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Where To Buy Regal Pool Chemicals

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Why Does Stabilizer Need To Be Balanced – Regal DyChlor II – Frisco Pool Supplies

I dont need to tell you the importance of chlorine. And because CYA shields your pools chlorine from being eaten up by ultraviolet rays, it’s an important chemical.

If your CYA levels dip too low, your chlorine will be completely gone in a few hours and your swimming pool will become susceptible to bacteria and algae growth.

If the pool stabilizer levels get too high, however, it overpowers the chlorine and makes it less effective. It can even lead to chlorine lock, making chlorine tests read negative even when you know there is some in there.

The only pools that dont require CYA are indoor pools.

Unless your pool is exposed to sunlight, it should be able to maintain the right chlorine levels fairly well.

Maintain The Right Balance Of Hot Tub And Spa Chemicals

If you have a hot tub or spa, then you need chemicals to disinfect and sanitize your water and control the growth of harmful algae and bacteria, but for many new hot tub and spa owners, finding the right balance of chemicals can sometimes be a challenge.

Using the right balance of bromine, chlorine and other spa chemicals is important to ensure your water stays clear and safe. But be careful of using too many chemicals – you want your spa water to be clean while remaining gentle on your skin so that you are able to enjoy the therapeutic benefits of a soak in your hot tub or spa.

To help you get the best performance out of your hot tub or spa, Pool Supplies Canada offers a variety of chemicals, including sanitizers, cleaners, clarifiers, filter cleaners and defoamers, all available for purchase online at competitively low prices.


What Do We Sell

No matter what pool items you’re looking for, you can find them at Faul Seasonals. We carry a variety of industry-leading swimming pool vacuums, chemicals and accessories, including products from:Regal Chemicals, like pool shock and sanitizersPentair, like cutting-edge motors and pumpsMaytronix, like the M200 and M400 robotic pool vacuumsCall us now at 337-227-8153 to learn more about our available products. We’ll be happy to answer your questions.

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Pool Chemical Balancing & Pricing In North Texas

Budget pool services and handymen can make a pool look good for a while but are you really saving money? While your pool may be clear, it is also being prematurely worn out. Physical appearance doesnt always prove that everything is okay. This is a similar principle to chemical levelmaintenance. We understand that oxidizers and sanitizes are hard on pool surfaces and equipment and feel additional chemicals are a must in proper water chemistry to protect your investment and prolong its life.

Contact our pool specialists to learn more about our swimming pool chemical balancing services in Plano & surrounding areas in North Texas.

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Regal Chemicals Pool Care Made Simple

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  • Most effective way to remove phosphates prior to using a weekly maintenance product
  • Works in the filter
  • Reduces phosphates down to near zero
  • Reduces pool maintenance

This product is designed for use in properly balanced pool water.

  • Clean or backwash filter.
  • Determine appropriate dose. * See chart below.
  • Shake bottle well prior to application. With circulation pump running, add dose to skimmer.
  • Run filter for 48 hours continuously without backwashing or cleaning.
  • After 48 hours of filtering, clean/backwash filter. Retest phosphate levels, and if necessary, repeat steps 1-5.
  • Note: If DE filter pressure rises to 10psi above start-up pressure, turn pump off for 1 minute and then turn it back on. If pressure remains high, backwash or rinse for 30 seconds.

    Dosage Chart

    Dose per 10,000 gallons

    Phosphate Level

    1.5L or 48oz

    2L or 67.6oz

    For DE & Cartridge Filters: Do not add more than 1.5L at a time. If more than 1.5L is needed to treat, be sure to clean or backwash the filter between treatments.

    Important: Algae must be treated prior to testing and lowering phosphates. Chlorine must be under 5ppm before testing phosphates.

    Printable Version

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    What Is Pool Stabilizer

    Did you know that without a buffer, the sun can consume up to 90% of your pools free, unstabilized chlorine in just a couple of hours?

    Cyanuric acid, or CYA as it is commonly called , acts as that buffer, protecting your chlorine from those hungry UV rays.

    You can get it in liquid or granule form, or mixed with chlorine tablets or sticks and in chlorine shock .

    Its usually just added once at the beginning of each swim season, but most chlorine products you buy also contain CYA, so your swimming pool should be getting a steady dose.

    What Happens In A Low Ph Swimming Pool

    On the other hand, swimming pool water with low pH levels is acidic this you can actually feel the difference as you take a dip and swim. If you swim in an acidic pool, expect skin irritation and burning eyes the moment you open them underwater.

    Just like in an alkaline pool, chlorine and other chemicals may not be effective in pool water with low pH. Metal parts of your pool can also corrode, and vinyl linings may wrinkle if the water is too acidic.

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    What If Your Stabilizer Is Too High

    I talked about chlorine lock earlier and this is what can happen if your CYA levels are too high.

    This is why its really important to keep it balanced!

    There is a chemical available called a CYA Reducer but there is still a lot of debate about whether or not it works. If its something youd rather try before you dilute your pool, however, there it is!

    • Reduces cyanuric acid levels by up to 50%
    • Eliminates chlorine-lock due to a high cyanuric acid level

    The most reliable way to reduce CYA levels is dilution. That means you will need to drain a portion of your pool water and add fresh water to it.

    Unfortunately, this is not a chemical that will deplete on its own.

    Our Swimming Pool Chemicals List Includes: – Regal 3 Inch Chlorine Tablets – North Texas Pool Supplies
    • Shock
    • Chlorine Tabs
    • Acid
    • Soda Ash
    • Algaecide
    • Shock
    • Calcium
    • Sodium Bicarbonate
    • Phosphate Remover
    • Enzyme
    • Sequestering Agent
    • Shock Booster

    This is advanced pool chemistry. While we cant stop your pool from aging, we can slow it down at a cost that is fair and competitive. We are as much as$100.00 less per month than some of our competitors.

    Protect your investment!

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    What Is A Balanced Water Chemistry

    The following are the important considerations when maintaining your swimming pool water chemistry:

    PH and Total Alkalinity Levels

    The pH level of your pool is the indication of the acidity or alkalinity of the water. This is measured on a scale of 0 to 14. PH Level 0 means that the water is highly acidic while 14 means the water is highly alkaline. Both extreme levels can cause irritation of the skin, hair, and eyes. High acidity may also encourage corrosion of any heating elements in the pool or connected to the pool. High pH levels occur more commonly as compared to having a high alkaline level due to the usage of chlorine. An alkali level too high or too low is more difficult to adjust. High alkali causes cloudy water and affects the effectiveness of the sanitizers.

    Swimming pools should have an ideal pH Level of 8 and an ideal total alkaline level of 80 to 140 parts per million .

    Water or Calcium Hardness

    Dissolved calcium can also affect the water chemistry. High levels of calcium encourage scale formation while low levels of calcium in the water may lead to corrosion of pool surfaces and any equipment connected to it. You should be very careful with chemicals that may affect the calcium levels of the water as the only way to balance this is to dilute the existing pool water.

    Calcium hardness is ideally maintained at 200 ppm.


    Cyanuric Acid

    Shop The Pool Supplies Superstore

    The Pool Supplies Superstore is your online source for discount pool supplies. We discount all the top name brands of pool supplies including Hayward, Pentair, Waterway, Dolphin, Kreepy Krauly, Sta-Rite, AquaBot,and more. Plus, customers enjoy FREE Shipping and Handling on EVERY ORDER of $99 or more!

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    What Is The Ideal Ph Level For Swimming

    Can You Swim in a Pool with High pH

    Chlorine is a chemical added to pool water to get rid of germs. The right levels of pH should be obtained, however, to protect the eyes and skin from harsh chemicals.

    According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the pH level considered to be ideal and safe for swimming ranges from 7.2 to 7.8. This range matches that of our body pH levels, so the water wont cause problems in the body as we swim.

    Best Pool Chlorine Tablets Reviews

    Regal Algaecide 60 % Poly Prevents Algae Swimming Pool ...

    When pool owners only need to address a specific issue, they wouldnt need kits that have other chemicals and only a small pack of the chemical they really need. Some pools would only have a sanitary issue that can be resolved by using chlorine tablets. Looking for the best swimming pool chlorine tablets is a matter of which is compatible with the needs of your pool and its existing water chemistry.

    Here are different chlorine tablets:

    6. In The Swim 3 Inch Pool Chlorine Tablets 50 lbs.

    In The Swim offers powerful 90% available stabilized chlorine with 99% Trichloro-S-Triazinetrione. These tablets come in 3-inch, round forms and are individually wrapped. It ensures that the tablets are not exposed to moisture and humidity, preserving the quality of the tablets. These slow-dissolving tablets can keep your pool clean and bacteria-free using only 1 to 2 tablets for every 10,000 gallons of water per week. This product is good for those who are looking to stick to a brand for a long term as they only come in 50lbs buckets. These may last a year when kept in a dry storage space, depending on the temperature of the area. Pools in warmer temperatures may require more chlorine tablets as heat disintegrates chlorine.

    7. Nava chlorine large tablets

    8. Clorox Pool& Spa 22012CLXW Active 99 3-Inch Chlorinating Tablets

    9. Robelle 1410M 5-in-1 Multi-Purpose 3 Chlorine Tabs

    New product:

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    Why Shop With Us

    Pool Supply World carries all of the well-known brands in the pool and spa supply industry, as well as innovative new manufacturers. Our goal is to make your swimming pool and spa inviting and healthy by offering a selection of tens of thousands of products and parts for every imaginable need. We carry large items like heaters, pool covers, spa covers, and portable spas as well as small and hard-to-find items like fittings.

    How Much Stabilizer Does Your Pool Need

    Opinions vary a little among experts about the proper level of CYA a pool should have, but as a general rule, it should not dip below 30 ppm or rise above 50 ppm.

    Some experts argue that it will be okay up to 80 ppm, but I disagree.

    Most of the time, levels above 50 ppm cause chlorine lock, which is where you have added plenty of chlorine but your tests are reading 0.

    You’ll still need to monitor your available chlorine levels with your chlorine stabilizer at 50 ppm or lower you can do this with consistent water testing.

    A good rule of thumb is to keep your sanitizer levels at round 7.5 percent of your stabilizer. So, doing the quick math, if your pool conditioner is 50 ppm, you should shoot for free chlorine levels between 3 ppm and 4 ppm.

    You should use about 4 lbs of CYA per 10,000 gallons of water for every 30 ppm it needs to be raised. Some product instructions vary, though, so be sure to read the label for proper dosage.

    Most of the time, you will need to add CYA at the beginning of swim season and wont have to mess with it much after that.

    P.S. this handy little calculator helps with dosage calculations for your pool chemicals.

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    What Happens In A High Ph Swimming Pool

    A swimming pool with a high pH is considered alkaline, which can cause issues with the pool and swimmers. There can be several answers to what causes high pH in pool, such as a sudden rise in water temperature, but more importantly that the causes are its effects. If the pH level is above 7.8, you can expect the water to become cloudy and to see scaling along the pool sides.

    Further, a pH that is above normal prevents the chlorine and other disinfecting chemicals to do their job. This means bacteria and other microorganisms may thrive in your pool. While you cannot see with your naked eye, bacteria in your pool water can be harmful when they enter your body. Read on to learn how to lower pH in pool naturally.

    Questions About Our Pool And Spa Chemicals

    How to Use hth Pool Chemicals in an Above Ground Pool

    Wondering how to get started with chemicals for a new pool, or troubleshoot your existing pool chemical problems? Check out our How to Guides page for more information on ideal pool water chemical levels, and guides on how to perform pool opening chemical treatments, super chlorinate your pool, troubleshoot over stabilized pool water, and properly treat algae.


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    Why Choose Aquavision Pool & Spa For Regal Chemicals

    AquaVision Pool & Spa offers efficient care and maintenance services for your pool to support prolonged safety of use. We are made up of a team of professionals who possess extensive field knowledge to provide useful insights. This lets you fully optimize on our range of products and systems to cater to your exact needs. We emphasize on providing customized services which are set to address the issues you are facing. By selecting specific services and products, we are able to help you save on the overall maintenance costs for your pool and spa.

    If you are looking for top-quality pool and spa supplies like REGAL® chemicals, feel free to contact us today for more information. You can also call us at 685-3530.

    About Toronto Pool Supplies

    Toronto Pool Supplies is Canadas best and most trusted pool supply store. We are your number one source for any discount pool supplies, equipment, and accessories needed to service and maintain your swimming pool and keep it running in great working order from coast to coast right across Canada.

    We sell industry leading manufacturers equipment from major pool supplies companies Hayward, Jandy, Pentair, Jacuzzi, Sta-Rite and many more, bringing you the best and most energy efficient pool equipment on the market. From variable speed pumps to gas heaters, salt chlorination systems to pool noodles and underwater masks – we carry thousands of genuine replacement parts and are able to deliver the right pool supplies youll need for both in ground and above ground pools and spas.

    We offer a Discount Rewards Program, the more you shop the more you save! Earn up to 10% on every purchase you make with us.

    Most replacement pool parts can be easily installed with a few simple tools, while access to the parts manuals are readily available to view directly on our website helping ensure your parts are installed correctly. Some pool parts will require professional installation, you can also access estimate quotes directly on our website. Need help with your pool equipment? Let us help you find the right professional services for all of your pool and hvac needs. Check out our listings of trusted pool and hvac professionals in your area on our website.

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    How To Understand And Choose Between The Different Types Of Pool Cleaning Chemical

    Using chemicals to battle contaminants in the water is a necessary move. This ensures that the water of the pool is clean and safe to swim in. These chemicals should be used properly and responsibly similar to how medicine has dosages and instructions that we take when we are ill. A chemical imbalance due to improper use may render the solution ineffective or be more harmful. Understanding the chemicals used will help you determine the best pool chemical.

    There are three different types of chemicals used in cleaning pools:

    1. Sanitizers

    Sanitizers are used to disinfect the swimming pool. Specific chemicals used as sanitizers are Chlorine and Bromine. Chlorine is the most commonly used chemical when cleaning swimming pools. Chlorine usually comes in liquid or tablet form. Using chlorine can be harsh to the eyes when it directly touches the eyes and can cause irritation. It is also harsh to the skin and hair when soaked for an extended period of time. Chlorine is a strong disinfectant but is not recommended for warmer areas as chlorine tends to disintegrate in warm temperature.

    2. Balancers

    3. Specialized Chemicals

    Specialized chemicals are used to further enhance the effect of the sanitizers and balancers, achieve certain water clarity or hardness, or address specific pool concerns such as algae.

    Getting The Right Ph Level

    Regal Chemicals Pool Care Made Simple

    You may not get the right pH level for your pool water in one go, so be prepared for a bit of trial and error. When adding additives, always start on the low end. Check

    Can You Swim in a Pool with High pH

    out below what to add to the water when the pH reading is either too high or too low.

  • Low pH level: If the pool water is acidic, raise it by adding sodium bicarbonate. The levels vary depending on the pH level. It is recommended to add around nine pounds of sodium bicarbonate for every 10,000 gallons of water.
  • High pH level: If the level becomes too high, heres how to lower the pH in a pool: throw in a dry acid such as sodium bisulfate. Match the amount of dry acid you add based on the pH reading. For instance, if you have a 50,000-gallon swimming pool and the pH reading is 8.0, you should throw in 900 grams of sodium bisulfate.
  • After adding the appropriate substance, monitor the water pH level. If it has not stabilized after two days, continue to add the substance to lower or raise the pH.

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