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How To Install An Oval Above Ground Pool

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Tips To Install The Pool Wall:

How to Install an Oval Above Ground Swimming Pool
  • As you unroll the wall put the top plates on to help support and give the pool strength.
  • Make sure the skimmer cut is on the top portion of the wall.
  • If your pool has buttresses:

  • Make sure gaps are tight along the wall where the buttresses are.
  • On oval pools the first buttress that you install will be the reference to install the remaining buttresses, therefore ensure that measurements and placements are exactly where they need to be.
  • Use stakes around the pool to hold the wall up while you are installing it.
  • If you find that the wall hasnt aligned properly once you have finished placing the wall tracks in the bottom plates, then adjust the bottom rails of the plate to ensure they fit properly. Do this evenly throughout the pool if needed.
  • Dont skip any nuts or bolts or your pool will not be stable.
  • Staggered wall bar systems dont have pre-attached bars. Connect the bars yourself using the nuts and bolts provided.
  • Wall bars must not touch each other.
  • Build a 6-8-inch cove along the inside of the pool wall. The cove is an important part of the pool structure. Take your time to make a complete, full-sized cove.
  • Pack your cove. Be careful not to scratch the pool wall when youre doing this. You can use a trowel.
  • If the pool wall is floating, there is probably dirt in the track. To correct this issue, lift the wall and use a shop vac to clean it out. If you can’t lift the wall you might have to dissemble the pool structure to correct this.
  • If your pool has strapping:

  • Ordering The Liner How To Measure The Pools Size

    Using a tape measure, measure from the inside of the wall to the inside of the wall across the pool in at least two cross spots. This will give you the size of the pool.

    The number wont be the exact size of the pool, but it should be close. As an example, If your pool is round and you get a measurement of 24, 2, then its a 24 round pool.

    If your pool is an oval, measure the long side and the short side to get your number. The long sides of most ovals are wavy. Most times, its the shortest measurement that is the official width of the oval.

    Find the bottom track of the pool. . Using a tape measure, measure from the bottom track up to the top of the wall. The top of the wall will be found UNDER the top rail. This will give you the height of the pool.

    You will need the pools dimension size and wall height when ordering a liner.

    Knowitall advice: Buy a quality liner. They last two to three times longer on average.

    Steps To Taking Down An Oval Above Ground Swimming Pool

    1. Drain the pool

    The easiest way to do this is by poking a few holes in the bottom of the pool liner and allowing the water to slowly drain into the earth. You can use your pool pole to do this or anything else that will make small holes in the liner.

    You can also use a sump pump or your water hose to siphon out most of the water.

    2. Locate the wall bolts, remove the upright hiding them, and spray with penetrant

    The wall bolts will most likely be fused with their nuts, so although this step is somewhat out of order, you want to get some lubricant/penetrant on the wall bolts and nuts as soon as you can.

    In most cases, the bolts that connect the wall together will be hidden behind an upright closest to your skimmer/return openings. Remove the top caps in that area to get to the top seats.

    Unscrew the top seats/rails so you can get to the top connector for the upright hiding the wall bolts. Remove the top connector and then remove that upright.

    With that upright removed, the wall bolts are easily accessible. Spray them generously and repeatedly with a penetrant like WD-40. Let soak.

    3. Remove all top caps to expose the top screws. Spray with lubricant

    Just like the wall bolts, the screws used to connect the top rails to the top connectors may be rusty and fused. Spray them all with a penetrant and let them soak.

    NOTE: When removing the top caps, you may encounter some wasps nests. Have some wasp spray handy for this.

    4. Get inside the pool and cut out the liner

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    How To Install An Oval Overlap Liner

    • Identify the floor seams in the liner. Oval liners typically have two seams that run the length of the pool. They are not in the center of the floor but each one is off center to either side. Use these seams to help install the liner squarely within pool.

    IMPORTANT! Do not place the liners vertical wall seam directly over the skimmer or skimmer return cutouts if possible. At this point, if the liners main vertical wall seam lines up on the skimmer or return, the best option is to rotate the liner 180 degrees and put the wall seam on the other end of the pool. This will keep it from interfering with gasket seals for the skimmer or return.

    Donot take apart the stabilizer rails at this time. Spread the liner around the pool evenly and try to center the floor in the oval shape of the pool as best as possible.

    There are a few ways to line the floor seams up with the pool.

    Another way is to use the uprights as guides however, this requires the uprights to already be vertically level for accuracy. Make sure the seams measure the same distance from the uprights.

    The longer you spend centering the liner in the pool, the less chance youll have to take it down and rotate, essentially starting over. Once the liner is positioned where you want it, proceed below.

    Install Above Ground Pool What Tools Will You Need

    Millenium 16

    You should have these tools prepared before you get to work. If you dont have them at home, ask a friend or rent from a hardware store. They are not hard to find at all!

    Check your pool package according to the list of materials included. It rarely happens, but if something is missing, you would want to contact the provider and fix it right away. Also, we will try to sort the nuts or screws instead of letting them be and getting them mixed.

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    When Was A New Liner Last Installed Or Is This The First Time Changing The Liner

    If the liner was changed out just a couple of years ago, this is good as everything was apart not that long ago.

    Some liners will last ten years or more. Its a lot harder to disassemble a pool that hasnt been apart for years. The likelihood of rusted-out screws that wont come apart and need cutting is much greater.

    Also, any resin parts may be harder to get apart and are more prone to cracking or breaking.

    How Long Should An Above Ground Pool Installation Take

    • /
    • How long should an above ground pool installation take?

    There is no doubt about it, there is NOTHING like spending summer by the pool. It doesnt matter whether you live by the beach or somewhere *inland* having a pool provides a range of advantages

    • Its a safe place for you and your family to relax
    • It increases the amount of time you spend outside
    • It increases your levels of fitness
    • It increases the value of your home

    For families a pool helps alleviate summer holiday boredom and gives your children a safe place to play and have fun, if you cant get to the beach you can still enjoy the fun of water and sun, right in your own backyard you also avoid all those crowds!

    People choose to build an above ground pool because they are fast to install, affordable and easy to maintain. Above ground pools are every bit as safe and fun as an in-ground pool. Depending on your yard, and your installer you can have your pool up and running anywhere from 24-72 hours later. Above ground pools are also easy to remove.

    With the days getting longer and the weather warming up, spending time around the pool is one thing the whole family will love to do dont let another summer pass without a pool.

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    If you would prefer, your pool supplier will be able to arrange installation of the new pool for you.

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    Step : Determining The Proper Pool Size And Location

    While this step was most likely done before purchasing your pool, if for any reason you did not complete it beforehand you must do so before you start opening the boxes containing your pools parts.

  • Look up your local county’s swimming pool codes to determine how much space you need to have between your pool and your property line.
  • Determine where your pool will go in your yard.
  • Above Ground Pool Assembly Instructions

    Do-It-Yourself Oval Above Ground Swimming Pool Installation – 1 of 2

    Your guide to above ground pool installation Ground Pool Assembly & Installation . THIS POOL IS NOT DESIGNED FOR DIVING OR JUMPING. Wilbar Matrix Round Above Ground Swimming Pool InstructionsInstallation of this above ground pool is not extremely hard or confusing, but it is a big job. POOL ASSEMBLY INSTRUCTIONS. 2 CONTRACT INSTALLATIONSMODEL NE4380 Congratulations on purchasing a Nemo Automatic Pool Cleaner! ABOVE-GROUND POOL CLEANER ASSEMBLY INSTRUCTIONSinstallation instructions GLI Pool Products 215 Sinter Court Youngstown, Ohio 44510 PH. 800-448-2343 FAX 330-744-1228 www.glipoolproducts.comAbove Ground Pool Assembly & Installation Follow All Safety and Maintenance Instructions Please refer to your Fence Installation Instructions for for details.Note: This guide is intended to provide assistance during the installation of a Leisure Pools in ground location for the pool and address the issues raised above. Value Pools Above Ground Pools, DIY Pools. Value Pools. Home Above Ground Pool Kit Above Ground Installation Kit In Ground our installation instructionsGet Summer Waves Elite NB2049 Instructions / Assembly. installed pool is constructed in or on the ground or in POOL FILTER SYSTEMOWNERS MANUAL FOR ABOVEABOVE GROUND POOL LINER INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS. 1 Cut old pool liner into strips with a sharp knife for easy ABOVE GROUND POOL LINER INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS.Sharkline Above Ground Pool Assembly & Installation

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    Actual Construction Of The Pool

    • Adhere to instructions that come with the pond package as the brand, size, and type of basins have their various instructions. You will use plates, rails, and stabilizers for the constructionprocess to build the pools bottom ring.
    • Layout the parts and assemble them following the instructions given.
    • Remember to always measure the track at the bottom in several positions to confirm that it is oval and within your set specifications.
    • Stake the ring into its position. You should also support the base to keep it level and stabilized over time by following the laid down processes.

    Fasten Spring Clips To The Top Of Each Upright

    NOTE:It may be hard to find spring clips that are wide enough to grab the uprights to the top of the wall. If you cannot find them, use spring clips that can clamp to the wall only. You will need them later when installing the new liner.

    Attaching spring clips to each upright do two things. One is that it helps keep the wall up since it is clipping the wall to the upright. The other is that it will be used to temporarily hold the new liner to the top of the wall so you can set the liner in place.

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    Preparing The Liner To Be Installed

    Install the liner on a warm, windless day. A warm liner is much easier to work with. The ideal temperature is 60-95 F. When too hot, the liner becomes easy to over stretch or puncture. If the liner core temp is too low, it can crack in the folds. Storing the liner in temperatures lower than 55F is not recommended for this reason. After you have checked the label for size, print, and style accuracy, open your liner box carefully so the liner is not damaged. Do not use sharp objects to open the liner box. You can unfold the liner inside the pool, or outside on the grass. Make sure there are no sticks, rocks, metal pool parts, or sharp items in the area that can puncture your liner.

    PRO TIP: If cooler, warm the liner in advance in a climate-controlled room. Take the liner out of the box and unfold a few folds. This will allow the liners temperature to be raised and make it easier to work with.

    Note: Installing the liner is easier with multiple people. Time to call in some friends. 2 people at minimum.

    • Spread the liner around the inside of the pool. If you are doing this from inside the pool, step lightly to minimize footprints in the sand, or make cardboard snowshoes with duct tape. Again, no sharp items.

    Now it’s time to split up based on your pool’s shape. You can click the shape to skip to that section:

    Choose The Type Of Above


    Above-ground swimming pools come in three major types: inflatable, metal or resin frame, and rigid wall.

    • Inflatable Pools: Inflatable pools are the least expensive and fastest type of pool you can install. Most are limited at 42 inches high. Inflatable pools are less durable than framed or rigid wall pools.
    • Metal or Resin Frame Pools: Metal or resin frame above-ground pools rely on an outer framework to hold the pool liner in place. These pools are moderately expensive and can last for years longer than inflatable pools.
    • Rigid Wall Pools: Rigid wall above-ground pools’ sturdy metal walls form the basin of the pool. A waterproof liner within the basin holds the water. Rigid wall pools are the most expensive above-ground pool but the most durable, too.

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    Confirm That You Have The Full Pool Package

    You would not want to be going around looking for any missing materials when you are ready to start work. Confirm that all the packing materials have been gathered before starting work. After opening the package to ensure everything is in place, do not mix up the different nuts and screws, and avoid dropping or losing any pieces.

    Video 1 1 Of 2 Preparing And Beginning To Install A Round Pool

    In this video I borrowed from Family Leisure Pools, it explains some prep work and begins the installation process. I really like all information about what to expect. It talks about lawn damage, slight imperfections in the pool base, and that there will be a pile left from the excavation.

    In this first video below, notice that they already brought in the sand and leveled it, before rolling out the wall. I prefer to either, pile it in the center of the pool until the wall is up. Or, throw it up over the wall, once the wall is up. You will understand why I do it this way later on, when I explain my method and the use of the sit and spin kids toy.

    They didnt mention it, but if you look close, you can see they used some sand under the patio blocks. If you over dig when placing a patio block, do not use dirt to raise the height, use the mason sand, and tamp it before remeasuring. If you have any stone dust on site, I actually prefer using it to raise patio block.

    Also, they made rolling out the wall look stupid simple. It is the worst part of the whole job. They dont give any tips in this video about managing the wall, but look for tips in one of the next couple videos.

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    Above Ground Pools That Look Like Inground Swimming Pools Hardscaping Patios & Wooden Decks

    Making an above ground pool look like an inground is all about perspective.

    • Step 1. Sink your above-ground pool into the ground two-three feet.
    • Step 2. Backfill to the top of the pool and lay pavers or build a deck to the hight of the top of the swimming pool.

    To wrap this pool, most of what they used was cinder block and sand. Then they covered the block with a beautiful patio block and bullnose coping. Finally, they used a stone veneer to dress the wall. Inexpensive and simple design that looks amazing and provides an excellent sitting area.

    Thats all it takes! You dont need to wrap the whole pool or put in a waterfall as they did here. Most people place a small patio or deck on the side of the swimming pool where the ground is highest. The area commonly found between the house and the pool.

    Cost To Install An Above Ground Pool In The Ground

    Oval Above Ground Pool Professional Installation Part 1

    Installation costs are going to vary by size, how deep you are going into the ground, local electrician rates, and a lot more. I will estimate installation including excavation installation, electrical, along with backfill and setup with plumbing to cost $7000.00.

    Of course, if you can do any or all of this installation work for yourself, you will save on the job.

    Installing an Optimum or Radiant Pool inground require a 1-foot of cement around the base of the wall. That will add to the cost and aggravation of any installation.

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