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How Many Hp Pool Pump Do I Need

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Find The Perfect Pump

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Youve done the hard part, all the calculations to determine exactly what size pool pump will filter your pools water in a day. But before you run off to the store, lets talk about a couple of other considerations you should think about.

For example, you have three speed choices for your pump. They are:

  • Single-speed pumps. When pool pumps were first invented, they were all single speed. Some states, like California and Arizona, dont allow them anymore because they use so much energy.
  • Dual-speed pumps. These pumps have two speeds: low and high. The high-speed setting is equivalent to a single-speed pump, while the low speed is much less. Depending on the size of your pool, the low speed may not be enough to turn over the water in your pool within a day.
  • Variable speed pumps. These pumps are more energy-efficient because they use a magnet motor as opposed to the induction motors the other two types use. Magnet motors produce less friction, which increases efficiency. Theyre also quieter than the other types. You will pay more for a variable speed pump, but save in the long run.

Did You Know?

You will hear about horsepower when you go to purchase a pump, but just because a pump has more horsepower, that doesnt mean its the right pump for your pool. You need to ensure that the pump will work well with your filter. If the pump is too strong, it can overwhelm the filter, making for an ineffective filtration system.

Whats The Breaker Size Of A Pool Pump

When talking about circuit breakers, we always consider their brand for the quality and compatibility with our main electrical panel. This is the usual routine when we search for a breaker to guarantee that it will provide service without any hassle.

Unfortunately, homeowners tend to neglect the size of the breaker they plan to purchase, making that CB inappropriate for the appliance its supposed to protect. In the case of a pool pump breaker size, a 20-amp CB is the best choice to safely support a 240V/ 10-amp electrical system.

A 20-amp circuit breaker is a common thing for residential homes. It wont be a surprise if you find one in your electrical box. Plus, 20-amps is more than enough to handle the 10-amps needed by your pool pump. It can run for three straight hours without putting the breaker at risk.

Note: The Maximum Continuous Load or 125% load of an electrical device will tell you its best breaker size. A 10-amp pool pump can have an MCL of 12.5 , so a 20A breaker can carry this load without any problems. At the same time, it can still monitor power surges and support other pool equipment.

20-amps is also viable as the size breaker for 1.5 HP pool pump. For example, some 1.5 Horsepower pool pumps draw 17 amps of energy in their initial start-ups and then drop back to their actual amperage after a while.

How Much Can A Variable Speed Pool Pump Save You

One important thing to understand about how pool pumps work is that running your pump at lower speeds for longer periods of time will cost much less than running it at high speeds for shorter periods of time.

It might seem like if you run a pool pump at half the speed for twice the amount of time, the energy consumption would even out. However, because of a principle known as the Pump Affinity Law, the energy savings grow disproportionately larger the more you lower the speed of your pool pump. According to this principle, if you reduce your pump speed by 30 percent you will see a 70 percent reduction in power consumption. When you lower the motor speed by half, power consumption is reduced to one-eighth of the original draw.

For example, lets say it costs $2.20 a day to run your single speed pool pump for 8 hours then it will only cost one-eighth, or $0.28, of that to run a variable speed pool pump at half of the same speed for 8 hours. If you run the variable speed pool pump for 24 hours for maximum circulation, it will still only cost $0.84. That is an energy savings of 62 percent while running your pool pump three times as long.

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Why You Need A Proper Pool Pump Size For Your Above Ground Pool

When it comes to finding the best pool pump size for above ground pools, most people tend to simply go for the highest rated GPH pumps. However, this shouldnt be the case if you want to enjoy all the benefits of having a suitable pool pump size.

Notice that finding the right pool pump size will be critical when you are looking for peak performance. Notice that the pump is considered ineffective when the power is significantly less than what your pool needs. In such cases, you will move less water which increases the chances of more bacteria growth in your above ground pool. A weak pump will translate to stagnant water which is a breeding place for diseases and can lead to chemical imbalance.

You might be wondering whether there is any harm if you pick a pump that is too big for your above ground pool. Well, in such cases you will end up spending a lot of money on bills when most of the energy is simply wasted. Notice that a big pump will also increase wear and impact your pool filters performance.

What Are The Factors That Play A Role In Pool Pump Sizing

How Long Should I Run My Pool Pump? Keeping Your Energy Bill Low (Aug. 2021

I will start by saying that sizing a pool pump is not an exact science nor does it need to be.

It is more of an approximation and you can err to the side of caution and go with a little more powerful pump once you have determined a figure for the pool pump size that you need.

You can also forget about going strictly by the horsepower of a pump. Thats because one manufacturers 2 horsepower pool pump may not move water as efficiently as another manufacturers 2 HP pool pump.

So, what do you need to consider when determining the right size pump for your swimming pool?

Take a look:

  • The Number of Gallons of Water in Your Pool
  • The Minimum Flow Rate Necessary to Filter Your Pool Efficiently
  • The Maximum Flow Rate Necessary to Filter Your Pool Efficiently
  • Target Flow Rate Necessary to Filter Your Pool Efficiently
  • A Pool Pump Models Performance Rating
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    What Does A Pool Pump Do

    An above-ground pool pump has one very important job: move the water in the pool through the filter. Think of it as the heart of your pool. The pump circulates the water, cycling it through the filtration system where dirt and debris are removed. The filter is also where the water is sanitized and the chemical reactions that keep your pool water safe take place. Without a pump, the water wouldnt be able to travel through the filter and stay clean and safe.

    Above Ground Pool Pump
    Check Pricing

    What Is A Pool Pump And What Does It Do

    The pool pump is the heart of your pools circulatory system. It pulls water from the pool and pushes it to other equipment to be heated, treated, and filtered, returning cleaner, healthier, and warmer pool water. When your pool pump isnt operating at peak performance, it can have negative effects on the rest of your pool equipment and the water you deserve to enjoy.

    When it comes to pool pumps, efficiency is the name of the game.

    Did you know a pool pump can be one of the largest consumers of energy in your home?

    Second only to your heating and cooling system. There are many factors that contribute to an energy-efficient pool pump, such as:

    • the size of the pool pump relative to the size of your pool
    • proper flow rate, and
    • single speed vs. variable speed pool pump technology

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    Calculate Maximum Flow Rate

    The size of your pools pipes determines the maximum flow rate.

    Count the number of intake lines for your pool and refer to the common pipe sizes below:

    • For each 1.5-inch intake line, the maximum flow rate is 42 GPM.
    • For each 2-inch intake line, the maximum flow rate is 73 GPM.

    Example: Two 1.5-inch intake lines = 84. The maximum flow rate is 84 GPM.

    This number is important because your pool filter has a maximum flow rate, which is measured in GPM. The pool pump’s GPM rating should be below the pool filter’s maximum flow GPM rating.

    If the pool’s turnover rate is higher than the filter’s maximum GPM, the filter is undersized and will not work properly. If the filter is undersized, it should be replaced, or the pump should be undersized to prevent damage to the filter.

    Is It Ok To Run Pool Pump 24 Hours A Day

    How To Get Great Exercise In A Small Pool

    Ideally, you should run your pump for 24 hours a day, but we know thats unrealistic , so lets look for an answer that keeps your pool clean and your wallet full. Generally running your pool pump for 12-hours a day is a good option. For a residential pool the water should turn over at least once per day.

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    I Have The Volume Now What How Do I Determine Which Pump Is For Me

    Now that you have the volume, its just a matter of selecting the right pump with the right flow rate. The best way to explain that would be to do an example. Lets use the first pool that we calculated the volume for.

    Pool Volume = 65,947.5

    Now, as a rule of thumb, we would want all of the pool water to be circulated within 6-8 hours, so lets use 6 hours as a baseline.

    Divide the pool volume by the number of hours that you would want the pump to be running, so that would be 65,947.5 divided by 6.

    This would give you 10,991 which means your pump should be able to turn around this much water in 6 hours. Since most pumps here in Australia are rated for Liters per minute, lets divide that number by 60 to get how much water needs to be pumped per minute. So we have 10,991 divided by 60, which is 183.

    To circulate all of the water in 6 hours, we would need to have a pump thats rated at least 183 liters per minute. The closest pump we can get to hitting that mark is the Water TechniX Pump Alpha 1.0hp. This pump can churn out 210 liters every minute. Remember, when choosing a pump, choose one thats closest the required number of liters per minute, rounding up. This would give your pump enough extra power to compensate for dirt, filters, piping and other factors that will ultimately affect the flow rate of your pump.

    Best Pool Pump For Pool

    Pools that contain 40,000 gallons of water and above are usually large. Such pools require a flow rate between 83 GPM and 120 GPM.

    Based on our flow rate per pump size table above, a 1.5 or 2 hp pool pump should generate this flow rate.

    Here is a top choice based on this specification:

    This pool pump from black+decker is designed with a low speed option for effective filtration.

    The pool pump is user-friendly due to an easy to use touch pad for speed settings and high performance.

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    Is A Higher Hp Pool Pump Better

    Pool owners often mistakenly believe if they choose a 2 HP pump over a 1 HP pump, they are getting double the performance. This is simply not true. In this scenario, you will get only about 15% more flow from the 2 HP model. But the amp draw of the larger pump will be significantly higher, raising your electric bill.


    Can An Above Ground Pool Pump Be Too Big

    Best Pool Filter Types

    Sizing your above ground pool pump is crucial to the overall performance of your swimming pool. An undersized pump lacks the power needed to circulate your water properly to prevent algal blooms. Adversely, a pump that is too large will completely bypass your filter altogether. This, too, creates a dirty pool.

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    What Does The Pool Filter Pump Do

    To understand how much run time you need, its important to know exactly what your filter pump does for your pool. The pool filter pump is the heart of your pool filtration system. It circulates water from the pool and returns it back, distributing pool chemicals and filtering your water. It is recommended that you turnover or circulate all of your pool water through the pool filter at least once throughout the day. This will ensure that the chemicals are evenly distributed and your water stays clean and clear. If you dont circulate the water, you run the risk of algae growth and water balance or clarity issues. This may lead to water that is unsafe for swimmers.

    Rules For Sizing Your Heat Pump Pool Heater

    • Size at 4 BTUs per gallon or 1 BTU per litre of water. To heat in normal summer conditions when ambient air temperature average 70°F in a 24 hour period.
    • Size at 5 BTUs per gallon or 1.3 to 1.5 BTUs per litre of water. To heat in normal spring and fall conditions when ambient air temperature average 60°F in a 24 hour period.
    • Size at 6 BTUs per gallon or 1.5 BTUs per litre of water. To heat in normal spring and fall conditions when ambient air temperature average less then 60°F in a 24 hour period.

    We recommend the use of a pool cover during chilly periods.

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    When Do I Need To Replace My Pool Pump In California

    Pool and spa pumps must be in compliance by July 19, 2021. For residential California pool pumps, most of which are between.75 HP and 2.5 HP, when your current motor or pump fails, you will need to replace with a variable speed pump, and as of now, VS pool pumps are the only pool pump any retailer can sell to you.

    Programming Options For Variable Speed Pool Pumps

    | Water Pump Motor Unboxing & Full Review Lubi Thunder || 0.5 Hp

    Some variable-speed pumps have built-in programming features that make them super energy efficient. These pumps allow you to program them so they use just enough power to perform a particular task, such as operating a waterfall.

    With these automation options, you dont have to remember to switch speeds yourself. The pump does it for you automatically. Its pretty simple to program, too. If you can set your pool timer, you can automate your pool pump.

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    Determine The Maximum Flow Rate

    The flow rate of any given pool system is limited by the equipment and the size of the piping. This determines the maximum rate of flow through the system.

    Youll want to start by checking the pool system plumbing. Even if your pump can move 80 gallons per minute, that wont make much of a difference if the piping only allows 50 GPM through it. An oversized pump will actually damage the piping as it will strain against the piping.

    Can A Pool Pump Be Repaired

    Most of the new generation of pumps are already equipped with automatic controls and safety features. In fact, if you take enough time to learn the manual, you might find yourself able to repair some of the problems on your own. Of course, there are repairs and replacements are best left in the hands of professionals.Feb 7, 2018


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    Does Doheny’s Pool Supplies Fast Have Free Shippingdoes Doheny’s Pool Supplies Fast Have Free Shipping

    Dohenys Pool Supplies Fast has Free Shipping! This not only covers our brand name chemicals but also our most popular swimming pool supplies. Dohenys is pleased to offer free next day delivery at no additional charge to most of the US for all Doheny’s brand chemicals and many of our most popular swimming pool supplies.


    Can I Replace A 3/4 Hp Pool Pump With A 1 Hp Pool Pump

    Hayward Pool Pumps

    Yes. You can, but what’s more important to answer is do your really NEED to change your pump to one with a higher horsepower rating? If you have complete information on you pool and you’ve determined that your current pool pump is not enough for your needs, by all means, go ahead and change your pool pump.Jul 27, 2020


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    What Size Pool Pump Do I Need For My Pool

    If you are like most people, when you are trying to keep your swimming pools water crystal clear, you focus on adding chemicals and doing regular tasks such as vacuuming and brushing off the walls of your swimming pool.

    While these are hugely important pool maintenance steps, they can be made much more difficult and less effective by having a pump on your swimming pool that is not sized correctly.

    If you have an undersized pump on your pool, then you will not be circulating the water in your swimming pool as often as you should, you will have less suction when using your pool vacuum, and the surface of your pool will not be cleaned by your skinners as effectively as it could be.

    Thats why having a properly sized pool pump is so important and unfortunately, many pool owners dont. Now that you realize this, you may be asking yourself what size pump do I need for my pool.

    Its a question that I am about to answer for you.

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