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Do Pool Ionizers Really Work

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Pool Ionizer: Problems Pros And Cons

Solar Pool Ionizer Review- Amazing Results!

A pool ionizer, also commonly known as pool mineral sanitizer, is used to remove bacteria and algae from the swimming pool. It uses copper and silver ions to remove and prevent any bacteria or algae from settling in your swimming pool water. A pool ionizer significantly reduces the number of contaminants in your swimming pool. It means that you dont need much chlorine in the pool water.

So in simpler terms, pool ionizers are the supplemental disinfecting systems that help fight off bacteria and algae with the help of copper and silver ions.

Lets get your questions related to Pool Ionizer answered here one by one.

Best Solar Pool Ionizer Reviews: The Faqs

Do Pool ionizers really work?

A: Yes, pool ionizers are known to be effective in keeping the pool clean and free from germs. Although they arent considered the best and may not be able to work perfectly on their own. To make them more effective, you would need to add a little amount of sanitizer.

Pool ionizers are free from toxins. They do not have awful smells like some chemicals and they are very effective in getting rid of algae.

Do Solar-powered ionizers work?

A: Solar-powered ionizers have become widespread because pool owners have come to realize their many benefits. In addition to being an effective pool cleaner, it also saves costs. This is because they run on solar energy, just like every other solar product.

They work by tapping solar energy via its panels and transforming this energy into low-voltage electricity. This electricity leads to the dissolution of the anode thereby dispensing the copper ions into the water body.

This copper ion is a strong algaecide and it lingers on the pool for a long time where it continues to kill algae and bacteria.

How Long do pool ionizers last?

A: Pool ionizers last from six to twelve months. Sometimes it might last up to two years depending on the type of product you purchase. Note, however, that regular maintenance improves a products lifespan.

Copper Silver Ionization And Nasa

The copper-silver ionization technology was developed by NASA during the 1960s for water treatment on space missions. It used a copper-silver alloy for purifying the recycled water in a space craft. INTEC AMERICA CORPORATION was the first company to commercialize this technology for commercial and residential water treatment. We use high purity copper in our process as the alloys increase the potential for staining and discoloration. We have been offering this effective copper ionization technology for pools since the 1970s. We can proudly say that INTEC has been at the forefront of the copper ionization technology.

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Hilltop Solar Swimming Pool Ionizer Purifier

Coming up next, we have another premium offering from Hilltop Solar that offers you a wide range of solar-powered products to choose from.

That said, we have picked up this Solar swimming pool Ionizer purifier from Hilltop Solar as its one of the most popular ionizers in the market right now. To use this solar power ionizer, all you have to do is join all the parts, which will barely take 5 minutes, and leave it floating in your pool. When it starts working, you will notice the little LED light on top glowing bright.

Its designed for pool sizes up to 14,000 gallons, hence, its a premium and perfect option for small-sized pools. This solar powered pool ionizer effectively removes all the microorganisms from the water and makes it safer and healthier for everyone to use. By reducing chlorine usage by up to 80-90%, it will save you a lot of money in the long run. Apart from that, the best part about this solar pool ionizer is that it comes with an additional anode and a threaded basket in case you need them for replacement.

Best Features:

  • Ideal for a pool size of 14,000 gallons
  • Reduces chlorine usage up to 85%
  • Comes with an additional anode and threaded basket
  • Comes with a 180-day long warranty


The Best 10 Solar Pool Ionizers

Best Solar Pool Ionizers in 2021

Everyone loves to splash around in the pool, whether it’s for family fun or exercise. This isn’t possible due to the chlorine content in the water. Chlorine can cause skin irritation and hives. Solar pool ionizers are a great way to change how you swim.

There are many pool purifiers and ionizers on the market. It can be difficult to find the right one for you. There are many features and limitations to these ionizers. You should carefully review the specifications, as these ionizers can be used for various pool sizes. This article will help you select the best product for your pool.

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Solar Ionizers Are Unreliable

A floating solar pool ionizer will work as long as you have sunlight to keep it going. If you live in an area that has frequent overcast skies, or if you like to keep a pool cover on your pool when its not in use, you might want to consider an electric ionizer instead.

Pro tip: If you do go with a solar ionizer, its a good idea to remove it whenever you shock the pool.

How Long Does A Pool Ionizer Last

Ans. A solar pool ionizer has a typical lifespan of 6-12 months, so, until that time, your solar pool ionizer will work with full efficiency. It is because the copper anode used in most solar pool ionizers will gradually degrade over time. And, in about a year, you will need to replace it with a new one in order to keep using your solar pool ionizer.

2. How to maintain an ion-stabilized pool?

Ans. While most solar pool ionizers eliminate the need for using chlorine up to a great extent, theres still no possible method to treat the water by eliminating the use of chlorine completely. If you use a solar pool ionizer, you can use 3 stabilized chlorine tablets to keep the water in a healthy state. Just by using a single 3 stabilized chlorine tablet once a week will keep the water in your pool perfectly healthy and safe for swimming.

3. How to reduce the pH levels of the pool water?

Ans. If the pH of your pool water is too high, its not at all safe for swimming as water with high pH is alkaline, and highly promotes the growth of bacteria and other microorganisms in the water which can be harmful. That said, you can use any pH reducers which are easily available in the market and treat your pool water with it to maintain the pH levels in your pool water. Moreover, shocking the pool at least once a week also kills most of the bacteria and keeps the pool clean and safe.

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How Do Pool Ionizers Claim To Work

There are two basic types of pool ionizers: electric pool ionizers and mineral cartridge ionizers. The basic concept is the same. These devices add copper and sometimes other heavy metals to the water. Electric ionizers charge copper or other heavy metal plates with electricity and release copper or other metal particles into the water. Cartridge ionizers use a mineral pack to release the metals. Some ionizer manufacturers claim to eliminate the use of all chlorine and residual sanitizers. The problem is that these chemical free pools have been proven unsafe for swimmers.

Buying Guide For The Best Solar Pool Ionizer

Is Your Solar Pool Ionizer Fake? | Follow Up Review

Instead of wasting money on harsh chemicals like chlorine every year to keep your pool water clean, there are many more effective and affordable methods and devices available in the market. One of the best options that you can try out is a solar pool ionizer as they are highly effective and economical as well.

We have covered some of the best solar powered pool ionizers in this article so far, and we hope you have checked them out already. However, since they all are quite good, there are chances that you might feel confused to choose the best out for yourself. That is why we have come up with this short and simple buying guide that will help you easily pick the best suitable option from the list for your pool. Thus, make sure to read this buying guide until the end thoroughly.

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Ionization Isn’t A Solo Act

Pool ionizers must be used in conjunction with chemical sanitizers. Even though ionization decreases the amount of chemicals you need to clean a pool, some chemicals are still necessary. You must shock your pool water with chlorine, bromine or another acceptable chemical as recommended for the volume of water in your pool. If you run your pool ionizer continuously, you’ll likely need to shock your pool once a week. You won’t need floating chlorinators or chemical dispensers. Shocking the water on a weekly basis can lead to chemical stains on the interior of your pool. If your pool water exceeds 80 degrees, the ionization process is less effective, and more chemicals may be required to keep the water clear.


Are There Risks Associated With Pool Ionizers

There are no significant risks associated with this technology since it is based on electrolysis. However, the products needed for this technology, such as electrode materials, may pose environmental issues if they are not disposed of correctly or per the manufacturers instructions.

Although there are some risks associated with pool ionizers, they are usually minor. A primary risk of ionizer use is the exposure to radiation caused by the high voltage components.

In general, exposure to large amounts of electricity can cause electrocution and death. For this reason, it is important that the pool owner carefully examines all safety instructions before beginning to use a pool ionizer.

The electrical cords must be kept away from any water sources to avert a shocking accident. The entire unit must be allowed a proper dry period between uses to prevent damage due to moisture exposure.

Even though ionizer units are not completely waterproof, they should only be used in pools that have been appropriately designed for their respective parts.

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Hilltop Solar Pool Ionizer

Compared to other types, this models copper anode is 41% larger, this implies that it can clean better. When the device is in operation, a LED ionization indicator gleams, this glow goes off when the device stops working. This LED light indicates the chemistry of the pool, it also informs the user of any irregularities or malfunctions.

The use of Hilltop Solar Ionizer reduces cost. You do not need to spend on chlorine or any other chemical. It is also efficient in conserving electricity. Unlike a non-Solar Pool Ionizer, you do not need to install electricity because it gets powered by solar energy. It keeps your pool clean and clear always and you dont even have to put in a lot of effort.

It is ideal for both saltwater and chlorine water and other underground and above water pools. Another advantage of this pool cleaner is that it comes with a handbook that contains instructions and FAQs. This handbook can be gotten online and studied at convenience on your mobile devices.


  • It has an online user manual.


  • It cannot be used for very large pools.

Mineral Systems Vs Pool Ionizers: Which One Is Right For You

Best Solar Pool Ionizers in 2021

Mineral systems and pool ionizers have their unique benefits, making them ideal for different users.

Pool Ionizers Mineral Systems
Still, pool ionizers are compact units installed in smaller areas providing similar benefits to ordinary mineral systems. Miners systems also take up a lot of space, making them difficult for people who do not have large homes.
Pool ionizers are stand-alone units that sit beside your pool and need not be connected with the circulation system. Mineral Systems works by moving water through ceramic discs that contain electrolytic minerals
It works by moving water through a disc containing electrolytic minerals called electrodes. It oxidizes heavy metals , chloramines , pesticides, herbicides, bacteria, viruses, and other contaminants harmful to humans.
The pool ionizers installation must be within five feet of the pool pump. Mineral systems installation must be five feet from the pool pump since it directly connects to the circulation system.

In conclusion, pool ionizers are stand-alone units that can be installed without dealing with the extra costs of purchasing a salt-chlorine generator. If your pool is large, you should purchase a mineral system since its more effective than pool ionizers.

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The Problem With Pool Ionizers

Is that they can stain pool plaster, if mineral levels are allowed to rise too high. Copper will produce a blue-green stain on plaster and also on plastic and chrome equipment used in the pool. Silver will produce a black stain if the pool is overdosed. Green Swimmer Hair? This is a result of high copper levels in the pool, and is not caused by chlorine a common urban myth.

The problem can also occur if the water balance is allowed to deteriorate. High pH, Alkalinity and Calcium Hardness levels creates an environment that makes it easy for minerals to precipitate out-of-solution.

Finally, shocking the pool heavily, especially with granular pool shock, is known to knock the minerals out of solution, resulting in immediate staining of pool surfaces. Shocking with liquid chlorine is recommended for pools using a power ionizer.

Passive ionizers, such as Nature2 have a no-stain guarantee, and this writer has never seen a passive ionizer stain a swimming pool only those that operate with a power source.

Are Solar Pool Ionizers Safe

Although pool ionizer companies claim that their device allows for a chemical free pool, there is no such thing as a safe chemical free pool. Second, copper and other heavy metal pool ionizers are slow acting, and require several hours to pass before the heavy metals may have any effect on bacteria and other pathogens.

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Should I Leave Ionizer On

To get clean air, all you have to do is simply switch your ionizer on and let it run. Itll either attract the contaminants to a set of charged plates and hold them there until you wash the plates clean, or itll release negative ions into your home to weigh down the contaminants and force them out of the air.

How does ecosmarte non chemical pool water treatment work?

ECOsmartes proprietary non-chemical method of oxidation is what separates it from other chemical reducing water purification systems on the market. Oxidation is achieved by water passing through the chamber while low voltage electrical current is sent to the coated titanium plates in the chamber.

Is it safe to backwash an ecosmarte pool?

Because both copper ionization and oxidation is natural, there will never be any chemical backwash. Making it safe for the environment to drain and backwash your pool. ECOsmartes proprietary non-chemical method of oxidation is what separates it from other chemical reducing water purification systems on the market.

How Do You Know If Your Ionizer Is Working

How to use a no more green solar pool Ionizer

Monitor the display of the meter to see how quickly the 1.1 kV charge is dissipated to 0.1 kV. The speed at which this occurs indicates how well the ionizer is operating.

How do you take care of a pool ionizer?

Add 1 bag of pool shock every 2 weeks. Do not test for or maintain a chlorine residual. To winterize, use your standard winterizing process, remove and store the Power Ionizer in a cool dry place. The power ionizer replacement chamber needs to be replaced every season.

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Suntouch Treasures Solar Pool Maid Ionizer

The SUNTOUCH TREASURES Solar Pool Maid Ionizer is a large device. It measures 12 inches in diameter and 5.5 inches tall, although most of the height is just the electrode. It sports an attractive blue and white design, with a square solar panel on the top. The electrode itself consists of an inner copper mineral electrode and an outer silver spring electrode. A second mineral electrode is included in the kit for easy replacement. Moreover, you can also get all consumable parts directly from the manufacturer. This includes strainer baskets, mineral electrodes, ion test kits, and spring electrodes.

The SUNTOUCH ionizer is rated to treat up to 35,000 gallons, and can do so reliably. Even in warm, algae-friendly climates, you can treat a 35,000-gallon pool with no issues. The existing electrodes should last for one or two seasons. Your exact performance will depend on pool size, pH, local weather, and other conditions. Regardless, youre covered by SUNTOUCHs 24-month manufacturers warranty. If anything goes wrong, youll receive either a replacement or a full refund.

Goytech Solar Powered Pool Cleaning Kit

Last but not the least, GoyTech offers one of the cheapest solar powered pool ionizers in the market, that too which is compatible with large pool sizes as well.

Although this might be the cheapest pool ionizer option present on this list, its still one of the best as it can treat water even in pools with 40,000 gallons. By reducing the chlorine requirements up to 80%, you will definitely save up a lot of money in the long run and will still be able to keep your pool as healthy as possible.

The ionizer is super simple to install as you need to join and assemble all the parts together which will just take a few minutes. In fact, in case you need to replace any part, that is quite simple too. Apart from that, theres no additional maintenance as it works on its own and takes power from the solar light, so its not going to increase your electricity bill either. If you are concerned about its warranty, GoyTech offers a lifetime warranty for it despite providing it with one of the cheapest price tags on the market.

Best Features:

  • Ideal for a pool size of 40,000 gallons
  • Reduces chlorine usage by up to 80%
  • Pool and Spa Test Stips included in the package
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty


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