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How To Disassemble An Above Ground Pool

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How To Take Down An Above Ground Pool With Frame

How To Disassemble An Above Ground Pool – #52

As usual, the first step is to drain or empty the pool. You need your garden hose for this process. You can as well get a pump and follow the procedure above. If you installed the pool by yourself, then taking it down should not pose so many problems.

It would be best if you followed the same method you used to set up the pool. For the sake of new pool owners, we will provide the process of bringing down an above ground pool.

The inflatable pool is much easier to take down than the metal frame pool. So, you may want to engage the services of pool professionals. But if youre the do-it-yourself type of person, the steps below will aid you in disassembling your pool.

Above Ground Pool Removal: How To Take Down Above Ground Pool

Different people have different reasons for wanting to remove their above ground pools. Some do so to make a room a bigger and better pool, while others want to replace it with an outdoor hot tub. Others simply crave for a change in their backyards landscape. Sometimes, above ground pool removal becomes a necessity as even the best above ground pools suffer damage from extensive use and exposure to outdoor elements. But as everybody knows, hiring a removal service can be rather expensive. Is it possible to learn how to take down an above ground pool and then do the job yourself?

The answer is a resounding Yes! Anybody with the right tools and some construction skills can learn how to take down above ground pool and apply whatever knowledge they acquired into safely and successfully removing their above ground pools.

How To Open An Above Ground Pool Step By Step References

How To Open An Above Ground Pool Step By Step. Above ground pool opening step by step if its the first time opening your above ground pool its important to work through the following steps and get familiar with them before carrying them out. Additional things you might need.

Attach a pool brush to your telescopic pole and brush the walls and floor of the pool. Avoid pouring shock into your filter basket as it may cause damage.

Confer pool step complete entry system w locking gate. Before you open your pool, you.

Diy above ground pool ladder stairs 100 things 2 do. But, for sure, its much better than having to spend your money just to prepare your pool.

Diy above ground pool ladder stairs above ground pool. Carefully check all around your pool, and remove the plugs from all openings, including the return jets (also called eyeball.

Diy above ground pool ladder stairs above ground pool. Check out the how to open an above ground pool tutorial below that will guide you to finish the job.

Diy pool stairs for above ground pool wood pool deck. Check your deck for damage, wear, and tear and address any issues before you open your pool for the season.

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You Squirt Some Food Coloring Near It

How to find a leak in my above ground pool liner. How to detect leaks in your swimming pool liner. Then turn off the pool pump and let the water get completely still. No need to get professional equipment.

Finding and fixing the hole. With above ground pools, they usually dont leak until some years later when the liner starts to get brittle from age. To find a leak in your pool liner you will need to perform the bucket test.

And the coloring moves towards the leak source but its at the bottom of your pool. If a particular area is suspect, the leak. Check the grass outside the pool as it may be greener than the rest of the lawn near the leaking spot.

See if theres any pile below the pump and remove if theres any from the area. According to, the search process involves cleaning the equipment area, inspecting the pool area for signs of wetness, turning the pump on and inspecting the skimmer and the return piping system at the wall. Clean the pump area first, it sometimes gets cluttered or overgrown.

And then you found the crack in the liner because the coloring disappears into it. Since the leak is too small to be easily found, it is probably small enough to be sealed by the product. Finding a leak in a pool liner.

This will ruin the liner and you will have to replace it. Look for tears, slits, and punctures in the vinyl. Absolutely do not drain the water out of an above ground pool!

Now, have a look over the following instructions:

Tools And Materials Needed To Take Down An Above Ground Pool

How to set up an above ground pool &  Repair

1 Cordless screw gun and fittings

2 Large adjustable wrench

3 Spray lubricant/penetrant

4 Large flat head screwdriver and hammer/rubber mallet

5 Shovel

6 2 pieces of plywood to roll the wall on

7 Utility Knife

10 Small bags or containers

11 Tape, small rope, or whatever needed to hold the parts together

12 Good space to store the pool

13 Water hose

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Cost To Fill In A Pool

The average price to remove a swimming pool falls between $3,000 and $10,000. The cost to eliminate an above ground model averages $2,700. An inground unit can be extracted for $9,000 to $19,000 or filled in for about $5,000.

A homeowner may choose to scrap their swimming pool for a variety of reasons, whether for safety reasons, no longer wanting to pay for maintenance, replacement of an old model or for landscaping reasons. In any scenario, this is no small task. The job involves heavy-duty equipment and machinery, safety gear, city and/or county permits and debris removal. It’s important to hire a pro for a removal project.

How To Disassemble Aboveground Pools

17 July, 2017

Check the disassembled parts to see whether any needs to be replaced. Contact your pool manufacturer for the replacement parts. The entire process of disassembling an aboveground pool may take an entire day, with a majority of the time involving the draining of the pool.


Be sure the pool has enough water for your suction pump to operate, or else the process could burn up the motor and damage the pump.

If you’re planning a move or just wanting to change your landscape, disassembling your aboveground pool will require some time and help. Get someone to assist and find a dry place to store the parts with everything properly labeled. If you just want to get rid of the pool, place an ad saying you’re selling it or giving it away and make the removal a condition of the transaction.

Remove any loose items from your aboveground pool such as the ladder and floating chlorine container. Make sure the pool pump is unplugged and no longer running.

Place a submersible pump into the pool to drain the water. Keep an eye on the pump, particularly when the pool is almost completely drained so that the pump is not damaged. This process generally takes several hours depending on how much water is in your pool.

Remove the pump once the water is drained.

Remove the top rail and joiner plates along the pool and set those pieces to the side for labeling and storage.

Remove the wall bolts and place them in a labeled storage bag.

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Remove And Clean The Filtration System

At this point, you must have had almost all the water out of the pool. When the filtration outlets and inlets are visible, the next thing is to take out the filtration pump. Then clean out the debris in the pump basket.

Suppose your filtration system has a skimmer installed with it. You will need to take this apart too.

If you had it set up yourself, taking it apart should not be an issue. However, you can check out videos online to see how to go about this.

Clean, dry, and package the filtration system and ensure you store it in a dry place.

How Much Does It Cost To Maintain An Above Ground Pool

How to take apart and winterize an above ground pool

Above ground pool owners will continue to pay for maintenance throughout the pools life. If you decide to do all of your pool maintenance yourself, you can expect to pay $5 to $15 per month. If you hire a professional pool service to do the work for you, that cost is between $80 and $150 per month.

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General Maintenance Tips For Above

1. Be prepared for DAILY Maintenance

Dave does almost all the pool maintenance which I thank him for regularly. Its not a difficult job, but it DOES require diligently checking on things every day in order to keep the water clean.

He adds chlorine EVERY day usually right away in the morning when he opens the pool.

He also adds a stabilizer to the water when we open the pool in the spring. Then he shocks the water.

From then on, he shocks the pool every other week and uses an algaecide on opposite weeks.

We use our pool skimmer every time we swim and Dave vacuums the pool roughly once a week.

NOTE: if you plan to be gone a lot over the summer, you may want to think twice before setting up a Costco pool. The pumps are small, and without daily care, you might just come home to a nasty green pool!

2. Test the Water Regularly:

Dave uses water test strips to test the water each day.

Theyre not perfect but they give a pretty good idea of the water quality.

Dave also brings water to a local pool store for testing once a week. They do it for free and tell him exactly what he needs to do to the water.

3. Monitor Your Pump

You will need to run your pump with the filter regularly this is important for the health of the water.

That said, you should also monitor your pump each day so you know what your pump can handle.

He then runs the pump WITH the filter again for a couple of hours in the evening and turns it off before we go to bed.

4. Get a Solar Cover and/or Solar Heater

Advanced Wall Repair For An Above Ground Pool

I have observed over three decades that the average decent quality above ground swimming pool lasts between 10 and 20 years. Sometimes pool owners will replace their pool because its top rails are too rusty or some of the uprights and pieces of bottom track have rusted out. Mostly though, people decide that their pool is dead because it has a rusty or corroded wall. And this is what makes an above ground pool no good anymore as its the wall that holds all the water.

Most of the time, a rusty pool wall is noticed when a liner is changed. The pool gets drained and then the existing liner is removed which exposes the interior wall. A sinking feeling is experienced when you see that the interior wall is rusty. Youve already bought a pricey replacement liner. You start to ask yourself, Is this normal? How bad is it? Can I fix this? How do I fix this? As you climb out of the pool to go look for that can of Rust-Oleum you bought two years ago, you wonder how bad this rusty wall really is and instead go search on the Internet.

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How Do You Patch A Pool Without A Patch Kit

Tip: If youve just found a leak and youre trying to figure out what to do: Grab a roll of duct tape, and cut a piece a bit larger than the hole. You can stick it right under water and rub it onto your liner. It wont last forever, but itll help keep the water in your pool until you can properly patch it.

Additional Notes Observations And Warnings About Taking Down An Above Ground Pool

How To Take Care Of A Coleman Above Ground Pool : Bestway ...

A Sand filters are very heavy and awkward I dont like sand filters to begin with, but moving them can really suck. Use a hand truck and whoever is available to help.

In most cases, moving the sand filter will be the hardest part of the takedown.

B Some ladders/steps are full of water. Drain as best you can And with some of them, you cant get all of the water out of them. Do what you can and drain them in any way you can figure out. It will make it easier to move.

C Bottom parts can be easily missed. Count parts at least twice Pieces of the bottom track and bottom connector plates are the most common part missing. Count, count, and count again.

D There will be the same number of top rails, top caps, top connectors plates, uprights, bottom connectors, and bottom track pieces As an example, a 24 round pool usually has sixteen parts of each. This really helps to know when making sure you have all the parts.

E Secure all screws in bags or containers. They can be misplaced easily The good part here is that you can find replacement hardware pretty easily. But why have to when you can do what it takes to keep what was used.

F The rolled pool wall can be very awkward to move. Move it to an area to clean any dirt still on it to make it lighter While rolling up the pool wall, you may notice that some dirt will stick to it at the bottom.

Cleaning the dirt off of the wall will make it much lighter and easier to transport.

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Were Simplifying Above Ground Pool And Junk Removal Nationwide

At LoadUp, we do our part to keep unwanted bulky items like above ground pools, exercise equipment and other outdoor gear out of landfills whenever we can, as often as possible. Were committed to finding greener disposal methods for all your unwanted junk while keeping our prices fair, honest and affordable. Learn more information in the video below how were revolutionizing the junk removal industry.

How To Dismantle And Store Your Above Ground Swimming Pool

As summer winds to a close and the kids are back in school, the above-ground backyard pool that was once the envy of the neighborhood needs to get packed up and stored safely away for next years cannonballs. Fortunately, above-ground swimming pools offer a lot of versatility because they can be taken down and stored away for winter, but knowing where to start can be overwhelming.

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Installing A New Pool

Some homeowners remove a pool to replace it with a new one. Typically, the installation of a new swimming pool costs$17,000 to $45,000. People often opt for this choice when their existing one hasn’t been properly cared for and is suffering visible structural damage, or they are looking for a more modern look or more economical size.

If your goal is to replace your pool, your project will be more expensive and take longer to complete than if you were simply taking one out. You should expect to pay added labor and material fees. However, you won’t have to worry about filling in the space since you’ll be installing a new one, which can save around $15 per cubic yard.

Get a Pro Pool Removal & Fill In Quote

The common tools involved include:

  • Excavator with rubber tracks.
  • Truck for pouring in fill.
  • Dumpster for storing debris and hauling it away.

Typically, a contractor includes these charges in his or her estimate. If this is a DIY project, it could run a homeowner up to $2,000 to rent equipment for a few days.

Another item that might add to overall price is access. If it’s tricky to get the required equipment into your yard for the teardown, fill-in, and haul-off, then the cost of the project could rise substantially.

How To Disassemble And Winterize An Above

How to Take Down Above Ground Pool! Timelapse

We know people who leave their steel-frame pools assembled all winter, but as I mentioned above, we have always chosen to take ours down.

Heres how we winterize our pool:

1. Let the Chlorine Evaporate

When were finished with the pool for the year , we let the water sit for 7-10 days so the chlorine evaporates. Yes, it will turn green!

2. Drain as much water as you can with a hose.

Simply connect a garden hose to the drain to get most of the water out into the street .

3. Use a SubPump to get all the water out.

Once the water was below the drain hole, we used a mini sub-pump to get the rest of the water out.

4. Clean the inside of the liner.

We clean our pool liner it with vinegar spray and our deck scrub brush .

5. Suck up any last bits of water or debris.

We used our shop vac to get any last little bits of water out and then let it sit in the sunshine for a few hours to TOTALLY DRY.

6. Disassemble the pool frame:

Once the liner was completely clean and dry, we disassembled the pool.

In full disclosure, we had a really hard time getting the steel frame apart specifically removing the steel poles from the pool perimeter .

After a lengthy struggle with this, we decided to keep the long sides of the pool liner connected to the frame, and just took the curved ends and the legs off.

If we were to assemble a pool like this again, we probably would rub Vaseline or another type of lubricant over the poles before attaching the liner.

7. Bring the pump inside.

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