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How Can I Heat Up My Above Ground Pool

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Sunheater Solar Pool Heater For Above Ground Pools

How to heat your above ground pool cheap & easy

Take advantage of the long, sun-drenched days of summer by absorbing that sunshine to keep your pool at a comfortable temperature.

The Smartpool Solar Pool Heater comes with two long polypropylene panels that can be unfurled near your above-ground pool. The panels can be placed on the roof or in the yard, wherever the sun is beating down the most.

Reviewers note that even on cloudier days, the panels were able to soak up enough rays to warm their above-ground pool by several degrees, with several days of sunshine boosting pool temperature by 12-20 degrees.

Although some of the product shots feature a mounting rack for the panels, you will need to either lay it flat in an area where the sun is beating down or construct a mounting platform yourself.

Installation is easy, with the heater using your existing filtration system. SunHeater also packs its heater with plumbing fixtures to ensure a quick hook-up.

Cost-wise, the SunHeater panels run for around $235 .

Use A Hayward Gas Pool Heater And A Solar Cover

If youre looking to add a pool heater that would not take much space in your backyard, and easy to set up and use, then we suggest getting a Hayward Pool Heater.

Hayward specializes in providing great swimming pool products and accessories like their robotic pool cleaner. And their gas pool heaters are no different.

Theyre designed to heat your Intex pool efficiently.

One way to save money on your pool heatings operating costs is to install a proven cost-efficient pool heater.

We recommend the FibroPool FH055 Swimming Pool Heat Pump for Intex pool owners.

This FibroPool pool heat pump can add consistent, reliable heating to any above-ground pool and has low noise, so it wont bother you while you enjoy your time in your Intex pool.

Its very easy to use, unlike their gas pool heaters. You just have to find the right place to set it up and you should be enjoying a warm pool environment in no time.

How To Heat A Swimming Pool For Free

If you are a new swimming pool owner, you may be wondering how to heat a swimming pool for free. You may not have selected the pool heater you want to use.

Or the heaters you have looked at may not be cost-effective. Dont let this worry you. If you are looking at how to heat a swimming pool for free then well provide you with some answers.

Were here to show you cost-effective ways to heat your swimming pool. This way you will be able to keep your pool warmer without going to great expense.

Youll learn the different ways of keeping your pool heated. You will also learn how your pool loses heat and how to prevent this.

Now that you know there are cost-effective ways of keeping your pool warmer, lets have s look at how they work.

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What Is The Cheapest Way To Heat A Swimming Pool

It can be confusing when trying to choose a cheap method of heating swimming pools. Some heaters may initially appear expensive, but they can be incredibly cost-effective in the long term, such as swimming pool heat pumps!

We’ve picked out some of the cheapest ways you can keep your pool warm:

  • – Solar sun rings
  • – Wind-proof your pool
  • – Run your pool heater during the warmest part of the day

If you’re looking for a cheap and effective pool heater for your above-ground or inflatable swimming pool, you should consider a heat pump.

When it comes to a combination of value, ease of use and heating ability, heat pumps are the perfect middle ground. These devices use a small amount of electricity to generate heat that warms the water flowing through your pump system.

Alternatively, there are many solar heating options for your pool. Solar heating, in most cases, involves a similar setup to the swimming pool heat pump above. However, instead of relying on electricity, the water flows through what is essentially a greenhouse, using sunlight to heat the water.

If you are only using your pool during the summer months and can rely on reasonably consistent sunshine, this is a great option. Solar systems are relatively cheap, super simple to set up and can deliver efficient heating in the right conditions.

Relaxation And Stress Relief

7 Cheap Ways To Heat Your Pool

Owning a warm pool allows you to destress and relax, which can, in turn, soothe any aching muscles.

We hope this blog has helped answer some questions you had about heating options for your swimming pool. If you have any more queries, don’t hesitate to give our experienced team a call we are always on hand to help!

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What Is An Above Ground Pool Heater

Above ground, pool heaters are the swimming pool heaters that are exclusively used for heating the pool water. They are available in various types and they use different heating principles to ensure the pool is warm. This allows people to have incredible swimming experience irrespective of weather conditions.

So It Can Work Whats The Catch

Standard tankless water heaters for domestic hot water arent designed to heat pools. This gives rise to several potential issues.

For one thing, many models are not designed to be installed outside so choosing an outdoor model would be the first thing we need to consider.

But there are a few other important points to keep in mind

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Ways To Heat An Above Ground Pool Fast

Gas pool heaters offer the fastest heating of all the options in this post. And that makes sense because just like a grill or oven, a gas heater creates heat by burning gas.

But at the same time, they also have the highest monthly operating cost of all pool heating options.

And its all for one reason: the heat source, gas

While gas pool heaters offer lower purchase costs, their monthly costs are at least 3x more expensive than the next cheapest option.

This is why most gas heaters are used to heat spas, or as backups for smaller pools. But if speed is your top priority, and you have money to burn , then a gas heater could be right for heating your above ground pool.

Pros of a Gas Pool Heater

  • Fastest heating

Pool Chemicals May Damage A Tankless Water Heater

How To Heat Your POOL (3 Ways) | Swim University

The design of conventional pool heaters makes them well-suited to heating pools. Theyre made from materials that withstand chemically treated pool water.

A tankless water heater for heating domestic hot water isnt designed for chemically treated pool water.

So, pool chemicals may damage your tankless water heater by running pool water through it. In fact, some manufacturers such as Rinnai specifically state that their product cannot be used for heating pools and spas for this reason .

Now, its possible youll get away with it because the chlorine content of the water entering your tankless heater may have dissipated . But, theres no guarantee, and over time damage may occur.

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Hot Splash The Worlds Smallest Pool Heat Pump

The Hot Splash is the Worlds smallest pool heat pump.

It is designed for small above ground pools with a water volume of up to 10m3

The Hot Splash heat pump outputs 3.3kw of pool heat for only 0.6kw of electricity used

The Hot Splash is incredibly easy to install and is a plug and play heat pump

Please click Hereto see more details on the Hot Splash pool heat pumps

Solar Pool Heating Roof System

Roof System Solar Pool Heating

Solar pool heating systems for Intex and above ground pools are becoming very popular.

There are two types of systems: roof-mounted and ground-mounted solar systems. Well focus on the roof ones here and touch on ground-mounted ones in their own section below.

Solar pool heaters need a fair amount of space and a sunny roof, specifically a roof that gets direct sunlight for 4-6 hours a day.

The rule of thumb is that you want at least half of your pools surface area to match the surface area of your solar panels. As an example, if you had a 24 pool with a surface area of 452, you would need six 4×10 solar panels.

It will usually take about three warm days days to heat the pool. However, once the pool is up to temperature, maintaining it is much easier and essentially free as your energy is coming from the sun.

There are many factors affecting how warm your pool will get, but as a general rule you can expect your pool to be 4-18°F warmer over a non-heated pool.

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Sun2solar Clear Heat Retaining Blanket

These clear solar blankets are made with thousands of tiny air pockets that hold in the heat from the sun. The fact that its clear makes it easier for the UV rays to penetrate.

With the Sun2Solar Clear Heat Retaining Blanket, youll also have the added benefit of lower water evaporation. This way, youll have to refill the pool a lot less often, preserving our natural resources.

Using this regularly when no one is in the pool will help you retain the heat it accumulates during the day.

Using A Gas Heater Can Raise Your Water Temperature By 30 Degrees Or More

11 Best Solar Pool Heaters: Compare &  Save (2021)

In areas with a cold climate, pool seasons are often very short. Gas heaters are the most powerful way to quickly and effectively heat your pool water and extend the pool season. Using either propane or natural gas, pool heaters can increase water temperatures by 30 degrees Fahrenheit or more, giving you months of extended enjoyment.

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How Do I Warm Up My Above Ground Pool

Use a solar heater

heatfrom thepoolpoolwarming uppool

Beside this, how long does it take for an above ground pool to warm up?

Overall, a heat pump usually requires between 24 and 72 hours to heat a swimming pool by 20°F and between 45 and 60 minutes to heat a spa by 20°F . So now you know some factors that affect your swimming pool’s or spa’s required heating time.

how much does it cost to heat an above ground pool? The average cost is between $1,500 and $3,000 depending on the water temperature you set. This is for heating from May 1 through September 30. Unless you live near the equator or love shivering, you need a heater for your pool.

Similarly, it is asked, can you make an above ground pool heated?

Aboveground pools can be easily and safely heated using a combination of a Solar Heater and a Solar Cover, keeping your costs down and your family in the pool.

Will a black tarp heat a pool?

A swimming pool tarp, for example, that’s black on both sides is like a giant solar panel. Because a black tarp on a swimming pool’s water surface traps solar heat energy, it will eventually turn cool, refreshing pool water into a tepid, warm bath.

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Can A Tankless Water Heater Be Used To Heat A Pool

Were familiar with tankless water heaters providing on-demand hot water for domestic appliances. But can that same type of tankless water heater be used to heat a pool?

A tankless water heater can be used to heat a pool, although the type used for domestic hot water isnt designed for this purpose. You may need to run it on a separate circuit from the main pool circulation system. Theres also a risk of damage from pool water chemicals.

So, using a tankless water heater to heat your pool may not be straightforward. But, if youre thinking of diving in and trying it, you dont need to reinvent the wheel. Read below how other resourceful people have made it work and discover the potential pitfalls before you take the plunge. And be sure to read our recommended alternative later in this article.

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Can You Put An Above Ground Pool In Ground

  • For some towns or counties, an above ground swimming pool is considered safe because they are so high off the ground. With a safety ladder, above ground pools can be pretty safe for any small children wandering along the countryside unsupervised. Though, when you sink the pool that changes.

Can Above Ground Pool Be Partially In The Ground

Heat Your Above Ground or Intex Pool

Possibly … check the local building permit office though …putting something that was designed to be totally above groundbelow grade may required a building permit, as it will become asemi-permanent structure, which also may required a concretefoundation. Your local building department will be able to answerthose questions better.

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How Much Do Heaters For Intex Pools & Above Ground Pool Heaters Cost

On average, you can expect to pay less than $150 for a solar cover and roughly between $2,000-$6,000 for professionally installed solar panels, heat pumps, or gas heaters.

Electric heat pumps and gas heaters will have utility costs associated with running them, while solar will have very little ongoing costs.

Using An Electric Pool Heat Pump

Pool heat pumps draw in warm air from the atmosphere and use that air to heat the pool. Its a low-energy process that relies entirely on your outside temperature.

So, as long as the weather is warm enough , pool heat pumps can be a good option.

The installation cost is between $500 to $1500. DIYers could potentially save you hundreds or thousands. And running it will cost around $100 $200 a month.

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What To Do If Your Pool Is Too Warm

Creating some shade between the pool and direct sunlight is the key to cooling a pool down. In the long term, you can plant trees strategically so they will eventually provide shade over the pool. You can also install a vinyl canopy partially over the pool or at least where the sun shines on the pool or have some cover of some kind to block some of that midday sun.

Swimming pool chillers work pretty well I hear. They arent too popular yet as they are on the pricey side. I have seen some cool their pools water down temporarily during a pool party by using ice blocks. This I dont advise, but it could be refreshing as long as no one runs into a floating ice block in the pool.

Frustrated By Adding Chemicals And Trying To Keep Your Pool Clear All The Time

My above ground pool has a 13 foot deep pit ...

We cut out all the confusion of pool maintenance in this easy-to-read illustrated ebook and video course. It’ll help you save $100 right away on pool care!

No matter which kind of heating method you use, your pools heat time depends on a few things:

  • What type of pool you have.
  • How much water it holds.
  • Whether its insulated or not.
  • How much sun you get.

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How To Heat A Swimming Pool

Ahhhh, a heated pool. Theres nothing quite as glorious as taking confidence in knowing that when you plunge into your pool youre not transforming into a polar bear.

What? You mean that jumping into an unexpectedly cold pool wasnt the experience you were going for? How about spending oh-too-long easing your way into liquid frost on a hot summer day.

Wouldnt it be nice to not only be able to enter your pool immediately, without the shock of the instant temperature change to your body, but also extend the swim season year after year? Sure would!

While a pool heater is the most efficient method for scoring a warm watered pool, there are other routes you can take to help heat up your pool and keep it open for a longer season.

Before we start, here are a few things to be aware of:

Not all pools will have similar results due to various factors. For example, the weather/climate and pool location play key roles in how your pool will react to these different heater types.

Picture this, in our home state of Tennessee, summer days will reach temperatures near 100 degrees Fahrenheit, while nighttime temperatures will only differ by 10-15 degrees.

However, if you are in Arizona for example, it may be upwards of 100 during the day and below 60 at night. This can cause quite a fluctuation in customer experiences. Similar to this is that a pool in humid climates will retain heat much better than that of a pool in a dryer climate.

What Can I Use To Heat My Above Ground Pool

Solar heaters for above ground pools can achieve the same kind of heating power as other heater types without causing harm to the pool. Above ground pools may be easily and safely heated using a combination of a solar heater and a solar cover, keeping your costs down and your family in the pool. So there you have it!.

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How Can A Tankless Water Heater Heat A Pool

Note that the use of a domestic hot water tankless heater for pool heating isnt recommended. But, heres the theory.

If you use such a tankless water heater to heat a pool, itll work similarly to how it works to provide your domestic hot water.

For domestic hot water, the burners or heating elements in a tankless water heater ignite when the flow sensors detect water flow . For example, opening a hot water faucet draws in groundwater from your water supplier.

If you use a tankless water heater to heat your pool, the water source will be your pool, not your groundwater. So, youll need to pump water from the pool into the inlet on your tankless unit.

When the pumped water reaches your tankless heater, the flow sensor will ignite the burner or switch on the heating elements.

The rest of the process would be the same as if heating water for your domestic appliances.

So, the burners or heating elements heat a heat exchanger. The heat from the exchanger transfers to the water as the water passes over it. Once the water reaches your desired temperature, itll exit the heater and run into your pool.

Well, thats the theory, and it sounds simple enough, so whats the problem?

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