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How To Measure Above Ground Pool Size

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Two Different Depths With A Drop Off

How To Measure An Above Ground Pool for a new Liner

If your pool has a drop off that separates two constant depths, its best to treat them as separate pools. Go ahead and use the calculation above for constant depth twice, one for each depth, and then add the two totals together to know your combined gallons. I know, double the work. But hey, youve got a pretty cool pool!

Different Types Of Liners

Above ground pools will use one of three different types of liners. They can either be an overlap, unibead, or a beaded liner. If you are looking for an overlap liner, you will not need to know the height of your pool. Overlap liners come with extra material that will hang over the pool wall and will work for pools that are 48-inches to 54-inches in height. If you are replacing your liner with a unibead or beaded liner, knowing the height of the pool is absolutely necessary. These types of liners are made to fit the height of the pool exactly.

Above Ground Pool Ladder Price

The final component common to an above ground pool kit is the ladder or entry system. You will find an A-frame ladder will be the go to choice for most retailers. These are very cost effective and work great on above ground pools. If you would like something a bit more substantial, you can generally upgrade to an entry system, which will include steps that go down on the inside of the pool and additionally handrails to assist with entry and exit from the pool. If you plan to install a wood deck around your pool, there are also deck mount options for the ladders that allow for a seamless transition from the deckto the ladder or entry system.

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Size And Shape Guide For Above Ground Pools

You can save thousands of dollars on a swimming pool by opting for an above ground option rather than an in-ground swimming pool. But there are all sorts of questions that come with the decision to purchase an above ground swimming pool.

In-ground pools seem to have so many options, but what about above group pools? Rest assured, you have plenty of options to choose from especially when it comes to shape and size.

What Do All The Letters Mean

Image result for buried above ground pool 12 x 24 oval ...

When learning how to measure a swimming pool liner you really need to under stand what all the letters mean. Before we begin print off a liner measurement form or scroll down to familiarize yourself with the pool layout. You will quickly notice a bunch of different letters located on different points of the pool. These letters directly relate to the different dimensions needed to make a replacement liner. All off the dimension will be needed to properly make a new liner that will fit your pool. Scroll down to see how each letter corresponds to certain length, width and depth points on your pool.

  • A Overall Width
  • E From Bottom Of Panel To Floor
  • F Overall Depth

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Kidney Or Irregular Shapes

There are two methods used to calculate the capacity of irregular shapes. First, you can imagine the pool or hot tub as a combination of smaller, regular shapes. Measure these various areas and use the calculations described previously for each square or rectangular area and for each circular area. Add these volumes together to determine the total capacity.

0.45 x x length x average depth x 7.5 = volume

The total of measurement A plus measurement B multiplied by 0.45 multiplied by the length gives you the surface area of the kidney shape. . The rest of the calculations you are now familiar with. Try this volume calculation:

0.45 x x length x average depth x 7.5 = volume

0.45 x 18 ft x 25 ft x 5 ft x 7.5 = 7593.75 gallons

Parts Per Million

One of the most important calculations you will use is parts per million . The amount of solids and liquids in the water is measured in parts per million, as in three parts of chlorine in every one million parts of water, or 3 ppm.

To help, this list shows common terms and their equivalents:

Square foot = 12 inch wide x 12 inch long

Cubic foot = 12 inch wide x 12 inch long x 12 inch high

Cubic yard = 36 inch wide x 36 inch long x 36 inch high

One cubic foot of water contains 7.48 gallons

One cubic foot of water weighs 62.4 pounds

One gallon of water weighs 8.33 pounds

One part per million represents 8.3 pounds of chemical per million gallons of water.

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How Many Gallons Are In An Above Ground Pool

Its to know the volume of water in an above ground pool. You might be asking why its important. Well, you need to know the volume of water when youre treating water. For example, if you need to add disinfectant such as chlorine, you need an accurate measure of gallons of water. The formula for determining gallons is Length X Width X Depth.

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What Is Standard Depth Of Swimming Pool

Normally swimming pools made 42 in , 48 in , 52 in and 54 in deep, but other sizes available as well. Many in ground pools have a slope and can be up to 8 feet in the deepest point. Total height of above ground swimming pool is normally 5 9 smaller comparing to water depth when the pool is fully filled.

Above Ground Pool Sizes

Size of Your Yard: Essential Above Ground Pool Buyers Guide

The first thing to consider when youre looking to install an above ground pool is the size. This includes both the shape of the pool and the dimensions.

Most above ground pools are offered in two different shapes – round and oval. Smaller, more conservative pools are 12 to 18 feet in diameter while larger pools can go up to 33 feet round or 21×41 feet in the oval shape.

Important Fact: Pool measurements are based on the water dimensions of the pool, so its imperative that you allow for extra space.

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How To Measure A Belt Size

Find your waist size in inches in the chart below, or your waist measurement in cm.Hold the end of the tape in the middle of your pants button.How to measure a belt.How to measure the belt:

How to measure your belt size.If it is an odd number, round up to the next even number.If you can measure the inside circumference by putting the belt in a circle and putting the tape measure inside the circle, your measurement will.If you do not have an existing belt, measure around the top of your pants where the belt loops are and be sure to tighten the tape measure as tight as you would like your belt to be.

If you wear a 34 trouser, buy a 36 belt If your waist size is an odd number, buy a belt three inches larger instead of two In the us, belt sizes use inches, while most european countries measure the belt size in centimeters.Internal length v belt width:

Its important to note that belts are measured in inches.Lay the belt on a clean, flat surface.Measure each individual band for banded belts to obtain the correct width.Measure from the far end of the belt buckle across to the far end of the belt past all of the belt holes.

Measure from the inside edge of the buckle to the hole you use as shown below.Measure the internal length of the belt.Measure the length of the belt from end to end.Measure the width of the belt by placing the measuring tape above the last belt hole and pulling down to the end of the belt below the last belt hole.

Calculate Your Pool Volumewithout Math

So youre really not into algebra, huh? Thats totally okay. Just find the size of your pool on one of these charts, and youll find the average gallons for that pool. Since not all pools have the standard depth, these numbers are not exactbut approximate. But hey, if you just came here to get a general sense of how many thousands of gallons your in-ground or above-ground pool contains, just check out these charts and youre off scot-free.

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How To Measure Pool Size By Area

Youll need to take measurements of the length and width of your pool in order to find its area. If your pool is a standard shape like a rectangle, this is straightforward. As an example, an olympic-size swimming pool has a standard size with a length of 50 meters and a width of 25 meters. Multiplying the length times the width, or 50m x 25m, yields a total surface area of 1,250 square meters.

A great many pools, however, have steps, curves, or other irregular shapes that actually extend past the main body of the pool. For any of these sections, youll need a slightly modified approach to finding the total overall area called the AB measurement.

Using the AB Measurement Method to Get Pool Size

  • This measurement requires two points, A and B. Mark on the deck of the pool at least 4 out from the edge with a line straight between these points.
  • Looking straight at your pool, youll want to make sure point A is to the left of point B. The line between these points should not extend across the pool itself. This puts the AB line at somewhere around 66% of the length.
  • At the midway point between A and B, measure how far the distance is to the pools edge to form a triangle.
  • From the triangles point, youll want to move clockwise and make a second point around 3 feet away and continue doing so every 3 feet.
  • Youll need to continue this measurement all the way around the pool for both A and B points.
  • Testing Your Sand Bottom

    How To Measure An Above Ground Pool for a new Liner

    The weight of the water in the pool will help to compact the sand bottom underneath the liner. Generally it takes 5-10 days for the sand to be fully compacted and become hardened.

    The first time you get in the pool to swim, gently feel the bottom of the pool to ensure the sand is sufficiently compacted. If the bottom is still soft, give it a few more days before walking around on the bottom.

    ***Country Leisure Pro Tip: Leaving footprints in the bottom of the pool will make it extremely difficult to vacuum your pool dont rush this step!

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    The Pros And Cons Of Above Ground Pools

    The positives of above ground pools are straightforward. If youre looking for something to cool off with during the summer that is low maintenance, then an above ground pool is for you. You can put away the pools during the winter and store them in some cases.

    One of the biggest pros of an above ground pool is that you save thousands of dollars. In-ground pools cost approximately $20,000, and that a no-frills version. In above-ground pools however, you can find a wide variety of shapes and sizes for less than $1,000.

    So, whats the downside? Well, above ground pools have no impact on property value. If youre looking to increase the value of your home, an in-ground pool is your best option. In some cases, above ground pools may actually diminish the value of your property. Because they sit on one stretch of land for years at a time, the ground its over is cut off from sunlight, and water sources. You may need to reseed or sod your lawn to fill in any gaps from your above ground pool. As previously mentioned, the other downside is that there is no above ground pool option available for diving.

    Number Of People Who Will Be Using The Pool

    If you have a big family, you should go for a more spacious pool. Round shaped pools are better because they are more spacious. If you have kids, remember that your kids would want to bring in their friends.

    If the pool is only going to be used by adults, you can go for a deeper pool. Also, remember most adults tend to spend most of their time on the patio. So, if most users will be adults you should prefer to have a more spacious patio.

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    Used Pool What Size Liner

    I bought a used pool. I did not measure it before I took it down. They said it was a 33 foot pool. When I went to measure the liner to buy a new one it only measured about 29 feet. I might could pull it some tighter and get a little more measurement but its not even close to 33 its more like it may be a 30 foot. I dont have the pool assembled yet so cant measure anything else. Help please.Hi A used liner will easily shrink by the amount you are suggesting. The best way to tell is to lay out and connect all the bottom rails, make the pool round and then measure. If you find a center point you should have a radius of 16′ 6″.

    How To Measure For An Aboveground Pool Liner

    Choosing a Pool Size: Essential Above Ground Pool Buyers Guide

    An often-overlooked step in replacing your aboveground pool liner, measuring your pool properly will prevent undue surprises.

    This is because not all pools will measure to exactly the size that a pool owner thinks they have. Secondly, installation variables can cause the walls to bow out, or bow inward.

    If you are planning a replacement pool liner, take a few moments to get an accurate measurement of your pool diameter and depth. Then you can confidently place an order for your replacement pool liner and aboveground liner installation supplies.

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    How To Properly Measure Your Pool’s Wall Height

    As pool owners, knowing how to properly install a pool liner is an invaluable skill. Whether it’s installing your liner on your brand new pool, or the inevitable day when a veteran pool owner must remove an old liner and replace it. We’re always looking for ways to help fellow pool owners maximize their enjoyment of their pool, which includes being there for your questions! A question we’ve found that we get asked very frequently is how to properly measure a pool’s wall height.

    Whats The Deepest Above Ground Pool Option

    There are some variations of partially in-ground pools or the option of above-ground pools with a deep end liner. However, when it comes to a standard above ground pool options, the deepest you can find is 54 inches or six feet of wall height.

    The water line of most pools sits about 6 inches beneath the top of the wall when you account for some water loss from splashing. If you need a pool with water deeper than just under six feet, then you need either a deep-end liner or an in-ground pool.

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    How To Measure Above Ground Pool Size

    Above ground swimming pools are great for relaxing, playing and exercising. But the fact is that there is also some hard work needed to maintain one. Aside from regularly keeping track of the chemical levels in the water, cleaning and vacuuming the pool walls and floor, skimming the surface and maintaining the water pump and filters, you will occasionally have to change the pool liner. Pool liners can last anywhere from five years to 12 years or more, so luckily you dont have to worry about it too often. However, when it comes time to buy a new liner you will need to get the exact measurements of your pool to ensure you get the right liner. In this article, well give you tips on how to measure above ground pool size.

    Dual Cone These Speakers Are Generally The Least Expensive And Also The Lowest Quality

    How to Buy an Above Ground Pool: A Definitive Guide

    How to measure marine speaker size. Which speaker size is right for your boat? Unfortunately it is a lot more complicated than that. Rather, the measurement is based on the diagonal length of the speaker frame.

    Diy audio & video tutorials, faqs, calculators and examples for speaker boxes, crossovers, filters, wiring, home automation, security & more diy audio and video.com. Speaker wire size quick guide. Marine speakers also come in various sizes.

    Contrary to popular belief, the size of the speaker is not measured using the diameter of the speaker cone. In the mobile audio world, it helps to think about the size of car speakers as more of a category than an actual size. Next, measure the hole that is in the hull or mounting location.

    Also, make certain there is no air path between the front and rear of the speaker. Use the illustration and tables below to compare dimensions and select the appropriate marine speakers for your application: Figuring out car speaker sizes can be a little confusing.

    Measuring speaker size might be something not that really difficult if you follow the easy steps. How to measure marine speaker size? It all depends on the water conditions.

    So once you have an idea of the size of the speakers you are looking for and the power handling you need for your setup, the last thing to consider is the quality of the speaker. For most cases using home or car speakers 18 gauge is fine. Instead, look up for the sizing charts each manufacturer provides.

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