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How Much Is An Above Ground Pool With Deck

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Splash Deluxe Pool Plan And Instructions

Part 4 Above Ground Pool Deck Construction

If you are looking for more than just a pool plan and you would like some real-life information on how to build a deck, this is an excellent option for you. This pool deck goes around a 21-foot round pool, and it is a complete wraparound option. This plan will show you the most important beginning steps of reinforcing the supports.

Putting a pool deck in yourself is entirely possible, but you need to make sure it is done right initially. Decks that move or sink over time can not only cause damage to your yard, but they can ruin your pool as well.

Foot Above Ground Pool Deck Plans

If you have a round 27-foot above ground pool, you are in luck. This plan will give you everything you need to build a beautiful wood deck around the pool, including the railings around your pool deck.

This is an excellent option for those who still want an unobstructed view of the yard behind the pool area. As far as deck building goes, this plan will be a little harder than some others you may come across, but it certainly can be done.

How Much Does An Above

  • National average cost: $2,693
  • Typical price range: $1,698 to $5,969
  • Low end: $475
  • High end: $13,400

The costs listed above are all national averages, and they should help you estimate how much installing an above-ground pool will cost you. Homeowners across the U.S. typically pay between $1,698 to $5,969 for an installed above-ground pool, with most homeowners paying $2,693.

Most above-ground pools are sold as DIY kits. If the instructions are easy to follow, you can set the pool up yourself without a professionals help. Costs for above-ground pool kits range between $1,463 to $6,150, varying significantly based on the pools size and quality. For the most affordable options, head to Walmart, Amazon, or Lowes, where you can find some above-ground pool kits for under $100.

To have your above-ground pool kit set up by a professional, you can expect to pay an additional cost between $823 to $3,233.

For a high-end pool project, installation and materials can cost upward of $13,400. For a small above-ground pool that only needs to last the season and fit a few swimmers, some homeowners might pay as little as $475 for the pool and installation fees.

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Put Your Dream Setup Together Over Time

Whether it’s a back yard redesigned to make your pool the focal point or a fun way to burn off plenty of energy, put together your dream setup in segments. You’ll have a lot of fun in your pool with just the basics in place, so don’t feel as though you have to be able to afford the whole setup immediately in order to get started. Wait a little while to add that massive wrap around deck, or those perfect Instagram worthy floats, or the water volleyball game.

What Is The Right Above Ground Swimming Pool For You

Above Ground Pool Decks

Buying a pool is a big decision and can seem like a pretty daunting task, especially if you dont know what youre looking for. Backyard Oasiss goal is to help you find the right pool that fills your needs and desires. From ovals to rounds, we have pools that will fit any budget and we have financing available with approved credit so you can pay over time. With several different pool accessories packages to choose from, we have you covered from basic essentials to a premium bundle. Every pool also comes with free deck designs to help transform your backyard into a family friendly oasis.

When it comes to installation of your above ground pool, we have been using the same installation company for the last 15 years. With his experience and our custom packages, this is truly a 1st class installation that will thoroughly impress. If youre concerned about pool maintenance, dont worrywe can help! All of our DELUXE POOL PACKAGES include an automatic pool cleaner and we have Water Care Experts to support you anytime you need help! Too busy to mess with the care of your pool, we have a full-time pool maintenance service department that covers most of the surrounding area. In addition, we offer FREE water analysis, an education course, and lifetime support.

Backyard Oasis carries the two top selling brands of steel wall above ground pools both which have been in business for over 40 years.

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Combination Decks For Above Ground Pools

Looking for something with a little more pizzazz than the full-surround or side deck? Combine styles for a custom look. Combination decks are limited only by your imagination. Some ideas are multi-level terraced decks or using a bridge to connect expansive areas!

Here are some of our favorite combination decks:

How Much Does It Cost To Put A Deck Around An Above

Depending on the size, shape, material, and if you’re paying for a professional installer of doing a DIY decking install, Decking installation prices may vary. You may want to add additional features to your Deck for aesthetic and safety purposes, such as stairs, Balustrades, and fences, which could add to your price.

Use the Cladco Decking Calculator to estimate the cost of your Deck here. Find out more about the different prices between Composite and Wood Decking installation here.

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Above Ground Pool Prices

When estimating your costs, the size will be the most significant factor for new pools. Bigger pools cost more upfront, and installation takes longer. Also, the manufacturer selected and quality of pool will influence your price. Doughboy and Kayak Pools are a couple of the best brands out there, and most expensive as well, but you get what you pay for.

Above Ground Pool With Terraced Deck

95 – How to Build a Backyard Deck – Around an Above Ground Pool DIY Home Improvement

Are you beginning to see a pattern here? Sinking an above ground pool into a wooden deck or partially submerging it in the ground changes the entire look and feel of an above ground pool. Adding contrasting stampcrete and grass around the perimeter adds other visual elements and really makes this pool pop.

This location had a septic field running across the backyard, making an inground pool installation impossible. This 15×30 pool used the lagoon step as the pool entry, which also functions as a seating area. And with the installed jets, this setup provides spa-like hydrotherapy for sore DIY pool builders.

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Cost Of Building A Deck Around Your Pool

Theres no one-size-fits-all approach to building your above-ground pool deck. There are a variety of factors to consider that will affect the price tag of the final project, both regarding your property and the style and size of the deck you decide to build. For instance, the slope of your yard and surrounding landscaping will play a factor in construction.

Then of course, theres style. How big is your deck? Are you going to build-up a privacy wallsay with wood lattice?on one or many sides? Are you going to add built-in benches or maybe an area for a grill? All these decisions add to the price tag .

Does My Above Ground Pool Need A Fence

Many municipalities do require a pool fence even for above ground pools. Due to this, a mesh pool fence is an excellent option, because just like the above ground pool, it is temporary and gives you the ability to remove the fencing when you need to. One aspect to keep in mind regarding the mesh pool fence is the overall height.

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Semi Buried Pool With Composite Deck

Now heres a unique above ground pool design. The pool deck is at ground level, and the pool walls and top rails are wrapped in wood with extra wide planks. This pool sits on the ground, which is one of the great advantages of above ground pools no excavation.

Not having to dig into the ground not only saves money, but can save nearby trees, and avoids the problem of what to do with all the excess fill dirt.

Pool Decking Prices By Type Of Pool


Pool decking has an average cost of $3 to $40, depending on the type of pool you have. The type of pool you have influences the type of deck or surround you install. With an above-ground pool, your decking materials are more limited than with an in-ground pool because you have to build a platform deck around the pools perimeter. Decking for in-ground pools can easily be placed at ground level, so you climb down into the pool from the deck. Below is a table outlining the prices of in-ground and above-ground deck material per sq.ft.

Pool Type
$3 – $40

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$1335 To $2250/square Foot Installed


  • Natural good looks compared with synthetic and aluminum decking
  • Accepts stain and allows sealer for resistance to moisture.
  • Resistant to warping, twisting, and shrinking.
  • Retains a cool temperature under direct sunlight for a longer period than many other decking materials.


  • Requires consistent maintenance to prevent moisture damage.
  • Cheaper grades of redwood are prone to rotting if sealant is poorly or inconsistently applied.
  • Can be easily scratched and dented.

Four: Stairs And A Gate

Youre going to need to get up to your above-ground pool deck somehow, and thats where stairs come in. To build stairs, youre going to need to do the following

  • Set the bottom edges of your two precut left and right stringers on top of concrete patio blocks.
  • Make sure the stingers are level.
  • Screw the stringers upper ends to the floor joists on your pool deck.
  • Add an interior stringer to support the stair treads. For every two ft. of stair treads, youll need a stringer. If your staircase is more than four feet wide, youll only need the two exterior and one middle stringer.
  • Finally, youll screw in some 2-inch x 12-inch boards to the stair stringers to complete the stairs to your above-ground pool deck.
  • You have the choice of building a gate as this isnt something you have to have. However, having a gate is perfect if you wish to keep your pet or small child away from the pool!

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    Pool Deck Material Costs

    The cost for decking materials is contingent on the chosen material and sizes preferred. For your convenience, the spreadsheet below lists the costs per square foot for each of the eight most popular pool , installation cost and project totals.

    Costs in the table are per square foot.

    Pool Decking Costs
    Tigerwood $30 $42

    As you likely know, fencing is required for inground pools to prevent accidents. Fencing costs can add significantly to the project.

    Factors To Consider With Inexpensive Above Ground Pool Decks

    HOW TO Build the Best Deck for Your Above Ground Pool

    Inexpensive above ground pool decks can provide the perfect place to relax under the hot summer sun.

    Theres no doubt that having one can add a lot of value to your home and even give you an opportunity to entertain more outside.

    However, when making this investment, there are some key things you need to keep in mind.

    Its best to have a professional organization help you with the design and installation of such systems simply because doing so will make the biggest impact on your finished product.

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    Will An Above Ground Pool Affect My Insurance

    Talk with your insurance provider to be sure you comply with your policy and are covered for any issues that might arise associated with owning a pool. Typically, you will need to install protective fencing for a pool to be covered on insurance. However, in most cases guests are covered for any injuries that may occur while in the pool.

    Basic Steps And Landing

    Last on our list is just a very basic plan to help you build some steps and a landing. If you are finding that having a ladder to get in and of the pool is just not your style, then a basic set of steps with a landing can do the trick to fix your pool entryway. This deck plan could work for an entrance to a home, or it can be modified to be an entrance to a pool as well.

    This is a lower-priced option to build, and you can make it as nice as you would like it by adding decorative railing, etc. Even though this exact plan does not talk about a locking gate at the top of the steps, dont forget to add one. Sometimes a locking gate is not enough when it comes to pool safety. Look into pool alarms if you are concerned about young children entering the pool without your supervision.

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    Above Ground Pool With Deck Backyard

    A pool with a deck surrounding it makes it appears as if the pool is separate from the house. Since the pool seems to be private, the place is perfect for occasions like sunbathing retreat or just spending the time with family and friends. This above ground pool deck ideas is perfect for small to middle size backyard.

    Pricing Guide: How Much Does An Above

    How Much Does an Above Ground Pool Cost? in 2020 ...

    Homeowners across the U.S. typically pay between $1,698 to $5,969 for a professionally installed above-ground pool, with most homeowners paying $2,693.

    For the above-ground pool kit alone, costs often range between $1,463 to $6,150. Head to Walmart or Amazon, where you can find even cheaper options, including kits under $100. If you prefer not to install the pool yourself, expect to pay between $823 to $3,233 for professional installation.

    An above-ground pool is perfect for enjoying those summer days on a budget. With in-ground pools costing an average of $45,583, above-ground pools are much easier on your wallet.

    While most homeowners pay $2,693 for an installed above-ground pool, many factors can affect your overall costs. The pools size, depth, and brand can all affect your final bill. Want to add a small waterfall or spruce up the landscape around your new outdoor oasis? Thats going to cost you extra.

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    Wood Decking For Above Ground Pool Decks

    Wood has long been a go-to for building above ground pool decks. Prized for a beautiful, natural look, many builders and homeowners look to wood as a solid option. While different types of wood have different strengths, its a high-maintenance material that requires seasonal upkeep.

    Wood doesnt get as hot as PVC when in direct sunlight, however, while you wont get a case of hot foot when walking barefoot on your deck, you may get a splinter since wood can warp and splinter over time. When comparing wood to composite pool decking like Trex, wood is subject to moisture-related rot, fading, and staining from exposure to pool chemicals. This can make your above ground pool deck look worn and aged before its time, unless you submit to a regular regimen of sealing and power-washing. In addition to being vulnerable to the elements, wood is also prey to termites and insect infestation, which can compromise the structural integrity of your deck.

    Pool Deck And Patio Designs

    A fiberglass pool arrives to your site fully built. Imagine a huge bathtub that is sunk into the ground. This type of pool has limited sizes and shapes, but still, there are generally plenty of options to choose from and they take about a week to install. They tend to cost more than a concrete or gunite pool.

    Classic blue and white is still the norm when it comes to colors for the walls or liners of pools, says James Atlas, co-owner of Platinum Pool Care. But embellishments that personalize your pool are on the rise. “The opposite of crisp blue is black or gray for liners and walls,” says Atlas, adding that properly applied glass tiles attached to the walls just under the coping on concrete pools are replacing standard ceramic tiles.

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    Round Above Ground Pool With Composite Deck

    For an inground pool to work at this location, you would need 9 trucks of fill dirt to level the sloping backyard, an engineers study, and a grading plan. All of these costs added up to nearly $10K. The homeowner decided to use a 21 ft. round above ground pool, and used some of the savings to install a beautiful composite wood deck around half of the pool.

    One unique feature of this above ground pool is the walk-in steps, which add elegance and a real inground pool feel. Another bonus of installing an above ground pool on this job site? The homeowner was able to save substantially on pool fencing and landscaping costs.

    The Cost Of An Above Ground Pool

    Above Ground Pool Deck and Steps (On a tight budget)

    The first and most obvious element is the above ground pool itself. The average above ground pool costs between $2,500 and $7,500 depending on the quality and size. Installation is an additional cost if you choose to hire a pro. The ground will need to be leveled either way, which may be another extra cost. Keep in mind that an above ground pool will not increase your home value but the addition of a deck might.

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    What Is The Cost Of Above Ground Pool Deck

    Above ground pool deck cost averages $20 per square foot installed, or about $5,000 for a 250 square foot deck. Depending on the patio deck material you choose, cost will vary from $10.00 to more than $35.00 per square foot.


    Remember, above ground pool decks cost 25% to 40% more than inground pool decks because above ground pool decks are elevated and require stairs and railings.

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