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Do Solar Rings Work To Heat Pool

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Noair Heat Squares Ns792

Solar Sun Rings

Are you mulling over solar rings vs solar blanket? If you prefer the latter, this product is a great catch in that you can use it for above-ground and in-ground pools of any size and shape. It features a lightweight, easy-to-set-up-and-store design, so this is a perfect alternative if you prefer specifications like these.

This solar blanket is famous for working excellently in trapping and retaining the powerful thermal energy of the sun. Plus, it is dependable in lessening instances of pool chemical loss and water evaporation. It looks built to last, all thanks to its super durable vinyl covers.

It is worth noting that this solar blanket is designed with a no-lift-lip feature that helps keep the squares from being easily carried away in windy spots. The closed cell foam is meant to guarantee unwavering buoyancy. You see, if stability is your top priority, this product can give you that.

What I like best about this item is that similar to conventional bubble solar blankets, it enables solar heat to pass through and warm our pool. I am at peace because it offers me a more economical means of warming the pool. So, I can finally say goodbye to expensive electric bills.

  • Needs a lot of sunlight for optimal performance

What Is A Solar Pool Cover

With no cover at all, pool water absorbs a substantial amount of sunlight. A white plaster pool averaging 4.5 feet in depth absorbs approximately 60% of the suns energy. This energy will heat the pool by about 0.7°F per hour under the noontime sun.

But this heat gain is counteracted by water evaporation, which is dependent not only on water and air temperature but also wind on the pools surface and humidity. Evaporation would cause the same pool to lose about 5°F for every ¼-inch of water evaporated.

Solar pool covers capture the energy of the sun and transfer it directly into your pool water to keep it warm. Depending on where you live, a solar cover may not keep the water as warm as an electric or gas heater, but the tradeoff is that it can actually save you money by reducing water evaporation.

Before we continue, are you tired of fighting with your pool? Youre not alone. Most people are frustrated by their pools because they dont know what to do or how to fix it when something goes wrong. Our comprehensive illustrated guide and video lessons will show you exactly what to do so you can get back in the water fast. right now and purchase our Pool Care Video Course today!

Bestway Round Above Ground Solar Pool Heater

The Bestway Solar Pool Heater is the best pool heating option if you own an above-ground pool. It works hard to keep debris out of the pool while simultaneously using the suns energy to heat your pool to the ideal temperature.


Good for Oval and Circular Pools

If your pool is oval or circular, above the ground, and approximately 14 to 15 feet in its diameter, look no further than the Bestway Solar Pool Heater. It makes use of lightweight materials that are easy to clean, and you can take care of your oval or circular pool with no hassles at all.

Prevents Debris Accumulation

One of the primary features of this solar pool heater is that it acts as a barrier between the outside debris and pool water. Once the quantity of debris in your pool and on the pool heater reduces, you wont have to worry about frequent cleaning or taking out the unit from the water to shake the debris out of it.

Fits Around the Frame of the Pool

If your pools diameter is under 15 feet, the Bestway Solar Pool Heater can be attached to the pools perimeter so that it stays out of the way and will stay in place for a longer duration.


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Things To Consider Before Buying A Solar Pool Ring

Solar pool rings are a worthwhile purchase to make, and they are guaranteed to heat your pool efficiently at lower costs. Nonetheless, there are some factors to consider before you buy the perfect solar pool ring for your pool.

Ring Size and Shape

Solar pool rings need to cover the maximum surface area on the pool to ensure efficiency in retaining heat. Most solar pool rings are circular in shape and will leave small gaps between each unit.

You can avert the problem by using square solar pool ring designs. They function the same as circular solar rings but tend to be more space-efficient, particularly if your pool is rectangular.

You could also consider going for a more traditional solar pool cover which will spread out across a larger surface area to capture the maximum sunlight.

How Many Rings Should You Buy?

All pools need a minimum of four solar pool rings and a maximum of 30. However, this depends on your pool size and shape and the rings size and shape. Most rings are around 5 feet in diameter and can cover approximately 70-80% of the pools surface.

For example, if you have a rectangular pool that measures 12*20 feet, the ideal number of pool rings to buy is 8. If you own a round pool that is 12 feet in diameter, you may purchase 4-5 pool rings. On the other hand, if your pool is oval and measures 12*24 feet, you might need around six pool rings.

Does Ring Thickness Matter?

Drain Holes and Anchors

Quality and Longevity

Q: What Is A Water Anchor

Maker Madness at Home Pool Solar Rings

A: Solar Sun Rings, Inc. recently introduced a new model from our Australian market to the United States, the Australian Solar Sun Rings® which are designed for high wind areas. The water anchor is an additional segmented overlapping channel of vinyl below the outer ring. This channel is self filling when the Solar Sun Ring® is placed on the pool. It is also self emptying when manually removed from the pool. However, in strong winds the horizontal lifting closes the overlapping segments retaining the water for weight and stability. This feature is optional on Solar Sun Rings® with Palm Tree and Plain Blue designs, however not available on Solar Spa Cover® at this time.

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Are Solar Mats Worth Considering

Solar mats are solar tubes installed on the roof of a house.

The pool water is pumped through the tubes and into the mats after being filtered. Similar to heating covers, solar mats trap the suns energy and transfer this as heat energy to the water as it passes through.

Solar mats dont require any outside power source as they use the water pumped by the filter motor.

To be effective, they should be installed on the roof closest to the pool.

Inclement or cloudy weather will affect the ability of the mats to heat the water.

Do Solar Pool Rings Work

4.2/5worksolar poolSolar pool ringspoolSolar ringssolar poolring

Just so, how many solar rings do I need for my pool?

Floating Solar Heater For Your Swimming Pool

Approximate Number of Solar Sun Rings Needed By Pool Size
12′ x 18′ Oval/Rectangle
14′ x 28′ Oval/Rectangle 8

Likewise, what solar cover for pool is the best? At a Glance: Our Top Picks for Best Solar Pool Cover:

  • Intex Solar Cover for Frame Pools
  • Intex Solar Cover for Rectangular Pools
  • Sun2Solar Rectangular Solar Cover
  • In the Swim 8Mil Pool Cover.
  • Blue Wave NS 110 Solar Cover.

Also to know, do solar pool covers work?

Conclusion: Solar Covers do really work! Both to retain heat and reduce humidity, and when used on outdoor pools, they also add heat to the pool .

How do solar rings work?

Solar Rings QualitySolar rings for pool heating are designed from two sheets of heavy-duty vinyl. They trap sunlight energy, warming the water in your pool and, at night, they offer an insulation layer ensuring that heat is not lost from the pool.

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How To Use A Solar Pool Cover

The first time you unpack it, a solar blanket may be a little unwieldy, but its easily fixed. First, unfold it next to the pool. Spread it out bubble-side down on top of the pool water. The bubbles keep your cover afloat while, depending on the color and type of cover, acting as little magnifying glasses to heat up your pool.

Straight out of the box, the solar blanket will probably hang out over the sides of your pool, especially if you have a uniquely shaped pool. Use multi-purpose scissors to trim the excess so the blanket fits inside the pool.

Tip: Leave a flap 2 to 3 inches long where your skimmer is so you can tuck it under the edge of the skimmer. This allows you to push debris into the skimmer before removing the blanket.

Ideally, youll put your solar blanket on whenever the pool is not in use. Daytime is the best time for it to heat up your water, of course, since it relies on the sun. However, keeping it on through the night prevents water and heat loss via evaporation.

Tip: Running your pump while your solar blanket is on is completely safe.

If youre in and out of the pool throughout the day, just be sure to put it back on when youve finished using the pool for the day. Obviously, youre not going to want to swim with a solar blanket on the pool, so before you get in, youll need to remove it.

The Cost Of Installing A Solar Pool Heater

The Complete Guide to SOLAR POOL COVERS (Solar Blankets) | Swim University

The cost varies widely depending on the size of the swimming pool, preferred water temperature, overall exposure to the sun, shading, panel direction, climate, typical energy usage and other factors.

In general, the average price can fall in a range of $3,500 to $8,000, assuming your solar heating system covers from 70 to 100 per cent of the pools surface area. Glazed panels cost more but these are only required if youre heating water in temperatures that fall below freezing.

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Why Install Solar Heating For Your Swimming Pool

Did you know that the ideal water temperature for swimming pools lies between 26 and 29°C? To achieve this, you will need to rely on a swimming pool heating solution.

With this in mind, we cannot recommend solar swimming pool heating highly enough. For one, it makes sense. For another, it is economical. Last but not least, it is environmentally-friendly!

In The Swim 4×8 Ft Rectangle Swimming Pool Solar Blanket 12 Mil Blue/black

If you own an intermittently shaped swimming pool and having a hard time finding a perfect fit, then this dual colored Solar pool blanket might be the answer.

It can easily be trimmed down to befitting whatever pool shape you got, whether its kidney, oval or any irregularly shaped pool.

This solar pool blanket features thousands of small air bubbles working to send solar heat directly to the pool.

Its two-fold features with a blue layer on top which is the step section and a black bottom that functions as the one providing heat generation and retention.

Pros & Benefits:

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Blue Wave Ns480 Solar Blanket

Just like when buying solar lily pads for pool, you also need to carefully inspect the features of the available options when getting a solar blanket for your pool. This item is one of the chart-topping solar covers sold nowadays. It is recommended for swimming pools that come with a 15ft size, and is crafted using sturdy polymer material.

Of course, we all want a solar blanket that can guarantee effectiveness, durability, and quality. This product can meet all those requirements, but expect to get it a higher price range than other options. In my opinion, I dont mind buying a more expensive solar blanket if it can exceed my expectations.

Such a solar blanket works effectively in heating pool water faster. I personally witnessed that when we got one for our above-ground pool. I like its heavy-duty and chemical-resistant design. We have been using it for a couple of years now, and so far, it hasnt caused any issues yet. Best of all, it does not turn yellow when exposed to sunlight.

  • Price is slightly high
  • A little tricky to position underwater

Build Or Buy A Windscreen

Solar Sun Rings Solar Blanket Spa Cover

Wind blowing across the surface of a pool can accelerate the evaporation process, causing the pool water to lose heat more quickly. If you live in a windy area, consider building or purchasing a windscreen to protect your pool from wind, allowing it to better retain heat. Blocking the wind will also make pool occupants feel warmer.

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Invest In A Solar Pool Cover

While it wont heat your inground or above ground pool as much as a traditional electric or gas heater will, any type of solar pool cover will keep more heatand more waterin your pool.

But it doesnt have to be a one or the other choice. You can use any kind of solar pool cover in tandem with an electric or gas heater, which will help you save money on utilities, water replacement, and pool chemicals. For such a modest upfront investment, you cant afford not to have one.

Happy Swimming!

Do You Need Rings With Drain Holes

We would recommend it.

Drain holes will provide the solar ring with not only added rigidity, but it will help to drain any water that has accumulated on the top of the ring. This can happen during rainstorms, or improper installation.

The last thing you want is an ineffective solar ring that has sunk into the pool water.

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How Do You Get Water Off Of Your Pool Cover

Some pool owners use a pump to remove excess water from a swimming pool cover. You can also help prevent this issue by choosing a swimming pool cover made of mesh: Dirt and debris wont be able to get through, but a tight weave will allow water to pass through. If you live in a part of the country where snow and ice are common, consider adding an inflatable air pillow underneath your pool cover. This creates a dome shape in the center of your pool, which prevents water from pooling and freezing in the middle of your pool cover.

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Can A Solar Cover Be A Replacement For A Solar Pool Heater

Solar Sun Rings Review – What You Need to Know

As a general rule, solar covers are used with a heating system like a solar pool heater. However, solar pool heaters can get quite pricey. So if you are looking for an environmentally and budget-friendly option to heat up your pool effectively, simply having a solar cover could be a potential option in the right circumstances.

The only caveat is that solar pool covers should not be used as heaters. Although they can certainly be used to heat the pool, their primary role is to prevent heat from escaping via evaporation. So if you plan to use a solar cover as a replacement for a solar heater, keep in mind that it wont be as effective. But if you live in a warmer state, you may not need to purchase an expensive solar pool heater, so using a solar cover could be a great money-saving option.

For recommendations on which one to get, head over to my top picks for the best solar pool covers. And make sure to keep your solar covers clean!

Questions? Drop me a line.

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Electric Heat Pump Pool Heater

Electric pool heating pumps draw their heat from the atmosphere. The pump is fitted with a fan that pulls in warm air from the environment. Once inside the pump, the warm air is directed to an evaporator coil, absorbing heat from it and transferring it to a liquid refrigerant.

When heated, the liquid refrigerant gasifies and travels to the compressor. In the electric pool heat pump compressor, the gasified refrigerant gets hotter as it is compressed. Then the compressed gasified refrigerant is transferred to the condenser, where it transfers heat to the pool water and becomes cool. The heated water then returns to the swimming pool, raising the temperature and heating your pool.

Electric heat pumps work effectively at average air temperatures above 45. At lower temperatures, you will not get a substantial change in pool temperature.

Compared to solar heaters, which are a close alternative, electric heat pumps are expensive to run. On average, an electric pool heat pump will accrue a monthly running cost of about $100. But a solar heater rarely ever costs you anything to run.

What Are Solar Pool Rings

Firstly, you might be wondering what solar pool rings are. They resemble either squares or circles of sheets adjacent to each other to cover the entire area of your pool. And as mentioned before, these are responsible for keeping your pool warm using solar energy besides keeping it free of debris.

They also happen to be extremely affordable, so you can now enjoy the luxuries of a warm pool without having to invest in rather expensive pool heaters at all. Solar pool rings manage to keep your water warm with the help of simple science, which makes it free of chemicals as well.

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How Long Do Solar Covers Last

Because solar blankets and rings are made of plastic, they will start to deteriorate over time.

And because of chemicals and elements like wind and rain, the plastic will start to dry around the edges and bubbles will begin to fall off or deflate.

Most manufacturers recommend replacing your solar cover every year or two, but in reality, they will probably last up to three in mild to moderate climates and conditions.

Liquid solar covers last until the chemical runs out, usually every 30 days.

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