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Can Pool Heaters Be Repaired

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Can Pool Heaters Be Repaired

How To Repair Water Leaking Swimming Pool Spa Heater Heat Exchanger Final Round 3 KO

If you’re beginning the search for pool heater repair near you, you should be sure to consider a few crucial factors during the process. One of these may even involve buying a new heater and finding pool heater installation services nearby. Choosing the ideal pool heater is a tricky decision. Instead of selecting the pool heater that sounds best right away, consider the advice below to provide you with pricing and product selection.

Heating your pool is an appropriate way to keep it available to you and your family to enjoy through the seasons a bit longer. Swimming pool heaters are the most complex piece of pool equipment in your pool system. They are sophisticated devices consisting of numerous moving parts using either gas or electricity to supply heat. This brings us to the main pool temperature regulation options, Gas pool heaters and heat pumps.

To ensure your pool heater is ready to use, you should treat it the same way you would a household heating system: regular maintenance and checkups. Below are some factors that could influence the cost of repairing your pool heater.

Gas Pool Heater Installation & Repair

Almost every day in Arizona is pool weather, but we do have some cool days and nights. That shouldnt prevent you from enjoying your swimming pool. Gas pool heaters are the best way to heat your pool or spa, keeping it at a swimmable temperature all year round. At Emerald Pools and Spas, we believe that a gas pool heater is the best option for heating your pool and is more cost-effective than electric or solar heating.

Commercial Service And Repairs

Commercial Clients also use our services particularly due to the fact that our tradesmen have Government Certified Clearances. Public swimming pools, Fitness centres, Schools and other places that run pools and related equipment can rely on us to show up, fix their problem with minimum downtime and do a good job. Or simply give their heater and pool a general checkup!

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Pool Heater Repair & Replacement

For pool heater repair or replacement in Las Vegas, contact the licensed and insured pros right here at Oasis Pool Maintenance.

With almost 300 days of sun annually, year-round swimming is a perk of living in Las Vegas so dont let a broken water heater prevent you from enjoying your pool any time you want. As one of the more expensive and complicated components of your pool system, the heater should always be repaired by an experienced professional. It could even be dangerous to try DIY repairs. Let us determine the best solution for your pool heater repair or replacement?

Professional Spa And Pool Heater Repair Service Calls

Pool Heater Installation

JustService Pool Services can perform pool heater service calls for all makes and models

The importance of routine maintenance definitely helps Long Island homeowners and property managers avoid premature repairs. It is also vital to address a problem when it arises. At JustService Pool Services, a pool heater diagnostic is considered a one hour service call. We systematically troubleshoot the swimming pool or spa heater to determine the root of the heating problem. If several items need to be repaired, our heater technician will address them one at a time using a series of checklist testing.

Based on our initial findings, the technician will provide the customer with a comprehensive estimate outlining the necessary pool heater repair. The completed pool heater repair depends on the model of the swimming pool or spa heater, and the availability of replacement parts. Usually heater repair service calls are completed within a few hours. In some cases, it is more cost effective to replace a badly damaged heater than to replace multiple parts. To keep having to repair an aging or extremely damaged heater is expensive. JustService pool experts will often suggest replacing a worn out pool heater with a Raypak pool heater. We believe in itâs superior quality and expected longevity.

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What Is The Best Pool Heater On The Market

There is no single brand or product that’s best for every pool owner. You’ll need to find the best pool heater for your pool on the market. The variety of brands and functionality gives you plenty of choices.

Some of today’s most popular pool heaters offer a good springboard for further research:

  • Above-ground pool heaters

  • Solar blankets

  • Vinyl liners

  • Some homeowners believe that simple heaters, like blankets and vinyl liners, are the most cost-effective. Just remember that the cost to repair vinyl liners and similar heaters should be factored into the decision-making process. The cost to build a swimming pool and maintain it should always include expenses like these.

    Pool Refs Professional Gas Pool Heater Repairs

    At Pool Refs, weâre pool heater experts and weâll work not only to repair your gas pool heater quickly but affordably. With such a complex piece of equipment, many companies replace unneeded parts. For example, on a recent pool heater repair we diagnosed a faulty blower assembly. To replace the entire assembly, it costs $300-$400. Instead of taking the easy road, we went to a specialist to have the blower inspected and determined the motor capacitor was the real issue, a $40 repair. See what else we repair.

    Having a pool heater is great to get more swimming days out of the year. Knowing how your gas pool heater works and being able to diagnose and fix small issues can keep your pool heater working great and saving you repair costs. Hereâs to working on your pool repairs less and working on your cannonballs more!

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    Exceptional Pool Heater Repair For Long Island

    There are a variety of reasons that pool and spa heaters stop working. Repairs should be performed as quickly as possible once a problem is noticed. Our professional staff at JustService Pool Services has many years of heater training. We have experience with all types of heater manufacturers, including Raypak, Pentair, Jandy and Hayward. This education and experience allows us to make short work of even the most complex pool heater repair. Allowing the pool heater problem to continue without seeking a diagnostic evaluation usually results in more damage and higher repair costs. When ongoing heater problems are not addressed the result may be the need for a new pool heater to be installed.

    Hayward Cspaxi11 11kw Electric Spa Heater

    Flex Tape solar pool heater repair – will it work

    The Hayward CSPAXI11 compact, electric, indoor/outdoor pool/spa heater is an upgraded version of the already-reliable C-SPA-X1 model. It may be used on fountains, water heaters, and hot tubs as well as for pools/spas. This 11Kw unit operates on 240v. It has all the amenities and features its larger competitors offer while still being able to fit into tight areas . Its tank and threaded head are durable 304 stainless steel construction. It also has a heating element sensor for safety.

    This streamlined pool/spa heater is easy to install and maintain. Easy-dial On/Off controls and temperature adjustment are easily accessible on the front of the unit. Internal controls are also easily accessible for maintenance and troubleshooting. CSPAXI11 electric pool/spa heater installation must be performed by a licensed professional and include a bonded and grounded 60amp breaker. An external bypass must also be installed if this will serve a spa/hot tub that exceeds 70 gal./min.


    This simple, indoor/outdoor electric pool/spa heater upgrade is well-suited for spas , fountains, water heaters, and small, low-temperature pools . It installs quickly and can be stored in small, concealed areas. A 1-yr. limited manufacturers warranty is included.

    Hayward CSPAXI11: Check the current price

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    Hayward Hp21404t Heat Pro 140k Btu Heat Pump

    The Hayward HP21404T HeatPro heat pump is a larger, more powerful, super-quiet, square-design of the compact, but no less heavy-duty 50K BTU HP50TA HeatPro model. The HP21404Ts construction also incorporates stainless hardware, injection molded, UV-resilient, poly-screen, and Ultra Gold processes and body to prevent inefficiency, deterioration, and extreme environmental damage. The HP21404T titanium counterflow heat exchanger maximizes heat transfer and also withstands harsh saltwater/coastal conditions.

    The HP21404T heat pump requires 220v./240v. power. It is easily installed on new or existing pools/spas or systems. It has durable electronic controls. Its scroll compressors and compressor cover provide ultra-quiet operation. This heat pump carries the CA Proposition 65 warning.


    This larger, more powerful, lightweight Hayward HeatPro heat pump model is equally suitable for new and existing above/below ground pools and spas due to its resilient anti-UV and anti-rust construction. A 1-yr. parts and labor warranty and 2-yr. limited compressor warranty are included.

    Hayward HP21404T: Check the current price

    The Most Common Pool Heater Issues

    When we talk about pool heater repair there are a few commonalities that you can pay attention too.

    Its also important for us to mention that installation and repair of heaters requires professional knowledge of gas, electrical systems and how they interact with water in order to safely work with these complex devices.

    What to look out for:

    • Your pool heater is not igniting or turning on as normal
    • Your pool is not reaching the set temperature that you programmed.
    • Any leaking of water thats noticeable needs to be repaired.
    • The cycling process of your heater is going on and off.
    • Rusting of any kind is a clear indication of needing service or replacement.

    The licensed technicians at Flower Mound Pool Care & Maintenance attend mandatory manufacturer classes that keep us abreast to the latest standards and best practices for servicing pool heaters. We will carefully and accurately diagnose the problem and show you the safest way to proceed in repairing or replacing your heater.

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    Reasons Why Swimming Pool Heater Repair Is Worth It

    Its been 10 years, and your pool heater is still running strong. Heating your pool with warm, refreshing water every swim season. Contributing to an enjoyable and comfortable swim with every day you spend in the pool. Its worked just fine all this time, so why would you even consider investing more money into it? Let alone a full-on swimming pool heater repair. But the answer to that question lies within the question itself.


    Time is the one thing out of our control as pool owners. No matter how well we maintain our pool equipment, normal wear and tear will take its toll. And the results of wear and tear can sometimes be problematic.

    For example, that pool heater youve been using all these years. Good ole reliable? Lets say that one morning, you notice a strange loud noise when you go turn on the heater.

    That doesnt sound right, you think to yourself. So you check around the unit to figure out whats going on. And then you notice that your pool heat pump has shut off entirely. And it wont turn back on.

    So what do you do? Its the middle of the swim season, and your pool heater is out of commission. Or so it seems.

    In fact, maybe you wont have to go spend thousands on a new heater. Restoring the pool heater may be as simple as reaching out to a pool heater repair service.

    In this post, we discuss 5 reasons to consider swimming pool heater repair.

    Pool Heater Repair Services In San Diego

    Hot Water Heater Leaks

    Pool and spa heating systems ultimately affect the usability and enjoyment pool owners can get out of their pool or spa. Could you imagine not being able to heat your spa? Wouldnt be much of a spa experience. Pool heater repair can come in all shapes and sizes, from small sensor replacements, to replacing the copper tube bundle heat exchangers. When considering a pool heater repair service, its important to find a company that has experience in swimming pool maintenance and repair. Here at GL Pools, we have worked on virtually every variety of pool heater, performed many a pool heater installation, and have experience on pool solar repair.

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    How Much Does It Cost To Heat A Pool For A Month

    How much it costs to run your pool heater for a month depends on how often you use it and what type of power source it uses. For example, it costs $18 per hour to heat a pool using propane. Heating a pool on natural gas costs close to $7 per hour. Using a heat pump will only cost around $0.80 per hour.

    Standard estimates allow homeowners to easily estimate the cost of heating a pool for a month. Propane heaters, for example, are known to burn around one gallon her hour per 100,000 BTUs.

    Extends The Life Of The Pool Heater

    Swimming pool heater repair is an investment in the life of your pool heater. Or rather, an extension to be exact.

    When you repair your unit, youre choosing to keep it around longer. To restore it so it can keep heating your pool for years to come.

    When you think about it, its a win-win scenario. Because a well-maintained pool heater is more than capable of outlasting a newer model.

    And wouldnt it be nice to never have to worry about pool heating problems? To be able to hop in the pool and feel the warm, soothing embrace of the water whenever you want. Thatd be perfect, right?

    Well, its one of the benefits of repairing your pool heater.

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    How Fast Does A Pool Heater Heat A Pool

    The answer to this question depends on your unique heater and pool. Nobody likes to play the waiting game while they hang around hoping for a dip. A rough estimate for adequately-sized heaters can be determined through this formula:

    X = ____ lbs. of water

    Once you’ve determined pounds of water present, divide that number by the heater’s BTU size. The resulting number is how many hours it will take to raise the water temperature by one degree.

    Didn’t See The Pool Heater Repair Info You’re Looking For?

    Gas Pool Heater Vs Pool Heat Pump In Your Tampa Pool

    How To Diagnose & Repair Hayward Summit Pool Heater Heat Pump

    No matter how you heat your pool, you can count on Hawkins Service Company to offer repairs. We understand the need for having both gas pool heaters and pool heat pumps on the market and have studied how each design works to effectively provide these repairs to get you back in the water. If you are having issues deciding which to buy for your pool, we have listed some considerations for both. We want to help give you a better understanding of what youre buying:

    Gas Pool Heater: The main benefit of having a gas pool heater is you can run it throughout the entire year and get the same results as long as you have the gas. This extra cost could be seen as a con depending on the price of gas. You can also run these on propane gas, which may be more affordable. So, while the upfront cost is cheaper than a pool heat pump, you will be spending more keeping it going. Another thing to think about is this option runs best in small bursts to heat the water quickly. You will have to turn it off and on to maintain the heat during your dip.

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    Hayward Hp50ta 50000 Btu Heat Pro Heat Pump

    The Hayward HP50TA HeatPro heat pump is a heavy-duty, compact round-design. Its anti-corrosion construction includes stainless steel, poly-screen, Ultra Gold, and injection molded, UV-resilient processes and hardware. Reliability and efficient operation and performance are assured even in the most extreme environments. The HeatPro titanium counterflow heat exchanger also resists deterioration caused by saltwater/coastal conditions.

    The HP50TA heat pump is an independent lab certified. It is easily installed on new or existing pools/spas using 2×2½ CPVC common union connectors that also adapt to larger plumbing. Installation must be performed by a licensed and certified NEC and CEC professional. It has durable electronic controls and scroll compressors, a profiled-fan blade, and cover to promote super-quiet operation.


    This durable, lightweight heat pump is designed for new and after-market pool/spa installation. Its overall corrosion- and UV-resistant construction makes it well-suited for installation in above/below ground saltwater pools as well as in unforgiving environments A 1-yr. parts and labor warranty and 2-yr. limited compressor warranty are included.

    Hayward HP50TA: Check the current price

    Types Of Swimming Pool Heaters

    Electric Pool Heaters

    Electric pool heaters use electricity to generate heat in the resistor units. Water flowing over the resistor unit is heated, thus increasing your pool temperature. Electric heaters are recommended for smaller swimming pools where relatively less heating energy is required.


    • No emissions into the atmosphere
    • Relatively cheaper to buy

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    Expert Opinion: Mark Specialist Ask The Pool Guy

    , Specialist, Ask the Pool Guy

    works at Ask the Pool Guy, a company specializing in building and servicing swimming pools. Mar provides services and problem diagnosis for swimming pools.

    A lot of people want to know as far as your system goes do we want to cover any of the equipment. One of the things that people worry about is just everything sitting in the snow and getting wet. So they just want to cover their equipment and think it will last longer. Unfortunately, by covering it with a plastic cover a lot of times you can actually trap moisture in and accelerate erosion. However, a plastic top can prevent snow from melting through and will not trap the moisture inside.

    Who To Call For Quality Affordable Pool Heater Repair Service

    Swimming Pool &  Spa Gas Heater Repair &  Installation

    Owning a pool is great, when you have a heater you enjoy it even more. But with this comes the responsibility to make sure its running at its best. By knowing what to pay attention to it allows you to be more aware and will save you money in the long run if you notice issues early on. Plus, if you are looking to install a heater you now are clear on the benefits and differences a heat pump and a gas pool heater.

    Please remember, never attempt to repair or service your pool heater on your own. This is a very dangerous thing to attempt. There are safety precautions you must be aware of when dealing with gas, electricity and water. Allow Flower Mound Pool Repair & Maintenance take that burden off your hands and use best practices to keep you safe. With our weekly pool service, we can always make sure things are looking good.

    Flower Mound Pool Care & Maintenance invites you to call us at 995-3556 and let us answer any questions you may have about pool heater repair. We can also assist you with the many other pool services our highly trained and experienced pool service technicians specialize in.

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