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Hot Tub Leaks When Jets Are On

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How To Prevent An Air Lock In Your Hot Tub

Repairing a Leaking Hot Tub Jet : Hot Tub Tips

A hot tub pump is designed to pump water, not air. Therefore, if air is in your plumbing lines, it can cause damage overtime. In order to prevent water entering your plumbing lines, creating an air lock and damaging your hot tub system, make sure that when you are filling your tub, the hose is placed into the empty filter canister instead of the tub itself. This ensures that the water fills the pump and internal plumbing along with the tub to prevent the development of an air lock. Once the tub is filled, bleed the pump by turning off the ground fault circuit interrupter, use a screwdriver to open the bleed valve until water begins to trickle out, then close the valve again. This will help further reduce the risk of air entering the plumbing and creating an air lock. It will also remove any air that did manage to get trapped during the filling process. Finally, test that all your jets are functioning correctly by turning on the pump and ensuring water is coming out of each individual jet.

Hot Tub Leaking From The Bottom

A spa or hot tub thats leaking can be alarming. But dont despair! Its rarely an issue with the spa shell. Most often, it’s something minor that can be resolved using routine hot tub leak repair solutions, such as a hot tub sealer or other simple fix.

Below, you’ll find a list of the most common causes of hot tub leaks and how to fix them. Some of the most common sources of water leaks in a hot tub include:

Pump Leaks

Plumbing Leaks

How To Tell If Your Hot Tub Is Leaking

First things first in locating a leak.Follow these steps, provided by SFGATE:

  • Switch off the power and open the equipment compartment of the hot tub. Check the hot tubs pump with a flashlight for dampness or wet spots.
  • Check the fittings and pipes leaving the pump. Also, check the heater. Leaks can occur even in a new hot tub because the fittings can loosen during shipment.
  • Check every pipe leading to the jet for leaks.
  • Place a drop of dark food coloring in the water in front of a jet. Water seeks the path of least resistance, so watch to see where the food coloring goes. If it flows out a jet, you may have found your leak. Look for the colored water to leak out on the outside of the hot tubs shell. Repeat for all the remaining jets. You can let the water level drop without running the hot tub. The place where it stops to fall is the place your leak should be.
  • On the inside of the hot tub, mark the water level with a pencil. Switch on the hot tub and let it run for 24 hours. Switch off the hot tub and mark the new water level. Add enough water to fill up the tub to the original mark. Keep the hot tub off for the next 24 hours. See how much the water level falls during that time, and mark the level. If the water drops equally with the spa running and not, there is a crack in the hot tubs shell. Rapid loss with the pump running indicates a leak after the water leaves the pump. More loss with the pump off indicates that the leak is in the water line before the pump.

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Can A Crack In A Hot Tub Shell Be Fixed

Yes. Small cracks in a hot tub shell can be fixed. To fix, drill a small hole at each end of the crack to stop it from spreading. Then apply an acrylic patch. This can be mixed with acrylic paint to match the shell color. Once dry, it can be sanded and buffed smooth.

As weve mentioned in the previous section, a hot tub shell can definitely be fixed. The best way to fix a small crack in the acrylic shell is to do the following:

What if the shell is too far gone?

For larger cracks or a chunk missing, you can use the above process in larger amounts.

Just know that glue, however strong, isnt designed to hold water under pressure, so really big gaps may require professional help.

How To Fix Hot Tub Jets

My hot tub is leaking directly underneath the volcano jet. It is not ...

Hot tub jets are a common failure point. They are under huge amounts of pressure when the pumps are running and they can degrade over time if the water quality is not just right.

These plastic jets seems to be made brittle with a low or high PH water quality.

To remove a hot tub jet turn the outer valve jet anti clockwise till it is completely closed, continue turning anticlockwise. You will hear a click this is the hut tub jet winding off. You can then pull it out.

If the jet is leaking from the rear try to tighten the locking nut some more with a set of pipe wrenches. If the hot pump jet still leaks you will have to drain the spa and remove the leaking jet.

Completly remove the jet locking nut and then take out the hot tub jet. Get yourself a replacement o-ring or silicone seal the hot tub jet flange. Tighten the locking nut and leave the hot tub empty so the silicone can set.

This is the only way how to fix leaking jacuzzi jets properly. They must be removed and inspected. Most times you will need a complete fitting as they tend to fail over time.

Usually, you can get away with just replacing the internal directional jet. The outer housing is the one that will fail and leak if it is not sealed up properly.

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A Leak In The Hot Tub

When a hot tub suddenly starts losing water, it may be caused by a leak. Leaks can occur in a wide range of places, including the pump, the jets, the heater, and even the hot tub shell. Because it may be difficult to determine where your hot tub is leaking, it is important to check all of these areas.

How To Fix Leaking Jacuzzi Jets Pumps Fittings Fast And Easy

My 5-year old jacuzzi has developed a leak which just happened when the warranty has run out. A quick inspection showed that the leak was coming from a few places. This is why it is important to check over your spa or hot tub every year to see how all the plumbing connections are going.

Jacuzzis and spas if maintained well should give you 10 years + of hot tub fun and relaxation. But like many of us, we tend to forget about the internals. In this post, I will show you how to fix leaking jacuzzi jets, pumps, pipework, lights, and fittings quickly and easily.

You dont need to spend hundreds to get a plumber in just repair it yourself.

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Do Hot Tub Leak Sealers Work

Hot tub sealers work for small leaks of up to 1/8 inch in diameter. As they are heavier than water but still liquid, they are designed to sink to the lowest spot often the place where the leak has sprung.

You dont need to empty a hot tub to fix it if youre using a sealer. However, they might be ineffective for major leaks.

I have used a sealer before. At my last house, I bought a used hot tub and discovered that it was leaking. So, I bought and used Marlig Fix-a-Leak.

After removing the filters, you pour Fix-a-Leak into the hot tub, and because it is heavier than water, it automatically sinks into the weakest place in the tub, which is exactly where the leak is. Then allow it to work for 24-72 hours before using the tub.

It worked very well after I used it. In fact, I wrote up a review in a recent article I published. In it, I shared info about what Marligs Fix-a-Leak is, whether it works, and how long it lasts. But I also revealed how it works.

Just click the link to read it on my site.

I know were in a pandemic but the hot tub has sprung a leak and its sounding expensive


Check The Water Level The Next Day

How to find and repair Hot Tub leak

Check carefully for water loss. Make the new measurements and compare the results. Your leakage will have either stopped completely, partially or not at all.

  • If the hot tub has ceased to leak, go to Step 8
  • If the leak has slowed, but not stopped completely, repeat the treatment .
  • If the leak does not stop, you can increase the product quantity and try again. But if the leak doesnt stop after several attempts, its probably too large or in a place that the sealant cant reach. In that case, contact the professionals.
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    A Quicker Method To Repair Leaking Spa Jets

    You may have already wondered, “can’t I just put a sealant on the inside of the spa, around the jet fitting?” If the leak is the gasket and not the pipe connections, which it usually is.

    To verify, you can dye test around the spa jets with food coloring. Shut off the pump, and with bright lighting and a mask or goggles, squirt small drops of dye underwater, around the jet face or flange. Sometimes the leak is too small to pull enough dye through, and sometimes the jet gasket only leaks when the pumps are on.

    You may want to try to seal up around a suspected spa jet, using BOSS® silicone, or similar products, but – it may not fix the problem and can be messy looking unless you are careful and skillful during application.

    – Jack

    Water Seals Beneath The Floor

    If your tub is leaking, you should always start your search for the leak by checking the union fittings underneath the tub. The vibrations in a jetted tub can cause union seals to shake loose and leak. So, go into the basement or crawl space under the tub and check to make sure they are tight.

    Union fittings and seals should not be tightened with a pipe wrench. Instead, these fittings should always be tightened by hand. However, they can sometimes be hard to turn with your hand. In this case, you will need to loosen the mounting bolts on the pump adjust the fittings so they are properly aligned hand-tighten the fittings and then re-tighten the mounting bolts on the pump. This will fix the majority of leaks with a jacuzzi, jetted tub, or spa.

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    Why Is My Tub Leaking From The Bottom

    All hot tub leaks will eventually pool on the bottom. But a large volume of water on the bottom of the hot tub will likely be a cracked PVC pipe.

    The reality is that a hot tub could leak from a number of places. Other sources of the leak could be from the jets, a cracked PVC pipe, a crack in the shell, or a loose light fixture.

    But no matter the source of the leak, youll see water at the bottom, and you could be forgiven for thinking that the hot tub is leaking from the bottom.

    What do you do if your hot tub is leaking?

    Not to worry, a recent article I published offers actionable solutions. In it, I shared info on what causes a hot tub to leak and how to find leaks in your hot tub. But I also explained why your hot tub is leaking from the bottom.

    Just click the link to read it on my site.

    Gah!!!!! Please tell me the hot tub didnt spring a leak in this weather

    Jodi B

    Suspect #: Cracked Hot Tub Shell

    Anatomy of a hot tub leak

    A crack in the shell may be one of the more obvious sources of a leak, but if youve examined all other areas of your hot tub, it may be worth your time to examine the shell. Some hard-to-see, hairline cracks can be found by running your fingers around the shell. You should be able to feel a subtle difference once you come upon a crack. While some cracks are simply cosmetic imperfections, others can cause your hot tub to leak over time. With the acrylic shells of modern hot tubs, cracks that lead to leaks are normally not an issue, but it is a more likely scenario than that herd of elephants we mentioned earlier.

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    Running Your Hot Tub During The Winter

    Because most hot tubs are designed to run year-round, many homeowners enjoy taking a soak in their hot tub during the colder months of winter. While running your hot tub during the winter may be an enjoyable experience, it can quickly become a nightmare when the hot tub begins losing water.

    There is a reason hot tubs may lose more water during the winter than during the warmer months. Because the water is warmer than the outside temperature, hot tubs are prone to evaporate faster. As a result, your hot tub may lose twice as much water during the winter as it does during the summer. In some cases, it may lose more than 2 inches of water a week.

    While it can be frustrating to deal with a hot tub losing water, there is no reason to give up your winter hot tub soaks. By properly covering your hot tub, you can prevent water from evaporating when not in use. Remember to also keep the cover on while the hot tub is heating up.

    How To Fix A Leaking Hot Tub Pump Or Heater

    A common area for leaks is on either side of the pump or heater, and to access this area, youll have to remove the hot tubs side panels. Typically, this just takes loosening a few hand-turned fasteners and some shuffling. With the panel removed, take a look at the pump and heater. If water is dripping, spraying, or puddling around the pump or heater, youve found your leak. Usually, cracked fittings or worn-out O-rings are to blame. Follow these steps to correct the issue:

  • Start by powering off the unit and closing the gate valves on either side of the pump.
  • Using the screwdriver and pump pliers, remove the leaky fittings and take them to your local pool supply shop to find a replacement.
  • Finally, reinstall the new part in the reverse order, then open the gate valves, turn the pump on, and check for leaks.
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    What Kind Of Leakage Can Be Stopped By Sealant

    Sealant wont fix everything, but its a great solution for small leaks.

    Suitable applications:

    • For all types of spas, hot tubs, and pools.
    • For leaks in walls, floor, housing, return lines, suction lines, skimmers, fittings, etc.
    • For water loss in spa / hot tubs of less than 3 mm per day.
    • For water loss in pools of less than 5 cm or 50 mm of water per day.
    • For hot tubs with a salt level up to 3000 ppm.

    Unsuitable applications:

    • For anything with fish or other living things.
    • For water loss in spa / hot tubs of over 3 mm per day

    If youre not sure that the sealant will eliminate all your leaks, I still recommend trying it first, since this easy-to-use product can save you more complex and expensive repairs.

    Jacuzzi Leaking At The Hose Clamp

    HOT TUB Jet Housing Leaking Water / HOT TUB Leaking Water

    Many spa manufacturers use the spring hose clamp. These are ok for quick manufacturing of the spas but over time they can lose their strength.

    I like to use the automotive adjustable stainless steel hose clamp. These can be tightened op over time if you develop a leak.

    The picture to the left is an Ozone generator bubbler mixer that had developed a small leak at the spring clamp fitting. To fix it fast I used some PVC glue and reused the spring clamp. Once I get an adjustable hose clamp it will be replaced.

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    Hot Tub Error Code Issues

    Error codes can indicate hot tub problems but these codes can be confusing and seem like a lot of work. If your hot tub is speaking in another language, check out our comprehensive guide to cover all the error codes for the top brands. Just select the manufacturer link from the list below and search for your error code!

    To Replace A Cracked Pipe

    If its a simple part thats easily accessible and easy to replace, simply:

    • Drain the hot tub
    • Remove the cracked pipe . If its glued, youll have to use a hacksaw to cut it out
    • Replace with a new PVC pipe the same size
    • If its a glued in piece, glue in and allow to fully set before filling with water

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    Reinstall The Filter And Clean The Cartridges For Several Days

    You do not need to drain the water. The sealant does not affect the chemistry of the water, and excess product will be eliminated with the restoration of normal filtration.

    Reinstall the filter and resume filtering. Note that the filter cartridge used to remove excess sealant must be cleaned several times until the sealant is completely removed. Do not allow the cartridge to dry until it is thoroughly cleaned.

    How To Determine Whether You Need An 8oz Or A 32oz Bottle

    Anatomy of a hot tub leak

    Our 8oz. bottle can be used for minor drip leaks. Use 1 whole bottle regardless of the amount of water in the tub, ranging from 250 to 1000 gallons. Water Temperature should be between 70F and up.

    Water leaks in hot tub or spa plumbing can be troublesome and in most cases very difficult to locate due to the foam sprayed insulation. The time and effort for a manual repair can at times become quite costly.

    With FIX A LEAK the repair costs can be minimal and often be done by the hot tub or spa owner.

    Instructions for use:

    This type of application will be for hot tub/spa leaks that are minor in nature. When you know your hot tub/spa is leaking but cannot detect a noticeable water drop inside the spa a wet spa pad or actual water slowly dripping onto the pad or floor may be the cause. Since it will be difficult to determine if you have sealed this type of leak follow the steps below.

    Remove all cartridge filters.

    Pour the entire contents of the bottle into the filter intake or directly into the spa.

    On day 1 run the spa for 4-6 hours, alternating between the low and high-speed jets.

    Since the jets usually run on a 15-minute cycle, you must be present to restart once cycle kicks off.

    After the 4-6 hours you can shut off your spa or just allow the recirculating pump to periodically run its cycle.**

    After day two leave the spa off for 48 hours. During this time frame check to see if the water level is stable and if the hot tub/spa pad remains dry.

    Ensure to shake bottle well.

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