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Are Above Ground Pool Heaters Worth It

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Sunspring Pool Heat Pumps For Above Ground Pools

GAS POOL HEATER: How Does It Work & Is It Worth It? | Swim University

Our Range of Sunspring pool heat pumps are increadible compact and easy to install

They are plug and play and come complete with a cable and pre-fitted plug/RCD.

They are available in four sizes 5kw, 7kw, 10kw and 14kw

the sizing guide for Sunspring pool heat pumps is

Please use the chart below to select the best SunSpring heat pump model for your pool


However please note that these are the maximum sizes.

Please click Here to see more details of our Sunspring range of pool heat pumps for above ground pools

See below for how to calculate the volume of your pool

How To Heat An Above Ground Pool Fast

5 Ways To Heat an Above Ground Pool Fast. 1 Use a gas heater. Image via Gainesville Gas. Gas pool heaters offer the fastest heating of all the options in this post. And that makes sense because 2 Use a pool heat pump. 3 Use a solar heater. 4 Use solar blankets or rings. 5 Use a wood burning pool heater.

Dohenys Above Ground Solar Heating Systems

  • Heats water up to 15 degrees
  • Connects easily to water pumps
  • Requires no maintenance
  • 5-years warranty
  • It takes up a lot of space

Plunge in your pool all year round with the budget friendly, Dohenys Above Ground Solar heating system. It is no wonder that this brand and model has been rated with impressive stars because of its many features, advantages, and benefits. What I like most about this is it is effortless to install. Hooking it up to your current water pump system is a cinch. Even people challenged with following instructions will find the installation system of Dohenys to be a no brainer.

I highly recommend this particular product because it works passively and instantly. Since it relies on solar energy coming from the sun, you practically dont need to do anything after installation. It works on its own, and it requires minimal to zero maintenance. It does its ultimate purpose of heating your water by an average of 10 degrees and up to as much as 15 degrees with more intensity coming from the sun.More significant than the rest of the solar heating systems trending right now, it will make its presence known. Still, its massive size has a purpose and cant be taken against its overall performance. Size means space, and this warmer needs space. It requires no electricity, so compromising with the size is not too bad at all.

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Use A Hayward Gas Pool Heater And A Solar Cover

If youre looking to add a pool heater that would not take much space in your backyard, and easy to set up and use, then we suggest getting a Hayward Pool Heater.

Hayward specializes in providing great swimming pool products and accessories like their robotic pool cleaner. And their gas pool heaters are no different.

Theyre designed to heat your Intex pool efficiently.

One way to save money on your pool heatings operating costs is to install a proven cost-efficient pool heater.

We recommend the FibroPool FH055 Swimming Pool Heat Pump for Intex pool owners.

This FibroPool pool heat pump can add consistent, reliable heating to any above-ground pool and has low noise, so it wont bother you while you enjoy your time in your Intex pool.

Its very easy to use, unlike their gas pool heaters. You just have to find the right place to set it up and you should be enjoying a warm pool environment in no time.

How Does It Work

How Much Does Pool Heater Cost for Different Types of ...

The way a solar heater for above ground pool works is similar to any water heating system. They only differ in the energy source that will propel the pool water through the system.

An essential component of such a system is the solar energy collectors. These are similar to the solar panels or photovoltaic panels of traditional solar power systems. Many of these energy collectors get mounted on the roof or get positioned on the side of the above ground pool.

One difference between these solar collectors and photovoltaic panels is the presence of tubes in the former. It is necessary to convey water from the pool. As the water passes through the tubes in the solar energy collector, it absorbs heat from the collector itself.

Let us follow the journey of your above ground pool water. Everything starts in the swimming pool, where water gets pumped through the built-in filter. This removes any contaminants in the water. From the screen, the water goes through the tubes in the solar energy collectors. The heat from these tubes warms up the water before they return to the above ground pool.

Advanced solar pool heaters come with automated sensors. These technologies monitor the water temperature in the solar energy collectors. The sensors compare the temperature readings to the preferred water temperature of the user.

This system of feedback controls allows the solar pool heater to provide you with the right water temperature for your swimming pool needs.

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What Size Above Ground Pool Heater Do I Need

This is a good question because its super important. The right size pool heater will ensure that its heating at its best and not using resources you dont need.

And the best thing is, most manufacturers take the guesswork out of it for you. All you need to do is check the specs for the models youre looking at to make sure theyre compatible with your pool size.

But here are some good examples:

For a pool up to 10,000 gallons, youll need a 50,000-65,000 BTU heater.

For a 20,000 gallon pool, youll need 85,000-125,000 BTUs.

For both of these, stick to the lower end if you plan to only swim in the summer, and to the higher end to extend your swimming season.

Types Of Above Ground Pools

Obviously, there is quite a variety of options available. The critical thing to look for is a corrosive resistant steel frame and durable sidewalls for durability. From there, you can further personalize the pool depending on your yard size, use, and shape.

Swimming Pools come in several shapes, including round, oval, square, and rectangle. Sizes range from very small and shallow suitable for families with small children, to large enough to host a pool party. It depends entirely on your needs and how you plan on using the pool.

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Best Solar Heater Mat: Intex Solar Heater Mat For Above Ground Swimming Pool

If you have an Intex pool, then this Intex Solar Mat can help you achieve your desired water temperature in the most affordable way possible. The good thing about this solar heater mat is it can be utilized even by non-Intex pool owners, as long as the pool fits the floor area on this mat.

Unlike, gas, solar, and electric pool heaters, solar heater mats are very easy to set up. You dont need to climb your roof or use any complex equipment to set it up, all you have to do is lay it out flat on your pool area and set your above ground pool above it.

Note: This pool heater mat can only support pools op to 8,000 gallons. If you have a larger above ground pool, we suggest using other heating options above.

Kokido Keops Solar Dome Water Heater

POOL HEAT PUMP: How Does It Work & Is It Worth It? | Swim University

When it comes to summer, we always want to extend it a little further, and having a nice warm swim outdoors is one way to do it. That is why when summer was ending, I decided to use the Kokido Keops Solar Dome Water Heater.

This one works even though, despite the lack of direct sun rays. And with that, my pool water stays warm for me during autumn.

I used two of these solar dome heaters for my 16000 gallons above ground pool to reach the optimum temperature, but my friend who had 12000 gallons said he could raise his pool temperature by up to 5 °F higher. So I would say this product is enough for a small pool.

Why is this so? The solar cover helps heat the water faster, so your pool water can get warm even if you live in a cold climate like in the UK. Installation is easy, too, since this product comes with hoses, clamps, and fittings. It also comes with a protective cover to store it properly when you dont want to use it anymore.

  • The solar cover helps heat water more quickly
  • Comes with a protective cover for easy storage
  • The package includes hoses, fittings, and clamps
  • Can raise a 12000-gallon pools temperature 5 °F higher
  • The hoses are too short, limiting options on where you can put the dome.

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How To Choose The Most Popular Above Ground Pool Heaters

The three most crucial criteria to consider are price, quality, and popularity.Price is an obvious factor to consider, as you want to ensure it is acceptable for your needs.Quality should also be examined because buying a low-quality goods will not help you achieve your main aim of obtaining the best product.Finally, while not as obvious as price or quality, popularity can be just as significant as both when it comes to attracting new customers.

Is An Electric Pool Heater Worth It

The overall cost of ownership of an electric pool heater is less than that of a gas heater if you live in a relatively warm climate. In cooler climates, there may be more financial costs in the long run for energy use. In terms of reliability and flexibility though, an electrical pool heater has advantages that gas heaters cant often match.

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Hayward Cspaxi Best Electric Heater For Small Pools

1 year

What makes it a winner?

The quickest to heat small pools. According to owner reviews, on average, a small 1,000-gallon pool will increase the temperature by 2-3°F per hour. Electric heaters along with gas heaters can raise the water temperature very fast since they are independent of ambient temperature.


  • Maintains constant temperature. Once the desired temperature has been achieved, this electric heater will effectively maintain it while running at low speed, which will not harm your electricity bill. To retain the heat in your pool, we recommend using a pool cover.
  • Compact design. This electric heater is so small that it can fit in any compact space. This heater is the most compact in our list.
  • Durable materials. The tank, threaded head, and electronic heating element are made from 304 stainless steel. This material offers good corrosion resistance and durability.
  • Customer reviews

    Jacob, Minnesota

    Mike, New York

    Richard, Florida



    Quick to heat small pools or hot tubs. Along with gas heaters, this heater is the quickest and will raise the water temperature 3 times quicker than any heat pump

    Maintains temperature. As with heat pumps, this heater is great in maintaining temperature

    Compact design. The smallest heater in our list making it compact for pools


    Good for small pools or hot tubs

    A timer to control the increase in temperature is not included

    We recommend Hayward CSPAXIfor:

    What To Look For When Buying Solar Heater For Above Ground Pools

    Smartpool WWS421P Sunheater Solar Pool Heater for Above ...

    Choosing a solar water heater for pool can be tricky, especially if you are very new to the concept. So, to find out the right solar heater for above ground pool, heres what to look for.

    Clear and Understandable Installation Instructions

    Solar above-ground pool heaters can be very easy to install if the instructional materials are clear and understandable. Several components need to be properly set up for your solar heater to work, and not everyone knows the technical aspects. So I choose those that have the simplest instructions.

    Solar Collector Size

    Solar collectors can have different sizes and the bigger they are, the more solar energy you can gather for heating your above-ground pool. For solar panel type heaters, the rule of thumb is that your solar collecting unit has to at least be half the size of your pool

    The pool size supported by your solar collector can also be seen on its packaging. You can use that as a reference on how many you need to install for your above-ground pool.

    Maximum Temperature

    An average unit of a solar heater can raise the temperature of your above-ground pool to about 5 to degrees Fahrenheit which is good enough to make you not shiver when you dip your toes. But if you go for higher-end units, they will be able to raise the temperature of your pool to 15 degrees Fahrenheit more.

    Quality of the materials

    Easy to use

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    What Are Todays Most Popular Above Ground Pool Heaters Models

    There are many above ground pool heaters items accessible today for men and women seeking quality and reliability. Every above ground pool heaters model follows the same essential premise. But they appeal to various users.Its no secret that certain products appeal to specific populations. What if you could see which products were the most popular across all consumers? You can, and weve got the list. Check out our collection of products that appear to appeal to all ages, genders, and locations.

    Game Solarpro Above Ground Pool Heater

    This pool heater is universal, meaning that no matter what model of pool you are rocking with, it helps warm the temperature a few degrees in a handful of days.

    Designed for pools that are no larger than 8,000 gallons, the Game SolarPro soaks up the sun and transfers that heat to your pool. Reviewers found that the heater worked best when paired with a bypass kit .

    GAMEs backyard pool heater and its unique design dont come cheap, with third-party sellers on Amazon selling them for between $350-400 .

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    Game Solarpro Curve Solar Pool Heater

    I have also taken a liking to GAME products like its SolarPrO curve Solar Pool Heater. I decided to use two again since I think one would not be enough for my 16000 above-ground pool.

    The set-up managed to raise the temperature of my pool to 5 °F more. So an 8000-gallon pool would only need one based on that observation. We can install this heater for inground or above-ground pools due to its compatible design.

    I noticed that it was made of high-quality materials too, which is a must if I put it outside. The curve shape design is also great since it allows the solar above ground pool heater to absorb sunlight much more efficiently.

    But when we think that is not enough to maximize sunlight absorption, we can adjust the legs too. Now we can set the curved solar heater to a good angle so it can be hit with direct sunlight, heating our pool water more quickly.

    • Curve design lets it absorb more sunlight
    • Adjustable legs to set it up to for maximum exposure to sun rays
    • Ports and hose adaptors can leak without a gasket

    Little Known Perks Of Pool Heaters

    How to Select an Inground Pool Heater

    Having fun in a heated poolSource:

    Besides the most common reasons for buying pool heaters such as the need to add some degrees to achieve comfortable water temperature and willingness to extend the swimming season for a few more months every year, there are also some little known benefits of pool heaters:

    • Heat pumps can also be used for cooling the pool water
    • If you live in an area with constantly high temperatures, you can install solar panels, produce energy, and earn Solar Renewable Energy Certificates for every 1000 kilowatt-hours to the utility.

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    Intex Ultra Xtr Pool Set

    The Intex Ultra XTR Pool Set has everything needed to get you swimming faster. This is an 18 foot round pool at 52 inches deep. It has a water capacity of 6,981, making it ideal for children and adults alike. The pool set includes a sand filter pump, ground cloth, cover, and ladder.

    The frame of the pool is top-quality galvanized steel. It features a precision-engineered loading system that boosts stability, durability, and overall quality. It features inner and outer powder coating making it rust-resistant and extending the pool life.

    Included with the pool you receive a 110-120V sand filter pump. The Krystal Clear Sand Filter Pump features a 12-inch in diameter corrosion-resistant tank. It has a system flow rate of 1,600 GPH and features a timer with 1-12 hour preset cycles. You also receive a quality pool cover and a large ground cloth to provide added protection and comfort for your pool.

    The ladder that comes with the pool has slip-resistant and hi-impact steps and has a corrosion-resistant frame. It has a weight capacity of 300 lbs., making it one of the most durable on the market.


    • Very easy to assemble when instructions are carefully followed
    • Attractive exterior that suits any backyard
    • Comes with a Krystal Clear Sand Filter Pump


    Whats The Difference Between An Electric Pool Heater And A Gas Pool Heater

    Besides the different power sources used to operate gas and electric pool heaters, the main differences are in how they achieve a similar goal. The objective of both types of heaters is to have your pool water at a comfortable temperature when its time for you to use the pool or spa. Gas heaters are best at doing that by remaining dormant much of the time, then heating the water quickly just before its time to swim. Electric heaters are best at maintaining a comfortable temperature that is always ready for use.

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