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2 Person Oval Hot Tub

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The Feature Set On Offer

Ofuro hot tub for 2 persons | Badefass Oval | Bain Japonais

Heating is taken care of by a 900-watt water heater. On a good day, you can expect the tub to heat up by about 3-degree Fahrenheit an hour. We observed that the tub doesnt do so well in retaining heat though. In colder climates, the 900-watt heater might need some time to get working, with some customers plugging it in for almost half a day at times.

The bubble jet seems to work well given the tubs small size. Its also pretty silent with next to no droning noises during use. One caveat though is that the bubble jet turns off after every 20 minutes and doesnt turn back on for another 10.

Filtering is handled by a proprietary water filtering system with one filter cartridge included in the box. It works well enough making sure dust, pollen, and other nasty stuff stay out.

Coming to the control panel, it cant get more basic than this. The Aleko comes with only 4 options on the control panel temperature, heat toggle, bubbles function, and the filter toggle.

Can My 2 Person Hot Tub Be Used Outdoors

Yes, a two-person hot tub can be used outdoors, just like any other hot tub. Inflatable models are generally preferred by those who wish to use them outdoors because they can be moved around with greater ease. FYJIDYs Hot Tub is an interesting product for anyone looking forward to using them outdoors.

Inflatable Hot Tub Vs Regular Hot Tub

For anyone planning to buy an inflatable hot tub, you must know the difference between that and a regular hot tub.

First off, the biggest difference is that of the size and the weight of the tub. A regular hot tub is much larger, heavier, and almost always immobile when compared to an inflatable variant. Given that they are made out of heavier material such as acrylic shells or porcelain, they are more resistant and stronger and can support a larger weight too. However, this also makes the tubs more stationery.

On the other hand, inflatable tubs are lighter and slightly more compact but can be carried around with ease. They can even be deflated and kept aside when not in use. This is one big advantage, particularly beneficial if you plan on using the tub outdoors, or are living in a place where you cant dedicate a lot of your floor space to the tub. Besides, you dont even have to worry too much about the cover and keeping your tub covered while not in use, because you can simply deflate it, pack it, and take it inside.

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Best 2 Person Inflatable Hot Tub In 2022

Shop ALEKO Oval Inflatable Hot Tub With Drink Tray 2 Person Dark Blue ...

Hot tubs are generally seen as a luxury purchase and something that only the rich and the elite have access to. They used to be something that you would see on a movie screen more than youd see at a home. However, times have since changed, and getting this kind of a tub has become more common as well as easier on your pocket! Instead of buying a full-fledged hot tub which can be expensive as well as space-consuming, you can also look for an inflatable hot tub.

In this article, we are going to talk about a very specific kind of inflatable hot tub a 2 person inflatable hot tub. This is ideal for couples or for those who want to share it with their friends, or want to get a perfect gift for their kids to relax over the summer break.

2 Person tubs offer you the perfect combination of mobility and comfort. Being inflatable, they are light in weight and can be folded and kept away when not in use. They are easier to clean and maintain as well. Lastly, they are way more affordable than getting a regular hot tub. With the basic benefits highlighted, let us now get into the details of what an inflatable hot tub is and what are some of the benefits that it has over a regular tub. After that, we shift our focus to the specific topic at hand of two-person inflatable hot tubs. Let us first begin with the basics:

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Jets And Therapy Options

A vital feature for any hot tub are the water jets. A good rule of thumb is that the more jets your hot tub features, the better your experience will be. Most tubs have the ability for the user to control jet strength with more expensive designs, also providing rotational controls. All of this adds to the therapeutic and massage capabilities of your tub.

Cheaper inflatable tubs usually come equipped with bubble blowers rather than concentrated water jets. These cant be directed at particular areas offering relaxation rather than massage.

Some more luxurious tubs also offer aromatherapy features and colored LED lights that help relax or energize the user.

Small Hot Tubs And Price

There are several small hot tubs available from Arctic Spas. However, we often find that people shopping for smaller sized hot tubs are actually looking for inexpensive hot tubs. Small does not always equate with lower price. The brand and options can actually affect the price more than the size.

Small hot tubs provide the perfect retreat for one or two people. Prefer a little me time after a long day at work? Or would you rather enjoy a soothing soak with your partner? With Arctic Spas, appeasing possibilities come standard. Go with a one person hot tub, or opt for some extra room with one of our energizing, invigorating two person hot tubs.

With convenient, compact size and the quality construction you expect from Arctic Spas, a 2 person hot tub makes the perfect fit to supplement your leisurely lifestyle. Upgrade your summer home. Install a hot tub at your regular residence for year-round relaxation. Boost your backyard function with a fabulous, fun-to-own small outdoor hot tub.

Whether youre looking to go the solo route or spend some soak time with a partner, Arctic Spas has the hot tub for you. And you can ensure your hot tub performs to the highest possible standards with our full line of small hot tub accessories, including small decks, spa water chemicals, handrails, gazebos and more. So whether you need extra space for access or a new filter, a full complement of add-ons and components is always available.

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What To Take Into Account

Be sure to take into account the following list of details before committing to a final purchase. Hot tubs are large and not easy to return. You dont want to end up with the wrong model simply due to poor planning. Also check for what is included with your tub purchase, such as if it comes with a cover, or if you need to search for the best hot tub cover for your particular model.

Aleko Htio2bkw Oval Inflatable Hot Tub Spa Best Two Person Portable Hot Tub

Top 5 Best Small Hot Tub in 2020

This stylish inflatable hot tub is made with an oval construction, which feels more sturdy than a lot of circular designs. This is strictly a two person hot tub, a very cozy one at that. As with all inflatables, its highly portable, even more so due to the compact design. The intimacy and accompanying drinks tray make it great for a romantic soak with your partner.

The ALEKOs size is a big advantage adding way more options on where you can set up. This can easily accompany you on road trips and would be a nice addition for any RV enthusiasts out there.

Quicker than most

Due to the lower water volume and a heater that can warm water 3 degrees F/hour, this tub is quicker than its budget rivals to reach peak temperature of 108 degrees in around three hours.

With 130 bubble jets, you can really create quite a commotion. Although this does go some way to providing a more therapeutic experience, its still no substitute for powerful water jets.


At only slightly more than the other inflatables on the list, the ALEKO is still very cheap and packs a lot of value into a stylish and portable design.

Our rating:

  • Limited therapeutic benefits.

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But Its A Hard Sell Because

The price is a bit steep for our tastes. As we mentioned before, even our top pick from the best-selling list is cheaper by a huge margin.

The build quality leaves a lot to be desired and the features on offer are basic at best. Some customers who bought the tub online complained of lackluster customer service as well.

Sinking $$$ into a product that feels a bit cheap and this barebone doesnt make much sense.

Qca Spas Model 0 Gemini Hot Tub Best Small Hot Tub

This mid-range priced hot tub from QCA, is very easy to set-up, thanks to its plug n play design. Simply find a suitable outlet and fill it with a garden hose, and youll be using it in no time.

The two phase heating system works very well, heating water quickly, efficiently, and to a high temperature. The heat recycling technology employed will also save you a lot on utility bills over its lifetime.

Comfort is high on the list of design priorities

With molded bucket seats and armrests, you and your partner can unwind for longer. And eight well placed water jets provide a soothing massage to aching bodies. Relatively compact, its on the intimate side of the size divide, definitely more suited to romantic occasions with your partner than use with a friend.

The lightweight but durable materials used in construction, make this a relatively lightweight unit, making it possible to move around the house with some help. Its dimensions also make it more versatile in where it can be placed than bigger, more permanent tubs.

Stylish design

A well-priced option for those who want a tub thats easy to install and maintain, whilst providing good therapeutic features and a stylish design.

Our rating:

  • Digital temperature gauge not easy to read.

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Person 145 Gallon Oval Inflatable Hot Tub Spa With Drink Tray And Dark Blue Cover By Aleko

Order in the next to get it by

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Essential Hot Tubs 24 Jets Devotion Hot Tub

ALEKO Oval 2 Person 130 Jet Inflatable Hot Tub &  Reviews

Going up in price, the Essential Devotion steps up the game in the level of features available. This luxurious design can genuinely be used all year round thanks to a very effective heating system, good insulation levels, and a well fitted cover. Chilly evening use is no longer a problem.

The 24 stainless steel water jets provide a strong massage to your back, legs, and feet, with adjustable power control available. Programmable underwater LED lights also enhance the mood nicely.

Portable and stylish

It can accommodate up to three people, although is most comfortable with just two. Built-in ergonomic seating ensures a relaxed position. Easy to install and requiring little maintenance, this tub can be moved around the house, but at over 400lbs, youll need assistance. Suitable for indoor or outdoor use, the stylish design is sure to attract attention.

A handy, easy to reach control panel, means you have all the features at your fingertips without having to exit the tub.

A good all-rounder with many good selling points when it comes to the best 2 person hot tub.

Our rating:

  • Quite heavy. Not as easily moved.

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So Why Should You Buy It

As we said, its a safe choice for people short on space. Its light-weight, easy to set up & maintain, which means its great for people using it alone. In fact, we think itll be a great choice if youre buying a hot tub just for medical or therapeutic uses.

The included accessories and manuals can get you up and running without hassle. Most things work as theyre meant to and the spa is as reliable as they come at this price.

How Long Does It Take To Heat Water From 65 To 103

The heat up time upon first use is 24 hours, the temperature increases about 2 to 3° per hour, and the maximum temperature is set at 104°.

It takes about 24 hours to heat the water from 65° to 103° and the pump will be circulating water the entire time.The temperature of the spa increases about 2-3 degrees per hour.

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Cheaper Than A Regular Tub

The cost factor here is also a huge benefit because regular tubs can be quite expensive and the cost can run into thousands of dollars. An inflatable tub, on the other hand, is usually much cheaper and costs only a fraction of what the full-sized variants cost. This is a complete spa-like luxury but at a very affordable price. What drives most people away from investing in a regular hot tub is that they are expensive. With inflatable tubs, that concern is now gone.

Person Oval Hot Tub Cover

How Much Does It REALLY Cost to Run A Hot Tub?

2 Person Oval Spa Hard Cover in Teak. By QCA Spas. $449.99. 5. Rated 4 out of 5 stars.5 total votes. FREE Shipping. Overall: 9.75 H x 91 W x 42.5 D. : 2 Person Oval Spa Flex Cover : Swimming Pool Covers : Garden & Outdoor.

Shop our selection of Oval, Hot Tubs in the Outdoors Department at The. American Spas 2Person 20-Jet Valentine Spa Hot Tub with Bluetooth. QCA Spas Capri 2Person Plug and Play 8-Jet Spa with Dual-Level Seating and Hard Cover.

Shop our selection of Cover, Oval in the Department at The Home Depot.. QCA Spas Capri 2Person Plug and Play 8-Jet Spa with Dual-Level Seating and . Features: Oval spa flex cover. 2 Person. Product Type: Hot Tub Cover. Color: Teak. Cover Shape: Oval. Dimensions: Overall Product Weight: -15 lbs. Overall: .

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Ease Of Installation And Maintenance

Take a little stress out of your life by choosing a model that is simple to set up and maintain. An effective and dependable filter can do most of the work for you. You will still have to regularly clean and change the filter, keep the pH levels balanced, and the tub itself clean.

Water should also be drained and refilled a few times per year, although this can be reduced if using a salt water system. If your tub is outside during the colder months, then it will need to be adequately protected when not being used.

Can The Spa Withstand Colder Temperatures And Be Used Outside In Late Fall And Winter

The spa has a heater, can be used all year long outdoor and is properly insulated for winter.

Included in the package is a insulated and lockable hard cover. This cover is recommended for outdoor use or for colder climates, as it locks heat and protects the spa from the weather elements.

May 31, 2019

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Important Things To Know About A Hot Tub

Purchasing a hot tub is an exciting time. They can bring many benefits to your life, not to mention the additional features that have been added to modern models. Before you float away on dreams of hydro-jets and Bluetooth speakers, there are a few practical features you need to consider first.

Take a look at these factors you need to determine before you decide to buy:

What Is An Inflatable Hot Tub

Homax 145

An inflatable hot tub is exactly what the name suggests. It is a hot tub, made of very durable and flexible materials, where you need to pump air and connect water inlets to create your own hot tub practically anywhere. It serves the same purpose as a regular hot tub allowing you to relax and unwind inside it, getting the total spa experience, while hot water soothes your body.

Inflatable hot tubs come in different sizes. Some of them are suited for just one person, others could accommodate two, and then there are some really large ones where you could possibly fit in four to five people! You get a heater and a pump along with most of these tubs, where you can connect a hose to the pump, and the heater will then heat the water and supply it to the tub.

A hot tub basically provides you with a good supply of hot water, which provides you hydrotherapeutic benefits, helps you relax your muscles and joints, and can also heal inflammations. Apart from these benefits, you can actually use it to spend quality time with your friends and family, or just unwind after a very long and stressful day.

Inflatable hot tubs are generally made of materials such as vinyl, which is usually the marine-grade quality, and then theres also another variant , PVC. These materials are chosen because they are light as well as durable, and do not get damaged by the heat of the water.

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