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110v Hot Tub For Sale

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Relax In A Hot Tub Or Spa

Dreammaker Big EZ For Sale 110V Plug And Play

When your muscles are tired from all the work you have to do, you might want to treat yourself to some time in a hot tub or spa. The choices of hot tubs on eBay are vast, and you can find both new and used hot tubs for sale.

What features should you look for when buying a hot tub?

Whether checking out new or used hot tubs for sale on eBay, your decision comes down to your preferences regarding which hot tub suits you well. Some people may prefer a smaller tub for one or two people, and others may want one in which they can have a party. Besides size, other features to look out for include:

What materials are used in hot tubs?

Hot tubs can be made out of a variety of materials, to include:

  • Rotomolded plastic: This lightweight material is commonly found in cheaper hot tubs.
  • Acrylic: An acrylic hot tub for sale can be made with UV inhibitors so that the color won’t fade. Acrylic is fairly durable and energy-efficient in tubs.
  • Vinyl: This material is often used in conjunction with cement frames, so it can be ideal if you have an outdoor in-ground pool plus tub configuration.

Smart eBay spas

eBay hot tubs can now come with smart features, letting you use a mobile device to control features such as:

  • Blowers

Certified New Hot Tubs For Sale

When you choose a new and luxurious hot tub from Colorado Spring Hot Tub Sales and Service youâre not investing in another personâs neglected hot tub.

Youâre investing in a tub that we , with the benefit of 60 years total experience, have hand picked from scores of tubs.

CSHT picks tubs from only manufacturers that meet our energy efficiency standards and high quality of original manufacturing. We also consider the financial health of a manufacturer and how available the parts for the refurbished tub will be in the future.

V Hot Tubs For Sale Calgary

Come visit us today to see the best selection on Hot Tubs and Swim Spas that Calgary has to offer. We give you the best advice when it comes to purchasing a new hot tub or swim spa.

Empress is dedicated to supplying innovative, energy efficient Hot Tubs at a superior price. We pride ourselves on providing a CUSTOMER FIRST environment that exceeds expectations in both QUALITY and in SERVICE. The result is incomparable Hot Tub/Swim Spa value. Experience luxury at its finest when you purchase your hot tub or swim spa from us.

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Hot Tubs For The Relaxation You Deserve

Transform your backyard into an outdoor space that will revitalize your home, encourage time with family and friends, and promote health and wellness. Watch your living space expand as you relax in your PDC Spas hot tub in any season, built for economical and reliable operation year round. When surrounded by all the comforts of home, it is easier than ever to treat yourself to rest and relaxation or entertain for a night of fun! When you choose PDC Spas, you buy with confidence and own with pride, American made for six decades.

Prepare to experience a lifetime of health and wellness benefits with a PDC Spas hot tub. Combining comfort features and performance technology, every seat in your spa provides advanced hydrotherapy to improve your well-being. Sensibly placed hydromassage jets deliver a warm water massage to tense muscles, lowering blood pressure and reducing stress. Relieve joint pain and muscles aches at home as you relax with oxygen bubble therapy or spend quality time with loved ones reconnecting. No matter your reason, PDC Spas hot tub collection offers a variety of model sizes, lounge seat styles and luxury features to perfectly fit your home and lifestyle.

The ultimate hot tub experience with enriched performance and exclusive features. Choose from five body cradling designs with Airassage air therapy, EverPure ozone, Halo LED lightingand a trio of cascading water spouts, backed with a 35 year warranty.

Master Spas Luxury Hot Tubs & Spas Sale

110v Hot Tub Pros and Cons

No other spa gives you as many therapeutic jet configurations with up to 115 jets on some models. From the full-body massage, to concentrated neck and shoulder relief, to lounge and cool-down seats, you get the spa experience that’s just right for you. Plus, most of the Master Spa jets are adjustable from a full 100% power down to as little as 10%, so you can customize every seat in the spa.

The Master Blaster: Just listen to your feet say “Ahhhh”

It’s our exclusive Master Blaster Foot Therapy System. With up to two Master Blaster Clusters, each with 14 individual nozzles, for a total of 30 powerful jets. Plus, there’s a powerful 3 hp pump dedicated entirely to treating your feet to more than 200 gallons per minute of soothing jet action. All working together to give you the full benefits of a therapeutic massage. Now, with the Master Blaster, your achy-breaky feet will sing for joy.

Stress relief for the areas that need it most

Our exclusive reverse molded neck jet seat features a ledge with specially designed jets that are trained downward putting your neck and shoulders under the jets for the ultimate tension-relieving massage.

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Home And Garden Spas 30

Highlighted Feature

  • Led Light
  • Ozonator

If you are looking for a mid-sized tub, this one from Home and Garden Spas may be a great deal for you. It has a lot of extra features such as the waterfall, LED Light, and many temperature options. These great extra features are probably the reasons for its costly price. Well, the price is worthy though, because the features add relaxations to the body.

The Led Lights help calm your nerves. It works well and colorful. The waterfall, on the other hand, is not advertised as much but this is the most impressive highlight of the product. The jets are amazing, too. It has many temperature options to choose from. Therefore, you can switch different temperatures with depends on the season of your country.


  • Stainless Steel hydrotherapy jets
  • Built-in seats

With the many highlighted features mentioned, the name of the brand is the best adjective for the product- Elite. This best 110v hot tub would make it difficult for you to leave the calming and quiet oasis.

Aside the soothing effect this spa provides, you could be at ease and relaxed knowing you save electrical consumption with this tub.

This product from Elite has ASTM certified safety and full foam isolation to save electrical energy. This is an outstanding value, has an impressive design, and a comparable experience with top-rated spa establishments.

However, donât expect too much of the price because of its features like no other. It is affordable for everyone.


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Read Some Reviews From Some Of Our Happy Customers

5 Star review on Google:Our hot tub is here and almost ready to get in..MUCH nicer than I expected for the price and we are super happy with it.Hudson Bay spa is WONDERFUL with the dark brown outside wood color and a marble inside with swirls and the lights, waterfall, and cover are extra nice also for the little extra I paid to add that on.

Karen in Oregon saidHad a great experience with buying our Hudson Bay hot tub. We went in to see our options and thought we could only afford something small but with their great deals we ended up with a beautiful hot tub, larger than we thought we could afford and had amazing features included!

Clayton in Texas saidExcellent hot tub for the price. I purchased the Hudson Bay HB-19 and the jets are surprisingly strong for a plug and play and the spa heats up to a very toasty 104 degrees. I use my hot tub every evening and enjoy every minute. Very very happy with my purchase!

Things To Look For When Buying A Plug And Play Hot Tub

How to Choose Between a 110v or 220v Hot Tub Installation

1) The size of the Hot Tub

Make sure you are buying the right size hot tub. You dont need to buy a too small or too big plug and play hot tub. Make a note of how many users are going to use these plug and play hot tub at once and buy the right size. Because once you buy, you cannot be able to increase the size of the hot tubs.

2) Location of Hot Tub Placement

Location of hot tub placement also plays a very important thing you need to consider while buying a plug and play hot tub. Plug and play hot tubs come in various designs like Square, Triangle, circle, rectangle, and many other designs as well. These various design hot tub helps in placement of hot tubs even if you have a small area. For example, if you have some unused corner area then you can use a triangle-shaped 120v hot tub so that it saves space. Likewise, you can buy other designs based on where you are going to place these hot tubs.

3) Energy Efficiency

Hot tub uses electricity to heat up the water. Make sure you look good energy-efficient plug and play hot tubs while buying, so you dont end up using high electricity usage bills.

4) Budget

Plug and Play hot tubs are not budget-friendly hot tubs. They are a little costlier compared to other types of hot tubs. So make sure you plan your budget to afford some good plug and play hot tub. Because not all Hot tubs are made up of good durable material.

5) Warranty and After Service

6) Features

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Swim And Fitness Spas Renew Relax Repeat

PDC Swim Spas and Fitness Spas are where innovation and fitness meet for a new approach to a healthier, happier lifestyle. Begin your path to convenient home fitness and relaxation.

Our collection of swim and fitness spas are the pinnacle of performance and style providing improved wellness and a better quality of life conveniently at home. With a PDC Spas swim or fitness spa just footsteps away, you can achieve your personal health and exercise goals with the added resistance of our TruSwim® dual propulsion hydraulic, superior jetted swim or fitness currents. With a variety of lengths, current styles and exercise features, your spa is customized to fit you and your home. Simply swim, run, walk or perform your favorite aquatic exercise on your own schedule and enjoy your improved lifestyle.

Pros Of Plug And Play Hot Tub

Here are the few pros of buying a plug and play hot tubs when we compared it to an inflatable or any other kinds of hot tubs.

  • Easy to Setup Unlike other hot tub types, you dont need to struggle or spend time in setting up of hot tubs. These are the easiest way to set up hot tubs. You just need a standard 110v/120v outlet to start using plug and play hot tubs.
  • Dont waste much time Plug and play hot tubs are almost ready to go solution. All you need to do is just plug and start enjoying your Hot tubs instead of wasting too much time on setup and configuring the hot tubs whenever you need to use them.
  • Sturdier in Nature All Plug and Play hot tubs are sturdier which is hard and more durable. You can safely assume they last longer than inflatable hot tubs.
  • Energy Efficient These are energy-efficient hot tubs. So you dont need to bother about Big Power usage bills.
  • Lower Maintenance Most plug and play hot tubs are lower maintenance in nature compared to other types of hot tubs. You can safely spend time relaxing on hot tubs than worrying about the maintenance of these hot tubs.

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Heating Time & Heat Retention

Although you save time and money by not needing additional wiring, the heater in a 120v spa can take longer to get your water to your ideal temperature.

And, unfortunately, the heater and pumps cant be running at the same time, so your water temperature might drop a bit if you stay in your spa too long with the jets running.

Largest 110v Hot Tubs And Spas

Brand new plug and play hot tub 110V for Sale in Seattle, WA

Portable hot tubs and spas that run on convenient 110v plug and play are catching on especially of the larger variety. It feels like only in the last ten years have 110v spas become relevant for buyers and that is due, in part, to urban housing such as new construction townhomes, condos, or smaller single family homes with smaller yards. Another reason for a surge in 110v plug and play hot tubs and spas is the mass marketing and sales of inflatable hot tubs that are very affordable and convenient although lacking the comfort and performance of more traditional design hot tubs.

Furthermore, up until the last five years 110v plug and play spas have been smaller with capacity for 1-3 persons and ranging from 125-250 gallons.

In this article we will share our findings on some of the largest, 110v hot tub models available for buyers looking for size, comfort, performance, and, above all, convenience.

Lets start with the least expensive 110v plug and play hot tubs and work our way up to the more premium models

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Rock Solid Simplicity 4

Highlighted Feature:

  • Dust Cover
  • LED light

This hot tub from Rock Solid Simplicity is the ideal product for an apartment or studio-type place. It is small in size that only 4 people of medium size could fit. One amazing thing about this product is that assembling is never a problem. Everything is built-in and ready to use once delivered to your home.

The item is more relaxing with the power pump and 12 jets feature. The temperature mode is adjustable with a maximum level of 100. It is lightweight so you could transfer them easily if you wanted to. There are no many highlights to mention but is reasonable considering the price.


  • Ozonator
  • Polyethylene materials

Sandtone retreat is well known as the best outdoor hot tub. Avail yourself with this product and make your Sunday fun by catching up with the family in this beautiful tub. This item comes with the usual LED light and water feature. However, the most commendable feature is the ozone care system.

With its Ozonator, you can rest assured your water is clean because it eliminates the chemicals in it. The product is easy to use as no assemble needed. Just plug it in, fill water with a garden hose, and you can enjoy the resort relaxing vibe, especially when this tub is placed outdoor.


Keeping Your Colorado Springs Hot Tub Clean

Keeping hot tub water sparkling clean has been a challenge for hot tub owners for years. Many hot tub owners depend on weekly chemicals and the cost ads up!

Nature has a better way. The Ozonator®eliminates unwanted bacteria and other elements that cause the water to become cloudy and give off unpleasant odors. The Ozonator is hands-free and does not need constant monitoring.

DEL Ozone systems are the newest and most efficient Ozone technology. Rated for up to 1000 gallon tubs, and last up to 7 years without replacement. Stop wasting money on weekly chemicals!

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What Is A Plug And Play Hot Tub

A plug and play hot tub is a spa that runs on standard 120v power, so you can plug it into your outlet and start playing in your spa right away.

Most hot tubs run on 240v power, which means youll need to hire an electrician to set up the appropriate electrical source and wire your hot tub before it can be used.

Here are the advantages and disadvantages of a plug and play hot tub.

What Are Plug And Play Hot Tubs

Nordic SALE

Adding a plug and play hot tub to your backyard is one of the best decisions you can make for yourself and your family. Your hot tub will become the go-to place to have fun, relax, and even soothe your aching muscles.

You may not be familiar with the term plug and play hot tub, or you might have questions about whether it is the right choice for you.

This article will help answer all your questions about 120v hot tubs so you can make the right decision for yourself and your family.

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