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Hot Springs Hot Tub Reviews

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Soothing Jets And Style

Hotspring hot tub review and opinion

With seating for six, the Flair offers great versatility with both a row of open seats and a lounge. Theres generous space for your feet, and jets in the footwell and the lounge help give you a truly relaxing experience.

Seating for 6 7 x 7 x 36/2.13m x 2.13m x 0.91m 335 gallons/1,270 liters


Limelight® Collection spas are designed to feel as good as they look. Comfortable seats feature powerful jets that massage from your shoulders to your toes, providing targeted relief to help you feel your best.


Limelight® Collection spas feature a variety of jets ranging from targeted Precision jets, to XL combination jets that soothe larger muscles.

  • Combination XL jets provide a broad, robust massage to relieve tension in large areas, and can be adjusted to provide a direct stream or rotating massage


All Hot Spring® spas offer Energy Smart® features, which help your spa deliver the best value over time.


Limelight® Collection spas feature FiberCor® insulation, which is provides 4 times denser than standard ½ lb. foam. Combined with other energy-efficient features, Limelight Collection spas lock in heat to reduce monthly energy costs. Limelight Collection spas offer the following Energy Smart®features:

  • Custom-designed spa covers offer an exclusive hinge seal to lock in heat
  • SmartJet® system lets you direct power only to the jet groups you want to use


Chlorine Vs Salt Water Hot Tubs: Which Type Is Right For You

Spa water purification plays a vital role in the health of your hot tub, and whichever one you choose, it will need to be maintained, so its important to get to know the difference between these two types.

Chlorine has been used to keep hot tub water clean for decades, and helps to eliminate bacteria and other nasties from the water in your tub. Chlorine usually comes in a liquid or dissolvable solid form, and is effective at killing salmonella, bacteria, some viruses such as influenza, and E.coli.

Sounds good, right? Yes, but chlorine in hot tubs also has some drawbacks. Firstly, it smells. Secondly, while weak, hydrochlorous acid is still an acid so it can irritate your eyes and skin. It also needs a lot of upkeep, so youll have to test your chlorine level at least once a week, but far more if you use it regularly. Youll also have to test the pH level of the water. Thankfully, many of the best hot tub brands package their tubs with water care kits, with full instructions included, making it easy for you.

Any hot tub can become a salt water hot tub if you add a salt chlorine generator. Salt water hot tubs have far less salt in them than seawater, and are regarded by some to be a more natural solution. Some salt water systems claim to clean and sanitize your hot tub water for up to a year, so you can soak and forget about that side of things.

Cal Spas: Best Hot Tub Company For The Biggest Range

If youre looking for range, Cal Spas has the largest number of hot tub models of manufactures in this guide. In total, the manufacturer has 51 hot tub models each of which come with several colors to choose from. These also come in a range of shapes, including oval options, triangle-shaped styles and the more traditional square-shaped designs.

Cal Spas also come with plenty of upgrade options too, so you can tailor your tub to your exact style, taste and needs. But while this means there is a Cal Spas hot tub for every home, this means it can be a little overwhelming when it comes to finding your dream tub. If youre searching for a Cal Spas hot tub online, its hard to directly compare models without speaking to a representative.

So what makes Cal Spas stand out? Out of all the other hot tub companies we researched, this US-based brand is the only manufacturer that offers a saltwater hot tub sanitation option, along with UV-C and ozone options. Other stand-out features include a special hydrotherapy system called the Fountain of Youth.

This feature creates tiny bubbles to increase the amount of oxygen in the water, giving it a silkier feel and encouraging cell and collagen regeneration hence its name. While another selling point exclusive to Cal Spas is its Adjustable Therapy seat. This lets you adjust your hydrotherapy by controlling the power and type of jet blast.

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What Is The Correct Name Is It Hotspring Hot Spring Hotsprings Or Hot Springs Spas

That’s a great question! Here’s the short answer: The correct brand name is Hot Spring® spas.

Fun fact. Even though this brand has been around for over 40 years, people still seem to have trouble getting the name right.

The most common misspelling we’ve come across is ‘Hotspring’ spas. We’ve also seen it incorrectly called Hot Springs and Hotsprings spas.

To be clear there is such a word as hot springs, it’s just that it isn’t a spa pool brand it’s the word for a naturally occurring spring of hot water, also known as thermal springs.

Allen Rogers Great Help Thank You


Firstly I would like to thank Allen Rogers for all his help. We have had our jettsetter tub for just over a year and struggled to use the salt water system Allen just happened to be in the shop when I went to buy more salt and chlorine we got talking and told me where I was going wrong wrote everything down then exchanged emails back and fore even offered to call in on his way home now thats what i call service top company top employees they have been a brilliant company to deal with fair play

Date of experience:31 January 2022

Reply from Hotspring Southwest & Wales

We really appreciate you taking the time to leave us such great feedback about the service you’ve been provided. We look forward to seeing you again soon!

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Lifesmart Bermuda Dxl 20 Jet 4 Person Hot Tub Spa

The Bermuda DXL is a spa model by Lifesmart Spas that is undoubtedly a great addition to any home. This spa plugs well into any standard outlet, you simply need to fill it, plug it and begin your therapeutic sessions. It is therefore a perfect choice for those who dont love the hassles of installation or wiring.

Constructed from durable rotationally molded polyethene, the Bermuda DXL will serve you and your family for a very long time. It has energy-saving specs like insulated thermal cover and full foam insulation that helps to keep the water hot and your bills low.

The ozone water care system is a great spec especially if you are keen on hygiene. Other great features included are digital control panels, underwater LED light, filter, waterfall, 4 bucket seats and a 1.0 HP power pump.

The Pros:

Hot Tub Brand #1: Vita Spas And Hot Tubs Vita Spas

Vita Spa brand is owned by Maax spas. Therefore, it shares some of the same technology and manufacturing processes. This line of hot tubs is marketed as a lifestyle option and focuses on massage tubs and exercise/swim tubs, making it a perfect fit if youre looking to use your spa for wellness benefits. In total, Vita has 9 Swim Spa models and 21 hot tub models.

Vita Spas Encourages Physical Wellness

Specifically tailored to the physical wellness use, the x series tubs are built to accommodate a variety of resistance-based exercise attachments. The swim tubs use what they call the xStream Force Jet Propulsion System. This system is meant to reduce the amount of turbulence produced by the swim jets. Vita also has numerous jetting arrangements to give you a great hydro-therapeutic spa. With plenty of options, there is a very good chance you will find a model from this brand that works for your family and budget!

In addition, Vita Swim Spas and Hot Tubs are built with a solid metal frame and use a composite wood decking material so it is always maintenance free. The Maax-manufactured Vita Spa has a fairly large dealer network, ensuring that servicing and parts are available and easy to come by. The top side of the Vita spa offers all the information needed and supplies error codes as needed for any repairs or service for this hot tub brand.

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Hotspring Hot Tub Review

Its hard not to like the HotSpring spas and we think youll find their HIGHLIFE COLLECTION and the LIMELIGHT be one of the top hot tubs on the market. In our review we looked at those and other 3-8 person spas and with the design work from BMW group youll find the nicely represent the future of hot tubs and spas.

The Hot Spring Spa review proved they deliver elegant styles and unmatched performance and features that make owning a hot tub a great experience. We really liked the vibrant lighting and energy efficiency along with the excellent craftsmanship of all their products. The hot jets distribute powerful water massages target to reach problem areas like the neck, back, and legs. They offer three popular jet systems including the SoothignStream Jet, the Jetstream Jet, and the Rotary Hydromassage Jet. TheHotSpring spas deliver a wide range of water streams to quickly relieve tension and muscle pain in highly targeted areas.

Hot Springs sells more hot tubs then any other manufacturer world-wide and all their hot tubs from come with a comprehensive warranty to protect your purchase. We give Hot Spring Spas a five star rating.

Aquarest Spas Select 150 4 Person Hot Tub

WOOHOO it’s about to get hot in our 2020 HotSpring PACE hot tub!

This hot tub allows you to enjoy the luxury of a spa without occupying much space. The cabinets are constructed using rotational molding technology that ensures durability regardless of the weather conditions. It is designed for 4 people. However, some reviewers note that it would be hard for 4 people to fit in comfortably.

It is equipped with 12 stainless underwater jets that deliver soothing pressure to relax your muscles. Besides, this model is energy efficient as it features a sealing cover, full foam cabinet insulation and a heater and pump that have efficiency features.

With the 100% filtration system, you can keep easy knowing that your water is clean and free from contaminations.

The Pros of This Aquarest Spas Select 150

Cons of The Aquarest Spas

  • Shallow instructions
  • Difficult to fit 4 people comfortably

Key features of the Aquarest Spas Select 150

  • 12 Stainless Steel hydrotherapy jets: This model makes you feel comfortable and relaxing thanks to the hydrotherapy jets. It offers you a real spa experience at your own house.
  • Use less energy: You can spend a lot of time in your hot tub knowing that it uses less energy because of full foam insulation and locking safety cover.
  • Perfect for 4 people: The 4-seat hot tub is ideal for a family of three and four. As a couple, you probably donât need a lot of seats. However, if your family is growing, you should get this model.
  • It is easy to install and use

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Hot Tub Brand #: Canadian Spa Company

Canadian Spa Company makes hot tubs, swim spas, and portable spas as well as manufacturing saunas, gazebos, and surrounds for those looking for beautiful backyard design. In addition, they have received awards in the plug and play spa category for their portable and inflatable spas. Canadian Spa Company can be found in just about every major box store around the world, making this hot tub brand easily accessible. In North America, they can be found in Home Depot, WalMart and Lowes just to name a few!

Canadian Spa Companys Inflatable and Portable Spas Can Be Set Up Anytime, Anywhere

Where this brand really stands out is in their inflatable and portable spas. Some of their inflatable and portable units can even be put in the trunk of a car! This is truly what someone can call portable which is great to note if this is something important to you. You can set up this spa anywhere in minutes and take it from one location to another, which is great if youre looking to use your spa at home and the cottage. Canadian Spa Company supplies portable hot tubs and swim spas all over the world to both small dealers and large box stores. This makes them the biggest global player in the market and one of the best hot tub brands in the world.

Ohana Spas Revitalize Ls 6

This Ohana spa is designed to fit 6 people thanks to its contoured lounger. Be energized every day with this tough acrylic hot tub that has been designed with an energy-efficient 2-speed pump that delivers deep tissue massage.

This tub has practical and fun features that it an interesting addition to your home. It has an acrylic exterior which is tougher than plastic and can resist freezing during cold months.

The built-in cabinets and Duo-serve lid and tray are perfect for family bonding or entertaining friends. There is also a built-in ice bucket for convenient use with Duo-Serve Lid and Tray

Something else that stands out is the multi-colored LED underwater light that offers an exceptional ambiance. Better yet, this tub is easy to maintain as it features built-in ozone and a CleanLife Filtration system. All in all, choose this tub for a tougher build with the usual practical features.

Highlighted Features

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Hot Tub Brand #1: Maax Spas Maax Spas

Maax spas is a huge manufacturer and group that started in 1987 making bath tubs. In 1997, Maax entered the hot tub world buying Coleman and Cooperage spas. Since then, Maax has been producing hot tubs and has grown an extensive dealer network that includes some of the largest box stores in North America and around the world. Maax continues to expand its hot tub brand by purchasing other top end hot tub brands, and by 2007 became the fifth largest manufacturer of hot tubs in North America.

This brand continued their growth with the acquisitions of LA Spas and Vita Spas between 2009 and 2014. With these acquisitions, Maax became the third largest supplier of hot tubs and spas and one of the best hot tub brands in the world.

Maax Spas Two Brands

In 2018, Maax took yet another direction in the hot tub spa world, announcing their new brand American Whirlpool. So, with all that said, Maax Spas is now both an American Whirlpool and Vita Spa with the rest of the brands purchased going by the wayside.

The newly branded American Whirlpool will have both hot tubs and swim spas. Many of the models will look similar to Maaxs former models. With seven swim spa models available, customers will be able to pick and choose the best set up for their needs. With 21 hot tub models to choose from, you cant go wrong in this category either!

The Winner For The Match

Jetsetter® Three Person Hot Tub

Picking one over the other especially with huge brands like Caldera and Hot Spring Spas is always tough both are equally amazing. Not having the same features make them unique in their own ways. That is their way of standing out to different customers.

The debate whether which hot tub is better can go on and on. But, it truly just boils down to what you need. If you are up for a tub that has all the therapeutic features you need but wants to maintain low costs, then Hot Spring Spas is recommended for you.

However, if you have the money to spend and you want luxury, then Caldera Spas fit you just right. Again, they each have distinctive features that make them win this showdown in their own way.

Also, in the world of hot tubs and spas, Caldera and Hot Springs arent the only players. There is a bunch of good tub brands that bring into the market everything from simple and traditional tubs to full-fledged and high-tech spas. Your dream of having a spa doesnt just end with these two brands.

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Ohana Spas Restore Ls 6 Person 100 Jet Hot Tub

Ohana spa’s hot tubs are available in multiple designs and models to offer an ideal massage that users desire. An effective massage experience is achievable through setting them professionally.

Ohana Company has been well-known for making ideal hot tubs for decades. Their models are worth investing in, especially for users who love having a good massage after a busy day.

The Pros:

  • Features inbuilt Ohana Ozone system
  • Designed with amazing LED-backlit control buttons
  • Comes with three programmable energy modes

The Cons:

  • Long usage can lead to unconsciousness
  • Not ideal for expectant mother

Highlighted Features:

  • Programmable underwater LED lights


The Ohana model may be the best hot tub for you if a home-like spa experience is exciting to you. This hot tub comes with a unique Ohana Ozone system for purification purposes, helping you minimize maintenance costs.

Who is Ohana Spas 6 Person 100 Jet Hot Tub For?

If you want an ideal massage, you may consider buying an Ohana hot tub. It is designed to deliver deep tissue massage that can help renew your mind, body, and energy. This hot tub may also be a great investment if you want to give your family and friends a spa experience in the comfort of your home.

Major Features and Benefits of Ohana Spas

Below are crucial features of this spa and its benefits

  • Cascading Waterfall: The product has amazing LED backlit waterfall enhancements for your relaxation experience. You can set the mood which best suits your mood.


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