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How Much To Install Gas Line For Pool Heater

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Pool Heater Costs By Type


If youve decided to install a pool heater, now youll have to figure out what type of pool heater to get and theyre not all created equal. Some cost more to install, but are less expensive on a monthly basis, while others are less expensive to install, but will cost you more each month. Each works in its own unique way, with its own pros and cons.

Cost To Run Gas Line To A Fireplace

Running a line to your fireplace ranges from $10 to $20 per linear foot. Fireplaces need a more consistent supply and have varying BTU ranges, so they have a wide range of needs regarding the line supply size. The price of your pipe may also be determined by the type of fuel your fireplace uses, though the most common is natural gas. Homeowners may wish to add a gas fireplace to their existing home or new build or need a line to convert a wood-burning fireplace to a gas one.

Professional Gas Line Installation In Houston

Your dreams of curling up in a chair, sitting by the warm fireplace, or enjoying cooking on your new six-burner gas stove are on the verge of becoming a reality. That is just as soon as you install this new gas line.

Yes, you know this is not your average do-it-yourself type of home project. Gas line installation is one of the more labor- and skill-intensive home improvement projects you can undertake. In truth, this type of project is too dangerous to attempt yourself and a D.I.Y. gas project will certainly not pass its final safety inspection.

You need a local, established, plumbing company. One that can install your new gas lines and appliances as well as follow through on all necessary applications and permits to ensure you pass your gas line inspection. While cost is always an essential factor in any home improvement decision, it is equally vital that the best job possible is done to ensure against leaks. Safety is paramount when undertaking a job like this.

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Labor Cost To Install Gas Line

The average labor cost to install a gas line is $3 to $11 per linear foot depending on the diameter of the pipe and job complexity. Licensed plumbers charge between $45 to $150 per hour, or $100 an hour on average to place new gas lines.

It’s recommended to hire a licensed master plumber to install home gas lines. Many states require a licensed professional because of the risks associated with connecting gas to a home. An apprentice plumber will charge much less, but may only be suitable for minor pipe repairs.

How Much Does It Cost To Install A Pool Heater

Gas line, Pool Heater Repair, Service, Installation ...

Gas pool heaters should be installed by a qualified contractor. It involves pvc plumbing, gas plumbing, electrical wiring and possibly proper venting. These can be quite hazardous if done incorrectly, so if you do install your own gas pool heater, make sure that you are qualified to perform these technical tasks. If you were to call in a contractor to replace a gas pool heater for you, it could likely cost at least $400 500. If the installation is new, and there was no previous gas heater, the installation cost will likely also require running a gas line . Typically, large propane tanks are leased from a local propane supplier, who will connect it to the heater at the time of tank installation. The LP propane truck will come around every so often during pool season to keep the tank filled. If a gas pool heater is installed near, under or inside of a structure, proper HVAC venting must be installed for carbon monoxide safety. New gas pool heaters will also need a non-combustible concrete slab to be placed on.

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Unusually High Gas Bill

Sometimes there is no mist, fog, smell, or headache-causing proof there is a gas leak. But there is undoubtedly a bill that proves the leak is still there. If one month you receive a gas bill that is significantly higher than the average youre used to receiving, contact your provider. There might be a perfectly logical explanation for it. But dont dismiss it either. Its worth investigating and finding out if there is a leak somewhere in and around your home.

Fireplace Gas Line Installation Cost

You can expect to pay at least $700 to install a fireplace or furnace gas line. Cost factors for this project include the type of gas fireplace you have, the technology used and the size of the fireplace.

Another factor is whether its an existing wood-burning fireplace that needs to be converted via a gas fireplace insert. Installing the insert would cost you more.

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Factor #: The Length Of The New Gas Line

Most natural gas lines installation projects fall into the categories below:

  • Running a gas line from the main service line to the meter or house
  • Running a gas line from the meter to outside or inside gas appliance
  • Extending an existing gas line

The longer the length of the gas line, the more expensive the installation will be. This is because labor and material costs are greater for longer runs of pipe.

Note: If you are installing natural gas lines in your home for the first time, the utility company will first need to run a gas line from the main service line at the street or curb to your home. From there, a plumber will need to install a gas line to each gas appliance you have inside or outside your home .

The Size Of Your Pool


It probably comes as no surprise that your pools size is a key consideration when it comes to heating efficiency. A small or weak heater will take much longer to heat a large pool than a high-capacity heater.

A general rule of thumb is that you should increase your pool heater size by 50,000 British thermal units for every 5,000 to 10,000 gallons of water your pool holds. If you live in a cold climate, you may need to increase that to 100,000 BTU.

801-1,200 400,000+

Make sure to ready my article on what size pool heater you need to figure out the right size for your pool.

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Taking Usage Into Account

When comparing the costs of gas and electric pool heaters, bear in mind how and when you use your pool. Gas heaters warm pool water quite quickly, so you’ll only need to run yours when you want to go for a dip. An electric pool heater, on the other hand, needs to stay on all the time. If you only heat your pool once in a while, a gas heater may actually cost you less.

Also remember the limitations of electric pool heaters. If you want to keep your pool open when the temperature dips below 45 degrees Fahrenheit, you’ll need to opt for gas rather than electric regardless of cost. The temperature of your pool water matters too. Someone comfortable swimming in 77-degree water will pay less to heat a pool than a swimmer who prefers a balmy 85-degree pool.

What To Consider Before Gas Line Installation

You might have made an appointment to have an extra gas line installed outside to be able to use your grill. Ensure your professional checks all pipes connected to your house in case some have begun to rust to the point of leaking. This is especially important if youre living in an older home , you dont want your house to be at risk of a significant gas leak.

If youve taken the time to get your gas lines checked and installed, you should also take the opportunity to add new appliances for your home. If only your oven and stove are gas-powered, why not consider investing in a furnace that is too? Even a gas-powered dryer is an option. Talk to your plumber about what kind of other appliances would be well suited to natural gas in your home. Take full advantage of the expertise that you have in-house and update your appliances.

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How Much Does A Pool Heater Installation Cost

Need a pro near you? Get multiple quotes for free online. Get your quote now > >

Installing a pool heater is a wonderful way to use your pool as long as possible, and even if you live in a warmer climate, there will still be those chilly days in the winter when you wish the water was a tad warmer. Because there are different kinds of heaters, the cost of installing one can greatly vary depending on the type you choose, the professional you hire and where you live.

Cost To Run Electric Pool Heater

Accurate Gas and Plumbing

The average cost for electricity in the United States is 13.31 cents per kWh. An electric heat pump will use about 5 kilowatts per 100,000 BTUs per hour. Therefore, it should cost about 66.5 cents per hour to run an electric heat pump. Expect the monthly cost to be between $50 and $150.

Electric resistance pool heaters will cost several times that of an electric heat pump. Expect the monthly cost to be between $400 and $600 per month.

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What Affects The Costs Of Pool Heater Installation #

Some factors affect the cost of installing a pool heater. They include pool size, type, and design.

Also, if you had existing cables that support pool heaters running, youll end up paying less. But sometimes your pool service technician has to start from scratch. They install new underground cables thus, pool heater costs will be high.

Cost To Run Lines Through Your House

You plumber will take over from this point, and theyre responsible for anything that runs from your meter to your appliances inside your home like your dryer in your laundry room or the stove in your kitchen. The plumber is also responsible for the lines that run to outdoor appliances through your yard. Your gas line installation line cost falls between $15.00 and $25.00 a linear foot.

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How Much Does It Cost To Install A Gas Line In Edmonton

Its no secret that so many appliances we depend on everyday rely on natural gas. In Edmonton, some of the most common gas-powered appliances include BBQs, kitchen stoves, fireplaces, garage heaters, , fire tables, and clothing dryers.

However, what is a mystery is how much it costs to install a gas line in Edmonton and how this price tag is formed. While it is difficult to lay out a precise pricing formula given the number of contributing factors, in this article we hope to give you the end consumer a clearer understanding of what to expect and consider similar to what we strived for in our guide to furnace repair costs in Edmonton.

Free Or Cheap Main Gas Line Installations

Underground gas line to pool heater part 1 (loudepot)

Free or cheap main gas line installs are offered by some gas companies as well. Before contacting your gas supplier, get details on the following to see if you qualify for a free or low-cost installation.

  • Distance of Installation Short distances up to 100 feet with a connection to a gas run heating system may be free of charge which includes the gas line and meter.
  • Multiple Houses For example, in rural areas connection costs can be split or reduced by having multiple houses connected at one time.
  • Edge of property Rural areas sometimes offers connection to the edge of a property for free, though the other costs apply to the rest of the property.

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Pool Heater Cost And Installation Info

People generally buy swimming pool heaters for 1 of 2 reasons:

  • Replace a failed or worn out heater
  • New installation of a pool heater

If you are replacing a pool heater and the heater performance over the years has been satisfactory then your search will be rather easy, just find the direct replacement! It can be easier to install a direct replacement heater, because the water and gas pipes will usually line up, making things much easier for you.

New pool heater installations are most easily installed at the same time of the pool construction. This option is the most versatile and easiest since you work it into your design plan. Fortunately, my guidelines for making a wise choice are going to help you make an informed decision, whether you are building a pool and considering a pool heater, or if you are thinking about adding a pool heater to your existing pool retro-fitting, as it were.

First, you need to make 3 decisions about a new pool heater:

  • Which type of pool heater to install?
  • Gas pool heater
  • Electric heat pump pool heater
  • Solar pool heater
  • What pool heater budget do you have?
  • Gas pool heaters for pools range from $800-$2300, by brand & size
  • Pool heat pumps are $2-3500, by brand & size
  • Solar pool heaters $150 for small aboveground pools, to $1500+/- for larger inground solar pool heating systems
  • Appliance Hook Up Costs

    The plumber will also take the time to connect your appliances, and the cost will depend on which appliances need a line. Some are easier to install with easy access points like a stove, and others are in more challenging spaces. Youll pay between $40.00 and $100 per appliance to hook them to your gas line.

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    Factor #: The Location Of The New Gas Pipe

    Installing gas pipes above ground will usually cost less than installing gas pipes below ground. The reason is that installing underground pipes requires extra equipment and time, which raises the overall cost of the project.

    If a professional needs to install pipes underground, they will typically use 1 of 2 installation methods:

  • Trenching
  • Horizontal Directional Drilling
  • Trenching is the traditional digging method used to install pipelines. It is commonly used for laying pipes in a straight line through a yard to connect outside appliances to the meter or for running a gas line from the main line to the meter.

    Horizontal Directional Drilling is a trenchless installation method that uses special drilling equipment to lay gas lines underground. This method is non-intrusive, which makes it ideal for installing gas lines under above-ground obstacles such as a driveway, road or sidewalk.

    In general, HDD is more expensive than trenching. However, trenching may require expensive post-installation costs, such as the cost to restore your lawn or landscape after the pipe is installed. The plumbing professional you consult with for the project will recommend the best installation method based on your situation.

    Factor #3: The number of gas appliances you want to connect to the new gas line

    The more gas appliances you want to connect to the new gas line, the greater the overall cost of the project will be because of increased labor time and materials.

    • Stove & oven

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    The Types Of Pool Heaters

    Pool Heater Gas Line Installation

    Electric resistance heater

    These inexpensive heaters will use electricity to create the heat as the water runs over the resistor. These heaters wont work well for larger heaters and are commonly found in small spas or therapy-like pools.

    Gas heater

    This is the most common type of pool heater you will find at most households as its the most inexpensive option to purchase and tends to heat the water the fastest when compared to other heaters however, even though they are cheap to purchase, it can be very expensive to run, often costing as much as $500+ per month. Using either propane or natural gas, a gas heater will be hooked up to your gas line or a propane tank, depending on your preferences/setup. During this install, the appropriate electricity and plumbing will be hooked up and usually tapped off near an outlet. If necessary, a larger gas meter may be required.

    Heat pumps

    The heat pump will extract heat from the atmosphere and will need a dedicated breaker to efficiently operate. This type of heater is very energy efficient, inexpensive to operate and has a longer lifespan however, it can be one of the slower options when heating the water. To install a heat pump, a unit will be placed on a heavy pad, similar to your air conditioner and plumbing from the pool will run in and out of the unit.

    Solar panels

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    Gas Pool Heater Installation Cost

    Gas pool heaters have been the most popular type of pool heater and run on either natural gas or propane. Either use a tank or your natural gas line to operate the heater. Natural gas pool heater cost to run per month will be about half as much as propane. Although propane pool heater cost to run per month is expensive, it is a good option for properties without a natural gas line. These units are fairly inexpensive, heat water faster than any other heater, and use a . The downside to these heaters is the expensive cost of operation. Gas pool heaters should last at least five years. Expect a gas pool heater to cost between $900 and $4,500. Installation will cost between $450 and $1,500, making the total gas pool heater installation cost between $1,350 and $6,000.

    Heater size

    Benefits Of A Gas Pool Heater

    Energy efficient. Natural gas pool heaters heat water much faster than electric. An automatic thermostat keeps your pool at a consistent temperature and only heats when needed.

    Easy to maintain. New technology means easy maintenance and reliability. Many new pool heaters can self-diagnose minor problems so you can keep things running smoothly.

    Safety features. With automatic safety shut-off controls, a natural gas pool heater increases your sense of security.

    What to look for:

    Size. Its important to select the right size for your pool. An undersized heater will take longer to heat your pool and result in higher operating costs.

    Ignition system. Choose from a pilot light or an electronic ignition system that eliminates the need for a continuous pilot light.

    Halton Gas works with many pool companies, landscapers, and homeowners to install pool heaters and run pool heater gas supply lines. Our experienced and professionally trained technicians have installed many pool heaters and are factory certified to install all major brands. We are able to replace an existing pool heater, run a new gas line from your basement or gas meter, or install an underground gas line.

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