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What’s The Best Pool Cue

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What To Look For When Buying A High Quality Pool Cue

What’s the Difference Between Pool Cue Tip Diameters?

The more you learn about buying the right pool cue, the easier it will be to choose the right one.

*Quick Pool tip: if youre going to play 9 ball pool, we just posted the rules, read them here.

With so many of these options, its crucial that you do your research.


The material of the pool cues you get will definitely be an important factor to consider.

Cues that are made out of harder materials mean more power. A good solid wood pool cue will give you the power of Superman!

Fiberglass and graphite are also two common materials for pool cues. If you are serious about your pool game, however, wood is the way to go. Some newer pool cues combine carbon fiber, graphite and other materials for superior durability.


When it comes to the weight of the cue, its all about what you feel comfortable with.

This means that you dont need to be a body builder to use a heavier stick.

Take the time to test out different weights until you find one that works for you.

Those who have a shorter span should look for cues that are forward weighted.

Most people will find that a 19 oz cue is perfect. There isnt a right or wrong weight for everyone, so you will need to do some experimenting.

Experience Level

If you are just starting out with shooting pool, a basic cue is just fine. As you get more experience under your belt, you might want to think about upgrading.

More experienced players can benefit from special cues for jumping and breaking.


Important Parts

Imperial Eliminator Hard Rock

Many will say that pool & billiard is the same thing, but only a professional can tell there is a solid difference between them. The same goes for the cue that is slightly different than the one made for the pool. We have added this model for the one who is looking to play billiard with this stick. It is an affordable unit to shop having a hard maple for having much-needed durability. This lucrative cue is a perfect example of the superb mechanical job from the manufacturing company.

For those who dont know, Imperial is a reputed name in the field of billiard. Apart from cues, they are known to manufacture a great variety of top-rated pool tables that stay the same for years. The joints in this unit are pretty tight and dont wobble at all. Both novice and professional players will find this unit an incredible option to buy.

Tough & Long-lasting Tip

The biggest talk point of this pool cue is its hard & durable tip that stays the same even after tons of games. The level of friction created by the impact is coefficient and hit the ball perfectly. Despite playing superior shots, the tip doesnt get damaged at all.

Exceptional Feeling

There are very few units available in the market that offers such a feel while playing. The woodwork & designing process of this pool cue is quite wonderful. Also, the balance is quite satisfactory without any imperfections in any manner.

Clear Gloss Handle End


  • Packaging needs little bit improvement
  • Takes time to get used too

What Things Are Important In Selecting A Cue

When selecting a cue at a pool hall or bar, the basic things you should check include:

  • Make sure the tip and ferrule are firmly attached to the end of the cue, with no cracks in the ferrule or cue wood.
  • Make sure the tip is not hardened and glazed-over on the surface. If it is, it wont hold chalk and the tip wont grip the cue ball very well , which could result in miscues.
  • Make sure the cue is straight. You can check this by rolling the cue flat on the table , making sure it doesnt wobble too much.
  • Choose a cue weight that feels the most comfortable.
  • It is best to have your own personal cue that will provide you with consistency. When selecting a cue to purchase, try to find a cue that has:

  • the amount of CB deflection you prefer. Even though you can learn to aim when using sidespin using any cue, an LD shaft can offer some advantages.
  • a stiffness and tip hardness resulting in your preferred feel and hit.
  • a balance that feels right to you.
  • a length or extensions that are appropriate for your height .
  • a natural pivot length well matched to your preferred bridge length, especially with a break cue.
  • Otherwise, just pick something in your price range that looks and feels good to you. The following video covers many of the important things to consider:

    from RSB FAQ:

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    Imperial Officially Licensed Nfl 57

    • Selecting the right size when you order is difficult
    • Doesnt last as long as other cues do

    Do you love watching National Football League games just as much as you love playing pool? With this Imperial Officially Licensed NFL 57-Inch 2-Piece Billiard/Pool Cue with Soft Case, you can now show others just how much you love your favorite team. This pool stick features a wrap in the center that uses the logo of the team that you chose.

    This pool cue is more than just nice to look at though because it also breaks down into two separate pieces and comes with its own carrying case that has a carrying strap on the top and the NFL logo on the side. The straight maple shaft on the stick lets you hit the ball without the stick deflecting off that ball. It also has a leather tip on the end and a simple wrap for your hands.

    What Weight Pool Cue Do Pros Use

    Whats the Best Pool Cues in the World  10 Best Pool Cues ...

    There is no one-fit-all cue weight for all pros. Just like all individuals are different, there are cues specially made for each of their needs.

    Therefore, the best thing to do is shop around and settle for a weight you like.

    That said, according to most discussions on various online platforms, most pros seem to prefer the 19oz cue.

    Reason? Its the most comfortable weight for the majority of the players, allowing them to break easily. They say its much better to accelerate with a lighter stick.

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    Beginner Pool Cues Cost $60

    A can be purchased for just over $60, however, the majority of beginner cues are priced in the $100-200 range. Typically, youll see better quality materials used in the cues around the $100 mark. The quality of the materials used makes the $100 price point a great place to start when setting up your budget.

    Cues in this price range will come with a Hard Rock Maple shaft, professional taper and a good, layered tip. These cues are the perfect entry to pool, and should meet the needs of just about every player.

    Frank Says: “Calling them beginner pool cues just because they are affordable doesnt really do these quality cue sticks justice. If you want to get a great value on a new pool cue that will help you improve your game, our HUGE selection of pool cues under $200 is the place to shop!

    What Weight Pool Cue Should I Use

    Pool cue weights are typically in ounces, and they range from 18oz to 21oz. Finding the right weight of cue depends on your ability and the type of pool or snooker youre playing. For English pool, or if youre just starting out, its best to stick to a lighter weight so between 18 to 19 ounces. With a 21oz cue the object ball will go into the pocket faster but the cue ball will be less responsive and so more control is needed.

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    Ob Rift Break Pool Cue Rubber Grip Black With Control Break Shaft

    Taken from Amazon

    Allison Fisher the female World Champion Pool player used the OB Rift Break pool Cue to win the championship. Allison is from England and she is a professional snooker and pool player. She is passionate about her pool game and won many titles. She started to play snooker when she was only 7. At the age of 17, she got her first world title. She won over 80 titles in her whole career. In 2013 she was runner-up in the Ultimate 10-Ball Championship and got the 3rd position in WPBA Masters in the same year.

    The OB Rift Break pool Cue is an extremely designed pool cue that anyone can get attracted to this pool cue. It has a graphical black design. The grip of this cue is made with black rubber that helps to get a better grip. Its handle is constructed with Straight Line Core technology to deliver you the most amazing feel while playing. There are different weights available for this cue which starts from 18 oz and max 21oz. From this weight variation, you can choose your one with perfect weight to play like champion Allison Fisher. This pool cue is surely one of the best cues in the world.

    • Can be used as a break cue
    • Price is a bit high
    Bottom Line

    To improve your game you need a professional pool cues like this. So dont waste your time on some cheap pool cues get it soon and see the difference yourself.

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    What Is The Best Pool Cue Joint/pin Type

    Podcast, Whats the Best Tip for your Cue?

    I think a radial pin in an ivory joint plays best. You’ll probably get as many opinions as there are different configurations. It all comes down to what feels comfortable to you…imo.

    BrokeHustler said:what do you think plays the best uni-loc or 3/8×10 pin has anyone everhad a problem with a uni-loc joint?any other suggestions? as what is the best pin , seems like most of the custom cue makers use a 3/8×10 i assume it is because of feel but i break with my player i just like the control better. what would be a better choice for a new cue stainless steel joint with a 3/8×10 pin or uni-loc?

    manwon said:Based upon the repairs I have done over the last few years, I would stick with the 3/8-10 pin, in far to many cases I have seen Uni-loc joint wear and fail over time.When I say fail, I am talking about coming lose while playing or breaking, it seems that these joints are effected by wear.JIMO

    This is a very broad question.. It is really subjective to what you like and that will come with trying different cues.As far as uniloc goes, give Paul Drexler a call and tell him that Uniloc sucks You really dont see any custom cues with Unilocs. There is a Searing Jump Break with a Uniloc for sale and Im SURE Dennis would not use a joint pin that he did not have 100% confidence in.Myself I prefer a 3/8-10 Wood to wood phenolic.

    My light saber is LD

    Silver Member

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    Cuesoul Soocoo Series 58 2

    For a cheap starter cue, this one isnt half bad at all. The materials are solid a standard rock maple with a nice finish to keep it smooth. In terms of appearance, its fairly uninteresting, and bordering on tacky, with a prominent logo featured and a simple color gradient design for decoration. The join is the weakest part here, with more of a spike than a screw design. It comes out as less sturdy and more cumbersome to put together and take apart than other options. But, you get what you pay for, and its competent enough.

    • The tips can break off the cue
    • It may not feel as heavy in your hands as you expected

    If you want a pool cue thats made for winning tournaments, this CUESOUL SOOCOO Series 58 2-Piece Maple Billiard Pool Cue Sticks is a solid choice. Made from two separate pieces, this stick has a rocket pin and a collar made from stainless steel that helps you use more force without the wood breaking. That wood is real maple from Canada, which is stronger than some of the cheaper woods that other companies use.

    This stick has a great design that features a bright blue base with a pearl finish on top. Stainless-steel rings on the bottom of the cue work with the rubber bumper to help you line up a shot. Though it does not have a grip, it does come with a hard tip and a cloth for wiping the cue down after a game.

    What Is The Splice

    The sycamore & tulipwood hand splice on a Maverick pool cue.

    The splice is the section where the cues main shaft is connected to the butt. Here, two different pieces of timber are joined together. The shaft is usually ash or maple, whilst the butt is usually a heavier wood than the shaft, such as ebony. It is also a noted stylistic feature, giving cue designers a great excuse to put a personal stamp on the cue with exotic timber splices, pinstripes and elegant veneers. On cheaper cues, you might find decals or basic paint designs here instead.

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    Choose The Best Pool Cues For Quality And Type Of Wood

    My uncle Robert has taught me everything about the pool. He has played since he was a child and has tried all the cue brands from the cheapest ones of less than 20 dollars to more than $2500 dollars.

    He has worked together with his best friend in a billiard business for a long. Therefore he is a person who always asks him I want to know about cues of any kind.

    Today it is difficult to buy a lousy pool cue, although this is cheap since most high end pool cues do well and last long. A few years ago, this was different, and it was not easy to buy a quality cue.

    Now the cues have an excellent reputation, and even better than many cue distributors are in Amazon, which will arrive at your house in a couple of days. It is now possible to buy a good cue for less than $200 and a great pool cue for $1000 and cues made with exotic inlays a little more expensive.

    Cuesoul 57 Maple Pool Cue Stick

    8 Ball vs 9 Ball Pool: Whats the difference? 2021

    Heres another renowned brand that produces the best pool cues. The CUESOUL 57 Maple Pool Cue Stick is made from hard Maple wood material having a great weight and balance. The cues are 57-inch long, a bit shorter than the previous one.

    A unique feature of this cue is, there are stainless steel pins that join the shaft to the butt of the pool cues. Wood joints in the wood cues provide a softer hit whereas stainless steel provides a bit hard hit. Which one you should go for depends on your preference though.

    The tip is 12.75 mm and comes in 7 layers that create perfect cue ball spin. However, this tip seems much narrower than other cues. Some additional things youll get in the cue kit- one piece billiard towel, joint protectors, and one cue-carrying bag.

    But that cue-carrying bag doesnt have any protection so you cannot keep it as a case while traveling. It works only for storage purposes.

    If you are obsessed with beautiful design and color, these cues come with alluring graphics. However, you may get disappointed after seeing that the graphics are basically stickers.

    In this price range, you cannot expect the highest quality materials or workmanship, but theyre a good choice.


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    Gse Games & Sports Expert 58 2

    If you click on Buy Now on Amazon and make a purchase, we earn a small commission at no additional cost to you.

    Over the years, this model has impressed many customers and helped them in making the right choice when selecting durable and attractive cues. It is made from fiberglass graphite, another alternative material with strength and balance. It is indeed trusted to bring out the beauty in your game as an intermediate player.

    Since you only need it for constant practice, it is going to be useful for your skills and can withstand stress for some time. It is colorful and comes in different colors you can choose from. You may be wondering why it is not made if maple wood, not all players like a wooden cue.

    The graphite shaft has a comfortable grip than some maple wood models, and the comfort of grip differs for some players. The butt and shaft length compliments the 12mm layered leather tip and 1-inch ferrule to give you the best shot. Theres more to the body construction as the 2 piece 58 inches lightweight cue stick is wrapped up in black Irish linen with the butt having a rubber bumper.

    The stick also comes with a 1-year limited warranty.

    Viking Valhalla 100 Pool Cue Stick

    These Viking cues are great for intense pool nights with friends or family! The design of this makes it a perfect accessory with an Irish Linen Wrap.

    The length is also average for a pool stick at 58 inches, and the tip is leather 13 millimeters making it durable to hard hits and multiple usages.

    There are multiple colors that you can choose from, and it is aesthetically pleasing for your pool gear! Being two-piece cues, it is also easy for transport, and in case it ever breaks, there is a Lifetime Manufacturer Warranty.

    The Stainless Steel 5/16 X 18 Threaded Joint makes this is great for novice players, and it can lead to style improvements due to the hardwood material as well as the great tip.

    Viking is considered to have great pool cues and this one also is an affordable cues for anyone.


    • The design is not for everyone

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