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How Much Do Pools Cost In Utah

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Which Type Of Pool Is Best For My Backyard

Inground Pool Pricing Comparisons – Salt Lake City

You might expect us to recommend a fiberglass pool for your home in Southern Utah. In many cases, we will, because the balance of factors involved simply makes fiberglass pools a great option for many prospective pool buyers.

However, your needs may not be best-served by a fiberglass pool. We make fiberglass pool shells in a wide range of styles, sizes, colors, and shapes, but we might not have the perfect style, size, color, and/or shape of pool for the backyard of your dreams.

Some pool buyers trade lower lifetime ownership costs for greater customization options — there arent any Olympic-sized fiberglass pools, but you might be able to get one installed if you use concrete, or even vinyl liners.

We want you to make an informed decision when you buy your pool. Thats why weve put together a wealth of informative resources, including a comprehensive ebook guide to the three different types of pools, and a brand-new interactive Pool Type Selector tool, which you can try out by clicking the banner below:

At River Pools, we manufacture world-class fiberglass pools for customers across North America. If you’re shopping around for a fiberglass pool, feel free to take a look at our catalog of models, visit our extensive video library, try out our pool cost calculator, or request custom pricing using the button below.

Build Your Perfect Pool On A Budget

The best way to understand the total costs involved in your new pool is to work with a local pool designer and builder. While there are plenty of costs to consider, some companies offer special pricing and financing options for standard or even customized pools.

To get an estimate on a pool for your home, call the experts at Emerald Pools & Spas today!

Fiberglass Inground Pool Prices

Because they are more labor intensive, inground pools will cost more than above ground pools. The average above ground pool is under $10,000. Inground pools can be six times that amount or more.

The total cost of an inground pool will depend on the package you select from your pool provider. That price varies from seller to seller, so shop around and find the right fit for you and your budget.

Fiberglass inground pool prices depend heavily on installation and how much work the pool company needs to do. Turn-key installation costs associated with fiberglass inground pools range from $45,000 to $85,000. Fiberglass inground pool packages with a self-install option are much less at around $20,000.

In general, the more labor you take on yourself, the less you will pay for your pool. The materials themselves will cost about $18,000 total. Labor on top of that can cost upwards of $65,000. That includes permits, digging, backfill, grading, filters and electrical work.

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When Determining Inground Pool Cost Look At The Features A Swimming Pool Like This One Below With No Spa Can Be A Lot More Affordable Than You Think

Additional expenses are also determined by how many bells and whistles you want on your pool. Since all our pools are custom designed, there are a number of features that you can add to make your pool exactly how you dreamed it would be. Waterfalls and grottos, spa additions, colored lighting, energy-efficient equipment, automation, travertine coping, and decking are very common upgrades that will increase the price of your pool but are well worth it. A pool is a big investment, not only in money and the value of your home but in your familys quality of life.

What Is The Best Type Of Pool To Get In Utah


As you shop for a pool in Utah, youll probably discover there are different types of pools. You probably knew this, but if youre not shopping, its likely something you hadnt given much thought. We think its useful to compare the options and consider the factors that make a fiberglass pool a great value versus gunite and vinyl pools. Here are just a few great features of fiberglass pools:

  • Maintenance. Fiberglass pools are easy to own and maintain. The sandstone-based soil of much of Utah can shrink and swell with varying conditions. An inground fiberglass pool, equipped with the Geo-Anchoring system, can deal with that variability.
  • Toughness. Fiberglass pools degrade less than gunite and vinyl. The smooth gel coat surface that is easy on swimsuits and tender feet is also tough enough to tolerate the claws of a dog-paddling black Lab.
  • Designed. Fiberglass pools design features built-in! These can include tanning ledges, wrap-around benches, and even beach entriesall usually built around a wide-open swimming space!

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Who Owns The Mild To Wild Pool

Pool designer Lucas Congdon and his crew travel to Tampa, Florida, to build the most epic, adrenaline-filled backyard pool to date! Hes creating two pools in one backyard with a nearly nine-foot high spa, two in-pool pergolas, his first-ever fire feature inside a grotto and a treehouse with a theme-park-sized slide.

Is A Fiberglass Pool Cheaper Than Concrete Or Gunite

Fiberglass compares favorably to the price of a concrete pool, which ranges between $35,000 and $100,000 or more. Other benefits of fiberglass pools include faster installation time and less maintenance. On the other hand, the shape is less custom and the lifespan is about half the 50-year life of a Gunite cast.

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Will A New Pool Cost Me A Lot Of Money In Saint George Ut

While it is true that professional Saint George pool installation services are not necessarily cheap, you don’t have to spend a ton of money to get the kind of pool you have always wanted. You will also be very glad that you spent the money on pool installation services in Saint George because of how they will benefit you over the years. A new pool can last a very long time, and you will be able to cool down when it gets hot. Overall, a pool is well worth the money you spend on the installation services needed to build it.

Semi Inground Pool Cost

How Much Does It Cost To Maintain A Salt Water Pool – In 60 Seconds

A semi-inground pool costs under $10,000 on average. Oasis semi-inground pools are constructed from extruded aluminum or steel and cost between $6,800 and $8,500. Semi inground pools are more expensive than an above-ground pool but about a third of the price of an inground pool of equal size. The installation is much faster than that for an inground pool and can often be constructed in 1 to 3 days.

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Pros And Cons Of Indoor Swimming Pools

When considering whether an interior pool is the right investment, you will certainly want to weigh the pros and cons. Although they may be different for you, depending on your interest in this project, here are some of the biggest things to consider. The first benefit of building one inside which leads most people to consider it, is the fact that they can be used year-round. It wont matter what the weather is like or where you live, because youll be able to swim whenever you want. These models also require less maintenance because they are out of the elements. This means they wont collect as much debris and dirt. They will remain in better condition for longer since they arent exposed to the harsh conditions outdoors.

Speaking of exposure, an interior option is also going to have the benefit of less sun exposure. This protects you, your family and friends, and your swimming area from the harmful UV rays of the sun. Finally, interior options provide more privacy and security than outdoor options. You can even install automatic covers, put locks on the doors, and include additional safety features for added protection.

Indoor Pool Cost By Design Type

The interior swimming area design is another element that affects the price of your installation, with costs ranging from $20,000 to $75,000 for prefab options and $29,000 to $100,000 for custom options. There are many styles on the market today, and each has several different designs. While rectangular models are the most affordable, kidney-shaped models are still inexpensive. See the table below to get an idea of the different designs and how much each costs to install in-ground.

Design Type
$70,000 – $100,000

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Basement Swimming Pool Cost

Typically, a basement swimming pool costs the same as installing one in other rooms, between $40,000 to $200,000, because there is no need to build an enclosure. However, additional excavation or construction modifications may incur additional expenses. Installing a swimming area in the basement is a great way to use existing space and give your swimming area a solid foundation. It creates a private oasis in your home. The location means that there is less to worry about in terms of flooding and other insurance or liability concerns. If you have an unfinished basement, the chances are good that theres a concrete floor that can be used to create the decking, which means you will also incur lower installation costs.

Interior options are ideal because they dont collect dirt and bugs like outdoor ones. They can even be locked and covered with automatic covers for added safety. Something you will need to consider with this installation is whether the basement ceiling needs to be raised, but this usually isnt an issue. In-ground options are generally the preferred option for basements, but there are above-ground models available.

Of Course The Sky Is The Limit With Pools The Pricing Of A Swimming Pool Like The One Below Is Determined By All Of The Extra Features

How much does a swimming pool cost?

Another thing to consider is what type of inground swimming pool youll be building. Gunite, fiberglass, and vinyl pools vary in price significantly. Each style has its own benefits, and the type of pool youll be building depends largely on where you live.

Because of our size and buying power, Premier Pools & Spas can make a pool purchase more affordable and appealing for you. Our professionals will work with you to ensure that you can have the pool you want, and stay within a reasonable budget. We have also partnered up with several great companies to offer swimming pool financing. Contact us today for a free estimate and to start the process of building your dream pool!

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Is A Pool Worth The Money

Resale Value A pool can increase not only your social worth but also the value of your home. However, the increase is probably not as much as you think. According to HouseLogic, theres no real guarantee that youll make your money back. In fact, adding a swimming pool may only increase your homes value by 7%.

How Much Does A Pool Cost In Houston Texas

According to Premier Pools and Spas, pool prices in Houston, Texas have an average base price which starts around $20,000 to $28,000 in most areas. From there, costs rise as you add upgrades like spas, pool covers, etc. If your land needs grading or extra excavation because of rocky terrain, this can add significantly to your pool cost in the Houston area.

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What Are The Costs Of Adding A Pool To My Home

Posted: January 19, 2022

Your budget is one of the most important things to consider when deciding to purchase a pool for your home. You need to think about how much it costs to install a pool, especially if you plan on building one inground. This budget will also determine the type of pool you can purchase and whether you can add any accessories or customizations.

Costs shouldnt discourage you from buying a pool, since pools are great for both your mental and physical health and can increase your property value. However, there are several things you need to consider when it comes to the total cost of adding a pool to your home.

How Did Lucas Lagoons Start

How Much Do Inground Pools Cost? (Pricing, Budget, etc.)

It all started when founder, Lucas Congdon, moved to Florida in 1999 and started taking his love of outdoor design to the next level. After winning the prestigious Gold Award in residential pool restorations in 2003, it only made sense for Congdon to solidify his talents behind a reputable company.

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How Much Do The Pools Cost On The Show Insane Pools


Also asked, what is the average cost of a Lucas Lagoons pool?

Our custom permitted and engineered Lucas Lagoons pools start with a base cost of approximately $150,000 within 50 miles of Sarasota, FL. Lucas Lagoons projects beyond 50 miles but within the state of Florida require a minimum budget of $200,000. Pools outside the state of Florida require a minimum budget of $500,000.

Secondly, did insane pools get Cancelled? Insane Pools: Off the Deep End Season 4 is yet to be announced by Animal Planet. Next Episode Sorry, no dates yet for Insane Pools: Off the Deep End. The show is either on a break or the new season is yet to be scheduled. We’ll keep you posted.

Likewise, people ask, how much does Lucas Congdon make per episode?

Congdon himself is only paid $1500 per episode, but has already seen an increase in the demand for his pool designs.

How much does an extreme pool cost?

In-ground pools cost anywhere from $20,000 to $100,000 or more. However, you can expect to pay an average of $40,000 to $50,000. Inground Pool Construction Costs.

Buying An Inground Pool In Utah

Utah has plenty of natural beauty from Bryce Canyon to Zion national park, but its pretty nice to be able to enjoy the great outdoors anytime in your very own backyard? While Utah can be known for the cold weather, it also happens to have dry hot summers which makes building a swimming pool a popular decision. With a swim season starting in May and reaching into September its no wonder why many Utah Pool Buyers see enormous value in owning an inground pool. Researching Utah Pool Prices? Keep reading.

Construction Costs: LOWSwimming Season: LONG

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Inground Pool Cost Estimator

When estimating the cost to build an inground pool, the main factors are the size, materials, location, and any custom upgrades. On average, expect to spend $50 to $100 per square foot to build a standard 14 by 28 size pool, or $125 to $150 per square foot for larger pools that have 9 to 12 foot deep ends.

Financial Costs Of Owning A Swimming Pool

The great state of Utah has loads of places to spend quality time ...

Besides the upfront cost to purchase and install a pool, there are a lot of monthly costs associated with pool ownership that most people dont think about. There are electricity costs associated with heating the pool, chemical expenses, maintenance and more. It is important to be aware of monthly costs associated with owning a pool before you decide to buy. If you do not properly maintain your pool, the costs to repair broken fixtures will be greater than the monthly maintenance costs.

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Average Cost To Convert A Vinyl Liner Pool To Fiberglass

Expect to pay between $40,000 and $65,000 to replace a vinyl liner with fiberglass. That’s more expensive than installing an in-ground pool from scratch in most cases. It’s necessary if you want to improve on your vinyl option in the same space in your yard.

The reason for the greater expense is the increased workload. The price of removing the vinyl liner can range up to $2,000. Access to the installation site is typically more difficult. You might need to dig up more space for the stones to backfill around the new shell.

Find a Fiberglass Pro Near You

Indoor Pool Costs By Material

If you plan to install an interior option, expect to pay between $20,000 and $85,000 for a prefabricated option and $29,000 to $90,000 for custom options. The material that you choose for your impacts how much it costs to install. Typically, fiberglass is used for prefab options, while vinyl is used for custom-made models only. Concrete, on the other hand, can be used for both custom and prefab models. However, prefab models are not so common due to the design and size limitations. Here is how much you can expect to pay for each material installed, no heater, enclosure, dehumidifier, or other extra elements included.


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Different Types Of Pools And Their Costs

As you can imagine, pools can be quite expensive. However, there are many great options for homeowners on a budget. On average, the cost of an inground pool is around $100 per square foot, although this can vary depending on where you purchase your pool.

If you are looking for a cheaper inground pool option, then you may want to consider a vinyl pool. These pools feature a base covered by a smooth, vinyl liner and can range in cost from around $45,000 to $70,000. Fiberglass pools can also be great for those on a budget, since they cost around $50,000 on average.

On the higher end is gunite pools, which can be land between $90,000 and $150,000. Again, all these costs depend on many factors, including the size of your pool and the materials used. Ask local pool contractors for estimates on their pool installation services for the most accurate costs.

Electric Pool Heater Installation Cost

Indoor Swimming Pool vs. Outdoor Swimming Pool: How much does a swimming pool cost?

An electric resistance pool heater and its installation cost $1,250 to $5,800. You can install an electric resistance pool heater in your home to assist with heating the pool. Electric resistance heaters work by pumping the water across heated coils and returning it to the pool. They draw in cool water, warm it up, and send it back out. This cycle keeps an even balance with the temperature of the water.

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