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Deck Around Above Ground Pool Ideas

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Nicely Landscaped Above Floor Pool Ideas

Above Ground Pool Deck Ideas

Creating a lush inexperienced backyard round an above ground pool is the most famous way to beautify its appearance. To do this right, you want to keep away from planting plants and as substitute use vegetation that are convenient to maintain. There are many distinctive types of shrubs as well as tall grasses to select from. Once planted, unfold mulch on the floor for a clean seem and to prolong the lifestyles of the plants. Youâre going to want to maintain the ants and termites away by using normally spraying, so donât forget!

Get Ready With The Long Track

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Get ready with the long track of swimming in your backyard. Even if you own a spacious area of a backyard, you can turn it into an entertaining spot as well.

You can even make a long above ground pool with deck, along with the seating areas. Put the swimming pool chairs on the deck along with the umbrella to protect you from the sun.

And on the other side, you can utilize the spot of the long steps for the seating area. Put some cushions where you can sit comfortably.

Modern Above Ground Pool Deck Ideas

Simple square above ground pools fit well with modern, minimalist décor. The deck surrounding such a pool should be equally uncluttered. Simple concrete or masonry decking mimics the smooth, cool stone so common in modern deck design.

Clear glass panels are a better choice than vertical wooden deck railing. You can also surround your decking with modern, horizontal wood plank panels. If you choose wood for a modern above ground pool deck, keep it sleek and stain it a rich, dark color.

You can enhance your above ground pools modern style by choosing a special pool liner. A dark pool liner provides the illusion of depth and enhances the reflection of foliage and clouds. It can also absorb more heat from the sun, resulting in warmer pool water.

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Wood Sided Above Ground Pool Deck

If your goal is to completely transform your pools outer edge, you can look into pool deck ideas for a wood-sided pool and deck. This will essentially have you building a wall and a deck around the entire pool. The original walls of the above ground swimming pool will be covered with this material. Your backyard will instantly look completely transformed. This is a design you will want to consult a few deck builders about before you install it. You still need to access your pool equipment and make sure that the wood decking does not damage the pool itself.

Guideline On Building An Above

Pool Deck Ideas (Partial Deck)
  • First, youll need to measure the size of the pool, just in case you forget. Keep in mind that you should get the accurate size of the diameter or length x height . The measurement of the width is also needed.
  • Second, using this data record of the pool size, determine the size of the deck you want to build. Remember, the deck shouldnt be attached to the perimeter of the pool. Make a gap around 1-2 inches between the edge of the pool and the deck.
  • Third, go to the nearest local building department and consult with the expert, visualize your plan, and after all sets, you will buy the needed materials.
  • Fourth, lay your deck plan using some stakes planted to the ground, and then connect them using a string.
  • In choosing the material, remember to choose an anti-slip material for the surface. You dont want your kids to slip and fall. A rubber-based or wood material would be perfect, but if you prefer an aluminum or a tile, make sure you choose the one that has a textured surface.
  • Remember, there is a building code in each area. The building code in one state may be different than in other states due to the ground and environment condition. Always ask your local expert regarding the building code in your area. This will keep your building safe and durable.

For the more comprehensive step-by-step guide in building an above-ground pool with deck, read this article by WikiHow: Building A Deck

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Height Of Deck Is Important

The most frequently asked questions regarding above-ground pool decks are: What should the pools deck height be? and What materials are best to use?

Pressure-treated lumber for the frame and composite deck with Resin rails make up most above-ground pool decks in the early 2020s.

Although we are not deck builders here at the Above Ground Pool Builder, we have some opinions based on our experience. Over the years, we have seen many decks and know what styles are best when our crews come by to replace pool liners or entire pools with surround-style decks.

Speaking from experience, its not fun for a pool owner to take apart a deck to replace a pools liner. Or have to tell a homeowner that a replacement pool will not fit and the deck needs an overhaul.

Above-Ground Pool heights


Manufacturers construct their pools with different-sized uprights, top rails, and caps. They also have different lengths of walls, so a new pools footprint is often different from the old one.

Even if a replacement pool measures the same height and diameter, the new pool will always be slightly different depending on the manufacturer, the model, and the pools height. Homeowners can always expect to tweak the old deck to fit a new pool.

The only way to ensure a perfect fit is to buy the same pool model. Just buying the same diameter and height could prove disastrous. You should know they are constantly changing pool layouts from year to year.

Cozy Up The Deck With A Fire Pit

When Jason and Heather Kanzia bought a house in Bartlett, Illinois, it came with an older 18-foot swimming pool. They used it for two years before having it removed due to rust and damaged side walls. Still, they liked the idea of owning a pool to use in the summer. One thing was for certain though: they didn’t want to take the time and effort to care for another large one, even if it was shiny and new. The leaves and branches that dropped from nearby trees made cleaning a nightmare. With only four months to enjoy it, an above ground stock tank pool made perfect sense.

One of Jason’s friends hauled the big tank to the Kanzias’ home in his snowmobile trailer. An old 18-foot solar cover was resized to fit the 8-foot pool. A friend gave them a saltwater system and the Kanzias bought a pump and a propane water heater. The pool was then wrapped with bamboo fencing from Home Depot.

Posts and wood from an existing deck that was demolished with the old pool were used to build a smaller, level deck for the stock tank. With a colorful outdoor rug and plenty of seating, it provides a place for relaxation before and after taking a dip. And the keeps everyone cozy when temperatures drop.

The size is ideal for the Kanzias children, ages 3 and 5. ‘Ive gotten more enjoyment from this pool than the few years we had with the larger pool,’ says Jason.

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Design #2: Small Backyard Above Ground Pool

Limited space is never a problem because you can still build this small backyard above ground pool with deck here. Even if it is more for chilling purposes instead of swimming, you have a great sitting spot in your backyard. While many of the above ground pools on our list have a small deck, this one is rather different. The deck is quite spacious, and it can accommodate several people which is so nice.

Design #1: Large Above Ground Pool With Shed

77 Perfect Floating Deck Above-Ground Around Pool Design Ideas – DecoNatic

All pool lovers out there know that a shed is important because there are plenty of things to store. If you are one of those, then I definitely want to recommend this idea for you to take into consideration. Since the pool and entire area are quite high above the ground, it gives a different atmosphere for you. My favorite part is the mini shed that provides a storage room without taking up all the space. There is still plenty of area for chairs and tables so that everyone can enjoy. I wouldnât say that it belongs to the above ground pool deck ideas on a budget, but it is worth it.

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Turn Up The Texture With Tile

Take cues from the pros at Living Garden Landscape Design and wrap the sides of your above-ground pool deck in a custom tile motif. This contemporary deck is inviting with a caramel wood platform and stair treads juxtaposed against the ivory zigzag tile. Put the same fresh technique to work in your backyard with accent tile in a contrasting color to your deck stain. And, yes, bonus points are up for grabs if you install a succulent border garden like this beauty around your deck.

Above Ground Swimming Pool With A Bridge

You can install the deck of your swimming pool as you wish. This is because there are endless above-ground pool designs to try out.

Image: Fox Pools

Whether you have a large space or not, there is always something for everyone. This pool deck design with a bridge gives the pool elegance and style.

A bridge makes connecting the outdoor to the inside of the house easier. For example, you can link your porch to the pool using the same material for construction.

This bridge ensures you don’t step on dirt and get into the pool with it. Instead, you will get to the water with clean feet, hence not making the water dirty.

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Pool With Deck And Patio

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This pool deck incorporates a covered patio where a set for sitting stays to offer a comfortable shade from the sun. The deck is elevated and built entirely around the oval pool almost flush with the pool rim.

At the corners of the deck, the landing is wider and therefore cleverly utilized. Instead of lounge chairs, there is a coffee table and chairs set where people can have a drink enjoying the glow of the water created by the sun rays.

Can You Build A Deck Around An Above Ground Pool


You can build a variety of different deck types around an above ground pool. Pool decks need to be built so that they are both secure and safe. Some pool decks will wrap around the entire pool, and others will simply be a platform that you can use to gain entry into the pool. Pool decks will vary in style based on the distance to the ground level that they are going to be. Some will have room for patio furniture, and others will simply have a gate and a few steps to access the pool.

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How Much Pool Deck Do You Want

A common size for a pool deck is a three-section fan deck that covers enough room for several people to use. On a round pool, it would follow the contour of your pools top rails for as many rails as you want to cover.

Another question to ask yourself is: how will you use a pool deck around your pool? Plan out what you want to do on the deck. Will you be using it just to get in and out of the pool? Or will you want to add lounges or a table and chair set? What about large planters, speakers, or maybe an outdoor fire pit?

Our above ground pool deck kits are prefab resin kits with everything you need to add steps to walk up to the deck and into the pool. We have deck kits in 5 ft x 5 ft square and a 5 ft x 10 ft. Another choice is the 5 x 13.5, 2 section pool deck kit.

Design #: Frameless Glass Pool Fencing

One of the best ways to separate the pool from other areas with style and visibility is frameless glass fencing. It is a very convenient and incredible idea that looks absolutely stunning. Another awesome thing is that it is very elegant, and you wonât regret installing it. Not to mention the fact that this pool is super cool and space-saving, this can be the one.

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Aluminum Above Ground Pool Deck

The use of aluminum in decking is very rare but it creates a contemporary allure that you cannot get over with. While it is lightweight, it is durable, does not rust, warp or crack. It is also mold resistant.

Aside from this, you can incorporate any design to it. It can be meshed, slatted, latticed and more. You can also make it wide enough to accommodate seating and even accent plants.

Design #1: Glass Above Ground Pool With Deck

Part 3 Above Ground Pool Deck Construction

When it comes to stylish swimming pools, you cannot forget the glass ones. While it does not belong to above ground pool ideas on a budget, the look that it delivers is one of a kind. The best part is the aesthetic that this type of pool provides, and you will get to take so many awesome photos. Maintenance of a glass pool is rather easy if you choose a high-quality material, and thatâs it.

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Corner Above Ground Swimming Pool Deck

If your above ground swimming pool is in the corner of your yard, you have a lot of unique possibilities for pool designs and decks. The corner above ground swimming pool deck brings in the option of building a wall around the pools back walls. These types of decks seem to work best for the square-type swimming pool, but you can get creative with the round designs as well. The corner above ground swimming pool decks can be built with wood or with composite material.

Design #0: Elegant Above Ground Pool

For those who want to go big, then this may be one of the best above ground pools with deck ideas. There is plenty of space to sit and relax, and it does not even need a big area to build. The best part is that it is slightly above the ground, just several inches, yet looks so elegant. This is due to the color of the entire pool and deck, and it does not fade easily at all. So if you have a space in the yard and want something classy and stylish, try this one.

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Stone Material For A Sturdy Pool

Using stone material for the pool wall will boost the natural atmosphere, which also makes the pool looks sturdier.

Moreover, if it comes to the above ground pool with deck, it is such a great decision. Put the lamp around the pool. It brings in an elegant style when it is dark.

On the other side, you will also need some lamps around the plants next to the pool. Create a seating area on the deck, which is lower than the pool.

Budget For Fencing Around Your Pool

FUNctional Above Ground Pool Deck in Macon GA

Any yard that has a pool must also have a fence as a safety precaution. Regulations on how high fences around pools vary between states and municipalities. Be sure your fence complies with local building codes before breaking ground. If you dont already have a fence, be sure you earmark part of your pool and deck building budget to include the construction or installation of one.

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Design #1: Luxurious Above Ground Pool

Plants can elevate the aesthetic and style of an area so well, and this is a perfect example of that. Just some small shrubs by the pool, and it instantly looks luxurious right away. I also like the unique shape of the pool as well, and the whole idea is so elegant. It simply has everything an above ground pool should plus more, just perfect for you to take into consideration.

Landscaping Around Above Ground Pool

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The deck of this pool takes only one-third of it because of space issues. This hasnt stopped the homeowners to look for a way to make the surrounding ground around the pool attractive and to look as belonging to the existing landscape.

Thanks to a garden bed formed around the uncovered part of the pool, the water feature looks attractive and welcoming. Different kinds of plants grow in there, some are even placed in pots instead of planted directly in the ground.

The stones covering the soil ensure good drainage and limit the growth of weeds.

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Reasons To Start Building One Above Ground Pool Decks Now

Most families would not think twice about building an above ground swimming pool for their homes but when it comes to above ground decks, most have doubts about its benefits. Let it be known that there are plenty of advantages attached to setting up an above ground pool . Here are the best three reasons that should convince you to build one for your own!

Beautifully Decking Add Charm To House Garden

Part 4 Above Ground Pool Deck Construction

You can add a raised deck to your pool in many one of kind patterns to combine your above-ground pool with your returned yard landscaping. If you have restrained space, you can add steps to extend your patio into a multi-leveled deck to encompass your above floor pool. If youâre truly ambitious, construct a raised enclosure for an above floor pool. You can have a lovely fenced-in pool interior a gated backyard, as proven in the above photo. This deck was once built on a strong platform surrounding the complete pool to create a non-public location for pleasing household and friends.

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