of keeping children away from the pool. However, since the material is simple nylon mesh, a dog would be able to chew it and get through it. The manufacturer does not include a gate.


    Faqs About Pool Fences

    How To Install Black Pool Fencing – Aluminium Flat Top – Outback Fencing

    Q: How tall should a pool fence be?

    A: If were talking about an inground fence and pool, you need a fence thats at least 4 feet tall. 4 feet is the norm, though some like an extra foot of material just for added peace of mind.

    Q: Are pool covers safer than fences?

    A: Nope, not at all. In fact, theyre more dangerous than fences. Fences prevent any children or pets from coming in, which is a preventative measure that is very effective. Pool covers, in contrast, are there only if someone already falls in or tries to get into the water. Not only that, but they can actually trap someone underneath, making it even more worrisome. And if that werent enough, pool covers are much more of a hassle to set up and take off.

    Q: Are mesh pool fences safe?

    A: They sure are! Mesh pool fences offer just the right amount of protection, ensure no one climbs up them, yet dont harm anyone. Theyre durable yet transparent so you can see inside.

    Q: Does above ground pool need fence?

    A: Yes, they do. Above ground pools usually dont have walls high enough to preventing many kids and pets from getting in. Fences will solve that risk, adding extra height and protection.

    Q: Do pool fences save lives?

    A: They absolutely do. One of the biggest worries of tentative or current pool owners is that a child or animal somehow falls into the pool or makes their way in, unattended. Pool fences keep this from happening.

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    Order Pool Fence Parts Today

    A Mesh Pool Fence by All-Safe is engineered to offer a long life of strong deterrence against unintentional pool drowning. But some pool fence parts can experience damage or wear. If some of your fence components need replacing, order the replacements you need from our online inventory of pool fence supplies, so your fence remains in top safety condition.

    For questions about our replacement fence supplies, please contact us today for assistance from a local expert.

    Highly Robust Little Maintenance

    To make it through the long harsh months of our Quebec winters, we make our glass pool fences with tempered glass, a sturdy glass that can stand up to our seasons and the passage of time. Tempered glass is the best-known option for our fencesâ life span.

    But another undeniable advantage of a glass fence is how easy it is to maintain. Their glass panels donât rust and are simply cleaned with rainwater or soap for glass. We also use stainless steel accessories, which are corrosion-proof and ensure a longer life.

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    Aluminum Fencing Is Better For The Environment

    All metals are environmentally friendly, but aluminum is more so. Aluminum fences are made of recycled material, unlike other types of metal fences. Most aluminum fencing is 70% recycled aluminum from cans, car parts, and aluminum products.

    Aluminum fencing is also coated with an environmentally safe coating, unlike some other fences. Treated wood can damage the soil it touches over a long period.

    Pretty And Safe Pool Fences

    Weatherables Halifax 6 ft. H x 8 ft. W White Vinyl Privacy Fence Panel ...

    Our glass pool fences give a new meaning to the word safety, as they combine beauty and solidity.

    Indeed, our framed and frameless glass pool fences comply with the Residential Swimming Pool Safety Regulation, which obliges residential pool owners to restrict access to their pool in order to reduce drowning numbers. This legislation states that all fences must be 1.2 m high , prevent all round objects of a 10 cm diameter to pass through the posts or glass panels of the fence, prevent all climbing , and have an automatic lock mechanism that locks from the inside.

    Glass Expertsâ glass swimming pool fences solutions entirely meet those requirements and offer the ideal solution for security and aesthetics to shine on.

    No matter your type of property or surface of terrain, our highly qualified team of experts are there to guide you through the logistics of your new glass pool fences.

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