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How To Keep Ducks Away From Pool

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How Do I Get Ducks Out Of My Pool

How to Stop DUCKS. Keep them away from your Swimming Pool or Spa. 2 proven methods

I have a pair of Mallard ducks that have made my pool a home. This is not only gross but it is not healthy for us when we swim, and there are always duck feces to clean out of the pool.

How can we harmlessly but permanently remove them from our pool? We live on a golf course and no more than 100 feet from our backyard is a beautiful lake and waterfall filled with fish and is everything a duck could want, except these ducks.

I hate to resort to other options people have given me but they have to go, bottom line.

What can I do?

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  • How Do I Keep Ducks Out Of The Pool

    The first thing is dont feed them. They will feel safe and secure in your backyard and be more difficult to get them to move on.

    One or more of the above methods to frighten off the ducks will keep them away. However, when not being used by your family, a pool cover is the only truly useful deterrent to ducks using the pool.

    If the ducks cannot land in the water and float around in safety they will go somewhere else.

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    Pick And Choose Plants

    Ducks dont like to stay in areas where the shrubs are tall and block their view of any potential predators. If you have a garden as well as your pond, you could consider planting some taller shrubs around to discourage them from landing.

    You should also resist planting anything that will grow fruits and berries. They make a wonderful food source for ducks and will make the habitat even more appealing for them. The more food they have around, the better off they are.

    Strong smelling herbs and plants with spikes or thorns are unattractive to ducks as a food source. Incorporating some of these plants into your garden can help keep ducks away and limit how much food there is to be found.

    Plants Ducks Wont Eat:

    • Broadleaf Cattail
    • Rose Mallow
    • Sage

    It can be beneficial for you to keep your garden and yard as neat and tidy as possible. If you dont have any dark, overgrown areas good for laying and hiding their eggs, ducks are less likely to mate in or around your pond. You dont need a whole family around!

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    How To Keep Ducks From Invading Your Swimming Pool

  • Try to keep all grass and vegetation trimmed down and as far away from your swimming pool as possible. This will also keep bugs and spiders at bay . Ive gotten smart and now I use these powerful cordless lawn care tools to do yard work by the pool. Gas tools were too big of a hassle and electric tools by the pool were dangerous. But cordless battery power tools work perfectly.
  • Keep a close eye on pool chemicals and make sure your chlorine is at the proper level. Clean water doesnt have the same appearance or smell like pond water and Ive found that ducks dont like chlorine.
  • Treat your water regularly with the best pool shock so organisms dont grow and invite critters that feed on them. Ducks feed on algae and other water-loving organisms such as mosquito larva, snails, and crickets.
  • Build a scarecrow with big eyes, or get a statue of a dog or owl .
  • Most importantly! Never feed ducks that visit or they will keep coming back and your pool will become their sanctuary.
  • It gets worse:

    Along with a few feathers, ducks will contaminate your clean swimming pool water with duck poop, urine and bacteria. And left alone, they will build nests and have babies if you allow them.

    Reasons Ducks Are Bad For Your Pond

    How To Keep Birds Away From Pool In 4 Simple Steps (Aug. 2020)

    Ducks may be fun to have around at first. Even if you enjoy their presence, you still have good reason to want to keep them away from your pond. Ducks can cause significant issues to any pond. Over time they can become more of a nuisance than a joy.

    Ducks Cause Damage: Any living creature that comes around is bound to cause some kind of damage, to your property. Ducks are very good at it! They are known to pull up and damage plants around ponds. In their search for food, they dig up the dirt and mud around the edges of the pond, leading to erosion of the shoreline.

    Ducks Contaminate the Water: If you have ducks living in your pond, youre going to have ducks pooping in your pond. Duck feces change the quality of your water, and not for the better. They release ammonia and cause the water to become murky over time.

    The addition of duck feces, which are a wonderful fertilizer, will accelerate the growth of algae in your pond. It will be a lot more difficult to keep everything clean for your fish and other pond life if there are any number of ducks coming by regularly.

    They Can Bring Diseases: Ducks shed their feathers and carry different parasites and diseases on them that can harm the fish in your pond. They are wild animals and can pick up bacteria from all over to bring back to your pond. It isnt worth the risk to allow them to live in your pond if it means endangering the creatures you put in there yourself.

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    Try Making Your Dock Look Scary

    A scary dock will make it unwelcoming for the ducks and geese and they will stay away.

    However, this is not a long-term solution because there will come a point where these animals will get used to the scary dock.

    It doesnt hurt to try. So, you can use some visual aids to scare the geese.

    You can place a fake animal around the docks. Just make sure that these animals are predators of ducks and geese.

    Remember to place them in different areas of the dock that will keep geese from pooping on your dock.

    To increase the amount of time it takes the ducks to get used to this you can keep changing the places of these fake animals every day or two.

    Doing this will make the ducks think that these are real animals and they will stay as far as possible.

    Deter Ducks With Owl Or Swan Decoys

    Another way to repel ducks is to use their predators to your advantage.

    Some of the animals that eat these birds are the following: red foxes, raccoons, coyotes, skunks, minks, corvids, gulls, and birds of prey.

    Swans can be particularly aggressive towards other birds as they are territorial, so using a swan decoy can sometimes be very effective in deterring ducks from water sources.

    Its not going to offer the same results if you want to get rid of ducks in your yard, but it will do its job in a pond or lake.

    Swan decoys usually come with a sharp anchor stake at the bottom, which you can use for positioning them safely, even in the middle of a lake.

    Since birds of prey also attack ducks, using hawk or owl decoys is another good idea. Owl decoys can be fastened onto tree branches, they can be installed on your roof, or they can just be kept on a tall pole for excellent duck control.

    Some owl decoys are so good that they even come with a rotating head mechanism for superior realism. Ideally, you should move the decoy from one place to another every couple of days or so, so that the ducks cant tell its fake.

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    Get The Duck Out Of My Pool Ducks In Swimming Pool

    Ducks in a Swimming Pool Can Make You Sick

    Ducks and geese are naturally attracted to water, especially if they consider that water to be a safe place and a clear swimming pool suggests just that. Migrating water fowl often need a place to take a break and rest their weary wings, then there are those that opt for what seems to be a permanent residence. There are lots of remedies out there that you hear time and time again: Get a solar cover Dont feed them Plant tall plants and, a personal favorite, Floating Eyeball Balloons. We wanted to add 5 lesser known options to the list. Ducks in Swimming Pool.

    Invest In A Solar Cover For Your Pool

    Ducks in Your Swimming Pool – How to Scare Them Off

    Not only will a solar pool cover keep your water slightly warmer, but it may also deter uninvited swimming guests such as ducks and birds from entering your pool.

    Here is a list of advantages to getting yourself a solar pool cover:

    • Uses the suns energy to keep your pool warmer by trapping heat between the bubble wrap style of the cover and the waters surface.
    • Cuts down on water and energy costs by naturally warming and stopping natural evaporation.
    • Helps to prevent debris, algae, and rubbish from entering the pool.
    • Less pool maintenance is required.
    • Prevents chemical loss by preventing evaporation, keeping your pool cleaner for longer.
    • Inexpensive, easy to install, and lightweight.
    • Prevents wildlife from getting into the pool.

    If youre thinking about purchasing a solar pool cover, we have a full blog post on this:

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    Why Keep Ducks Out Of Your Pool

    According to the CDC, birds can at times carry harmful germs, which can make people sick. The germs can lead to various illnesses that can range from minor infections to severe problems that can cause death.

    And according to Infectious Disease Epidemiology Section, Louisiana Department of Health, the fecal matter from animals could contain organisms such as Escherichia coli and Cryptosporidium species. They transmittable to swimmers when they consume the contaminated water.

    As you can see, it is a risk swimming in water contaminated with such substances brought in by the ducks, especially to the immunosuppressed kids and seniors.

    Even though pool sanitizer could neutralize the contaminants, therefore, cleansing the water, the duck droppings will still be gross. They might be floating on water and the patio or deck. And you know what, they are the primary carrier of the bacteria and orgasm transmitted to a human.

    And since ducks are wild animals, they shouldnt be hanging out in your backyard. Furthermore, floating in chlorinated water and drinking is unhealthy for them. It could make them sick or worse. It could damage their internal organs, starting with the kidneys.

    Furthermore, if they stick in your backyard for too long, they might start laying eggs, and before you know, their numbers will multiply.

    That can give birth to a more severe cleaning problem that could increase your pool maintenance tasks and make it challenging to balance the water.

    How To Keep Ducks And Geese From Swimming In Your Pool

    Deterring larger birds like ducks or geese from swimming in your pool might need another type of tactic than a regular garden bird. There are some things you can do to modify the area around your swimming pool that will keep these birds from taking a swim. These include:

    • Food: Do not feed or provide food for ducks or geese. This will encourage them to come back.
    • Grass: Limit the amount of grass in the area, as some ducks and geese feed on grass.
    • Removal: Ducks and geese flock together, so removing the offenders will lessen the likelihood of returning birds. You will need to contact the U.S. Department of Agriculture to learn about removal.

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    Build The Pool Of Your Dreams

    The convenience of having your own beautiful glimmering oasis of refreshing pool water just a fewsteps from your back door is truly a splendid thing. A pool can be everything froma source of evening relaxation, to a morning fitness spot, to a social status symbol.Your home swimming pool can be anything you want it to be.

    Blue Science will work hand in hand with you to design a one-of-a-kind dream pool which perfectly complements your backyard environment. Give us a call today.

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    Simple Ways To Keep Ducks Out Of Your Pool 2022

    How To Keep Birds Away From Pool In 4 Simple Steps (Aug. 2020)
    • Pete Ortiz

    Ducks in your pool may not be a universal problem, but once youve had ducks in your pool, you know its challenging to get rid of them. You want to try to do everything you can to keep them from getting there in the first place. While ducks are more likely to take up in an inground pool, they can also land in an above-ground pool.

    If you live in an area prone to duck invasions, we are going to give you some tips and tricks to help you prevent the ducks from making a home in your pool. Wherever possible, we will try to supply you with an example product, but these products are just examples. Similar products will work just as well in most cases.

    Keep reading while we review these 11 simple ways to keep ducks out of your pool.

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    Use Duck Off In Your Pool

    As ducks are seen to be a common annoyance for pool owners worldwide, there is no doubt that there is a product readily available in the market to specifically address the duck problem.

    Duck Off is the name of this product that breaks the waters surface tension and makes it uncomfortable for ducks to swim in the pool.

    For this product to work its purpose, you should consistently use it so the ducks would figure out later on that the pool is no longer suitable for them to use. Once they realized that, you wont see any duck droppings in your pool area and you can enjoy your outdoor space in peace.

    How To Deter Ducks From Your Swimming Pool

    We all love to watch ducks when theyre in a pond, but if you spot them in your swimming pool or waddling around the edge, its sure to make you feel uneasy. The warmer months are when an increasing number of ducks head towards residential gardens.

    There are many reasons you wouldnt want a duck in or around your pool, but the primary one has to be the mess they leave behind. Its definitely a foul problem!

    Ducks and birds can carry parasites and make your water unhealthy. They can pass on bacteria, salmonella, E.coli, and even bird flu. Chlorine should kill off the contaminants, but you shouldnt rely on this to kill the bad bacteria.

    Plus swimming pools are not great for ducks especially if they have baby ducklings because the water level is usually too low for the ducks to get out.

    So heres some advice to prevent ducks from ducking into your pool.

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    Are Ducks And Geese Dangerous For Humans

    Not really dangerous to kill you, but they can create a whole lot of problems for a landowner if not controlled.

    The few common issues that are associated with ducks and geese include:

    1- Noise:

    While a single bird isnt that loud if they are present in groups or huge numbers the sound they create amplifies and can be a huge problem.

    You may suffer from sleepless nights as the sound made by these birds cannot be blocked easily.

    2- Pooping:

    Gangs of geese can easily make your dock a favorite toilet for them.

    The feces of a goose or a duck is often very slick which tends to create a slimy, mud-like coating on the ground surface.

    Their poop material can also prove hazardous not only to the nearby plants but also to humans and pets.

    3- Damages:

    Infestations of goose and duck not only prove to be damaging for your dock but can also damage your nearby lawn or garden.

    Their droppings can damage crops, grass, plants, and flowers and can also leave ugly patches around your backyard that can be a nightmare to clean.

    4- Diseases:

    Various species of geese and ducks may carry health risks due to the harmful bacteria, viruses, and parasites they host.

    Some of the most common health risks may include bird flu, swimmers itch, E-coli, and Cryptosporidiosis.

    These diseases and/or bacteria may be transmitted via contact, feces of with fouled water.

    5- Aggressive:

    While not over bellicose, these birds can be territorial and angry.

    Other Related Questions:

    Can a duck bite hurt you?

    Why You Need To Keep Ducks Out

    How to Keep DUCKS Out of Your POOL | Swim University
    • A presence of wildlife, including birds, increase the risk of germs and disease such as Crypto, E.coli, Salmonella. Fortunately, most types of bacteria die quickly once they come into contact with the chlorinethis is why it’s so important to maintain your pool and its chlorine levels.
    • While nitrates and phosphates are naturally occurring contaminant to pools, ducks and other birds can contaminate them even more.
    • Once these animals take up residence, it will be hard to get them to leave.

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    The Problem With Ducks In Swimming Pools

    Duck and goose droppings are a significant health hazard to humans. E. coli, Salmonella, Campylobacter, or Cryptosporidium are a few of the germs contained in duck feces. While chlorine kills most bacteria within minutes, however, Crypto can survive for up to a week, even in the most well-maintained pools.

    Theres also a danger to the ducks to consider. Drinking chlorinated water irreparably damages their kidneys, and they often drink water while they are swimming.

    Protect your family and the local wildlife by keeping ducks away from your pool and spa.

    Have A Pet In The Yard

    Pets like dogs love to be outdoors. Having a dog in the backyard where your swimming pool is would scare the ducks away for sure. You dont even have to have a big dog. A small barking dog can also help it will disperse them all quickly.

    The joyful dog will definitely keep ducks away from your pool. They are scared of stationary things, so the dog will be frightening.

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