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How To Keep Ducks Away From Pool

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Use An Ultrasonic Pet Repellent

Ducks in Your Swimming Pool – How to Scare Them Off

If you’re dealing with other creatures besides ducks, it might be worth it to buy a pet repellent. These inexpensive machines emit a high-frequency sound that humans can’t hear but that is highly irritating to birds. The sound effect is harmless to wildlife and simply works to shock the animal into flight so it doesn’t get too comfortable.

If you don’t maintain your pool, you’re just asking for birds to make a home in it.

Install An Automatic Pool Cleaner

I used to have one that I named creepy. I found the slowness and its ability to silently creep up behind me when I least expected it very creepy. Maybe itll creep the ducks and birds out too. Enough so that they leave your pool alone.

As we all know that most ducks are easily scared, the sound and/or vibrations of the moving pool cleaner should do the trick.

Advantages of using an automatic pool cleaner:

  • Cleans dirt, algae, and debris while youre working.
  • Can be set up on a timer so that the pool is clean and ready to use when you arrive home.
  • Energy efficient.
  • Self-navigate the pool.
  • Frighten wildlife and deter them from entering the pool.

They can be pricey, but considering the list of advantages, they may be worth the dollars spent for a clean, hospitable pool for humans.

Use A Commercial Product

There are commercial products containing a chemical that breaks the surface tension of the pool water. This makes it impossible for ducks to float around. One such product is Duck Off, manufactured by a company called Lo-Chlor. However, this method should be used as a last resort because its probably not a good idea to add chemicals to your pool if you dont have to.

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Can Ducks Live In Chlorine Pools

Are Chlorine Swimming Pools Safe For Ducks? Yes, it’s pretty safe for ducks to swim in your chlorinated pool. If you have a well-maintained pool, the chlorination level should be well below what can be harmful. Migrating ducks may need a break from flying and will borrow your swimming pool.16 . 2021 .


Your Best Option Is To Scare The Ducks Away

Tips to Keep Ducks Away From Your Swimming Pool

If you have ducks visiting or staying in your pool, just scare them away. They are just looking for a place to swim, feed, and reproduce. There is no reason for you to kill them just because they are swimming and pooping in your pool.

It is always best to prevent them from being there in the first place. If you know other tips on keeping ducks away from your pool, let me know in the comments.

This article is accurate and true to the best of the authors knowledge. Content is for informational or entertainment purposes only and does not substitute for personal counsel or professional advice in business, financial, legal, or technical matters.

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Donts When Dealing With Duck In Your Pool

Even though you want the ducks off your swimming pool, there some measures you cannot employ. Here are the donts when chasing away the birds.

Do Not Kill

These beautiful wild animals go through a lot of threats in their lives. Killing them wont be the best move. They are finding a habitat free of predators. They dont know that they come with problems that the pool owner has to deal with.

Do not hit or poison them. Poisoning the duck is killing them. And if the birds are too many, it could make the whole thing a problem for you. You can scare them away, and you might never have to see them again until subsequent migration.

Besides this, under the Migratory Bird Treaty Act of 1918, you cannot take, kill, capture, transport or trade protected migratory bird species, including ducks, without Department of Interior U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service prior authorization.

Do Not Set Traps

Setting up a fishing line or nets on the pool surface can be dangerous to the ducks and other birds or animals that play around.

These animals and birds cannot see the barrier. If they get tangled, they might drown, and you will have a new dead ducks problem to deal with.

Besides this, you might be charged for breaking the migratory bird treaty act.


Are Ducks Bad For Your Pool

It’s Harmful To YouDucks, like many wild animals, can be carriers of disease and bacteria. Having a group of them hanging out in your pool is just asking for trouble. Birds can transmit nasty contaminants that cause E. coli, Salmonella, Bird flu , and a host of others that no one can even pronounce.19 2020 .

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Balloons Arent Just For Birthday Parties

A cost-effective and colorful solution is to blow up some balloons and throw them in the pool. Its basically like having a pool full of floating toys but with balloons.

If you like to maintain your pool toys and want to keep them clean and out of the water, contemplate using balloons instead.

Balloons come in all different shapes, sizes, and colors and can have various patterns and pictures on them too. When we think of balloons we think of birthday parties, maybe youll feel like its your birthday every day.

Youll want to check on the balloons regularly and ensure you clean out any that might have popped while in the pool, so they dont get caught in the filter.

Loud Noises Leave The Radio On

How to Keep DUCKS Out of Your POOL | Swim University

As mentioned before, we all know how skittish birds can be the majority of the time. Its rare to find a bird that doesnt immediately fly away when you show up or shoo them away.

Try leaving your radio on to see if it keeps the birds away. If they think humans are around, that means the enemy is around and they might think again about being in your backyard or your pool.

If the radio isnt working, try some heavy metal. The loud drums and cymbals might do the trick. Probably best to warn the neighbors though.

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Are Ducks And Geese Dangerous For Humans

Not really dangerous to kill you, but they can create a whole lot of problems for a landowner if not controlled.

The few common issues that are associated with ducks and geese include:

1- Noise:

While a single bird isnt that loud if they are present in groups or huge numbers the sound they create amplifies and can be a huge problem.

You may suffer from sleepless nights as the sound made by these birds cannot be blocked easily.

2- Pooping:

Gangs of geese can easily make your dock a favorite toilet for them.

The feces of a goose or a duck is often very slick which tends to create a slimy, mud-like coating on the ground surface.

Their poop material can also prove hazardous not only to the nearby plants but also to humans and pets.

3- Damages:

Infestations of goose and duck not only prove to be damaging for your dock but can also damage your nearby lawn or garden.

Their droppings can damage crops, grass, plants, and flowers and can also leave ugly patches around your backyard that can be a nightmare to clean.

4- Diseases:

Various species of geese and ducks may carry health risks due to the harmful bacteria, viruses, and parasites they host.

Some of the most common health risks may include bird flu, swimmers itch, E-coli, and Cryptosporidiosis.

These diseases and/or bacteria may be transmitted via contact, feces of with fouled water.

5- Aggressive:

While not over bellicose, these birds can be territorial and angry.

Other Related Questions:

Can a duck bite hurt you?

Food Attracts Ducks To Your Yard

Food brings all the ducks to the yard, and we are here to tell you that if you have a duck problem, the food source should be removed immediately!

Ducks are omnivores which means they will eat just about anything.

If you have an abundance of fruit trees in your yards or a thriving vegetable garden in your yard you may have to remove them, if you are having a duck or any other pest infestation. It may only be for a short period of time until the ducks mosey on away, but, in order to get rid of them fast, its by removing the food source.

Food attracts ducks. Other than wanting to feel safe, wanting to eat is what drives a duck to a specific location. If this seems to be the case, taking your fruit trees and vegetables and bringing them inside can work wonders, plus, will save your fruits and veggies.

If moving fruit trees and vegetable gardens is not attainable, the best thing to do is to keep the outdoor space extremely tidy, or, if you have the means to do so, create a greenhouse in your outdoor space.

Making the food unreachable to ducks is the goal here, so however youre able to do that, is what you need to try!

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Get Your Robotic Pool Cleaner Going

Robotic cleaners are not only fantastic at cleaning swimming pools, but they are great a scaring off unwanted guests such as ducks. To work, they move in random motions rather than slow fluid movements, and this in conjunction with the shape underwater can appear like a predator and frighten them off. Running your robotic cleaner is win, win, it keeps your pool water sanitary and healthy and stops pesky ducks from swimming in your pool regularly.

Add Super Sonic Sounds To Your Outdoor Space

Comment éviter que les canards nâentrent dans votre piscine â Annuaire ...

One other way to deter ducks and even other pests is to use super sonic sound! These sounds are super annoying to humans and pests, but when at the right frequency will keep ducks away.

Adding sounds that are irritating to a duck will keep them away because it will make the area feel unsafe. Plus, ducks can get annoyed too, and the sounds can be overwhelming and unrelaxing.

A great super sonic soundscape to try would be Bird B Gone Bird Chase Super Sonic Bird Deterrent!

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Why Are Ducks So Unsafe For Swimming Pools

Adult ducks that come and go like they own the place pose a hazard to bathers of a swimming pool. You wont really notice it with ducklings. However, adult ducks and especially geese will make a horrible mess in and around a pool as they naturally leave excrement, feces, behind. Not only will this quickly become a maintenance headache, but it is incredibly unsanitary and hazardous to human health. If given the chance to break down, any germs contained in the droppings will now be in the pool water.

If the pools chemical treatment is substandard in any way, these germs will have an opportunity to survive and infect unsuspecting human bathers. This is a great reason to maintain a minimum of 3.0 parts per million of chlorine, as well as a pH of 7.4 7.6 in a swimming pool at all times. This effectively destroys any germs that enter the pool. Even Cryptosporidium which is chemical resistant will breakdown with a little bit of time.

Keeping chemicals up to the right balance is of course the best way to keep from the dangers of spreading germs, viruses, and disease in pool water. However, you still have to deal with the fact that there is bird poop in your pool. The CDC has some recommendations on how to deal with this and its actually the same procedure as if a human had such an accident in the pool. Check out those guidelines here if you like.

Follow these steps to remove bird droppings and disinfect the water:

The above is a direct quotation from the CDC website

Use An Automatic Pool Cleaner

Ducks are easily frightened. They fear predators, and nothing looks more like a predator than a moving, underwater robotic pool cleaner. Unfortunately, they dont make any in the shape of an alligator. Maybe someday.

If you dont have an automatic pool cleaner, a robotic pool cleaner or an above ground pool cleaner will work just as well.

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How To Keep Ducks Off Your Swimming Pool

Ducks certainly love your pool. It is a comfortable environment with crystal clear, clean water. It is situated in a delightful location, and it is totally free from predators.

Despite how cute they are when you first see them, we probably don’t have to talk about the nuisance it is having ducks call your pool home – mainly because of the way they like to re-decorate the deck…

Besides, ducks in the pool are a health concern for you, your family and pets. Not to mention that pool water is also not healthy for ducks, either.

There are many tactics you can use to keep the ducks away, but not all of them work. To get rid of the ducks, you need to address the root cause of the problem.

One of the most effective ways is to use a pool chemical to break the pool water surface tension so that they can’t float on it. Below are some samples:

  • Add to Wish ListAdd to Compare
  • Even though these chemicals are effective and safe for people , they do require regular usage.

    A clever, alternative way to solve this problem is to install a pool cover. Not only you will get rid of the ducks for good , but you will keep the pool heated up and free of debris while saving on chemicals.

    It is a win-win: no ducks and a better pool experience altogether, with less work, and no need to buy anything regularly.

    Bird Spider 360 Is A Physical And Visual Bird Deterrent

    Solar Bird Repeller -Keep ducks away from your pool and pontoon.

    The Bird Spider 360 is a humane, stand-alone, physical bird deterrent used to prevent large birds from landing in concentrated locations. Spiders come pre-assembled for ease of use, quickly deterring pest birds. The patented Bird Spider design is high wind tested making it the ideal gull deterrent for harsh weather conditions.

    Durable & Effective

    The no-tangle wire arms of the Bird Spider 360 bounce, sway and swivel in the wind. This movement creates both a visual and physical distraction zone, repelling birds from the area of coverage. Constructed from marine grade 316 stainless steel arms and UV stabilized polycarbonate plastic bases, Bird Spider 360 units will continue to protect your property in harsh weather conditions.

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    Build The Pool Of Your Dreams

    The convenience of having your own beautiful glimmering oasis of refreshing pool water just a fewsteps from your back door is truly a splendid thing. A pool can be everything froma source of evening relaxation, to a morning fitness spot, to a social status symbol.Your home swimming pool can be anything you want it to be.

    Blue Science will work hand in hand with you to design a one-of-a-kind dream pool which perfectly complements your backyard environment. Give us a call today.

    How Can You Keep Ducks From Choosing Your Pool As A Home

  • Take away any food source that may be attracting them to the pool vicinity whether intentional or unintentional. Trip back nut or fruit-bearing trees or bushes.
  • Trim back or remove shrubbery that could encourage nesting. For ducks this will be low to the ground hiding spots.
  • Stop feeding them. Yes, I repeated this one. These birds can find food naturally, they dont need us to feed them.
  • String lane flags over your pool. This will disrupt ducks and geeses landing and take-off zones which will encourage them to go elsewhere.
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    Solar Light Owls And Other Solar Garden Objects

    It doesnt have to be an owl! There are so many different types of solar lights, from owls and butterflies to cats and dogs and cows. Your choices here are endless.

    Although not as effective in the daylight, solar lights can be a great addition to the garden because they look nice and quirky, add character, and in most cases, scare away unwanted pests. Almost like a scarecrow.

    Some solar garden ornaments can also make noises and move slightly in the wind which might also help to get rid of the birds.

    How Do I Keep Ducks Out Of The Pool

    Essential Tips on How to Keep Birds Away from Pool

    The first thing is dont feed them. They will feel safe and secure in your backyard and be more difficult to get them to move on.

    One or more of the above methods to frighten off the ducks will keep them away. However, when not being used by your family, a pool cover is the only truly useful deterrent to ducks using the pool.

    If the ducks cannot land in the water and float around in safety they will go somewhere else.

    Read our article on Swimming Pool & Hot Tub Safety

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    Remove Anything That Invites Them In

    Unfortunately, if youre new to having a pool and have garden ornaments in your yard like bird feeds, birdhouses, and birdbaths, you may want to ponder whether its worth keeping them.

    Having these types of welcoming garden ornaments is an invitation for more birds to join the party in the pool and the garden. Which means more bird mess, more to clean, more animals to try and shoo away, and less time to enjoy swimming in your pool.

    Scare Ducks With Reflection

    If you have been having duck problems near your house or you want to keep ducks off dock places, you might want to try deterring them with reflection.

    There are a variety of reflective repellents nowadays, and they come in a range of designs.

    For example, you will be able to get rid of any duck noise anywhere if you decide to use a pack of bird scare rods.

    The most significant benefit of this option is that it can be conveniently hung from any wall on the sides of your house or even from any branches on the trees near your pond, lake, or fountain.

    Scare rods dont have any dangerous chemicals in them and they dont hurt the birds themselves. They merely scare them away thanks to their reflective capabilities, so theyre eco-friendly, too.

    Another way to get rid of pest duck populations is to use a wind-activated bird deterrent. This type of design is a bit more advanced than the scare rods, but its the best for spots such as the sides and roofs of buildings and boats.

    An additional budget-friendly option is to put reflective tape on your roof, on tree branches, or around any poles you have next to your dock.

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