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4 Person Hot Tub With Lounger

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Best Four Person Hot Tub Reviews

Hydropool 495 Self Cleaning Hot Tub

A four-person hot tub is excellent when you want to spend quality time with your friends and loved ones. Whether it is a cold winter evening or an occasion to socialize, hot tubs make every moment fun. Many hot tub manufacturers rate the maximum capacity of their hot tubs for four people, but they are not comfortable for four people.

In this article, we have selected the hot tubs that seat four people comfortably. The comparison chart also details the maximum occupancy mentioned by the manufacturers and how many people can comfortably sit in the hot tub in reality. We are going to take a look at the features, pros, cons, and frequently asked questions about four-person hot tubs.

Four Reason To Own A 4 Person Hot Tub

A 4 person hot tub is simple yet sophisticated.

Youve heard the term less is more, right? In this case, it is. We just told you all the different experiences you can enjoy simply by changing seats every 10 minutes or so. So why pay more for a larger 6 person hot tub if you dont have to?

A 4 person hot tub is space conscious.

If you dont have the room to house Ottawas Peace Tower, but want to improve your health and happiness, these hot tubs can fit in tighter spaces. Remember our spas are considered portable for a reason. They are small enough to move – under a gazebo, porch, tree canopy or nothing more than the stars.

A 4person hot tub is where value and price meet.

You deserve the intersection of luxury and high performance, but you shouldnt have to break your piggy bank to make it happen. Northern Hot Tubs offers affordable monthly payments so you can maximize your enjoyment of a well-equipped hot tub instead of maxing out your credit card.

A 4 person hot tub is sitting in your neighbourhood somewhere.

Dont miss out. Customers Canada-wide are already enjoying the carefree lifestyle that we call North Strong. Oh, and did we mention that our hot tubs are Wi-Fi enabled? That saves time because its so convenient.

Person Hot Tub Near Me

China Royal Spa delivers its high-quality products word-wide ,the Royal Spa has more than 50,000 satisfied customers around the globe. The Royal Spa is just one click away from you.

You dont even have to go outside your home. Go to the online store of China Royal Spa and look at the high-quality products and order your favourite one.

So, China Royal Spa is your one stop for all the variety of high-quality hot tubs and swim spas. The products are not only beautiful in look but also high in quality.

The four person hot tub by China Royal Spa has a strong, reliable and durable exterior and a wide, comfortable and spacious interior. They have a huge number of accessories and high-quality jets that ensure powerful massage.

So if you are looking for the high-quality 4 person, 4 seater hot tub with or without a lounger, you need to go no further than the China Royal Spa. Get your product from the Royal Spa, and you will not regret you decision because the team is very supportive and cooperative.

Moreover, they help you to select the best one for you. The delivery is very smooth and prompt. You will get your delivery within 15-20 working day after your order. Above all, the product will be high-quality with a beautiful design and state of the art technology.

So what are you waiting for? Select the one and get it at the earliest and get it to enjoy with your family and friends.

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What Is A Blemished Spa

  • A factory-returned spa that has been refurbished & tested
  • Also known as factory re-conditioned
  • Could be a spa that simply has a visual/cosmetic defect
  • Typically, under normal operating conditions, you probably wont notice any difference
  • Same performance as a brand-new spa
  • Can be a great solution for budget-conscious buyers

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Dimensions Of Four Seater Hot Tub

HydroLux HL

2100*2100*920 mm is the size of four person hot tub. It is professionally designed and constructed with high-quality raw material. It has 4 hearest spots to enhance your comforting experience.

The beautiful LEDs add light to the environment, and the blend of light and water in the directional fountain is vital to surround you in a romantic environment. The 4 person hot tub by China Royal Spa keeps your health and wellness as a supreme priority. It has a 100% circulation system with an ozone injector to kill germs and bacteria.

Do you already plan to buy this one of the most popular 4 person hot tubs, contact the China Royal Spas team, and you will get one step closer to your high-quality 4 seaters hot tub.

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Hot Tub And Swim Spa Maintenance Services

If youre having problems with a chemical imbalance or water clarity issues in your hot tub, look no further than York Region Pools & Hot Tubs. Our professional and experienced technicians will know how to get your hot tub looking sparkling new again! We provide ongoing weekly hot tub maintenance services that include:

  • Testing the hot tub water.
  • Adding weekly maintenance chemicals.
  • Cleaning all hot tub surfaces.
  • Cleaning the hot tub cover.
  • Adding balancing chemicals .
  • Cleaning the hot tub filter .

More Details About The A8d

The A8D is an exclusive 2-lounge layout with refined features, maximum therapy options and a distinctive style. This layout is so popular it has been one of the top-sellers for nearly a decade. This is a spacious and relaxing 5-6 person hot tub with 5 unique JetPaks. The premium bent knee lounger can be outfitted with your favorite JetPak, and includes wrist, hip, calf, and foot jets to create a total relaxation experience. The unique dual lounge seats and assortment of massage types make this spa the ultimate therapy experience.

Size: 7 10 x 7 10 x 38
Therapy Pumps: 2

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Dimensions Of 4 Person Hot Tub Pontus

The 4 person hot tub weigh around 320kgs and it has various built-in accessories such as 105 massage jets, a 3×3.0 HP massage pump, a high-quality heater, well-designed ozone injector. It gives you a soothing light therapy with its 23 LED lights. Moreover, it has 4 headrest spots to enhance your comforting experience.

The directional fountain of the 4 person hot tub elevates your mood and adds romance and calmness in the ambiance, and makes it a perfect spot to relax and enjoy.

What Is The Best 4 Person Hot Tub

Cancun by Bestway 2-4 Person Inflatable Heated Hot Tub on QVC

If you have planned to, but the 4 person hot tub and are looking for the best 4 person hot tubs, China Royal Spa offers you the best four-person hot tub with excellent features and beautiful layouts.

China Royal Spa has various 4 person hot tub models, and all these models are excellent with unique features. Have a look at the China Royal Spas 4 person hot tub.

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Person Hot Tub By China Royal Spa Pontus Model

This is one of the excellent models of 4 person hot tub with excellent features. It gives you a powerful massage and comfortable seats to sit and soak in the warm water to enjoy with your family and friends. If you install it outdoor, it gives you a feeling as if you are lying on a beach under the warmness of the sun. The natural surroundings and the comfortable design of the 4 seaters hot tub will make you forget about lifes tensions.

Really A Nice Experience Except For

Every day I hop on my hot tub to loosen up and wake up and shake off the morning stiffness and it’s great. The unit we have seems to clean the water pretty well but it has an unpleasant.Not sure how we avoid that but the system seems to keep itself adequately clean.I have a few gripes though:1. The access doors are really difficult to get open without feeling like I’m going to break the panels and those plastic one-use fasteners really don’t suit the purpose very well.2. I wipe down the inside of the hot tub every week or two and when I tried to wipe under one of the headrest cushions, it had rotted and broke so the cushion won’t stay in placeany more. It’s about a year old so I’m wondering what else will fail next. Overall, I’m happy to hop into my hot tub every morning but I think for the price of a used car, it should have more durable components and better design on the access panels.

  • How would you rate the COMFORT of your spa?12345
  • How would you rate the QUALITY of your spa?12345
  • How would you rate the VALUE of your spa?12345

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The Benefits Of A Therapeutic Hot Tub

The therapeutic hot tub offers you four primary benefits to your body.


While you lay down or sit in a hot tub, immersing your body in the clean and hygienic water, the ambiance of the hot tub brings calmness and relaxation to your body.


This is yet another most important benefit of the hot tub, You can enjoy water activities in any other water source, but you get massage only in the hot tub. The high-quality massage jets target your muscles and help to release tension, stiffness and fatigue.


The warm water of the hot tub feels pleasant and helps in the blood flow in your body, and helps in maintaining normal blood pressure.

Sound Sleep

Sleep is vital for your physical and mental health, and if you sit for a while in a hot tub before going to bed, it will help you sleep well.

Enjoying Your 4 Person Hot Tub Is Like Clockwork

4 person hot tub with lounger

Hey Canada its hot tub time! You know, the moment in time where you deserve a break – to soak away the bad and bring out the good. Hot tub time can be ANY time the clock says but what we are saying is the best way to enjoy it is by getting in, closing your eyes, and picturing your hot tub as a clock. Lets use a 4 person hot tub as an example. Its perfect for so many reasons. Sure, you can usually fit a fifth adult or a sixth child in a 4 person hot tub because they often have five or six seats. But just because there are more than four seats in a 4 person hot tub doesnt mean you need to load it up with people all at once. The clock analogy works best when just two people are sharing a soothing soak. One of you represents the hour hand the other embodies the minute hand. Hot tubbing is like clockwork because you are supposed to move throughout the hot tub like the hands on a clock, slowly and methodically ticking around and around – minute by minute, hour by hour, day by day. Northern Hot Tubs are engineered with this concept in mind. We want to ensure that you spend time in the various seats on all sides of the hot tub.

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Families And Couples Love Our 4 Person Hot Tubs

Each seat provides a unique hydrotherapy experience. You dont have to do anything other than move – at your own pace – to enjoy all the advantages. We want you to have multiple health benefits simply by changing spots! Every seat in our 4 person hot tubs has different jet patterns. Some seats have three jets targeting specific areas like your neck or your back, while others have three jets total. Do you want an intense massage that theoretically could last for infinity or an infinitesimal massage that is soft and simple? You choose – any time you wish to, knowing that every time its going to be something different. Another reason to tick tock around your hot tub clock is that the size and types of jets vary, so they produce different jet streams that offer massages that rival the hot rocks an expensive masseuse would place on your back. That leads us to the fabulous hot tub clockwork debate

Enhanced Ozone System Eos O3

EOS is a revolutionary water purification system that is up to twice as effective at oxidizing out impurities, without the negative effects of excess ozone gas. This unique 3-part system generates as much as 2 times the amount of ozone as standard systems, sanitizes spa water better, and destructs nearly all residual O3 gas.

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The Qualities Of A Therapeutic Four Person Hot Tub

High-quality therapeutic four person hot tub has the following qualities.


The high-quality person hot tub is professionally designed and carefully manufactured. It is equipped with various accessories that make it reliable for the customers.

Easy to Use

The high-quality four person hot tub is easy to use you will get more time to take advantage of the therapeutic specifications of it, and if it is not that much easy to use, you will be stuck in fixing it. Therefore, you must check this quality before buying the four person hot tub.

China Royal Spas four person hot tubs are very easy and handy to use. Therefore, get one according to your taste and enjoy your time.

Easy to Maintain

A high-quality therapeutic hot tub is easy to maintain. If it is not easy to maintain, you will spend your free time maintaining the tub instead of enjoying and soaking in the water. The four person hot tub of China Royal spa is very easy to maintain as it has an ozone injector and 100% water circulation that ensure clean and hygienic water.

Hot Tub Seating: To Lounge Or Not To Lounge

Hydropool Self Cleaning 495 2020

A hot tub is a big investment, and deciding on buying one usually comes with many things to consider. Looking for a hot tub is not a typical shopping experience, but you can still have a lot of fun when choosing its shape and size, or deciding on where to put it. Even if you already have your mind set on buying a4 person Jacuzzi, there is still at least one question to be answered do you want a 4-person hot tub with lounger or without one?

To lounge or not to lounge is another common dilemma of hot tub shoppers. Here, we will outline some of the most important things to consider before you finalize the decision to buy that dream 4-person hot tub with lounger!

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Consider The Presence Of Others While Setting Temperature

If you are sitting in the hot tub with your family and friends, consider their preferences before setting the temperature because a low temperature for you could feel high to others. Consider health, age and stamina of others before setting the temperature.

However, it would be best if you are extra cautious while setting the temperature. If you have children in the tub because they are more sensitive to the temperature than adults, and temperature rise could damage their skin and lead to heatstroke.

The Best Dual Lounger Hot Tubs

Our Favorite Hot Tubs With Two Lounge Seats

Iris C Hot Tub

Amore Bay Hot Tub

A hot tub can provide countless benefits both physically and mentally. After a long, hard day a hot tub can help to ease your mind as well as your body with warm water and soothing massage jets. Add in a lounge seat and you have a recipe for complete relaxation. We are going to share some of our favorite dual lounger hot tubs and what makes them so great.

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Seater Hot Tub By China Royal Spa Fates Model

This model of 4 seaters hot tub is a complete package for all your needs. It has various benefits to offer you, such as music therapy, aromatherapy, light therapy and above all, it gives you a powerful and comforting massage to relax. With its various benefits, it is the most popular model for four person.

Hot Tub Lounge Vs Captains Chair Which Wins

cupc best redetube square whirlpool redetube 4 person corner two lounge ...

As you try each of the 4 to 6 seats in our 4 person hot tubs, whether its the Ramsey or the Georgian , it wont take long before you settle into your favourite spot. And ultimately, the person representing the hour hand will claim the lounge seat as their favourite, while the human incarnate as the minute hand will slide into the corner captains chair. Do you fancy yourself a relaxing chaise? Or do you prefer to be captaining your vessel? While weve been referring a bit to hands so far, the deciding factor, in this case, boils down to your feet. Where in the 4 person hot tub would you rather place them? The hot tub lounger is the only seat allowing you to extend your legs outward fully. All other seats, including the captains chair, have you placing your legs and feet in the middle footwell. The difference with the captains chair is that you sink a little lower, allowing your shoulders to submerge under the water level and enjoy the neck jets a little easier.

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More About Our 4 Person Hot Tubs

We are proud to offer luxurious options for you to explore when searching for the perfect 4 man hot tub for you. Our 4 person hot tubs offer both enhanced space and comfort for 2 people, or 4 full adult seats to enable 4 people to all sit in maximum comfort. 4 person hot tubs are also perfect for a family, with a variety of seat depths and adjustable massage options to suit everyone.

The Hydropool 495 Self Cleaning model provides you with a relaxing environment to bathe in with the design incorporating a never float lounger and an S shaped lounger. The roomy dimensions make it ideal for family and friends to get together and enjoy water immersion together.

The Hydropool 4L in our Serenity range is one of our bestsellers due to its versatility, comfort, design and value for money. If youre searching for the perfect 4 person hot tub for you then look no further this model has everything you need to enjoy hot tubbing.

Also within our Serenity range youll find the 4300 and 4500, for a luxury hot tub that gives you all the features of a larger tub. The Serenity 4300 is a rectangular tub that is ideal for patios or smaller spaces and features 3 seats and a lounger, spacious footwell and barrier-free seating.

The Serenity 4500 is a beautifully designed tub featuring 34 jets and an exclusive wellness program that target specific areas of the body ultimate relaxation.

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