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How To Heat Your Pool

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What Is The Best Way Of Heating A Pool And Spa

How To Heat Your POOL (3 Ways) | Swim University

The average pool/spa combo designed so that they can both be run through one set of pool equipment. There are a variety of ways of setting this up for heating a pool and spa.

You can use one set of pool equipment to run both the pool and spa. Valving is used to distribute the water and isolate the pool or the spa as required . Commercial pools and spas use designated equipment to run either the pool or spa. This means there is twice the amount of equipment required a considerable added expense. Also, commercial spas have onerous water testing and sanitation requirements because they are permanently heated. Domestic pools do not have to be heated on demand like this. Public spas are permanently heated to 36°C and therefore require the water to be tested every 3 hrs. The heat causes them to become literal petri dish of organic compounds !

Pool Insulation To Reduce Heat Loss:

When planning a pool, think insulation. All pool designs, including a Natural pool or swimming pond, can benefit by incorporating some rigid panel insulation under and around the structure of a pool to save energy and costs in the long run. Regardless of where you are in the USA or Canada the ambient temperature of the ground is pretty constant, and its usually colder than the ideal temperature for enjoying a swim in the pool, so putting some insulation outside the thermal mass of the water retaining structure is a great first step in reducing the costs associated with heating a pool over the long term.

Frustrated By Adding Chemicals And Trying To Keep Your Pool Clear All The Time

We cut out all the confusion of pool maintenance in this easy-to-read illustrated ebook and video course. It’ll help you save $100 right away on pool care!

No matter which kind of heating method you use, your pools heat time depends on a few things:

  • What type of pool you have.
  • How much water it holds.
  • Whether its insulated or not.
  • How much sun you get.

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Heating Your Pool With Solar Panels

Solar panels convert sunlight into energy. They are a cost-effective and environmentally friendly way of heating a pool. They can also be combined with an electric heating system to add warmth to your pool.

If you are wondering how to quickly heat a pool, solar panels are your best option. Combine them with your electric heating system for rapid results.

The cost of installing this heating for pools will depend on the size of your pool and the number of panels you will need. Youll also need to find out the capacity of the panels you wish to install. The larger your family, the more energy you will need to heat your pool.

If you choose to install solar panels, you will need a large surface for them. This surface will need to be in a sunny spot.

Solar panels are environmentally friendly and the suns energy is completely free. However, the initial cost of installing solar panels is very high.

Heat Your Pool With A Heat Pump

Heat Your Pool With Solar Lily Pads : 4 Steps (with ...

A heat pump is a perfect alternative to solar pool heating systems because it does not rely on sunlight. It is one of the most popular pools heating systems out there in the world. Heat pumps are commonly known to have a long service life, which is what most of the people will be looking for when purchasing a pool heating system. Some of the benefits of a heat pump include easy to use, economical, and high efficiency.

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Ways To Keep Your Pool Warm This Winter

Do you want to get more use out of your swimming pool this winter? Luckily, there are a number of heating solutions available. Well go over a few of the ways that you can keep your swimming pool warmer over the winter months and see more fun from this investment.

1. Gas Heaters

Gas heaters use propane or natural gas to heat your pool. It doesnt matter what the air temperature in Mississippi is for the day the heater will heat the water using gas or propane. Gas heaters are more effective than heat pumps, but this comes at a cost. Gas heaters are less energy efficient and have high operational expenses.

2. Solar Blankets

Solar blankets are a simple solution to getting more use out of your inground swimming pool. Roughly 75% of heat loss is due to evaporation, so keeping a solar blanket on your pool prevents much of this loss. A solar blanket isnt the most effective option during the winter, but it does extend the time you can use your pool by keeping the water warm at night and on cloudy days.

3. Solar Pool Heaters

Solar pool heaters are economically priced and efficient. In fact, solar heaters are the most cost-effective form of pool heating in many climates. Pool water is pumped through the filter and through the solar collectors, where its heated. Its then returned to the pool. Solar heaters work best in warm, sunny climates and are great for keeping pools warm at night and on cloudy days.

4. Air-Source Heat Pump

5. Water-Source Heat Pump

Advantages & Drawbacks Of Pool Heat Pumps

The principal advantage of a pool heat pump is its high efficiency and low energy cost. Subject to normal use, the pool heating cost of a heat pump works out at 600 to 700 euros per year. This does, however, imply the use of a good-quality pool cover.

Unfortunately, heat pumps are slow heaters, so it will take a couple of days to heat the pool from around 15 °C to 28 °C. You can expect to achieve a daily gain of 2 °C.

A heat pump is also dependent on the ambient temperature. The efficiency of a heat pump increases at higher temperatures, and decreases at temperatures below 10 °C.

Pool heat pumps are often thought of as being extremely noisy, but in fact they are not. The sound level corresponds to a whispered conversation. The heat pump does not cause any noise pollution except within a 5 m radius.

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Keeping Costs Down And Water Temperature Up

There are steps you can take to keep your pool warm while keeping your costs down:

  • Use an automatic safety cover when not using the pool. Keeping breezes from blowing across the pool surface helps prevent heat transfer to the air.
  • Install hedges, fencing, and other features that keep wind from blowing through the pool area.
  • If your pool heater is more than five years old, consider investing in a new high-efficiency gas heater or heat pump. In some cases, these units quickly pay for themselves in lower utility bills.
  • If you tend to use your pool only on weekends, lower the temperature setting by approximately 5 degrees during the week.
  • If going on vacation, turn off the pool heater unless you expect freezing conditions while youre away.
  • Install a timer with a safety switch that can automate and optimize your temperature settings.
  • If applicable in your area, run your pools filtration system between 8 p.m. and 10 a.m. when electricity demand and rates can be lower.
  • How Long Do Pool Heat Pumps Last

    3 CHEAP Ways to HEAT Your SWIMMING POOL | Swim University

    Pool heat pumps are known to last for over a decade. Some can even work up to 20 years after they were installed as long as they are properly maintained.

    With pool heat pumps, you have the option to only replace the motor if you notice any of these signs: noisy operation, pool water is not reaching your desired temperature, or the screeching of your pumps front or rear bearings. No need for you to buy a new one as long as the damage or problem is repairable.

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    How To Heat Your Pool With Aquacomfort

    Over 100,000 pool owners across America efficiently heat their pool with AquaComfort pool heat pumps. Whether you live in Florida, California or even up north, AquaComfort can deliver warmer water temperatures with no emissions and a significantly less operating cost than all other pool heating products. Not only are you saving money, youre helping save the environment!

    We also offer reliable and trustworthy service and support for our product owners. When problems do occur, were ready to help find solutions and make things right. If service is ever needed, simply fill out our Service Request Form and our representatives will reach out to you within 72 hours. You can also easily access owners manuals and AquaComfort FAQs on our website.

    AquaComfort pumps are available at authorized pool dealers across the U.S. Installation is made easy and painless, without any disruption to the surrounding landscape thanks to AquaComforts pool heater design. We can help connect you to the nearest dealer and get you started on your journey to longer summers.

    How To Heat A Swimming Pool: 10 Simple Yet Effective Ways For You

    Have you installed your pool recently and are looking for an answer on how to heat a swimming pool? Is heating your pool daily an expensive task so youre looking for a cost-effective method to heat your pool. A warm pool gives a wonderful feeling when swimming.

    There are many choices and to find the ideal choice, you must keep your eyes on certain factors, such as the type and size of the pool. Or how often will you be using your pool? Some popular and effective heating systems are mentioned below.


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    How Does Solar Pool Heating Work

    Surprisingly, heating your pool with solar panels is easier and more affordable than you think. The installation can be done in as little as a week or two, so you can have your panels up and running in no time. Once the system is set up, its also completely automated, so you dont have to think about it much in the future.

    Most solar pool heating systems have a few different components. The components usually include a solar collector, filter, flow control valve, and pump. These components work together as one large integrated system that heats your pool water to the desired temperature.

    Heres how it works: First, the water pumps through the filter. Then the water enters the solar collector, where it is heated and pumped back into the pool. While there are many kinds of collectors, in-ground and above-ground pools in California use unglazed collectors. Theyre called unglazed because they dont have a glass covering to catch heat. Instead, they are made from industrial-grade rubber or plastic. Glazed panels are only used in colder climates, since they work to heat water in temperatures that fall below freezing. Alternatives to unglazed solar collectors include evacuated tube solar thermal systems, flat plate solar thermal systems, and thermodynamic panels. Each of these options is used throughout the U.S. and the U.K., and a qualified solar installer can help you decide which is right for you. .

    Swimming Pool Cover To Keep The Pool Warm

    A Natural, Cheap and Adorable Way to Heat Your Pool ...

    Heating the water is important, but what is even more important is to keep the water warm for as long as possible, so that the heating system has to be used less often. That is why it is advisable to cover the pool with a tarpaulin or, better still, an automatic roller system. This will greatly reduce the cooling down of the pool water.

    If you go for solar slats, the water temperature will rise automatically when the pool is not in use. This saves you a lot of energy every year!

    It can pay back your investment in 2 to 3 years, reducing the energy consumption of your heating system. Using a swimming pool cover can limit the heat loss by 50%. If you decide to combine an automatic cover with solar slats, you can actually increase your pool’s water temperature by using your pool cover.

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    Heat Your Pool With Solar Energy

    Heating your pool with sunlight is probably one of the most attractive strategies you can incorporate. It is also a simple strategy that does not require much technical work, which means that you can get your pool heated at a budget. Using solar energy to heat your pool is environmentally friendly and also energy-efficient, which is consistent with environmental sustainability strategies currently being promoted around the world. However, when using solar energy, there are multiple options out there in the stores that you need to understand.

    Ways To Warm Your Pool With Help From The Sun

    Your pool is the best part of summer, and now you can use it sooner and longer each season. Here are three ways to use the sun to warm your pool water.

    Solar pool heaters. Solar pool heaters are the most energy-efficient heating system for your pool. For many people, the environmental consideration alone makes solar heating desirable. The efficiency of the system is variable, however. You must have an area for your solar panels that has southern exposure for at least six hours per day. It must be unobstructed by trees or buildings.

    The general rule of thumb is the surface area of your solar panels should equal 50-100% of the surface area of your pool. This can be less if you live in a warmer part of the country or if you purchase a high-efficiency system. Most people prefer to have the solar panels placed on a roof where they are safe from accidental damage, but they can be placed on the ground as long as exposure to the sun remains. Check with local building codes and covenants for any restrictions.

    The reels come in the manual version or they can be plugged into a regular outlet and the cover is then rolled up with a push of a button. The thickness of the vinyl or plastic is also a consideration. The thicker the material, the stronger it will be and the more effective, but the cost will also increase. There are warranties for the covers also.

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    Pour Liquid Solar Cover

    Like a standard solar cover, a liquid solar cover, such as this product from Natural Chemistry , stops heat loss. But instead of relying on material, the barrier is formed by a thin layer of alcohol. Alcohol is less dense than water, so it creates a film on the pools surface that prevents the water from evaporating. Although not as effective as a solid cover, a liquid solar cover can reduce the evaporation of heated water from a pool by as much as 85 percent.

    Heat Your Pool With Wood Stove

    Wood Burning Pool Heater – Heat Your Pool For Free!

    Using the wood stove to heat your pool seems traditional and not effective, but it is also a method that you can use to heat your pool. This method ensures that water runs the length of the stove where it picks the heat caused by the fire. Using the wood stove to heat your pool is only possible if you are working on a small pool. It is essential to avoid this strategy because it is labor-intensive and not friendly to the environment.

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    Is It Cheaper To Heat A Pool At Night Or By Day

    So, are the pool owners who heat their pools at night correct? Is this really the correct approach?

    Theres certainly sound logic behind heating your pool at night. If you allow the water temperature to plummet, then your pool heater has to work that much harder in the morning. The higher rate of output can reduce the heating efficiency, which means the heater takes longer to bring the water to your desired temperature.

    Some pool owners who heat their swimming pools nightly say that per month, their heating habit raises fuel usage by 10 to 20 percent more. This fuel usage remains consistent so at least the prices are predictable.

    There are some savings to be made at night if you have a heat pump. You may get off peak electricity. If off peak power is available in your area, the rates are generally much cheaper than daytime power rates. So you must also take this into consideration.

    Ideally, the best way to save money when using a pool heater is to turn the heat on for a few hours before you use the pool, then put on a solar blanket cover when youre not in the pool. Leave the cover on until you swim again. This is especially true if you only swim a couple of times a week theres certainly no point heating your pool 7 days a week if you only use it for 2 days.

    Another option is to keep the heater on around the clock but on a low setting. The pool water temperature wont go up by too many degrees, per se, but the temps should remain consistent.

    Why Do Swimming Pools Lose Heat At Night

    Its a combination of colder temperatures and evaporation. If the difference between the air temperature and the pool water temperature is too striking, the water in your pool can begin to evaporate.

    Okay, but are you supposed to leave the pool heater on all night? Not necessarily. You can always heat the pool for a couple of hours until its close to your desired temperature. Then you can toss a solar swimming cover over the water.

    A cover such as this one by In the Swim can raise the temperature upwards of 10 degrees if exposed to consistent sunlight for five to seven days. Even if the weather in the days prior was cloudy, the presence of the cover will hold in the heat of the water, so it doesnt cool as rapidly as it would without a cover.

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