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Hot Tub Minimum Distance From House

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Temporarily Installed Hot Tub

Hot Tub Electrical – Code Minimum

Temporary hot tubs will also be installed close to the house within 5 feet from a disconnection point because of Nec section 680.12 here are the other points to consider:

  • Just like with a permanent installation, it is necessary to think about the design and layout of the house to decide on the distance of the hot tub from the house.
  • A water source and electrical connection are needed close to the temporary hot tub. A proper electrical installation needs to be done to prevent the burning of cables and electrocution.
  • A light source is important close to the hot tub for relaxing moments in the evening.
  • The ground condition is an important factor to consider because sharp objects like stones can puncture a temporary hot tub.
  • Privacy is another factor to consider when choosing a location for a temporary hot tub. Being seen by the neighbors in swimwear or compromised positions is not something that is desired.
  • Hot tubs are always filled with water, so it is important to have fencing around a hot tub to prevent drowning accidents.

You can move temporary hot tubs to different locations because it is mobile. But you need to remember to have a disconnection point within 5 feet of the hot tub and consider the points listed above.

How Far Does Hot Tub Need To Be From A House

Hot tubs are a great way to relax, and many people prefer to spend time in a hot tub under the stars. The distance that a hot tub needs to be away from your home depends on personal choice, the national electrical, building, and plumbing codes, and the type of hot tub that is installed.

In this section, there will be looked at permanent hot tubs and temporary hot tubs here is the information:

Dealing With The Weather

When its raining or snowing, you probably want your hot tub as close to the house as possible. Being pelted with cold rain while walking outside in your bathing suit in sub-zero weather could make for a tortuous journey to the warm and bubbling water of your hot tub. Ideally, your hot tub would be close enough to the house that you dont have to spend too much time in the elements when the weather is bad. For longer journeys, you should consider having a dedicated bathrobe and pair of warm, slip-free shoes to ward off the cold.

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How Close Is Too Close

You should check your overhead clearances when choosing the location for your hot tub as well. Overhead wiring, leafy dropping trees, or steep, overhanging roofs can all cause problems for your hot tub and its users. Make sure that the hot tub is far enough away from the house that you dont have to worry about runoff from the roof, overhead icicle formation or the possibility of a downed powerline falling into the hot tub.

Have we answered your questions about how far away from the house does a hot tub need to be? Download a free buyers guide for extra information, or visit us at our hot tub store.

Hot Tub Wiring Considerations

Tree House Tranquil

When running wiring from the service panel to the hot tub, protect it with PVC or metal conduit. You can run your hot tub wiring through the basement or accessible crawl space inside the home. You can even run it underground if the wiring spans more than five feet.

Be sure to check your owners manual to ensure you have the gauge required for a safe power connection.

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Hot Tub Delivery And Installation

The delivery and installation process varies from brand to brand, but most manufacturers of hard-shell and wood-fired hot tubs will offer kerbside delivery.

Some, such as Jacuzzi, will also provide free installation and a consultation with the engineer to run through how to use your new tub. Others charge extra for an upgraded delivery service that includes installation.

Those that offer delivery and installation will ask you about your garden access to ensure the tub will fit when they arrive if its too big, they can also arrange for a crane or a hiab to lift it in.

But if you’re getting kerbside delivery, youll need to check the dimensions of your hot tub yourself and ensure you have enough space and an access point to get it into your garden, as well as the tools to move it into place not always an easy task.

Removing fence panels can help with space and always ask the manufacturer if they have a trolley to manoeuvre the tub on delivery.

For inflatable hot tubs, youll only be offered delivery through a normal courier service, and youll typically need to set it up yourself.

Regardless of the type of tub, any electrical and base work will need to be completed before delivery.

Delivery times depend on the brand, whats in stock, the type of tub youre getting and where you live. If youre customising your own hot-tub design this will take longer, too.

Inflatable hot tubs only take around 15 minutes to inflate, but heating can take up to 24 hours.

How Far Should A Gfci Breaker Be From A Hot Tub

The recommended minimum distance between a GFCI breaker and a hot tub is 6 feet . This distance should be maintained to ensure proper ground fault protection. Additionally, if the hot tub is installed indoors, the GFCI breaker should be installed in an area located 15 feet (4.

57m) away from the tub. It is important to follow these recommendations as a GFCI breaker near a hot tub can protect users from shock if an electrical problem arises. Additionally, if the tub is installed outdoors, the GFCI breaker must be installed in an outdoor-rated area that is protected from the elements, such as a waterproof breaker box.

This is essential to ensure that the breaker is not compromised by the elements.

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Regular Cleaning Is Necessary

Regular cleaning is necessary, too. There will be situations when your hot tub will get dirty, and this means that youll need to wipe it down regularly.

This advice really goes along with the tip above. You must keep the hot tub itself clean to avoid getting the water dirty.

Also, you want the hot tub to look its best. If you clean the tub on a regular schedule, then you wont have much to worry about.

The water is going to need to be replaced from time to time as well. You should test your water at least two times a week to ensure that the balance is right.

Every three months, its good to drain the hot tub and refill it. This helps to keep things clean and safe.

Remember to clean and replace filters, too. Going too long without replacing a filter will have negative consequences.

Filters should be cleaned every two weeks, but it might be wise to clean them weekly if you use the hot tub a lot. They need to be replaced annually to keep things running optimally.

Where Should The Service Disconnect Be Installed

How to Build a Hot Tub with FULL INSTRUCTIONS

The service disconnect should be installed as close to the point where the electrical service enters the building as possible and in a readily accessible location. This typically means it would be located just outside the exterior building wall, or mounted on the interior wall near the point of entry for the electrical service.

The service disconnect should never be installed inside a cabinet or in any tight space where it could be difficult to access. It should also be installed in an area that is protected from the elements and cannot be easily damaged or tampered with.

All service disconnects should be labeled clearly to identify the breaker size, load type, and circuit boundaries.

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Why Does Gfci Need To Be 5 Feet From Hot Tub

GFCI protection need to be used with hot tubs and must be no more than 5 feet away from the hot tub. This is because water and electricity create a dangerous combination that can lead to electric shock and injury.

GFCI or ground fault circuit interrupter provides protection from electric shock by detecting and responding to ground faults, like having water come into contact with the electrical current. The GFCI will trip, meaning that it will disconnect the power source to the hot tub, whenever it senses a ground fault.

The Backyard Is Usually A Good Location

Have you thought about putting a hot tub in your backyard? This is usually going to be a good location that makes sense for hot tub owners.

Its more likely that youre going to have some level of privacy in your backyard. Placing the hot tub in the front yard would make it far less comfortable to use it whenever you feel like doing so.

Also, its less likely that the tub will get in the way if its located somewhere in the backyard. When youre placing a hot tub, its good to ensure that it isnt in the way when youre carrying groceries or doing other things.

Try to tuck the hot tub away somewhere in the backyard where itll be easy to access without being in the way of things that you need to do. Some people go so far as building gazebos or other types of structures around their hot tubs.

While this isnt completely necessary, it might be something that youll want to look into. Just put a little thought into where you want to keep your hot tub and youll have a good experience.

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What Should A Hot Tub Stand On

Whatever size or type of hot tub you decide on it will need a solid and firm structural support beneath it. Water is obviously extremely heavy and even the smallest hot tub will hold nearly 700 litres of water weighing in at a wapping 700 KG. Add in the weight of 2 4 people and the total is around 1000KG or a metric tonne! Permanent hot tubs are even heavier with the hot tubs themselves weighing in at around 850 pounds, filling with 400 gallons of water and several occupants can tip the scales at well over 5000 pounds. This needs to be properly supported!

Many people like their hot tub to be on, or surrounded by a deck but the deck needs to be reinforced beneath to take the weight. Other options include concrete slabs, block work or even a solid deep gravel surface on the ground.

Wherever the hot tub is it needs to be firm, level and secure for the safety of the occupants and other people around. If you are in doubt, particularly for a permanent hot tub them you should seek professional structural advice.

Do You Have A Level Foundation

2 Minute Walking Distance to the Beach!

As you can imagine, an empty hot tub can sit just about anywhere in your backyard, as it only weighs a few hundred pounds. However, once the vessel is filled with water, that hot tub goes from a few hundred pounds to a few thousand pounds. That means if the ground its sitting on isnt flat, level, or solid, you could be in trouble.

To support every pound of your hot tub, we recommend placing it on a level, four-inch thick concrete slab. Paving stones, bricks, and gravel are also suitable alternatives. If youre thinking about installing your hot tub on your deck, first check with a qualified building contractor to ensure its weight can be supported.

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Should You Install An In Ground Hot Tub 5 Tips Master Spas Blog

A Good Hot Tub Dealer Will Check That For You

. The minimum distance between any conductive cables and your tub is 225 feet. Luckily I break down all the pros and cons for you in this recent article. Hot Tub Manufacturers – Compare Local Prices Deals.

However the disconnect means does not necessarily have to be a circuit breaker. 40-60 Off Spas Now. In some areas including Minnesota and California you must set the tub back at least 5 feet from your property line.

Huge Sale Going on Now. Disconnect Requirement NEC section 68012 specifies that a disconnection means for the purpose of maintenance should be provided within five feet horizontally from any hot tub. Most districts have a set distance that a hot tub must be from the main house on your property.

The average minimum distance is usually around five to ten feet but the range can differ depending on location. Use 66 posts and notch them. There is no set standard distance for how far hot tubs must be from a house but installations are done no more than 5 feet from a disconnection point as per the National electrical code.

However once the vessel is filled with water that hot tub goes from a few hundred pounds to a few thousand pounds. Search Hot Tub Manufacturers Today. A small hot tub can fit 2 to 4 people.

Usually its around 16 feet but it also varies depending on location. A hot tub could be a permanent installation or a temporary installation. Ad Find Hot Tub Manufacturer Prices By Zip Code.

How Big Is A Hot Tub Your Guide To Spa Dimensions Master Spas Blog

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Lets Look At Three Possible Sizes

Firstly, a small cozy hot tub for 2 4 people. These are around 180 cm x 180cm . If you went for an inflatable version it could basically go right up into a wall or corner but a permanent hot tub would require a minimum 30cm or 1 foot clearance meaning a minimum space of about 210 cm x 210 cm . Remember you need to allow space for steps to actually access the hot tub on one side as well.

Going to the other extreme and a large hot tub designed for up to 8 people would have a foot print of around 330 cm x 230 cm . Again allowing for space around it you would need a minimum space of around 360 cm x 250 cm . The inflatable version would take up less space at around 200 cm x 200cm .

Medium sized hot tubs, accomodating 5 6 are the most popular and these are around 250cm x 250 cm for the hot tub itself and a minimum of 280 cm x 280 cm including clearance. Again inflatable versions save space at around 200 cm x 200 cm .

Remember though that the quality of your whole hot tub experience will be enhanced by location. Its not much fun being hemmed in by close walls on three sides! If you can locate your hot tub with a bit of a view and plenty of room for climbing in and relaxing beside it then so much the better!

Apart from space considerations, what other factors need to be taken into consideration?

Does The Disconnect Go Before Or After The Meter

How to Move a Hot Tub | The Home Depot

The answer to this question depends on the specific setup of an individual houses power system. Generally, the disconnect is installed either before or after the meter, but not both.

If the disconnect is placed after the meter, it is typically installed between the meter and the electrical panel of the house. In this case, the utilitys power lines connect to the meter and the meter is then connected to the disconnect, with the consumers private power lines connecting to the disconnect on the other side.

However, when the disconnect is placed before the meter, it is typically installed between the streets power pole and the meter. In this case, the utilitys power lines connect to the disconnect, then the meter is connected to the disconnect, and the consumers private power lines connect to the other side of the meter.

Overall, the exact placement of the disconnect largely depends on the layout and electrical system of a given house.

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