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How Much Is An Endless Pool Fitness System

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Endless Pools Shell Design

What to Expect: The Endless Pools Test Swim Experience

The shell design is revolutionary in the way its advanced look and feel will provide you with a fitness system that you can be proud to own and have as the centerpiece of your backyard. The bar top completes the beautiful and modern style, which flows gracefully from the spa seats to the swim current generator. Upon first glance, its immediately clear that the collaboration between our designers and engineers has resulted in a shell that stands above in both form and function. The shell is available in Alpine White or Ice Gray.

The Secret To Cost Control

Like everything else, there are tricks to save on endless pools and the installation. As a general rule, always simplify and look for things that are existing to incorporate into your endless pool project.

The following tips should help you save quite a bit on endless pool installations:

  • Use an existing site: The pool components fit through a standard-size door and staircase easily.

If you have a spare room available as the pool room, why not use that? There is no need to dig and build. Ultimately, you only need a space to assemble the pool and run it.

  • Go in-ground to above-ground: In-ground pools are known to have more expensive installations. On the other hand, above-ground pools require less digging, plumbing, and electrical works.

If the only reason you wanted an in-ground pool was for the look, there are ways around that. For example, you can build a deck that surrounds the pool, so it seems like it sinks into the ground.

  • Use standard finish: the standard finish is the most affordable option compared to fancier options. Instead of spending more on the final touches, how about increasing your budget for a new swimsuit?
  • Long-Term Savings: One of the biggest concerns with any swim spa is the operational cost. If you are running the spa regularly, youd want to save for the long run.

Any Extra Costs To Consider

According to, the cost of widening a pool can start at $750 per foot, and lengthening it typically costs over a thousand dollars for every foot you add to your pools dimensions. You might also want to invest in a dual profusion system if you like swimming with others because each additional person will need their own pump which could increase an already expensive project.

Its important to consider the cost of additional features before ordering your pool. For example, a retractable security cover can run anywhere from $1,000-$2,000 and underwater lights will set you back around $500 or more for installation. A running treadmill is an option if swimming isnt enough exercise for you: however, it varies in price depending on model and location .

And dont forget that any new additions have their own degree of difficulty with completing construction such as adding coping finishing touches these vary in pricing also but generally start at close to two hundred dollars.

The installation process is rather easy and can vary anywhere from $3,000 to $10,000 depending on the setup. This will include assembling steel panels installing a vinyl liner and hooking up plumbing features.

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Endless Pools E2000 Fitness System Dual Temperature Swimspa

Posted: So much more than just a swim spa, the flagship E2000 is an all round aquatic fitness-system. Swim against the signature Endless Pools Fastlane smooth, laminar current, walk, jog or run on the underwater treadmill or build muscle strength with resistance exercises a complete full

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Your Swim Spa Cost Depends On A Number Of Factors From Size To Feature Set

E500 Endless Pools® Fitness Systems

A swim spa can bring enormous value to your family, your health, and your home. With a swim spa on your patio or in your garage, you have convenient, private access to temperature-controlled water for fun, fitness, hydromassage, and uninterrupted swimming.

The market is now glutted with swim spa brands at a range of swim spa costs. Many use air jets to deliver their swim current, but who wants to swim into an onslaught of bubbles? Thats why Endless Pools® offers models with our custom-engineered airless jets, as well as swim spas featuring our signature propeller-driven current.

Endless Pools swim spas offer a range of smooth, airless current options. Our adjustable currents greatly expand your opportunities to stay fit, unwind, and have fun! This woman is using our optional resistance bands for a cool afternoon workout.

Endless Pools swim spas offer an unparalleled range of smooth currents. And thats not all that set them apart from the competition. Our swim spas boast a rich variety of features, both standard and optional. Lets start with our most budget-friendly swim spas and move on to our top-of-the-line models.

RecSport® Recreation Systems

For affordable luxury from a trusted brand, many customers have opted for a swim spa from the Endless Pools R-Series. These models, called RecSport Recreation Systems, offer a three-jet current designed for fun, aquatic workouts, and recreational swimming.

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The Wellness You Deserve Is Closer Than You Think

What if you could achieve your wellness goals within your private space? Our homes are more than just a refuge theyre a sanctuary from the stresses of our busy lives. Introducing the all-new Endless Pools® Fitness Systems, where you can swim, run, exercise and relax all in one place, all within the privacy of your own home.

Operational Cost For Endless Pools

In general, endless pools can cost as low as $1 per day or $23 per month with regular use when it comes to energy. The water and heating costs will vary according to the model you have.

Many endless pool owners, however, have stated clearly that the heating and energy saving of an endless pool is significant compared to how much a regular pool would cost.

Plus, you can run an endless pool without any issues throughout the winter.

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Actual Cost Of An Endless Pool

Cost of the Pool: starts at $28,000.00Shipping: $100 to $400 depending on locationInstallation: $2000.00+ depending on modelMaintenance: $100 to $200 a month depending on usage

Endless Pools are popular swimming machines promoted worldwide including the US. There are a few things to keep in mind besides the cost of an Endless Pool itself that you need to be aware of.

First, because of the tub of metal or fiberglass an Endless Pool is going to be heavy and that will add to shipping costs. Depending on if you are located in an urban area or a rural area this can potentially change the shipping cost from $100 to $400 roughly speaking. Furthermore, you will also have to consider accessibility. If you need to use a crane to transport the pool to your home you may need to add at least $900 just for the crane operation costs.

An Endless Pool is generally constructed out of a shell of steel or fiberglass and mounted with a 5 to 7.5 horsepower motor and a 4kw heater. Because the Endless Pool uses a motor the actual swim area is restricted to the current the motor generates which is generally about 2-3m wide and 3-5m long. Endless Pools start at about 1 meter deep and come with a two year warranty.

Upgrade Your Game: Best Endless Pool Accessories

Endless Pools Fitness Systems | E550

As we said before, endless pools bring endless possibilities. These possibilities reach the next level with matching accessories. In general, there are four types of accessories:

  • Water fitness and workout equipment
  • Maintenance and protection
  • Visual and decoration
  • Accessibility improvements

Keep in mind a default endless pool doesnt come with any accessories. When calculating your endless pool cost, always keep in mind the prices of additional accessories.

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E2000 Mainely Tubs 202

Interested in getting a price for a swim spa. Great! Wed be happy to give you a free price quote. Whether you call it a swim spa, lap pool, exercise spa or aquatic fitness swimming pool, the results of using it are the same improved health and well-being Swim Spa Sale Reno 775-852-3838 | Best Prices on Lap Pools, Exercise Spas, Aquatic Fitness in Sparks, Truckee, Incline Village, Carson City, Lake Taho Integrity Spas Grand Cayman Dual-Zone Swim Spa captures everything you love about a swimming pool and spa at a fraction of the cost. The Turbo Swim Jets can be adjusted to provide a gentle current, perfect for water jogging and resistance exercises, to a strong current that will challenge serious swimmers

It has more versatility for your swim and workout needs with an extra 3 ft. / 91.4 cm of length and 5 in. / 12.7 cm of depth than the 14 model. The ATV-17 Sport still includes 3 dual-speed pumps to create a flow rate of 480 GPM / 1,817 LPM to deliver swim workouts and strength and rehab conditioning exercises with low-impact on your body Oct 12, 2020 The E2000 is the ultimate swim spa for fitness and fun. Enjoy a great workout while your family relaxes in the separated hot tub area. Learn more here Price and other details may vary based on size and color. hot tub Cover Cap Prevent Snow rain Swim spa Cover Bag 92 Lx92 Wx12 H. 4.1 out of 5 stars 36. $53.00 $ 53. 00. Get it as soon as Thu, Jun 10. FREE Shipping by Amazon. Only 1 left in stock order soon

Whats The Difference Between An Endless Pool And A Swim Spa

Swim Spas offer the best of both worlds an environment to swim in water around 80 degrees, and an area to soak with contoured, jetted seats. Endless Pools can be installed indoors or out, semi-in-ground or above ground. Unlike an in-ground swimming pool, an Endless Pool can be taken with you if you move.

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The Endless Pool Series

Built for athletes & Competitors

  • Elite Pool

    A revolution in stroke-training technology, this is the pool used daily by NCAA and Olympic swimmers. Your new personal best starts here.

  • 7.5-HP Swim Generator
  • Dual Motor with Custom Dual Propeller
  • :51/100 yards Top Speed
  • High Performance Pools

    The pool launched at IRONMAN maxes out at a competitive :55/100-yard pace! Its 7.5-hp motor and upgraded pump both come standard.

  • 7.5-HP Swim Generator
  • Built for swim & Exercise Enthusiasts

    • Original Endless Pool

      Our signature model lets you realize the dream of swimming at home. Compact, temperature-controlled, and fully customizable for indoor or outdoor use.

    • 5-HP Swim Generator
  • Streamline Endless Pool

    Designed for fast, do-it-yourself installation, the Streamline kit comes complete with built-in filtration, heating and sanitizing components for indoor or outdoor use.

  • 2.5-HP Swim Generator
  • Dual-Propulsion Pool

    Featuring two side-by-side swim currents, this Endless Pool suits couples, families and anyone who wants to get fit with a friend.

  • Two 5-HP Swim Generators
  • Performance Pool

    Step up to a twin-propeller system for a current thats broader, deeper, and smoother. Faster than our Original, its gentler for beginners too.

  • 5-HP Swim Generator
  • Waterwell

    Our home therapy pool features Endless Pools flexible design, cost-efficiency, and no-hassle maintenance – just without the swim current.

  • Choose From Wall Heights
  • What Do Happy Hot Tubs Love About The Endless Pools E550

    E500 Endless Pools® Fitness Systems
    • Out and out fitness machine. The most spacious pool in the Endless range to ensure the best swim experience.
    • Features the signature Endless Pools Swim Current you’ll enjoy the best swim in any swim spa on the market.
    • Opt for the underwater treadmill for ultimate low-impact cardio.
    • Standing relaxation space with hydromassage jets bring you an area to cool off after a heavy workout.
    • Happy Guarantee All new hot tubs come with our Happy Guarantee. Please click here for details
    • Clean Water State-of-the art water cleaning systems that require almost no chemicals.
    • Accessorise Browse our accessories section to see the full range of HotSpring accessories for your spa.
    • Energy Efficient HotSpring Spas are certified to the California Energy Commission, setting the standard.

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    How Much Are Swim Spas

    While offering features and functionality far beyond that of a regular swimming pool, an Endless Pool can actually be far cheaper than a traditional pool, particularly when installation and maintenance costs are taken into account.

    Engineering reports, foundation stabilisation, council consents, excavation, large water quality and heating systems, landscaping, pool fencing many costs incurred by traditional pools often dont apply to swim spas. For less cost, you get greater functionality, with spa, hydrotherapy, fitness and entertainment options coming either as standard features or optional extras.

    Given the range of models, sizes and available features, Endless Pool pricing can vary. for a quote or contact your local swim spa NZ dealer to arrange a test swim!

    Customise Your Endless Pools Fitness System

    Every day we focus on making the best even better, which is what makes the original Endless Pools Swim Machine unmatched in the industry.

    Paired with the revolutionary underwater treadmill and groundbreaking design, Endless Pools® Fitness Systems are stylistically better than the rest, with more aquatic fitness functionality than any other swim spa.

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    Swim Run And Relax In A Swimspa

    What if you could achieve your wellness goals within your private space? Our home are more than just a refuge theyre a sanctuary from the stresses of our busy lives. Introducing the all-new Endless Pools Fitness System where you can swim, run, exercise and relax all in one place, all within the privacy of your own home.

    Fitness System – E500

    What if you could achieve your wellness goals within your private space? Introducing the all-new Endless Pools® Fitness Systems, where you can swim, run, exercise and relax all in one place, all within the privacy of your own home.

    The E500 combines beautifully functional design with the innovative Endless Pools Swim Machine and optional treadmill for a variety of fitness options. The versatile E500 is built to provide a space where wellness goals are easily incorporated into your daily routine.

    Swimcross System – X200

    Imagine a day that begins with your wellness in mind. A sunrise swim or rigorous aquatic workout clears your mind and leaves you with a sense that there are unlimited opportunities for the day ahead. This day is made possible by the all-new SwimCross exercise system, from the makers of Endless Pools®. The X200 blends the functionality of swimming and exercising in the privacy of your home with a uniquely beautiful design that puts the SwimCross exercise system in a class of its own.

    Where Can I Read Endless Pool Spa Reviews

    Endless Pools E550 Put To The Test

    Endless swimming pool reviews are an excellent way to get an impartial view of the suitability of this type of pool for you. There are lots of Endless Pool spa reviews out there. Simply searching Endless Pool spa reviews will give you pages of results from impartial sources, although the following videos are an excellent place to start:

    SWIM TRAINING WITHOUT HAVING TO GO TO THE LOCAL SWIMMING POOLWe look forward to many years of enjoying our Endless Pool.

    A SWIM SPA FOR THE FAMILYWe are looking forward to enjoying some great fun together as a family.

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    Is There Any Way To Spend Less

    If youre looking for a cost-effective option, consider purchasing a used endless pool. While it may be difficult to find the perfect size and shape, you can save when choosing this route by only paying installation costs or transporting fees if needed.

    If youre set on buying a new one, then at least go for a standard size, because custom sizes or shapes will run the costs up considerably.

    Q How Fast Is The Current

    A. The current can go as slow or as fast as you want with a simple the touch of a button.

    At top speed, the equivalent swim is 1:08/100 yards or a mile without turns in 20 minutes. Theres also a Performance model with a top speed of 1:05/100 yards. The Elite model uses a 7.5 hp motor, two propellors and a wider opening to create the fastest current available in any swimming machine. With a top speed of 0:51/100 yards it is suitable for competitive swimmers and is used by many of the top collegiate programs and coaches in the world.

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    The Benefits Of Owning An Endless Pool

    There are many benefits on top of the cost-efficiency, only an endless pool or a swim spa can bring.

    For example, endless pools provide unlimited swimming possibilities. You dont need to worry about the lap length because the simulated currents will hold you steady. You will feel like you are swimming in the lake.


    • Endless pools can be useful in aquatic therapy and physical rehab. When you are in the water, your joints receive less stress due to buoyancy. Therefore, a swim spa allows some people, such as seniors, to practice movements and keep their muscles active.
    • Endless pools are perfect for teaching children to swim. The simulation currents can be controlled by a parent easily. Thus endless pools provide a safe, hazardless training environment for your kids to learn swimming.
    • Overall, endless pools harmlessly strengthen your body. In other words, endless pools are workout machines in the shape of a private swimming pool.

    Endless Pools Fitness Systems E500

    E500 Endless Pools Fitness System

    Endless Pools® Fitness Systems E500 , . Swim Machine , , , , . , 365 , !Endless Pools® Fitness Systems E500 !

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