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Ideas To Hide Pool Equipment

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Metal Pool Equipment Storage Ideas

Easy Backyard Pergola Build – Hiding the Pool Equipment

Choosing a metal box as your equipment pool cover can be an affordable and low maintenance option. Unlike wood, you dont need to do a lot to maintain the box. If you choose one made out of aluminum, then itll be rust and corrosion-resistant.


Metal boxes typically come in neutral colors and have a sleek, modern feel to them. This pairs well if you have a more modern home.When choosing your metal box, look for one that has slotted sides. This will help with air circulation through the box. Solid sides will be more effective at sound dampening, but can also encourage the temperature to rise too high.If youre looking for something slightly bigger, you can find ready-made metal shed kits. A kit can give you a bit more space for storage and provide you with an affordable structure. Youll find some that are freestanding and others that are designed to back up against the side of a building.

Simple Pool Equipment Covers

As a pool owner, you know that caring for your pool is essential for keeping the pool water crystal clear and beautiful. Whether you have an above ground pool or one in the ground with a pool liner, youll have a pump, filter, and possibly a heater. You dont have to invest in something expensive and fancy to hide your pool equipment. A simple wall or box is all you need.


A small storage box will fit just around these pieces of equipment to hide them away, dampen the sound they produce, and protect them from the seasonal weather elements. For the best protection, look for one with a lid that opens, vented sides, and hinged doors.

Measure the total length and width of your pool equipment. Then buy a box with dimensions that fit.If youre looking for something even simpler, you can place a vinyl screen around your equipment. These affordable screens are simple to assemble and are quick to erect. Just know that they dont cover the top of your equipment and may not withstand the abuse of being outside year-round, year after year, the way other materials can.

Unique Concealed Designs For Pool Equipment Covers

So far, weve talked about standard covers that you can buy. They typically come as a kit that youll assemble and put into place. But this doesnt mean youre limited to these standard designs. Creating a custom design for your cover will ensure that it perfectly matches your homes backyard decor and style.

If you have a privacy fence around your pool, why not use those same fence panels to create a wall around your pool equipment? Theyre easy to cut down to size if necessary. Using the fence panels will ensure this wall perfectly matches the fence so that itll blend in.

Another option is to turn your equipment cover into a shady spot. Increase the height of the boxes and add a pergola style roof that extends out beyond the box. Set up your lounge chairs in this shady spot.

Sometimes you can hide things in plain sight by incorporating them into a purposeful design. If you want to use a vinyl screen to hide your equipment, why not add more vinyl screens and create an artistic display. Consider including decorative lighting and screens of different colors. The functional screen blends in with the overall creative decor.

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How To Hide Pool Equipment With Landscaping

Your own private oasis, complete with swimming pool, makes a great place to relax, but the effect can be spoiled when you have to stare at a bunch of ugly pool equipment. With a bit of creative planning, that unsightly machinery can disappear completely behind a barrier that blends naturally into your landscape. Whether you want a tropical feel or something more mainland, you can find plants to fit your theme and hide your pool equipment from sight.


Place a wall of plants that can support themselves, such as flowering shrubs, around the equipment forming a solid screen, leaving one end open for access. Plant all bushes well back from the equipment. Keep plants that grow very wide pruned, since these can end up interfering with your access to the equipment and may encroach upon the walkway around your pool.


Use flexible lattice to define an area no matter what shape it is. Use lattice to support vines or keep plants from taking over the equipment area. Choose vines that donât grow so large and heavy that theyll end up breaking down the lattice, or keep the vines pruned.


Fill in any open space below shrubs or vines with annual flowers that tend to hang onto their leaves and petals to provide color and interest during pool season and replace them each year. Alternatively, plant low-growing perennials that do not have to be replaced each year, but may require more maintenance.


Should I Cover My Pool Equipment In The Winter

Screen/ partition to hide our pool equipment! Very pleased with this ...

In our region, where temperatures routinely fall below freezing for an extended period of time, a pool filter must be winterized to avoid cracking due to the expansion of freezing water inside the filter. A cover will not help the filter from freezing, but will protect the exterior from oxidization.

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Hide It With Landscaping

Youll find many unique ways to harness the power of landscaping.

  • Use ornamental grasses and bushes to hide your pool equipment. If you choose the right ones, theyll grow wide enough and tall enough to completely conceal your equipment. Consider options like Boxwoods that grow thick, Japanese Holly that is super leafy, and ornamental grasses. When planting either bushes or ornamental grasses, you may want to plant several for extra concealment.
  • Create hills and valleys. This may be a dumptruck full of dirt, or a truck bed full of topsoil. Either way, you can build up a mound of dirt in front of your pool equipment and add some planting on top of it.

Salvaged Lumber Pool Shed

Did you know that you can use leftover lumber from another project? If you have some lying around, you can go ahead and measure it out to fit the dimensions of your pool shed. Youll want to grab your electric drill and a table saw to complete this project.

Watch here how to build this project:

This is a sturdy wooden structure that will hold up easily to the outdoor elements. If you want to add insulation to the interior area, you can. This will ensure your pump is protected when it gets cold outside during the winter.

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Hiding Pool Equipment With Landscaping

Swimming pools are beautiful: sparkling blue water, and inviting pool decks can be just as aesthetically pleasing to look at as they are fun to swim in. Pool equipment, not so much.

PVC plumbing, pumps, filters and heaters are obvious necessities for all of us pool owners but any pool owner can attest that we would rather see the results of the equipment without the constant reminder of their presence.

Ive tackled the topic of Pool Equipment Enclosures in a previous blog with a nuts and bolts approach to building walls around pool pump and filters. Today we approach hiding pool equipment with a greener approach: with Plants.

Hinged Lid Pool Pump Cover

40 Pool Equipment Cover Ideas

This design features finished slatted planks and a metal hinge for easy access. You can finish the slats in a reddish stain, such as you see here, or you can opt for a darker brown finish.

View the project idea here:

This enclosure goes up against the side of your house, so you dont need to construct a complete box. There are also gaps in the wooden planks, so this wont completely protect your pump from the elements. However, if you live in a dry climate you may not need to worry too much about rainfall.

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Outdoor Shades For Pool Pump

When youre constructing a pool deck, be sure to make room in the plan for an equipment area to house the pool pump and filter. The pump and filter are the workhorses of your outdoor swimming pool. This is a really simple project that serves its purpose tremendously. This step-by-step guide will show you how to build an outdoor shade for your pool pump. With a little effort, patience and creativity, you can have your very own DIY pool pump enclosure.

Diy Pool Equipment Cover Ideas

by admin

While some people might think that they can throw a tarp over their pool equipment and call it good, there are some issues. It doesn’t look very nice, and for another thing, it isn’t doing anything to protect your equipment from the elements. So if you want to keep your pool equipment safe from the elements, you need to get an equipment cover. The good news is that there are many different ways to build your own DIY Pool Equipment Cover. Some of these covers are simple enough that anyone can build them. Others may be more complex but will provide better protection for your pool equipment. So, if you’re looking to save some money by replacing the cover yourself, this article is for you. We will look at how to make a simple pool cover and what materials you need to make it.

Here are 32 DIY Pool Equipment Cover Ideas that will give you inspiration for your next home improvement project. These DIY equipment cover ideas are budget-friendly and easy to make yourself. They’re easy to install and keep your pool looking great all summer long. Plus, they can add some privacy if you’re in a neighborhood where people can see into your backyard. If you have your pool or are looking for the perfect gift for someone who does, we have some creative DIY pool equipment cover ideas to help protect and camouflage your pool, pump, and filter systems!

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How To Use Landscaping To Hide Your Pool Equipment

Taking advantage of the landscape is a awesome way to conceal your pool. Create a pool equipment fence with greenery. Some great options include boxwoods, japanese holly, palms, and agave. Boxwoods grow to be very thick, yet remain easy to trim, making them great for fencing off equipment. Japanese holly are a bit more leafy, but still create a great hedge. Palm trees are excellent choices for those in southern areas where the climate stays relatively warm year round. Finally Agave, amazing for the fact that they are so low maintenance.

Pool Equipment Enclosures Sheds

Creative Ways to Hide Pool Equipment

Theres one more option for the pool equipment enclosure possibilities an equipment shed. Sheds fully protect your equipment, while also offering space to store pool toys, supplies, and chemicals. Whether you build one from blueprints or get a DIY kit, a shed is a great way to conceal your equipment. You can store other items in the shed, including yard tools, pool toys, pool floats, and even smaller pieces of pool furniture.

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What Can I Plant Around My Pool Pump

If you want to soften the backyard, add bushy bushes and fluffy grasses to hide your pool equipment and reduce pump noise. Just be sure to give lots of room for the plants to grow, without blocking sunlight and air flow to the equipment. Or if needed, grasses and bushes can be easily pruned, any time of year.

Is It Safe To Enclose Pool Equipment

You do not have to enclose your pool equipment . A lot of people camouflage it with landscaping or a small fence, so that is not visible. Pool equipment is designed to be outdoors. As long it is taken care and properly maintained of there should be nothing to worry about.

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How Do I Hide My Pool Equipment

The simplest way to hide your pool pump and filter is to put up a small wall or screen to block the view, and the noise from the pump. If you are handy with wood, you can saw-up your own pool filter screen to hide the pool pump, or you can buy vinyl privacy walls at most home stores and garden centers.


How To Hide Pool Equipment In Your Yard

Creative Pallet DIY Idea | Pool Equipment Cover/Bar

Maybe youre wanting to create a tranquil nature retreat in your yard. Or, perhaps you want to keep curious hands and noses safe from danger.

But, in what ways can you hide your pools ugly equipment to keep your yard looking peaceful and relaxing?

The most common ways to hide unsightly pool equipment include:

  • Wood fencing
  • Plants and hedges
  • Enclosed metal boxes

How you choose to hide your pools equipment will depend on how much equipment you have to hide and what aesthetic youre wanting to achieve. Not including the limit of your imagination and budget.

Before jumping into the deep end, lets have a look at some things to factor in before deciding.

Backyard pool equipment enclosure shed.

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Pool Plaster: Everything You Need To Know

They say your swimming pool is an extension of your living room a place to stay and hang out with friends and families after a long, busy day. Having a private pool offers you an escape the moment you step out into your own backyard.

Thats why many pool owners take the time to invest in their swimming pools. While pool cleaning plays a major role in pool maintenance, those who want to keep their aquatic oasis in pristine condition hire pool professionals who offer pool services like pool remodeling, pool resurfacing, and plaster pool service.

Amongst these services, pool plastering is often the most overlooked maintenance solution applied to your private pool. Pool plaster is the skin that separates the water and the concrete pool. It offers various advantages including its aesthetic appeal and a smooth surface but what its better known for is its ability to create a watertight seal between the pool water and the rough underlying surface.

Ideas For Hiding Pool Equipment


  • Bushes: The denseness of bushes make them a great option for hiding pool equipment. They are also able to grow thick and tall enough to create a pseudo wall, which also helps with filtering out noise! When selecting bushes for concealing equipment, make sure you choose ones that dont grow too fast or drop a lot of debris. Stay away from any that flower or drop fruit the berries can stain your deck and also attract insects.
  • Trees: Here in Central Florida, palm plants are ideal. There are so many varieties available that are short and full, perfect for hiding pool equipment. Palms are generally low maintenance and you wont have a problem with fronds shedding into your pool. Same with bushes, stay away from any trees that flower or fruit to save you from winged insects and a stained pool deck.
  • Ornamental Grasses: Tall, ornamental grasses are another great way to hide your pool equipment. Though not as dense as bushes, grasses can also grow tall enough to hide any filter, plus theyre low maintenance. Ornamental grasses will give a whimsical feel to your backyard and complement any other landscaping around the pool. When selecting, look for hardy grasses that dont seed or become invasive.



Sheds/Pool Housing

As you can see, there are many fun and unique ways to hide your pool equipment. Whichever way you choose, remember to make sure the disguise allows plenty of access in case any part of the equipment needs serving.

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Best Diy Pool Equipment Enclosure Ideas

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Are you looking for ideas on how to cover up all of that unsightly pool equipment? There are a wide range of DIY projects to hide your pool pump and all of the tubes that go along with it. If you dont mind getting your hands a little dirty, youll be able to get started on this project as soon as you collect the required supplies.

DIY pool pump enclosures can be a cost-effective method for most individuals. Theres no need to buy a bulky storage container when you can simply make one yourself. Depending on your skill level, you have quite a few DIY options to choose from.


Pool Equipment Enclosures Walls

Pool Equipment Cover Ideas

The simplest way to hide your pool pump and filter is to put up a small wall or screen to block the view, and the noise from the pump.

If you are handy with wood, you can saw-up your own pool filter screen to hide the pool pump, or you can buy vinyl privacy walls at most home stores and garden centers. As a third option, hire a carpenter to take care of it all for you!

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Pool Pump Cover Ideas

Are you looking for a pump cover that will allow airflow? This excellent pool pump cover is made from wood and lattice panels. All you need to do is make a frame from the wood and cover it with lattice panels. Aside from protecting the equipment and allowing airflow, the long pipe attached to the top of the cover can be used to hang towels. Myrlegen

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