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What Is The Best 1.5 Hp Pool Pump

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Best Overall Pool Pump: Hayward Perflex Filter Pump System

What is the best variable speed pool pump for 1.5″ pipes?

Weve picked the Hayward Perflex Above-Ground Pool Filter System as the best pool pump for above ground pools since it provides everything youll need for an above ground pool pump.

It already has a filter system with it, so you dont have to buy them separately. The diatomaceous earth filter system cleans fast, so you can run your pump system once a day and still have clear and clean pool water. The pump is known to produce more filtered water using less pump horsepower making it extremely efficient.

With its Flex-Tube design, youre not required to backwash your filter anymore which means less time to manually clean your pump system.

The pool pump system comes with a 1-year manufacturers warranty and you can easily order online using Amazon.

What Customers Love

The Hayward TriStar Variable Speed 1.85 HP Pool Pump has a permanent magnet, totally enclosed fan cooled motor that makes it an efficient and powerful pool pump.

This pool pump is highly recommended for those with large-sized above ground pools because of its large filter basket and various speed settings.

Its equipped with 2 x 2.5 CPVC union connections, so it can reach up to 130 gallons per minute for its flow rate. It can turn over your overall pool volume within two to three hours.

Its designed to replace most full-rate high performance pumps up to 1.5 full-rate or 2.0 max-rate HP. And its one of the most energy-efficient above ground pool pumps in the market today.

What Customers Love

What Size Swimming Pool Pump Do I Need

When trying to determine what size of swimming pool pump you need for your new pool, what youre looking for is a pool pump that will be able to fully pump all of the water from your pool through the filter in no longer than 8-10 hours. This generally ends up being a 40-50 GPM pool pump for smaller to medium pools around 24,000 gallons or less and an 80-100 GPM pool pump for larger pools over 30,000 gallons.

Harris 92725 Proforce Energy Efficient Above Ground Pool Pump 115v 15 Hp

  • Increased pump efficiency saves you money on operating costs.
  • Extra large strainer basket.
  • Clear pump lid with easy twist lock sealing ring.
  • Easy draining for winter prep.
  • 115V 6 ft cord with standard 3 prong electric connector.
  • This item is not eligible to ship to California.

Back Order Expected to Ship on

Back Order Expected to Ship on

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Harris ProForce energy efficient pumps use high quality copper wiring and are run by an efficient capacitor reducing Amp and Watt usage to extremely increase efficiency and decrease electrical usage over comparable standard pumps.

Note: not currently eligible to ship to California.

Harris ProForce Energy Efficient Pumps for Above Ground Pools Provide Superior Performance While Saving on Operating Costs!

Features motor capacitor that greatly increases pump efficiency by reducing motor amp and watt usage.

Strainer housing features an extra large basket for catching leaves and debris.

Clear pump lid to easily see when basket needs cleaning featuring twist lock sealing ring with massive handles to make accessing the basket a breeze!

Convenient strainer housing plug for easy draining, ensuring no water will be trapped during winter.

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What Size Of Pump Do I Need For My Above Ground Pool

Above ground pools unlike inground pools dont have much variation on their shapes. The typical above ground pool can either be circular in shaper or rectangular. And their sizes or overall volume are often indicated on the box they came with or you can search for it online.

For those above ground pool owners who have less than 10,000 gallons of pool water, then going with a 1 HP pool pump should be enough,

For those with more than 10,000 gallons of pool water, a 1.5 HP should be sufficient for your above ground pool.

Hayward Sp2607x10 Super Pump Pool Pump Quietest Inground Pump

Best Above Ground Pool Pump Reviews: TOP 10 Choices 2021!
  • Not for above ground pools
  • Can be frustrating to install
  • Cannot be shipped to Florida or California

The Hayward SP2607X10 Super Pump Pool Pump is an extremely quiet product, despite boasting a lot of horsepower, which can barely be heard while it is in operation. This pump is available in a wide variety of horsepower options to suit different-sized pools, from 0.5 HP to 2.5 HP, and comes with an oversized debris basket that is perfect for catching large amounts of leaves and other types of foliage. We also liked that the strainer is easy to remove and clean.

This product is intended for use exclusively with inground swimming pools and, as such, it cannot be used with above ground models. Additionally, this is a single speed model and Florida and California law requires all inground pool pumps to be variable speed pool pumps, so it cannot be shipped to those states. You can also check out the best pool cleaner.

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How To Find The Minimum Flow Rate

Note Your minimum flow rate will tell you how hard your pump needs to work in order to keep your pool water circulating at the desired turnover rate, while expending the least possible amount of energy to do so.

The first value you need is your pools minimum flow rate.

In order to get that, youll need to know your desired turnover rate, or how long it takes for the pool pump to complete a full cycle of ALL the water in your pool.

Most would agree the sweet spot stands at around 8 hours, and thats what I recommend using as a baseline for your calculations.

The calculation is as follows:

Pool capacity / desired turnover = minimum flow rate

First, youll need to calculate your pools total capacity, or how many gallons of water it holds. This will of course depend on the size, depth and shape of your pool.

I could list off some formulas to use, but why bother when you can use this awesome calculator instead? Easy peasy.

Once youve got your capacity, youll need to calculate your minimum flow rate, or how many gallons youll need to process per minute in order to meet your desired turnover.

Just divide your pools total capacity by 480 to get the gallons per minute value.

Note Your minimum flow rate will tell you how hard your pump needs to work in order to keep your pool water circulating at the desired turnover rate, while expending the least possible amount of energy to do so.

Harris H1572730 Proforce Above Ground Pool Pump 115v 15 Hp

  • Compare and SAVE! Works the same as Hayward Power Flo LX.
  • Double size seal for long motor life.
  • Internal threading is 1.5 inch and External threading is 2.5 inch.
  • Clear cover, easy-to-clean filter basket, and convenient drain plug.
  • Meets All CSA & ETL Requirements
  • Dependable Performance
  • This item is not eligible to ship to California.

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Back Order Expected to Ship on

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Hayward Sp23115vsp Maxflo Variable

The Hayward SP23115VSP pool pump is the perfect choice for replacing your existing pump with a high-quality, energy-efficient variable speed pump. This amazing pool pump helps you save money by saving energy. In addition to being extremely quiet, these pumps can help you save up to 80% in energy costs.

Haywards is one of the largest manufacturers of pool equipment with many innovative products. The SP23115VSP MaxFlo is the only 115-volt variable-speed pump available which has permanent magnet motors.

Furthermore, it can easily replace existing single-speed 115-volt pool pumps without making any electrical upgrades. Besides, its rotatable, intuitive user interface is easy to read and operate thus allowing you to customize speed and duration.

In addition, this pool pump has a large basket that is able to hold larger volumes of leaf and debris. Furthermore, the see-through strainer cover makes it easier to determine when it should be cleaned. With the installation of Hayward SP23115 MaxFlo, you can really upgrade and make a difference.

Our rating:

  • Self-priming pump provides a suction lift of more than 8 feet above the water
  • Permanent magnet motor increases energy savings up to 80%
  • Digital interface with eight custom timers and 24-hour clock
  • Totally encased fan cooled motor provides reliability and durability
  • Digital control can be wall mounted for convenient viewing and access
  • Can be installed in stand-alone mode or with competitive control systems

Hayward Super Pump Vs

5 Best Variable Speed Pool Pump for Inground [Review] – Variable Speed High-Performance Pump [2022]

Best variable speed pool pump if you value energy efficiency and a quiet running pool pump.

Hayward SP2603VSP Super Pump VS

  • Hayward SP2603VSP Super Pump VS manual
  • Hayward SP26115VSP Super Pump VS
  • Hayward SP2602VSP Super Pump VS
  • Features:

    • Permanent magnet, totally enclosed fan cooled motor delivers maximum energy efficiency and reliability
    • Exceptionally quiet compared to single speed pumps
    • Fully programmable, touch pad control can be rotated to four different positions or mounted to the wall for more convenient access
    • Universal compatibility: operates independently, with Hayward automation*, or with competitive systems
    • Available in both 115V and 230V versions

    VIDEO | Hayward Super Pump VS : Programming & Troubleshooting


    There are a lot people asking what the difference is between the Hayward MaxFlo and the Super Pump. I can see why, they are almost identical. Both the Super Pump and the MaxFlo use the same electric motors. These being the Energy Star, permanent magnet, variable speed motors, with the option of a 115V 0.85 HP or 230V 1.65 HP output. Their controllers are identical too. So Im not going to go into too much detail about this, you can scroll up the page to read about the electric motors and controllers. I covered all of this in some detail when reviewing the Hayward MaxFlo VS pool pump range. What I want to do here, is address the all-important question.

    What is the difference between the Hayward Super Pump and the MaxFlo pool pumps?

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    How To Choose The Most Popular 15 Hp Inground Pool Pump

    The three most crucial criteria to consider are price, quality, and popularity.Price is an obvious factor to consider, as you want to ensure it is acceptable for your needs.Quality should also be examined because buying a low-quality goods will not help you achieve your main aim of obtaining the best product.Finally, while not as obvious as price or quality, popularity can be just as significant as both when it comes to attracting new customers.

    How Much Pump Do I Need

    If your pool volume is 15,000 gallons, then one turnover would be equal to 15,000 gallons. This turnover is required every 12 hours, or twice a day. Pumps, on the other hand, use a slightly different description of “gallons per minute” or GPM. Think of this a little like the miles per gallon quoted as gas mileage on your car. Our goal is to meet or exceed our minimum required turnover and to use the least amount of energy doing it.

    Here is the problem: most pools are designed to sell, not to operate. It has become very popular to “sell on horsepower” or how powerful a swimming pool water pump is, not how efficiently it operates. Many pool builders routinely sell against their competition by quoting a “bigger” pump as a “free upgrade.” As a result, the vast majority of pools have pumps that are severely oversized. Water pumps of 1, 1.5, and 2 horsepower are very common — and for the average size pool, very oversized.

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    The Pump Motor Is Making Noise

    All pump motors will make some noise. But if your pump is making a racket that sounds different from when its running normally, you could have a problem.

    If its just vibration, placing the pump on a rubber pad may do the trick. But if its a low, growling sound, the problem could be cavitation, which means the pump isnt getting enough water, and is taking in air.

    First, prime the pool pump.

    If priming the pump doesnt stop the noise, check the intake lines for clogs, and make sure none of the lines are leaking. Once those things are fixed, the pump should quiet down.

    If the pump is making a screaming noise, its likely the bearings have gone bad. Or its being terrorized by the neighborhoods feral cats. But its probably the bearings. If so, youll need to replace them.

    While the parts are inexpensive, this fix will require quite a bit of labor as the motor will have to be shut off, disconnected, and disassembled. So have your tools ready for this one.

    Hayward Tristar Variable Speed Pump

    Top 10 Best Above

    The Hayward TriStar Variable Speed Pump comes in two different levels of awesomeness, making it adaptable to varying pool sizes, with models of 1.85 and 2.7 HP. The pump is ideal for medium to large backyard pools.

    With a completely programmable interface, it can be mounted on four different positions for ease of access and viewing, ideal for the pool owner who wants to manage pump pressure on the fly. The permanent magnet, TEFC motor delivers massive energy savings while providing quiet performance day over day.

    Installation and retrofitting is made simple with two pump-base options, and the TriStar Variable Speed Pump is straight-forward to maintain thanks to CPVC union connections.

    The Hayward TriStar Variable Speed Pump is a powerful pump for medium to large backyard pools, and combined with Haywards industry-leading performance, you will have a pump that gives you the energy savings of a VS pump along with the exceptional durability of a Hayward machine.

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    6 Best Above Ground Pool Filters. Keep your above ground pool sparkling and clean with our hand-picked reviews of the best above ground pool filters.

    6 Best Floating Pool Chemical Dispensers. Keep your pool balanced and clean with our hand-picked selection of the best floating pool dispensers.

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    Which Type Is Best

    The best type of pool pump is going to ultimately be determined by your pool, your budget, and your lifestyle. If, for example, youre planning on moving or selling your house in the near future, a considerable financial investment in a variable speed pump might not be the right option.

    If you have a smaller capacity pool and are just looking to replace an old or malfunctioning pump, a lower horsepower, less powerful model might be just what you need.

    There are several other considerations too that youll want to mull over before taking the plunge, so lets jump in before we get carried away.

    Xtremepowerus 75113 Pump Pool Aboveground 15hp 2speed Energy Saving Black

    • Energy Saving Swimming Pool Pump heavy-duty, high-performance motor with air-flow ventilation for quieter, cooler operation
    • Built-in Speed settings gives more user control to adjust the speed of water transfer with the low and high settings between 1,750 to 3,450 rotations per minute
    • Oversized strainer basket with transparent lid cover to indicate whether the basket needs to be cleaned out of debris, leaves and particles of dust to prevent clogging
    • High performance motor with built-in airflow ventilation and thermal overload protection will deliver quieter noise and smoother running experience than traditional pumps of its class
    • Designed for above-ground pools and spas of all types and sizes. It UL Certified to meet specific product standards and safety requirements

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    Vevor Swimming Pool Pump 15 Hp 115 V 1100 W Single Speed Pump For In

    • The Hayward PowerFlo LX Single-Speed 1.5 HP Pool Pump is designed specifically for the rigors of above-ground and on-ground pools
    • Heavy-duty motor offers dependable performance, energy efficiency and quiet operation
    • Durable, corrosion-proof housing for all-weather performance and quiet operation
    • Extra-large debris basket with clear cover keeps pool maintenance to a minimum
    • Drain plug provides easy maintenance of pump

    Single Speed Pool Pump Reviews

    Hayward Super Pump Pool Pump 1 5 HP â Review 2022

    As the name suggests, a single speed pool pump works to pump your pools water at one constant speed. Meaning that no matter what function you are using the pump for, the pumping power will be the same. Single speed pumps operate at 3,450 revolutions per minute and only have the option of being turned on or turned off.

    These single speed pumps come in a variety of horsepower . And they operate on either 115V or 230V.

    If you have not replaced your in-ground pump in the last ten years, you most likely have a single speed pump. In fact, you probably have a Hayward Superpump, like the one in the image above. They have been the industry standard for over 20 years, and have been virtually bullet-proof, except for leaky pump seals.

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    Which Is Better Single Speed Or Variable Speed

    Single Speed VS Variable Speed! This is a debate that is raging within the confines of the pool pump community. Variable speed pumps generally excel when it comes to circulation, as you can manually adjust the speed of the pump. This can also help save energy and water, which is why variable speed pumps are preferred in states like California. Single speed pumps tend to be easier to install, cheaper and better suited to above ground pools.

    Is A Variable Speed Pool Pump The Best Choice For You

    Weve already become used to two speed pumps and these have proven themselves to be energy savers. So why change to a variable speed pump? A lot has to do the with the permanent magnet electric motor. As the world has become more aware of energy conservation, a lot has been done to improve electric motors. The growing popularity of electric and hybrid cars has resulted in increased research into producing the most energy efficient electric motor. The permanent magnet electric motor was born out of the search for the most efficient electric motor to use in an electric car. When applied to pool pumps, these motors have resulted in huge electricity savings, based purely on the more efficient design of the actual motor. By utilizing a variable speed control, these savings are taken to new limits. Youre able to set the pool pump to the best speed for the situation at hand.

    Adding programmability to the variable speed pool pump, means that youre able to vary the speed automatically throughout the day to provide for different situations.

    Any type of pool cleaning system that uses the pool pump to work, needs the best flow and pressure. This would include suction side and power side automatic pool cleaners, as well as pool skimmers. Again, its possible to optimize your pool pump power to match the needs of your automatic pool cleaning system.

    Look no further, above you will see the Westinghouse WGen9500 generator — one of the best 9500 Read More…

    Affordable Chainsaws

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